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Alex Quartermaine
Alexandria Quartermaine 1
General Hospital
Portrayed by Renee Anderson
First appearance November 1980
Last appearance September 18, 1981
Cause/reason Died
Created by Pat Falken Smith
Margaret DePriest
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Birth name Alexandria Quartermaine
Ethnicity English-American
Gender Female
Died September 18, 1981
Cassadine Island, Greece[1]
Cause of death Accidentally froze in Mikkos' Ice Chamber

Alexandria "Alex" Quartermaine is a fictional character from original ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She is a member of the famed Quartermaine family.

The role was originated in 1980 by Renee Anderson. Anderson departed from the series in 1981 when the character was killed off.

Casting and creation

Upon the departure of Jane Elliot as resident villainess, Tracy Quartermaine in the spring of 1980, the producers began crafting a new character to take Tracy's place. In mid November, the series introduced Renee Anderson as Edward's "snake in the grass" niece.

Mary Ann Cooper of The News and Courier described the character and the actress as "beautiful and sophisticated." Alexandria's schemes are immediately met with opposition with the introduction of WSB agent Robert Scorpio. Anderson made her last appearance on the series on September 18, 1981.


Alex's arrival is met by enthusiasm from uncle Edward while her cousin Alan and his wife Monica question her motives. Edward is so happy to see Alex that he comes out of retirement and becomes an investor with her on her secret project, manufacturing and distributing synthetic diamonds. Alex hires Luke Spencer to track down her competition, the Cassadine family. However, Luke is hesitant to take the job, believing Alex is trying to seduce him. Luke eventually tracks down the Cassadines who were operating under the surname Castle.

Prior to her arrival in Port Charles, Alex steals the world's largest uncut diamond, the Ice Princess, paints it black and ships it to Port Charles. However, the diamond is lost in transit; forcing Luke, Robert, Alex and Tony Cassadine to go after it. Tony starts to romance Alex and they eventually become engaged. The couple teams up with his brothers, Mikkos and Victor, in an effort to take over the world unknown to Tony who believes they are making the world perfect.

In September 1981, Alex, along with several other guests, are invited onto the private cruise ship Titan where they travel to Mikkos' island. During dinner, Mikkos unveils his plan to hold the entire world to ransom, using the priceless diamond to power his weather machine. Mikkos starts by targeting Port Charles, first by sending the city into a blizzard in the middle of summer. Alexandria seems to have had a previous rivalry with Tiffany Hill.

After two people on the island disappeared Tony doubts Mikkos' story that he sent them away on a plane and it crashed. They investigate the ice chamber and freeze to death.

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