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A.J. Quartermaine and Nurse Elizabeth Webber are fictional characters and a popular former couple from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


The role of A.J. Quartermaine has most notably been portrayed by Sean Kanan. After being SORASed, Kanan played the role from 1993 until 1997.

Billy Warlock then took over the role from 1997 until 2003, and reprised it in 2005.

Kanan returned to the role on October 26, 2012. On March 17, 2014, Kanan announced he would be exiting the role in April 2014. A.J. was killed off on-screen on March 31, 2014. Kanan's last appearance was on April 23, when he appeared as a ghost to haunt Sonny.

Actress Rebecca Herbst originally auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. Although she did not get the part, General Hospital created the role of Sarah's sister Elizabeth for Herbst to play, and she debuted on August 1, 1997.[3]

In 1999, the role earned Herbst the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress, as well as an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1999 and a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2007.


A.J. is the son of the late Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his wife, Dr. Monica Quartermaine. He is a member of the prestigious Quartermaine family.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber and his wife, Carolyn[4] Webber. She is also the granddaughter of one of the shows original characters, the late, Dr. Steve Hardy. She is a member of the Webber family.


In November 2012, Elizabeth is shocked to find out A.J. is alive and later treats him for his injuries after a boxing match with his longtime enemy Sonny Corinthos. At first, Elizabeth is reluctant on doing this because she knows A.J.'s sordid past on causing trouble. However, when A.J. tells her that he wants to become a better person than he was years ago, she sympathizes with him and they form a friendship.


After returning to town and trying to re-establish himself, A.J. begins to suffer from a series of panic attacks. Elizabeth was present for one of them and was able to talk him down. A.J. was grateful and credited her with saving his life. Elizabeth recommends that he start seeing a therapist and A.J. took her advice. A.J. returned her kindness and supported Elizabeth when her brother had to undergo emergency surgery.

In March 2013, Elizabeth decides to go on lunch "dates" with A.J. They grow closer and she eventually agrees to be his date to The Nurses' Ball. A.J. and Elizabeth perform a number at the ball together and kiss afterward. Later, A.J. talks to Monica about his budding relationship with Elizabeth and Monica is thrilled to see the two of them together. As A.J. and Elizabeth are starting to progress in their relationship, her old love Nikolas Cassadine returns to town.

Liz and AJ on a date.

While in route to a date with A.J., Elizabeth is shocked to find him and Carly kissing. A.J. tries to explain that Carly was using him to make Todd Manning jealous. Elizabeth is reluctant to believe him and spends more time with Nikolas, deciding to halt her growing romance with A.J. Nikolas relentlessly flirts with Elizabeth and makes it clear that he wants her back. But Elizabeth thinks it will hurt Lucky too much and says no. A.J. thinks the two of them are sleeping together again and when he confronts her about it, she officially dumps him.

A.J. then goes and has a drunken one night stand with Carly that he immediately regrets. A.J. works to get Elizabeth back and begs for another chance. Eventually, she decides to forgive him and give him another chance. Even when the truth about his drunken night with Carly came out, she still stood by his side and he promised that he would be the man she deserves.


In the summer, she and AJ take their relationship to the next level and have sex. Even as the two become lovers, Nikolas continues to try and interfere in their relationship and A.J. warns him to back off. A.J. bonds further with Elizabeth and her boys. He, Elizabeth and her youngest son, Aiden spend the Fourth of July in the Port Charles Park watching the fireworks.

A.J. regains control of ELQ International, mends his relationship with Michael and has Elizabeth by his side. He felt unstoppable. Elizabeth and Michael continue to reassure A.J. that there was more in his life than ELQ.

A.J. and Elizabeth take a trip to New York City. A.J. was set to appear on The Chew to promote Pickle-Lila, and Elizabeth accompanies him for support. Nikolas shows up at Elizabeth's room and she tells him to back off, making it clear again that she is with A.J. Elizabeth is later poisoned after eating Pickle-Lila and Pickle-Eddie but recovers after a day or two. A.J. is by her side throughout the food poisoning ordeal.


For a time, Kiki Jerome was believed to be the missing Quartermaine heir. Her vote gave A.J. majority control of ELQ. Connie Falconeri learned the truth that Kiki was not a Quartermaine and went public with the story on the front page of The Port Charles Press. Without Kiki's shares, A.J. lost control of ELQ to his aunt, Tracy Quartermaine.

After losing ELQ again, A.J. starts on a downward spiral and turns to alcohol. On November 21, Elizabeth tells Patrick Drake that she and A.J. are over, because of his downward spiral and she couldn't have that around her boys.

A.J. goes to The Floating Rib and gets drunk to drown his sorrows. Ava Jerome and Elizabeth still concerned for his well being, keep him on the premises until he takes a cab back to the Quartermaine Mansion.  He grabs a gun and heads to the Metro Court Hotel to confront Connie because he blamed her for running his life. He scares Connie and then leaves. Sadly, Connie is later shot and killed by Ava.

A.J. stood accused of Connie's murder. Though he was innocent, the truth didn't come out before A.J. is killed by Sonny in retaliation. After Sonny learned of A.J.s innocence, he was wrecked with guilt at what he had done to Michael's father. Elizabeth was also grieved by A.J.'s loss and the sad turn his life had taken before his death.


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