Aiden Spencer
Jason David as Aiden Spencer
General Hospital
Portrayed by Adrian and Brett Ritter (2010-11)
Maximo and Finbar (2011)
Titus Jackson (2011-12)
Jason David (2012-present)
Current status Recurring
Duration 2010-present
First appearance July 19, 2010
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Birth name Aiden Alexi Niklosovich Cassadine
Alias(es) Pablo (name given by Karen)
Aiden Webber
Namesake(s) Alexis Davis
Nikolas Cassadine
Nickname(s) Buzz [Lightyear]
(by Cam, Jake, and Spencer)[1]
Gayden (by bullies)
Ethnicity Irish-American
Born July 19, 2010
General Hospital
Port Charles, New York
Age 10
Education Attends Port Charles Elementary
Occupation Student at Port Charles Elementary
Residence The Brownstone
1424 Elm Street, #12[2][3]
Port Charles, New York
Titus Jackson as Aiden Spencer

Aiden Spencer is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Lucky Spencer and his ex-wife, Nurse Elizabeth Webber.

He was formerly believed to be the son of Prince Nikolas Cassadine. He is the half-brother of Cameron and Jake, and the first biological grandchild of supercouple Luke and Laura Spencer.

He was born onscreen on July 19, 2010.

Rebecca Herbst, who portrays Elizabeth, was pregnant in real life with a little boy during this time so her pregnancy was written into the show.[5] She went on maternity leave on August 26, 2010[6] and returned on October 13, 2010.[7]



Twins Adrian and Brett Ritter portrayed Aiden from 2010-11.[8]


Twins Maximo and Finbar portrayed Aiden in 2011.[9]

Titus Jackson, the real-life son of Jonathan Jackson, who portrayed Aiden's on-screen father, Lucky (2009-11), portrayed Aiden from 2011-12.[10][11]

He is currently being portrayed by Jason David, who debuted on August 3, 2012.[12]



Aiden's parents, Liz and Lucky

When Elizabeth initially finds out she is pregnant, Lucky had just broken their engagement because he discovered she was having an affair with his brother, Nikolas. She is not sure who the father is, and the stress takes its toll on her, and she has a mental breakdown and tries to kill herself by jumping off the hospital roof but Lucky stops her. She admits herself to Shadybrook and is threatened by Helena Cassadine, Nikolas' evil grandmother, who intends to take Elizabeth's baby and raise it as the Cassadine heir.

Elizabeth has a paternity test done, and Lucky is revealed to be the father of her unborn baby on March 16, 2010, but Helena has the results switched so that it shows Nikolas is the father. Helena wants to get revenge on the Spencers for killing her husband, and decides to end them by raising the baby as a Cassadine and bringing down the Spencers with one of there own.


Aiden and his mom

Elizabeth is disappointed when Nikolas is determined to be the father, even though she knew the odds were in his favor. Initially, she keeps hoping that she can get Lucky back after he rescues her from Helena several times. When she realizes Lucky is never going to come around, she mends her relationship with Nikolas and offers to let him be there in the delivery room helping her give birth. Nikolas is grateful and lets Elizabeth know that he appreciates her letting him be a part of the new baby's life.

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Aiden and his dad

When the truth about Aiden's paternity is revealed to all in June of 2011, Lucky and Elizabeth decide raise both of their children together and they do up until Lucky leaves town.

In 2013, it was revealed that the real reason Helena switched the paternity tests was because her son, Stavros, was alive, and she was trying to help him get his strength back by telling him that he was going to have another grandchild.

In 2015, it was revealed Aiden and Lucky have Skype dates.

In 2018, it was revealed Aiden is passionate about baking. He has expressed interest in wanting a little brother or sister.



Aiden shortly after birth

Aiden was born onscreen July 19, 2010 to Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine. Elizabeth goes into premature labor in July 2010, while at Wyndemere with Nikolas; her two sons, Cameron and Jake; and Nikolas' son, Spencer. She is rushed to the hospital, and gives birth to a baby boy on July 19, 2010 with Nikolas by her side. The two of them bond with "their" son, whom they name Aiden, because Elizabeth likes the name. Lucky Spencer comes by the delivery room while Elizabeth is in labor, but slips away unnoticed by either of them.


Aiden with his mom and uncle

Aiden and Elizabeth are discharged the next day, but when she and Nikolas go to get Aiden from the nursery, he is not there and the nurses are not sure where he went either. Lucky is called to the hospital, which goes into lockdown to find the baby. At first, Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth suspect Helena, but it's later revealed that serial killer and artist Franco is the one who took the baby. Lucky enlists fellow officer Dante Falconeri and Jason Morgan, with whom Franco is obsessed, to help rescue Aiden. Franco hands Aiden off to his mother, Karen Anderson, wanting to give her the son she always wanted. Jason and Dante, with the help of Damian Spinelli, manage to track Franco down to Oregon. Dante gives the information to Lucky, who heads to Oregon, while Jason is sent back to Pentonville to serve out a five-year sentence.


Aiden and uncle Nik

Dante tries to keep Jason out of prison so that he can help find Franco and baby Aiden. Lucky gets to Oregon and finds Karen Anderson and Aiden with Spinelli's help. Lucky initially tries to gain access as a census taker, but he eventually reveals that he is a police officer and says that Aiden was kidnapped. In order to make Karen believe him, Lucky claims he is Aiden's father and asks Karen to do the right thing and let him take Aiden home to his family and his mother. Karen eventually gives the baby back. On the plane, Lucky holds Aiden and tells the baby that sometimes he wishes that Aiden was his son and not his brother's, even though he does not want a relationship with Elizabeth anymore. He still has no idea that Aiden really is his son.


Nikolas gives Aiden back to his parents

Once he returns to Port Charles, Lucky returns Aiden to Elizabeth and Nikolas, who thank Lucky for finding him. Aiden then has a joyous reunion with his parents and his brothers. When Nikolas hires Brook Lynn as his professional escort, Elizabeth becomes jealous. She begins going to Wyndemere with Aiden to visit Nikolas and arranges play dates for the three of them. One time, she goes over and finds Brook Lynn asleep in Nikolas's arms. Another time, after Nikolas and Brook Lynn shared their first kiss, she comes over to see Nikolas and finds Brook Lynn making plans for a night in Manhatten with Nikolas.


Lucky (JJ) with his son, Aiden (Titus)

When Nikolas comes in, Elizabeth tells him that she made a doctor's appointment for Aiden. Nikolas asks what's wrong and she says he probably just has an ear infection. She tells him it's not important, but he insists on coming with them. Brook Lynn suggests the reason that Aiden is being fussy is because Elizabeth is messing with his routine. Nikolas and Elizabeth end up taking him to General Hospital where Aiden's pediatrician tells them that Aiden is fine and just cutting a tooth. One day Monica told Elizabeth that Aiden looked like Lucky when he was a baby. The next week, Elizabeth gets a second DNA test. In March 2011, when Elizabeth was reading the DNA test results confirming her suspicions, her other son Jake got hit by a car and "died".


Aiden with Lucky and Cameron

Elizabeth, Lucky, and Jason were all heartbroken. Elizabeth didn't tell Lucky until June 2011 when GH was on lockdown and Lucky was spiraling out of control after his father left town and his wife, Siobhan, was hospitalized due to his mistake. Lucky was very happy, but Nikolas wasn't and he refused to believe that it was true. He was about to leave and take the baby to Europe until he realized it wasn't fair to anyone and would re-ignite the Spencer-Cassadine war. Nikolas left with his other son Spencer and returned Aiden to Lucky and Elizabeth. The same day Nikolas left, Helena showed up to plant a seed of doubt in Lucky's mind about Aiden being his son. However, Lucky refused to listen to her and she left.


Aiden with his father and brother

In March 2011, Aiden's older brother, Jake was believed to have died after being hit by a car. In November 2011, Aiden is diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. After receiving a blood transfusion from his aunt Lulu, Aiden fully recovers. Since Lucky left town in December 2011, Aiden has been living with Elizabeth full-time.

In 2012, Aiden spends time with his grandpa, Luke. He is also seen at Kelly's with him, where he and his mom spend time with Jason Morgan. Elizabeth ends up freaking out thinking that Aiden was choking but it was a false alarm. Elizabeth admits that she gets nervous after what happened to Jake. He later spends time with mom and Dr. Ewen Keenan.

In 2013, Aiden meets his grandma Laura Spencer, when she returns to Port Charles, bringing gifts for Aiden and Cameron. He is later seen spending time with his uncle Nikolas. Aiden then attends his grandma's wedding to Scott Baldwin. He later bonds with Laura and his great grandma, Lesley Webber.

He is then seen at a Fourth of July picnic with his mother and A.J. Quartermaine. Aiden also attended the General Hospital Halloween party 2013, dressed as Buzz Lightyear with his mom, brother, Cameron and cousin Spencer.


Aiden, Cameron, Jake and Liz

Aiden is finally seen again on the Fourth of July 2015, with his mother, Liz and Jason Morgan (aka Jake). On July 13, Aiden is reunited with his father and they talk about Liia's Kids Camp and Jason (aka Jake). It was also revealed that Aiden's older brother, Jake is alive. On Halloween, Aiden is seen with his brothers and Jason about to go trick or treating in football costumes. Later on, when his mom arrives home, him and his whole family go trick or treating. He is then seen coming home from trick or treating with his family and tells everyone that he is going to hide his candy because last Halloween Cameron helped himself to Aiden's candy.


Aiden gets a hug from his mom

In November, he is seen rehearsing what he is going to say at the wedding. Later on, he is seen getting ready with his brothers. Afterwards, Michael and Sabrina come to Elizabeth's house to pick up him and his brothers but before they go, Aiden and Jake ask their grandma Laura if she is coming to the wedding and she tells them no. When Aiden and Jake arrive at the church, Jake asks if they can go up to the choir loft with Cameron but Sabrina says no but they can wait for him at the bottom of the stairs, then Michael tells them not to mess anything up.


The Spencer boys at the wedding

At the church, he is seen with his brothers writing in the guest book, when Felix walks up and takes away the pen. The boys start getting impatient so Epiphany takes them out to the courtyard to play. They are then seen in the church at their seats when they hear music, which they think means the wedding is starting, so they go to the bridal room and drag their mom out. When they get out there, they wonder why Jake isn’t there yet. To keep the out of the way, Patrick sends them to their seats. They return a few minutes later ask their mom when the wedding is going to start and Elizabeth says not yet. Seeing that they are getting more impatient, Epiphany interjects and offers to take them to get ice cream with Felix and Sabrina. On Thanksgiving, Elizabeth tells Monica that Aiden and Cameron decided to spend the day with her Gram.


Hugging Jason

On Christmas, Aiden and his brothers talk about what they want for Christmas. Then Elizabeth pulls out the Christmas stockings and they hang them. Then the boys wonder if Jason is going to be there and Elizabeth says she doesn't know because Jason is in jail. Afterwards, Elizabeth sits the boys down and tells them the real story of Christmas. After the story, Jason shows up with presents for the boys. Jake asks if he home for good so Jason sits the boys down and tells them they have the best mom and that he loves them and will see them a lot but he can't stay. Later on, the boys go see Santa.

On January 8, 2016, Laura states that Aiden and Cameron are staying with Audrey.


At Shriners hospital

On February 4, Jason brings Cameron to General Hospital to comfort his mother after Jake got hit by a car again. He tells Elizabeth that he would've brought Aiden too but he was asleep. After his family's house blew up, he moved into Wyndemere with his mother and brothers. Since his brother Jake needs special care at a hospital out of state, Aiden and Cameron will be staying with Audrey. On February 29, Nikolas brings Aiden and Cameron to visit Jake at Shriners Hospital in Philly. Aiden and Cameron also tell their mom that Spencer sold bow ties to raise money for Shriners. It is also revealed that they are now staying at Wyndemere, not Audrey's. It is later revealed that Aided and Cameron were playing in the playroom at the hospital and later on, Jake and Danny join them.

On June 22, it was revealed that he and his family are now living at The Brownstone.

On Halloween 2016, Aiden, Cameron, Jake and their mom went trick or treating and then he and Cameron went to a party.

In December, Elizabeth takes Aiden, Cameron and Jake iceskating. On Christmas Eve, Aiden is seen at GH with his brothers, his mom, grandma Laura, Franco, Danny and Monica. Afterwards, Aiden and the boys listen to Monica tell the story of Christmas.


Aiden is hungry

On February 6, Aiden is seen running into his mom's room, saying that he's hungry. Then he notices Franco and asks if they are boyfriend and girlfriend and his mom says yes and then Aiden asks for pancakes.

In May, Aiden is seen at the park with his mom, brother Jake and Franco. By 2018, he and Franco have become best friends and each other’s favorite video gaming partner. In November, it's revealed that Aiden is being bullied by his cousin Charlotte.

Health and Vitals

  • Was born one month early [Jul 2010][13]
  • Kidnapped by Franco shortly after he was born [Jul 2010]
  • Briefly kidnapped by his uncle Nikolas [Jun 2011]
  • His blood type is A- [revealed Nov 2011][14]
  • Diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), but received a life saving blood transfusion from his aunt Lulu [Nov 2011]
  • Being bullied by his cousin, Charlotte and other students [revealed Nov 2018-present; Charlotte stopped in Dec 2018]

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