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Alexis Davis is a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She is the daughter of the late Prince Mikkos Cassadine and his late mistress, opera singer Kristin Bergman (who used the stage name Nilsson).

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn originated the role in 1996.


Nancy Lee Grahn, known for her Emmy winning portrayal of Julia Wainwright on Santa Barbara, made her first appearance as Alexis on September 26, 1996, on a recurring basis.[5][6]

In June 1997, Grahn was put on contract with the series due to her popularity among fans.[7]

Susan Diol temporarily played the role from November 2001 to March 2002, when Grahn's father passed away.[8]

In 2010, Grahn announced she had renewed her contract for an additional four years.[9]

In 2014, it was announced that Grahn had renewed her contract again.[10]

On April 3, 2021, it was revealed that Alexis will be the focus of the April 7, 2021 episode which will also feature a brand new character.[11]

Stephanie Erb - temporarily portrays Alexis (2022)

On March 10, 2022, Grahn tweeted that she has a medical issue and asked for time off as Alexis.[12] She made her last appearance as Alexis for the time being on April 25, 2022.

On March 27, 2022, it was revealed that actress Stephanie Erb would temporarily fill in for Grahn.[13][14] Erb appeared as Alexis from April 26 to May 10, 2022.

On April 27, 2022, Grahn revealed on Instagram that she’s back in the GH studio.[15] She returned as Alexis on May 24, 2022.

On May 19, 2022, Grahn tweeted that she might have to take more time off due to her daughter getting COVID and it's possible that Alexis might need to be recast again.[16]


Mikkos' wife Helena Cassadine slit Kristin's throat in front of young Alexis, who develops partial amnesia and forgets her true identity.

Alexis is taken into Mikkos' house to be raised as a poor relative with the last name Davidovitch, while her infant sister, Kristina disappears. Helena and her half-brother Stavros Cassadine torment her, but her other half-brother Stefan Cassadine (who believes that she is his cousin) protects her, gaining her loyalty.

Alexis holds Sam

As a teenager Alexis was sent away to boarding school. She was relieved to be away from Cassadine Island and out from under the thumb of Helena and Stavros. While at school she sees an opportunity to reinvent herself.

She dresses up, sneaks out of boarding school and goes to a bar, where she meets Julian Jerome. The two have a one night stand and she becomes pregnant.

Her father Mikkos Cassadine takes the baby, who grows up to be Sam McCall, and gives her up for adoption. Then Alexis graduated from Yale University.

She is best friends with Jasper "Jax" Jacks, Diane Miller, Ned Quartermaine, and Hamilton Finn

She was longtime enemies with Carly Corinthos but they are on good terms.

Alexis and Julian were married on February 19, 2016[17] (shown on February 22-23, 2016). She was still going by Alexis Davis.[18] On July 22, 2016, Alexis dropped off divorce papers with Julian because of everything he has done including trying to kill her. They were officially divorced in September of 2016.

It was revealed that Julian was forced to do everything mob related that he did by his not so dead sister, Olivia Jerome. It was seen that she still wears her wedding rings and is still in love with Julian.

She is the mother of three daughters:

December of 2020, Alexis ex-husband Julian Jerome is dead from a gunshot wound, making Alexis the last living biological parent to their daughter Sam McCall and also making Alexis the last living biological maternal grandparent to Sam's children Stillborn Lila McCall, Danny Morgan and Scout Cain.


Stefan instructs Alexis to change her name to Davis and brings her to Port Charles to aid in the legal side of his vendetta against Luke Spencer, the husband of his former lover Laura Spencer. Alexis is protective of Stefan and her nephew Nikolas Cassadine, going as far as to make Stefan believe that his lover Katherine Bell was actually his half-sister Natasha. Upon learning of her deception, Stefan banishes her from his life. Luke helps her discover her true identity as the real Natasha, and Helena uses this to force Alexis to aid her in an attempt to wrest control of the Cassadine empire from Stefan, in turn giving Alexis the princess birthright she deserved. However, Alexis didn't want to become like the rest of the cruel, murderous Cassadines, and gave up her position as princess.

Alexis falls in love with Ned Ashton, but marries Jasper "Jax" Jacks as part of a convoluted plan to help her best friend Chloe Morgan save her company. Chloe eventually loses her company, and Alexis and Jax divorce. She reluctantly accepts Ned's proposal, and the two plan a massive wedding. However, her doubts get the better of her, and she leaves a devastated Ned at the altar.

Sonny and Alexis

Alexis reluctantly becomes a lawyer for mob boss Sonny Corinthos, and aids Sonny and his enforcer, Jason Morgan, in their various legal struggles, including custody disputes. After Sonny is arrested, Alexis convinces him to marry her enemy Carly Roberts so that she would be unable to testify against him. She and Sonny bonded over their mutually complicated relationships, and their affection for troubled teen Zander Smith. Sonny went on to save her life when she, Zander, Sonny and Emily Quartermaine were attacked by a rival mafia family.

Alexis is left devastated by the murder of Chloe, but was comforted by Jax, who found her presumed dead sister Kristina Carter. Throughout this, Sonny has been her support. Kristina claims her birthright and becomes a Cassadine Princess, despite Helena's plots to attempt to murder her. Sonny also learned he had a sister, Courtney Matthews, and Courtney and Kristina both noticed the deepening bond between Alexis and Sonny. When Courtney elopes with Sonny's enemy, A.J. Quartermaine, he decides to have A.J. killed. Alexis is able to get Sonny to reverse the decision, and Sonny realizes how much Alexis means to him.

Kristina is conceived

That night, Sonny and Alexis make love, which is witnessed by his ex-wife, Carly. A distraught Carly is in a car accident, and Alexis encourages Sonny to return to his wife. Alexis learns she is pregnant, but decides against telling Sonny, who has turned against Zander and is threatening his life. Ned, who is dating Kristina, claims to be the father. Kristina learns the truth, but is critically injured in a warehouse explosion meant for Sonny, and decides to keep her sister's secret before dying. At Kristina's memorial service, the devastated Alexis berates Sonny, Jason, and Roy DiLucca, and reminds Sonny that her "Cassadine ancestors were ruling countries when his were toiling in the fields with the other peasants."

Alexis hold Kristina for the first time

Alexis gives birth to a very premature baby girl, whom she names Kristina. She and Ned furiously work to keep Sonny from learning the truth. When Luis Alcazar threatens the life of her daughter, Alexis confronts him, and he accidentally falls to his death. She fakes dissociative identity disorder to avoid jail time, while Ned is given custody of Kristina. As Ned and Skye Quartermaine try to gain full custody of the baby, Alexis disguises herself as a man named Dobson, and begins working at the Quartermaine mansion to be closer to her daughter. Ned eventually drops the suit, and gives her full custody of her daughter. During a fire at the Port Charles Hotel, Alexis reveals to Carly that Sonny is actually Kristina's father.

Fellow lawyer Ric Lansing flirts with Alexis a lot when they see each other in courtrooms. At first, Alexis pushes him away, not interested in a relationship, but slowly she falls for him, as well. Ric is Sonny's half-brother, and is aware that Kristina is actually Sonny's daughter. He pursues Alexis initially to get even with Sonny, but ends up falling for her, as well.

Alexis holds Molly

When Kristina is diagnosed with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant, Sonny learns the truth, and it is discovered that Kristina's only hope for survival is in the stem cells from the unborn child of Sonny and his former lover Sam McCall. As Kristina will not survive long enough for the baby to be born, Alexis attempts to convince Sam to induce labor two weeks early. When Sam refuses, afraid for her child, Alexis grows desperate, insulting and guilting her into giving in, a decision she quickly regrets when Sam collapses and ultimately loses the baby; however, Kristina nonetheless gets the stem cells she needs to survive. Ric and Alexis get married as a way to fight Sonny when he files for custody of Kristina. However, Sonny abruptly agrees to shared custody, and Alexis is given sole custody of Kristina.

Ric and Alexis' marriage grows strained after she finds out Ric knew about Kristina. They reunite, though, when Kristina is kidnapped, and later rescued. During this time, Alexis finds out she's pregnant. A.J. is revealed as the kidnapper, and is later killed. Sonny confesses to the crime, and Alexis wants him to go to prison to protect Kristina. However, Ric throws the case, and Sonny gets acquitted, knowing Sonny was not responsible. Alexis and Ric grow apart, and Ric sleeps with FBI Agent Reese Marshall. However, they reunite when Alexis gives birth to Ric's daughter, Molly Lansing. Alexis is also appointed as District Attorney for the city.

During this time, she becomes the defending lawyer for Manny Ruiz, a serial killer who has tormented and stalked Jason and Sam for months, after he apparently reforms. Jason and Sam insist that Manny is faking and that things will end badly, but Alexis refuses to heed their warnings and successfully gets Manny acquitted. Ironically, Jason and Sam's warnings prove true when Manny reverts to his old ways by kidnapping Elizabeth Webber.

Later, during an encephalitis epidemic, Alexis receives the last antidote. This results in the death of Sam's mentally handicapped older brother Danny, which only increases Sam's animosity towards Alexis. After several brushes with death, Alexis decides to find the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was a teen. Alexis learns that Sam is actually her daughter, but Sam hates Alexis, and blames her for all of her recent problems. The two continue to butt heads over Sam's relationship with Jason.

Alexis convinces Jason to break up with Sam after she was shot by Manny, which causes more conflict between mother and daughter. Sam moves in with Alexis, who is having marital problems with Ric. However, Manny eventually kidnaps Sam once more, and Jason teams up with the police to stop him; Mac Scorpio is quick to throw it in Alexis' face that the entire ordeal is her fault for setting Manny free in the first place.

When Alexis discovers that Jason's best friend, Carly, is trying to get him and Sam back together, Alexis confronts Jason and attempts to convince him to stop Carly from doing so, eventually leading to an argument with Sam. Alexis furiously suggests that Sam live elsewhere to prevent Kristina and Molly from being exposed to her "pathetic, degraded attitude", while Sam insists that Alexis sees her as trash and hates that she is her daughter, though Alexis appears visibly hurt by her accusations. Infuriated and hurt, Sam gets drunk and ends up having sex with Ric. Alexis and Jason both witness this, and Jason takes Alexis to the hospital when she suffers uncontrollable coughing.

Alexis is diagnosed with second stage lung cancer, and pretends to not have seen her husband and daughter having sex. Ric takes over as D.A., and Alexis pushes him together with Sam while she begins chemotherapy. Eventually, she furiously confronts the two, and attempts to take full custody of Molly. Due to the rigors of chemotherapy, the judge instead awards full custody to Ric. When his father Trevor Lansing comes to town as part of the Zacchara mafia organization, he returns Molly to her mother's care, and the two settle on joint custody.

When Sam shoots and apparently kills Diego Alcazar in front of Kristina, badly traumatizing her and rendering her mute for several months, this, combined with Sam's tryst with Ric, leads Alexis to cut Sam out of her life completely. However, the two continue to be drawn together for Kristina's sake, and because Sam wants to help Alexis fight her cancer. They finally reconcile when Alexis volunteers to be Sam's defense attorney when she is tried for Diego's murder. Ultimately, Sam is cleared of all charges due to a lack of evidence, and Alexis goes into remission.

Alexis returns to her job as the D.A., forming a very close friendship with attorney Diane Miller, and also beginning an affair with the criminal Jerry Jacks. After Michael Corinthos is shot in an attempt on Sonny's life, Sonny agrees to sign away parental rights to his sons with Carly, but refuses to do the same with Kristina. Alexis had to adjust when Jerry had been supposedly killed, and protected him when he snuck in to Sonny's house. Alexis learns that Jerry had been part of Michael's shooting.

Months later, Alexis is involved in the case of the death of Brianna Hughes, Mayor Floyd's mistress. She tries to balance that with raising Kristina, now a teenager, and Molly, who is now 11. When Mayor Floyd is arrested for murdering Brianna, he reveals to the press that he and Alexis had an affair. Kristina is there when he makes this announcement and is shocked and upset by this. Kristina helps Molly deal, but when Molly keeps finding gossip posting online about Alexis, she bans Molly from using the computer. As a result of this scandal, Alexis finds out that her post as D.A. is in jeopardy. Diane tries to help her out by getting Jason Morgan, Sonny's main enforcer, to stay in lock-up for a week to make Alexis look good, but A.D.A. Louise Addison ends up being put on the case when the Port Charles City Hall tells Alexis to step down.

When Claudia Corinthos, Sonny's wife, is run off the road and has a miscarriage, Michael is arrested for this. Alexis tries to work on a plea bargain for Michael with Carly, but Carly refuses, saying Michael wasn't responsible, and she believes it was Alexis. Michael is released, and he ends up fleeing the country with Kristina. Alexis is furious, and blames Michael for messing up Kristina's life. Sam, however, tells Alexis that Kristina has been rebellious and emotionally distraught for a while, and it was not Michael's fault her attitude suddenly changed. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina believes she needs to be perfect for her mother. Alexis initially refuses to believe this, but eventually does.

Jax gets Diane to have both Alexis' cars impounded in connection to Claudia's accident. He tells Alexis that he wants Carly, his wife, to stop worrying for the sake of their unborn baby. However, evidence reveals that one of Alexis' cars was the one that ran Claudia off the road. Alexis immediately confesses to the crime, but Jax cuts her off and calls Diane to defend her. Alexis reveals to Diane that Kristina was the one who ran Claudia off the road. Alexis is charged with reckless driving, as well as the murder of Brianna Hughes; this leads to her being fired as the D.A.

When Molly hears what happened to her mom, she goes to her cousin, Nikolas, for help. Nikolas manages to negotiate a plea bargain, and Alexis is given six months of community service, serving as a pro bono lawyer, for running Claudia off the road. Kristina is brought home by Sam after Alexis teams up with Sonny to help Kristina. Alexis reassures Kristina that she loves her, and she doesn't have to be perfect for her, but the situation devolves into an argument between herself and Sam over whether or not Alexis is too lenient on Kristina. In the end, Sam loses her patience and leaves, leaving a shocked Alexis with the warning that Kristina will spiral out of her control some day. Shortly afterwards, Sam and Jason rekindle their old romance; though she still has her doubts, Alexis respects Sam's choices this time, and chooses not to interfere.

Sonny and Alexis with Morgan and Molly at the Carnival.

In September 2009, Alexis attends the GH Carnival with Molly and Kristina. There, she is hounded by Andrea Floyd, the mayor's wife, who taunts that she's not going to be with her daughters much longer when she goes to prison for murdering Brianna. Edward Quartermaine ends up driving his car through the carnival when he suffers a heart attack at the wheel. He ends up hitting Andrea, who is killed instantly, and narrowly missing Alexis.

Alexis frantically searches for Molly and Kristina, but finds no sign of them. In the hospital, she finds Molly, but Kristina was buried in the rubble when the car drove through the ride she was on. She is eventually found by Michael. Andrea is revealed to be Brianna's killer, as well as responsible for the crash because she drugged Edward. Alexis is cleared of the charges.

Alexis, Mac and her daughters celebrate Christmas

For Thanksgiving in 2009, Sam, Kristina, and Molly all team up with Robin Scorpio to set Alexis up with Robin's uncle, Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio. Alexis and Mac figure it out, though, when they show up at Robin's house for dinner. Though they're disappointed that their kids were scheming, they decide to enjoy dinner as a family. They son go on a date together at Jake's on their own wish. Kristina and Molly later invite Mac over to their house during Christmas, and bring Mac and Alexis together under the mistletoe, where they kiss. On New Year's Eve, Alexis lets Kiefer Bauer, Kristina's boyfriend, into the house, and finds out he's there because she has a date with Mac. Alexis is upset that Kristina and Molly keep setting her up, but they later inform their mom that Mac called and was the one who set up the date. She later agrees when Mac shows up, but they get stranded when her car breaks down. They end up dancing in the headlights while ringing in the new year. Mac comes to her house on Valentine's Day to give her a present, and they end up making out on the couch just as all three of her daughters walked in. Alexis is mortified, but Kristina tells her she shouldn't be ashamed of dating a guy who actually respects her.

Sonny is put on trial for Claudia's murder in February 2010, and Alexis serves as co-counselor to help Kristina see that her father is not a bad person. She later joins Diane's law firm. In March 2010, Alexis comes home from a night out with Molly and finds Kristina gone and the house in a mess. She gets a call that Kristina was admitted to the hospital, and goes to GH, where she finds out Kristina was assaulted. When Kristina identifies Ethan Lovett as her attacker, Sonny overhears this and goes to kill Ethan, but he is stopped by Ethan's brother Lucky Spencer, as well as his son, Dante Falconeri.

He comes back to the hospital, and Kristina begs him not to go after Ethan just as Alexis comes in. Kristina pleads with her mom to not let Sonny kill Ethan. Alexis agrees and goes outside to talk to Sonny, who is furious that his daughter has been beat up the same way his mother was, and refuses to not do anything. Alexis angrily retaliates that it's not about what Sonny wants, but what Kristina wants. She tells him to let Ethan be prosecuted by the law, and not to cause Kristina "one more minute of pain." Sonny reluctantly agrees.

Sam later confesses to Alexis that she helped Kristina get birth control pills, and made Sam swear not to tell her mother. Alexis finally realizes that Kristina's in a ton of pain and emotionally a mess because she feels like she can't measure up to her mother's standards, and tries to prove to Kristina that's not true. Alexis's friendship with Luke, Ethan's father, starts going sour due to this incident, especially after Kristina convinces Alexis to drop the charges. However, on April 2, 2010, Alexis finally discovers that Kiefer is the one who has been abusing Kristina; she arrives home and walks right past him just before finding a bruised and bloodied Kristina unconscious on the floor. She takes Kristina to the hospital. On the way, she runs down Kiefer, but doesn't stop due to her shock.

Alexis and her daughters. (Sam, Kristina, and Molly)

Kristina finally identifies Kiefer as her attacker, but she has to deal with the emotional trauma when she finds out Kiefer died in a hit-and-run. Alexis covers up her guilt for a while, but she finally goes and confesses to Mac. Mac charges her, but lets her go, and she goes back to the hospital and tells Kristina she's the one who hit Kiefer. Kristina forgives her, but Kiefer's parents, grief-stricken and overwrought, both harass Alexis and Kristina over Kiefer's death, going as far as denying that he ever hit Kristina. Alexis asks Jax, a friend of the Bauers, to get them off Kristina, and he agrees. Kristina is later discharged, and Alexis takes her home, unsure of what's going to happen next.

On her way out, Alexis encounters Nikolas, who has become aware of Alexis and Kristina's situation. He brings them both to Wyndemere to spend time with his son, Spencer, which actually helps Kristina. Alexis later thanks Nikolas for helping Kristina smile again. Helena, however, comes in while she's there, and Alexis becomes wary of her intentions to help the family, knowing she has an ulterior motive, but not sure what.

Sonny is acquitted when it is discovered that Michael was the one who killed Claudia. Alexis, like everyone else, is left shocked and upset when Judge Carroll unfairly sentences Michael to five years in Pentonville. Alexis begins to worry about her chances of escaping prison time for Kiefer's hit-and-run, because she essentially did the same thing Michael did. However, thanks to Diane's maneuvering, Alexis gets off with a suspended sentence and community service; unfortunately, Kiefer's father, Warren Bauer, pushes a civil suit in retaliation.

In early June, Kristina begins to pretend-date Johnny Zacchara, Sonny's enemy, in order to spite her father, and ignores everyone's warnings that doing so is dangerous. With tensions between Johnny and Sonny reaching a boiling point, Alexis visits Jason in Pentonville, hoping that he might convince Johnny to back off. Jason tells her that he is not certain if he will be able to do anything, but nonetheless makes some good points in the argument. Before leaving, Alexis admits to Jason that she admires him for sacrificing so much for Michael. Kristina ultimately learns her lesson the hard way when she is caught in a car bomb meant for Johnny; fortunately, Kristina survives with minimal injuries. Furious, Alexis confronts Sonny and has no choice but to believe him for the time being when he denies any part in the bomb.

Warren embarks on a campaign to make Alexis and Kristina pay for Kiefer's demise, and turn the citizens over to his side, but everyone only hampers him. Eventually, on July 23, 2010, Warren snaps and opens fire at the hospital, critically wounding Mac and Ethan before being shot and killed by Mac himself. When Sonny and Alexis discover this, Alexis becomes very upset and declares that she is to blame for every bad thing that has ever happened to Kristina, citing the fact that she was the one who encouraged Kristina to date Kiefer in the first place as proof, though Sonny tries to comfort her and convince her otherwise.

In September 2010, Alexis gently warns Brook Lynn Ashton that getting romantically involved with Nicholas would be a bad idea. On November 5, 2010, Sonny is discovered to be the one who planted the bomb in Johnny's car and is confronted by Kristina, who, realizing that he only did so to protect her, forgives him and finally reconciles with her father, which Alexis witnesses.

In spring 2011, Alexis is hired to be Jax's lawyer when he becomes convinced that Carly is an unfit mother to their daughter, Josslyn Jacks, and decides to fight her for full custody. Though Alexis aids Jax in his attempts to win full custody, she does so reluctantly and repeatedly tries to convince Jax to try to compromise with Carly. In the end, she steps down as his attorney due to conflicts of interest. On the day of Jax and Carly's custody hearing, it's revealed that Jax has been paying off the court appointed mediator Grace Yang.

Carly is awarded full custody of Josslyn as a result of Sonny's maneuvers. Jax leaves town, and later returns, attempting to kidnap Josslyn for her own safety, but Sonny tampers with Jax's plane, causing it to crash in the ocean. Grief-stricken, Alexis decides that she shouldn't have resigned from Jax's case, because the danger was real and she later confronts Sonny. It is later discovered that Jax parachuted out of the plane before the crash.

Carly later approaches Alexis and asks for her help in keeping Sonny away from her children. Alexis is skeptical of Carly's motives and refuses to help her. She gives Carly a verbal lashing, telling her that what happened to Jax is just as much her fault as Sonny's because she riled Sonny up and set him on Jax in the first place. In early November, Alexis goes to Sonny and asks him to pull some strings and get Kristina off the wait list at Yale.

He agrees on the pretense that Alexis will owe him a favor, and to that, she agrees to repay the favor any way she can. Sonny is successful, and they throw Kristina a party before she goes off to Yale. Before the party, Diane goes to Sonny and quits her job as his attorney so that she can focus on other journalistic endeavors. Now in need of a lawyer, Sonny goes back to Alexis to cash in on that favor, and asks her to represent him. At first, she refuses but after some convincing, she agrees to go back to work as Sonny's attorney again. Later in the year, Alexis begins to suffer from what appears to be hot flashes. Diane suggests that maybe Alexis has begun menopause which Alexis thinks is a disaster. Diane tries to push Mac and Alexis into a relationship together, but when that relationship doesn't stick, she starts to date Mac herself, much to the chagrin of Alexis.

Alexis correctly assumes that Sam is pregnant

In January 2012, Alexis was excited to learn that she was going to be a grandmother when she found out that Sam is pregnant. She later tries to encourage her daughter Molly to have more of a social life. She suggests that Molly begin to tutor T.J. Ashford, a new kid in town who is staying with Shawn Butler. However TJ arranged a party at the lake house on MyFace, to coincide with when Alexis was to be away at a charity function, and invited everyone from their high school, without Molly's knowledge. They turn up with alcohol, and Molly accidentally ends up drinking some, and passing out. Alexis arrives home, furious, and grounds Molly, telling her she is not to see TJ anymore.

After Sonny is accused of shooting out Anthony Zacchara's tires, and thus causing the death of Cole Thornhart and his daughter Hope, Alexis is called in to be Sonny's lawyer. She is also called in to be Maxie Jones' lawyer, who has confessed to the police that she killed Lisa Niles. Alexis tries desperately to get her to retract her statement, and not implicate herself; however, Maxie is set in her ways that she wants to go to prison, because she feels that she is responsible for the presumed death of her cousin Robin Scorpio.

In mid-2012, she and Sam went to the PCPD, along with Molly, where she sees John McBain handcuffed for assaulting Todd Manning. Alexis tells the police to uncuff John so she can have a discussion with him. Alexis get a phone call from "the security company" for Wyndemere about a break-in. This is just a ploy, and she is later given an antitoxin from Jerry to protect her from his upcoming water contamination pathogen scheme. She is later taken willingly as a hostage in Jerry's boat. She is rescued by Sonny and Shawn.

Alexis with her daughters and grandson

On November 30, she goes to Kelly's and overhears Shawn and Sonny talking. She hears some talk about business. She tells Shawn that she doesn't want Shawn to get killed in Sonny's business, and they end up having sex in Shawn's room at Kelly's. In February 2013, she is seen working on the cases of John McBain and Lucy Coe, regarding the jailbreak and rescuing Sam Morgan and Danny Morgan from Stephen Clay/Caleb Morley. She also helped Rafe Kovich, Jr. with the arrest for suspicion of killing his mother Alison Barrington and subsequent jailbreaks, though Rafe was represented by another lawyer. She also helped Molly be cleared of assisting with the jailbreak of Lucy, John, and Rafe. In March, she is seen helping Shawn recover from a gunshot wound. She also visits Nikolas in the hospital, who was also shot. In April, she and Shawn attend the Nurses' Ball together.

Alexis visits Sam's house and Sam tells Alexis that Silas has a wife. Then, one day Rafe comes over to Alexis's house and tells her and Julian that Molly and TJ rented a room at the Metro Court. Alexis catches Molly in bed with TJ and tells her to leave.

Alexis and Julian go on their first official date, when Alexis invites him to be her date to her nephew Nikolas Cassadine's engagement party to Britt Westbourne. Julian accepts after assuring Alexis that he believes he is the man for her. Julian and Alexis attend the event together. After the engagement party ends in disaster, Alexis and Julian head back to her place and make love for the first time since conceiving Sam. At this turning point in their relationship, their relationship deepens. Their physical relationship increases when Alexis visits Julian at his sister's art gallery, the two get caught up in heated kisses. Julian and Alexis go on their second public date when they attend the Nurses' Ball and walk the red carpet together. While at the ball, they share several public kisses. Later that night after leaving the ball, they make love again at her place and she asks him to stay the night with her, instead of sneaking out like he usually does. He spends the night and tells Alexis that he is finally happy and doesn't want to lose what he has with her. Alexis then asks him to leave the mob, but he tells her that someone else is pulling the strings and it's not that simple.

Alexis and Julian kiss

A few days later, Julian invites Alexis and his children to a family dinner at the Jerome gallery. At the dinner, Julian announces that he has decided to leave the mob and become solely a legitimate business man. Alexis, Sam and Lucas are glad to hear the news, but their night is interrupted when a hitman, sent by Fluke, shoots Lucas. Shortly thereafter, Anna Devane arrives and arrests Julian for drug trafficking and Alexis rushes to represent him. Julian is able to get released by using blackmail information he had on Scott Baldwin. He later meets Alexis at the hospital and tells her that he may have to return to the organization to protect the people he loves. Alexis tries to dissuade him from this decision and tells him that she loves him.

On orders from Fluke, Julian frames Molly's father, Ric Lansing and names him as the head of the Jerome crime family. As a result, Anna is forced to fake Ric's death after she learns of his innocence from Agent Jordan Ashford. This act causes a rift in Alexis' relationship with Molly, who believes that Julian set her father up. Molly grows to despise Julian and does not hide her feelings. She even moves out of her mother's home when Alexis decides to continue her relationship with Julian. After Molly is in a car accident, Alexis and Julian decide to cool their relationship down for her sake and Molly agrees to go home with Alexis.

Alexis and her daughters: Molly, Kristina and Sam

Alexis and Julian start to sneak around to see one another. Julian tries once again to leave the business, which angers Fluke. He orders Mickey Diamond to plant a bomb in Alexis' house. Luckily no one was in the house when the bomb exploded and burned the house down, but Julian killed Mickey for even attempting the hit on his family. The house fire also clued Alexis into the fact that Julian is still in the business. She confronts him about killing Mickey and still being in the mob and he admits to it all. They fight and make love, but then Alexis says she can't be with him, as long as he's in the mob and she leaves him admist his protestations. In the following weeks, Julian tries to win Alexis back. He calls and sends her several texts, but she tells him that she can't be with him as long as he's in the mob.

Alexis with her daughters fathers: Sonny, Ric and Julian

Alexis tries to get over Julian by dating Ned Quartermaine, but their date is interrupted by Julian who goes to ask Alexis about the whereabouts of his sister. Alexis later becomes aware that Sam and Patrick are investigating a potential connection between Julian and Fluke. Alexis volunteers to get information out of Julian. She tries to seduce him for information, but Julian catches onto her game, forcing Alexis to come clean about Sam and Patrick's investigation. Julian denies that Luke Spencer is his boss and the conversation quickly turns to Julian and Alexis' relationship. They share a passionate moment, which Julian stops because he doesn't want Alexis to leave again after they are intimate. Alexis promises Julian that she won't walk away from him again and the two reunite and make love. Julian and Alexis break-up again, just a few days later, when Alexis learns Julian lied to her about meeting with Luke.

Kristina has since returned and Alexis and Julian are engaged.

In January, Alexis tells Olivia that her and Julian are getting married. When Olivia drops, off a family Christmas photo of Leo, Julian and her. Olivia gets upset with this information, because she is the mother of Julian's son and would like to known that Alexis was going to be her son's stepmother. Later on in the month when, Olivia gets arrested by the Mayor for the breastfeeding incident. Alexis decided to represent her in her case against the Mayor by suing the city.

Alexis and her grandson, Danny

A couple days later, Alexis and Olivia talk about the case, however Olivia is not sure how she feel about it. Weeks later, Alexis meets Kristina professor Parker Forsyth, when she shows up unexpectedly at her and Julian's house. In late January, Alexis shocked to learn that Sam almost died in Elizabeth's house and Jason saved her seconds before the house exploded. Later on, she gets another shock when she finds out that Kristina is not going back Wesleyan.

Alexis and her daughters

On February 19, Alexis and her daughters get ready for her wedding to Julian and Diane stops by as well. While they are getting ready, Alexis finds out that Molly and T.J. slept together for the first time. After some crying from Alexis, they hug it out and Molly tries to get Kristina to tell the truth about Parker, to no success. Later on, Alexis and Julian finally get married, however right after the ceremony is completed Dixon comes into the church with a gun and holds everyone hostage.

Alexis and Julian wed

Later on, Dixon threatens to shoot Alexis since she got out of her seat because he was threatening her daughter's. Julian stops him from shooting Alexis by offering him five million dollars. A few minutes later, Alexis freaks out again when Dixon tries to take Molly hostage and Kristina stops him by saying she's Sonny kid. Dixon tries to take Kristina but gets stopped by Sonny and the cops show up right after that. After the ordeal Alexis is happy that all of her daughters were save and was shocked to learn that Sonny could walk. After everyone had left the church, Alexis tells Julian that she does not blame him for what happened and that she is grateful that all of their children are okay.

Alexis correctly assumes that Sam is pregnant again

Months later, Julian gets back into the mob and ends up killing Carlos in order to keep him and his family safe. He also tried to kill Alexis after finding out that she was wearing a wire for the cops. After that Alexis files for divorce and gets a restraining order against Julian. She also finds out that Sam and Jason are engaged and rightfully assumes that Sam is pregnant to which Alexis is thrilled. She is also present at Sam and Jason's wedding.

Alexis and her granddaughter, Scout

Grandchildren Danny and Scout

On September 19, Alexis was going to testify against Julian at his trial but Paul Hornsby drugged her as to tank her credibility and the trial to get Julian acquitted. Eventually, Julian was found not guilty on all of the charges and was acquitted.

Alexis began having a problem with alchohol which got worse over the next few months. On November 23, she was behind the wheel and accidentally hit Julian with her car. She became an emotional wreck and fled the scene. On December 6, Julian blackmailed her into taking care of him and helping him recover in exchange for his silence about her hitting him with her car.

In early 2017, Alexis became a suspect in Tom Baker's murder but it was eventually revealed that Tom's own brother Seth killed him. On January 24, Sam found out that Julian was living with Alexis and that he was blackmailing her.

Alexis began seeing an AA Sponsor named Liv Lowry to help her stay sober. Unbeknownst to her, "Liv" was actually Julian's not-so-dead sister Olivia Jerome and that she is Julian's boss. Jason and his friend Curtis Ashford were working together to figure out who Julian's boss was and learned it was Olivia Jerome AKA "Liv Lowry." Alexis was horrified when Jason broke the news to her and even more so when she learned that Sam was missing. Alexis was angry with Julian for keeping the news from her, and she disowned him while he was in the hospital. Later on, Olivia kidnapped Alexis and lured Julian to the footbridge. Olivia handed Julian a gun and ordered him to kill her, but Julian shot her cuff off and told her to run instead, leading Julian and Olivia to get in a struggle and she shot him before he fell off the bridge to his presumed death.

On March 17, Alexis read the letter Julian wrote her and learned that Olivia showed up in the spring of 2016 and was seeking revenge on him since Duke Lavery's death was on his hands. She also learned that Olivia ordered him to kill Alexis back in July or else she would kill his family, and his plan was to let her go and make it look like he drowned. He said he'll always regret what happened that night and that she deserved a better life. Over the next few weeks, Alexis began to fear she was being haunted.

On April 14, Julian was revealed to be alive and although Alexis was not showing it, she was relieved that Julian wasn't dead. Alexis went with Julian to his motel room and although she was still in love with him, she turned down his offer of them starting over someplace new and said that this was goodbye. Eventually, Jason and Sam showed up with the police and Julian spun the story and said she was his hostage before he was arrested.

In June, Alexis found out that Julian was released on bail. When she saw Julian, she introduced him to their granddaughter Scout.

On July 27, Sam was brought in the hospital where she was diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis and Alexis was there to support her. On August 7, while Sam was not 100% better, she was on the road to recovery.

On August 10, Julian's trial began. Alexis showed up and testified about the time she met Olivia Jerome and honestly answered D.A. Campbell's questions about her time with Olivia Jerome and even answered the fact that Julian did not tell her about Olivia and was forced under oath to say that if Julian had told the truth then the events that occured on the bridge on the night of March 13. Alexis also testified that Olivia had kidnapped her and handcuffed her to the footbridge and ordered Julian to kill her but Julian blew off her cuffs and told her to run.

On August 23, Winston Rudge was called as a witness and lied about Julian being a willing accomplice when he was blackmailed. Eventually, Julian was found guilty on all charges and was sentenced to 15 to 20 years in Pentonville and before Julian was carted off to prison, he shared an emotional goodbye with her.

Alexis began seeing Dr. David Bensch as friends and appeared to be moving on from Julian. Alexis supported Sam as Jason was in a coma due to being shot in the chest. Eventually, Jason woke up and he and Sam started a media company and named it Aurora Media, and had a launch party one night in October. After Sam was eventually kidnapped, a man known as Patient 6 jumped through the skylight at the Metro Court and he eventually rescued Sam on Pier 55. To everyone's surprise during the hostage situation, they saw that he looked exactly like Jason used to look before his accident in 2014. Sam was taken to the hospital where they monitored her overnight. The next day, Alexis visited Sam who told her about the mystery man with Jason's old face and Alexis asked her what if it turned out the mystery man was actually Jason.

On November 6, Scott told Alexis that Julian was in trouble, so she went to visit him and saw that he was beaten up by other inmates.

On November 13, Alexis went to see Nora Buchanan in hopes to have her get Olivia Jerome to testify that she coerced Julian into committing those crimes. Eventually, Nora was seen on the news reading off Olivia's testimony that she forced Julian to commit those crimes. On November 27, Julian surprised Alexis at the Floating Rib and they had a civil conversation. Julian revealed he was out on bond and that he has to wear an ankle monitor until his second trial. Alexis filled Julian in on the two Jason Morgans and said they were identical twins because they were both a match for Jason Morgan.

On December 4, Alexis found Patient 6 on the pier after it was proven that he was Jason and that the Jason that was in Port Charles since 2014 was actually his twin, Andrew Cain. Alexis truthfully said that she was relieved to know that Sam was with his brother Drew. Alexis asked Jason to let Sam go and to not make her give up her new life with Drew.

On December 6, Alexis showed up at the PCPD after Drew had been arrested by the Navy for desertion and was doing everything she could to stop them from court-martialing him. She even said that while the arrest warrant was for Chief Andrew Cain, she pointed out that her son-in-law's legal name was Jason Morgan. Commander Fuller said that the prints for Chief Andrew Cain match those of Jason Morgan but Alexis managed to temporarily stop the commander from taking Drew into custody. Sam called Jason to the PCPD and asked him to help Drew. Jason explained to the commander that a few weeks ago he found out that Andrew Cain was his identical twin, plus the reason Drew had went AWOL in July 2012 was because he was kidnapped by Cesar Faison who had shot Jason in the back three months after Drew's disappearance. Jason said that he had every reason to believe that Faison took Drew and then took him and had Dr. Andre Maddox transfer his memories to Drew, which is why Drew never returned to the Navy since he doesn't remember his own past, he remember's Jason's. His testimony eventually lead to them releasing Drew.

On December 15, Alexis visited Drew and mentioned that since he is Andrew Cain and not Jason Morgan, he is technically not married to Sam and everything he put his name on when he thought he was Jason is invalid. Alexis promsied to help him resign everything with his own name instead of Jason's, and believed that Drew was good for Sam.

Alexis eventually learned that the charges against Julian were dropped and he is now the new owner of Charlie's Pub. Despite him wanting to stay away from her, she frequently went to Charlie's.

In January 2018, although Laura Collins was running against Ned for mayor, she had to suddenly drop out of the race and go to France to take care of Spencer who had just broken both of his legs, so Alexis stepped in her place and was running against Ned. After a political ad attacked her campaign, it was eventually announced that Ned won the election.

Alexis began a friendship with Dr. Hamilton Finn and even stepped up as his lawyer when Finn's half-brother Det. Harrison Chase arrested him for punching Julian in the face since Julian touched his bearded dragon Roxy. Alexis convinced Julian to drop the charges against Finn and Chase released him.

At the 2018 Nurse's Ball, Alexis overheard Finn say that he still cares about Anna and she ran off. She knew that Finn was not over Anna but was still pretty upset over the whole thing.

Alexis began seeing Kevin as her therapist and needed his help on understanding why she always chose men who were selfish, manipulative, incapable of intimacy and were a bit psychotic. She began to realize that it all began with her father Mikkos Cassadine.

On May 30, Valentin hired Alexis as an attorney and asked for her help on moving a bulk of his assets to a trust for his daughter Charlotte and he promised to give her information on the history of the Cassadine family.

On June 5, Alexis told Sam about looking into her history and why she kept choosing men who were bad for her. Sam was shocked when she saw that Valentin was giving Alexis information on the Cassadine history and threatened to come after Valentin if he did anything to hurt Alexis. She eventually changed her mind and said she didn't want Valentin's help with looking into the history of Mikkos Cassadine. He said if she ever changed her mind she knows where to find him.

The next day, Kiki Jerome hired Alexis to represent her in suing Dr. David Bensch since he was sexually harassing her. Alexis agreed to represent her and for weeks they were coming up with a strategy to make sure they win. On June 20, Dr. Bensch tried to hire Alexis to represent him but Alexis said she was already representing Kiki.

On July 25, in an attempt to help Kiki have courage in her upcoming trial to sue Dr. Bensch, Alexis, Ava, Jordan, Olivia, and Kim all revealed that they were sexually harrassed and shared their stories on what happened. Eventually, Kiki was as determined as ever to make sure Dr. Bensch paid for what he did.

Eventually, Alexis went to the hospital and revealed to Brad Cooper that the baby he and Lucas are planning to adopt was born the night before and the baby was brought up to Brad, who named him Wiley Cooper-Jones and took him home.

On August 9, the trial began. Francesca Cavallo, another victim of Dr. Bensch, revealed her story on how he harrassed her until she slept with him and afterwards, the harrassment stopped. The trial seemed to be going in Kiki's favor so far until Scott Baldwin pressured Griffin Munro to reveal that he and Kiki slept together. Ava was furious with both Kiki and Griffin but Alexis salvaged their case by saying it was consensual between two consenting adults and eventually, the judge ruled in favor of Kiki.

On August 17, at Wiley's naming ceremony, Alexis broke the news to Brad and Lucas that the birth mom changed her mind and wants her son back and Brad panicked on the inside since unbeknownst to anyone, the real Wiley died of SIDS 24 hours after he was born and Brad switched him with Michael's son Jonah Corinthos. However, the birth mom decided to leave the baby with Brad and Lucas when Julian talked to her about it.

In October, Oscar Nero hired Alexis as his attorney in hopes of emancipation from his parents because he wanted to be in control of his life and didn't want to be forced into undergoing a clinical trial to shrink his inoperable brain tumor since the treatment might not even work. Alexis took him on as a client but had an ulterior motive as to get him to change his mind. By Thanksgiving, he decided to undergo the trial and fired Alexis and she was happy he did.

In early 2019, Alexis decided to go back to therapy and see Kevin again, who was actually his long-presumed dead twin brother Ryan Chamberlain at the time. Ryan, as "Kevin", referred her to a Dr. Neil Byrne and she unknowingly met him at Charlie's Pub after she made a derogatory statement that was meant for Julian. Alexis and Neil had a nice chat and he invited her to dinner before leaving the pub. When Alexis got to Neil's office, she was surprised to see that he was the same man who she talked to at Charlie's earlier. Regardless, she began to see him regularly anyways.

On April 8, Alexis talked to Neil about her daughter Kristina being in a cult called "Dawn Of Day" which was lead by a man named Hank Archer who also went by Shiloh. Neil said that it was a bad idea to force her out because the more she pushes her, the deeper in the cult Kristina would go. Neil said that the best way to handle this kind of situation is to plant seeds of doubt in her head which would get her to see Dawn of Day in another light. Neil began working with Kristina and her family in a strategy called exit therapy. Although the first session went sideways, eventually Kristina realized that what everyone was saying was true and after hearing Willow Tait's story, she was disgusted and horrified that Shiloh did what he did to members of his trust.

In June, Alexis and Diane learn that Neil had a wife and a daughter.

On July 3, Alexis slipped up and revealed to Neil that she found out about his daughter's death. Neil grew angry with Alexis and decided not to treat her anymore and asked her to leave. Kristina had a session with Neil who let Alexis sit in and Kristina revealed that she said that she lied in her pledge and claimed that she saw Alexis hit Kiefer with her car on purpose when she knew it was an accident and Alexis was not mad at Kristina at all. After the session, Alexis apologized to Neil and said that she has come to see Neil as a friend and she needed a good therapist. Neil took pity on her and invited her back for a session on Tuesday at 5 PM.

On July 31, Alexis and Neil were trapped in an elevator together and he opened up about his daughter's death; she was in a different cult about drugs and she eventually took her own life. He also revealed that every year on July 31 he would go down and sing "Hush Little Baby" on the karaoke.

The next day, Neil came by to see Alexis and said he couldn't treat her anymore. Alexis was dumbfounded and said that she respected their boundaries and he acknowledged that she did but he did not. Neil said that since they can't see each other in the same way anymore since she would be wondering how to help him when his job is to treat her, their doctor/patient relationship wouldn't work anymore. Alexis asked if they could get to know each other better after they acknowledged that they care about each other. Eventually, Neil and Alexis began to date each other.

On August 26, Alexis began working with a fitness trainer named Kendra Lennon who praised her for her hard work. Unbeknownst to Alexis, Kendra was out to get her and was stalking her by looking at articles about her hit-and-run which killed Kiefer.

On September 30, Kendra gave Alexis a jar containing a protein powder supplement and said that it only had organic ingredients in it and Alexis thanked her for it. The next time they met, Kendra promised Alexis a refill for their next meeting but Kendra had poisoned the next jar with an unknown substance. On October 28, Alexis drank the tainted protein drink and began to start feeling sick when she got home. She passed out on the couch and was found by Molly who took her to the hospital. Alexis developed rashes on her hands and eventually some of her hair began falling out.

On November 15, it was revealed that Alexis had been poisoned with thallium which is used in rat poison. Finn told Alexis that the cure to thallium was blue paint and she began to take it as her medication. As Alexis was on the road to recovery, she told Neil about her ingesting rat poison and after Neil had talked to Julian about it who said that he found dead rats in the alley behind Charlie's, Neil began to suspect that Kendra was poisoning Alexis. On November 25, Neil shared his theory with Alexis who was shocked that Kendra was to blame.

After checking out of the hospital, she followed Kendra to the cemetery and was shocked to learn that she was Kiefer's sister. Kendra snuck up behind Alexis and knocked her out with a rock. When she woke up, she learned she had temporarily been paralyzed due to Kendra injecting her with a temporary paralytic drug. Kendra railed at her for killing Kiefer and destroying her family since she believed Alexis did it on purpose. She moved Alexis onto the road and planned to run her down with her car (which is ironically how Kiefer died), but before she could do so another car crashed into her's. Alexis regained her movement and made her way up to Kendra's window before saying to let her call someone for her but Kendra said it was too late and taunted her before dying. Neil and Julian both showed up to the crash site before taking Alexis back to the hospital.

On December 27, Alexis was happy to see that Sam was finally released from Pentonville on parole and thanked Jason for making it happen.

On January 8, 2020, Alexis and Sam learned from Carly that Nikolas is alive and well and that he is in Port Charles. Eventually, Alexis went to Wyndemere and shared a happy reunion with Nikolas but then scolded him for being away for three years and leaving everyone to grieve. She was also shocked to learn that Nikolas married Ava the night before.

On January 13, Alexis got a visit from Neil who told her that he was losing his medical license because he did not wait two years before dating her. Neil was wanting to make the same mistake over and over so he can be with Alexis, but she didn't want him to regret losing his medical license later on. Eventually, Neil and Alexis parted ways and said goodbye for the time being since he decided to throw himself at the mercy of the board members.

As of May 6, 2020, Alexis' license to practice law was revoked after she was caught lying under oath at a medical board hearing. she decided it was best that her and Neil to avoid each other, until they couldn't. They decided that they were going to be together and ended up sleeping together. Neil died that same night due to an overdose. Alexis found the needle under her bed. The situation has caused Alexis to think about breaking her sobriety yet again but she was able to stop herself. She has also been suffering a wrist injury that has gotten so bad she can't carry things anymore.

In 2021, Alexis pleads guilty of assault after accidentally stabbing Dante with a syringe of lidocaine while aiming for Franco, and is sentenced to three years in prison (Judge Naomi Carson presided).

In July 2021, Martin and Molly provide a incriminating recording of Judge Naomi Carson's judicial crimes and misconduct to the PCPD. From this evidence, Jordan is able to order Shawn and Alexis to be released to her local protective custody, reuniting the Ashford & Davis families. The recording is sent to the judicial review board, where all of her presided cases will be reviewed for bias and possibly overturned.

On July 20, 2021, Jordan Ashford tells Alexis she will not be going back to Pentonville Penitentiary and will instead go to Spring Ridge. It is close to Port Charles, just outside city limits, with a low prison population housing non-violent inmates.

Alexis is familiar with the facility as she has advocated for her clients to be sent there. Alexis says she will have lots of opportunity to volunteer there. Shawn Butler mentions that the inmates at Pentonville refer to Spring Ridge as a spa with guards. Sam is happy for her mother's new sentence, mentioning that it will have vocational training, therapy, and anonymous meetings.

On July 23, Jordan takes Alexis to the facility and shows her around. Alexis sees that Ryan Chamberlain is also staying at Spring Ridge. On November 8, Diana and Sam visit Alexis, to tell her she's been officially released.

As Alexis searches for a new purpose and direction in her life, she is offered several options - running Shawn Butler's new non-profit, partnering with her daughter Sam as a private investigator, teaching law at Port Charles University, and second in command at The Invader.

Crimes Committed

  • Hit Luke Spencer over the head with a metal object [Dec 4, 1996]
  • Stole Katherine Bell's apartment keys and used them to enter and search her apartment [Aug 5, 1997]
  • Altered records to make it appear that Katherine Bell was Stefan's half-sister, Natasha [Aug-Sep 1997]
  • Grabbed Katherine's arm and inadvertently caused her to fall down stairs [Oct 3, 1997]
  • Attempted murder; helped Luke loosen the railing on a parapet at Wyndemere, in hopes that Helena Cassadine would fall [May 21, 1998]
  • Slapped Sonny Corinthos [Apr 6, 2001]
  • Broke into a storage room on the Cassadine yacht in an attempt to steal her mother's necklace [Aug 2, 2001]
  • Helped Stefan escape jail [Oct 10, 2001]
  • Adultery; slept with Sonny Corinthos while he was still married to Carly Corinthos [Apr 23, 2002]
  • Slapped Ned Ashton [Jul 15, 2002]
  • Slapped Carly Corinthos [Aug 4, 2002]
  • Blackmailed Scott Baldwin with the tape of Laura Spencer confessing to Rick Webber's murder [Nov 4, 2002]
  • Slapped Luis Alcazar [Nov 22, 2002]
  • Killed Luis Alcazar by stabbing him and pushing him off his penthouse balcony [Nov 22, 2002]
  • Slapped Sonny Corinthos [Dec 2, 2002]
  • Faked the alternate personality of her late sister, Kristina Cassadine, to get by on an insanity defense [Jan-Mar 2003]
  • Using her "Kristina" personality, threatened Cameron Lewis with a knife [Feb 17, 2003]
  • Using her "Kristina" personality, threatened Scott Baldwin with a knife [Feb 24, 2003]
  • Attempted to stab Scott, but accidentally stabbed Cameron instead [Mar 14, 2003]
  • Violated restraining order by holding Kristina at the Quartermaine’s [Mar 25, 2003]
  • Kidnapped Kristina from the Quartermaine’s [Arrested; Apr 2-14, 2003]
  • Posed as a butler named Dobson to get access to Kristina [May-Jul 2003]
  • Threw a drink in Cameron’s face [Jul 30, 2003]
  • Violated restraining order by holding Kristina during a hospital visit [Arrested; Jul 30, 2003]
  • Went along with her brother, Stefan’s plan to frame Ned for statutory rape [Aug 2003]
  • Arrested for hiring Cynthia to accuse Ned of rape (framed by Stefan) [Sep 24, 2003]
  • Broke into Ric's apartment and stole files that incriminated Sonny [Nov 2004]
  • Took Kristina to London, in violation of a custody order [2005]
  • Adultery; slept with Garrett Floyd when she was married to Ric and he was married to Andrea Floyd [Aug 2006]
  • Possession of (medicinal) marijuana [2007]
  • Slapped Trevor Lansing [Nov 5, 2007]
  • Slapped Jerry Jacks after he kissed her [Dec 6, 2007]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into a bar with Diane Miller [Jan 10, 2008]
  • Falsely confessed to a hit-and-run accident involving Claudia Zacchara to protect her daughter, Kristina [Jul 2009]
  • Killed Kiefer Bauer when she hit him with her car, while under emotional duress [Apr 5, 2010]
  • Slapped Johnny Zacchara [July 6, 2010]
  • Slapped Jerry Jacks [Aug 10, 2012]

  • Slapped Julian Jerome [Nov 13, 2013]
  • Slapped Julian again [Oct 7, 2014]
  • Knew that Julian had ordered Carlos to kill Duke but withheld that information [May 2015]
  • Stole Leo's pacifier [Oct 2015]
  • Ran a DNA test on Julian and Leo without Julian's knowledge or Olivia's consent [Oct 2015]
  • Accessory to tax fraud; knew Julian intended to tank Crimson for a tax write off but did not report him [Nov 2015-Apr 2016]
  • Withheld the evidence that proves Julian killed Carlos [May-Jul 2016]
  • Assaulted Julian [Jun 29, 2016]
  • Kneed Julian in the groin in self-defense [Jul 7, 2016]
  • Stabbed Julian in the back with the dagger in defense of herself and Sonny [Jul 8, 2016]
  • DWI [Nov 23, 2016]
  • Hit Julian with her car [Nov 23, 2016]
  • Fled the scene of an accident [Nov 28, 2016]
  • Threatened Shiloh in the courtroom [Jun 23, 2019]
  • Perjured herself; falsely declared in a board advisory meeting that her relationship with Dr. Neil Byrne to be casual and non-personal when in fact it was personal [Mar 11, 2020]
  • Adultery; slept with Ned Quartermaine while he was married to Olivia [Oct 6, 2020]
  • Stole a loaded syringe from the hospital [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Accidentally stabbed Dante Falconeri with the syringe she stole while aiming for Franco Baldwin [Jan 28, 2021; arrested; released on bail on Feb 2, 2021; pled guilty and sentenced to three years in Pentonville on Mar 31, 2021; reported to Pentonville on Apr 8, 2021; moved to protective custody at the PCPD on Jul 9, 2021; transferred to Spring Ridge on Jul 20, 2021; pardoned on Nov 5, 2021; released on Nov 8, 2021]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Held hostage at gunpoint by Sorel (along with Carly and Zander) [Jul 12-13, 2001]
    • Rendered unconscious and suffered a broken wrist after being caught in an explosion caused by a bomb worn by Sonny [Jul 18, 2001]
    • Took a fall while pregnant while trying to pull away from Carly's grip [Jun 3, 2002]
    • Hospitalized for stomach pain while pregnant [Oct 21, 2002]
    • Gave birth to her premature daughter, Kristina completely natural [Nov 19, 2002]
    • Slapped by Carly [Jan 6, 2003]
    • Slapped by Skye Quartermaine [Jun 3, 2003]
    • Stalked by Sage Alcazar [Nov 2003]
    • Shot at by Sage while in a courtroom [Nov 11, 2003]
    • Trapped in an elevator with Carly during the PC Hotel Fire [Feb 6-10, 2004]
    • Fell down the stairs while chasing Sam McCall (while pregnant) [Feb 2005]
    • High risk pregnancy [Feb-Nov 2005]
    • Experienced severe cramps during her pregnancy [Feb 16, 2005]
    • Rendered unconscious in a car accident while pregnant [Mar 2005]
    • Had/has a heart murmur [revealed Mar 2005]
    • In a car accident, started having contractions and was leaking amniotic fluid but it was stopped [Jul 2005]
    • Gave birth to her daughter, Molly via C-section in the middle of a train wreck [Nov 2005]
    • Diagnosed with stage two lung cancer [2006]
    • Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles [Feb 2006]
    • Nearly fainted and was hospitalized [Feb 2007]
    • Had appendicitis [Nov 2007]
    • Attacked by Diego Alcazar (aka the Text Message Killer) (he tried to strangle her to death) [Jan 23, 2008]
    • Injected with an unknown substance that caused her to spike an extremely high fever [Aug 2012; revealed to be an inoculation against the dangerous pathogen Jerry Jacks would later release into the Port Charles water supply]
    • Kidnapped at gunpoint by Jerry Jacks [Sep 2012]
    • Tied up and held hostage in a boat by Jerry Jacks which was later revealed to be tied with bombs [Sep 2012]
    • Threatened by Luke Spencer in her own house [May 19, 2014]
    • Threatened to have her throat slit by Helena Cassadine (like she did to her mother) [Nov 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint (along with Julian) by Morgan Corinthos [Sep 18-21, 2015; Julian was held until Sep 22]

  • Held hostage at gunpoint in a chapel-full of people by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown from Feb 23-24, 2016]
  • Threatened by Dixon for getting out of her seat [Feb 19, 2016; shown Feb 24, 2016]
  • Manhandled and threatened by Sonny Corinthos [May 17, 2016]
  • Manhandled by Julian [Jun 8, 2016]
  • Manhandled by Julian again [Jul 7, 2016]
  • Tackled to the ground and kidnapped at dagger point by Julian [Jul 7, 2016]
  • Had the dagger held at her throat and threatened by Julian [Jul 7-8, 2016]
  • Had been having hallucinations of Julian Jerome when he really wasn't there [Aug 31, 2016]
  • Drugged by Paul Hornsby to make her testimony less credible and tank the Julian Jerome trial [Sep 15, 2016][19]
  • Fainted because of the drugs in her system [Sep 19, 2016]
  • Became an emotional wreck after hitting Julian Jerome while driving drunk [Nov 28, 2016]
  • Blackmailed by Julian (not reporting the fact that she was the one who hit him, in exchange for helping him recover from the accident) [Dec 6, 2016-Jan 24, 2017]
  • Held a knifepoint and threatened by Tom Baker [Dec 21, 2016; revealed Jan 9, 2017]
  • Saw hallucinations of Tom Baker [Jan 2017]
  • Kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint by Olivia Jerome [Mar 10-13, 2017]
  • Had her cuffs blown off by Julian Jerome, who was actually under orders from his sister, Olivia, to kill her [Mar 13, 2017]
  • Sexually harrassed in her first law practice [revealed Jul 25, 2018]
  • Slapped by Dr. Kim Nero [Oct 23, 2018]
  • Nearly bribed by Shiloh about information on Sam and Kristina [Jan 22, 2019]
  • Stuck in an elevator with Neil Byrne [Jul 31, 2019]
  • Stalked by Kendra Bauer [Aug 19-Dec 3, 2019]
  • Fell ill after having her protein shake poisoned with Thallium (rat poison) by Kendra [Oct 29-30, 2019; diagnosis revealed Nov 15, 2019]
  • Knocked out, paralyzed, and almost run over by Kendra [Nov 28-Dec 2, 2019]

  • Stalked by Britt Westbourne [Mar 9, 2020; revealed on Mar 31, 2020]
  • Tripped down the stairs last summer and jammed her wrist [2020; revealed on Aug 4, 2020]
  • Fell again at the gym recently [2020; revealed on Aug 27, 2020]
  • Has osteoporosis [revealed Sep 18, 2020]
  • Has a drinking addiction [late Sep 2020-present]
  • Antagonized by Cyrus Renault [Nov 19, 2020]
  • Framed for drunk driving by Tracy Quartermaine [Dec 13, 2020; arrested]
  • Experience a bloody cut on her arm due to an unknown cause (but she claims it was on broken glass while drinking) and required stitches [Dec 30, 2020]
  • Threatened by Cyrus [Apr 6-20, 2021]
  • Pushed around and thrown into a wall by a prisoner named Hilda [Apr 16, 2021]
  • Threatened by Hilda [Apr 20, 2021]
  • Pushed down by a prison guard named Thomas and hurt her arm [Jun 24, 2021]
  • Had a panic attack [Jul 8, 2021]
  • Being blackmailed by Nikolas for her release from Spring Ridge in return for her silence in Nikolas' part of having Hayden shot [Oct 27, 2021-present]

  • Positions held

    Predecessor District Attorney Successor
    Ric Lansing
    Alexis Davis
    Ric Lansing
    Alexis Davis
    John Durant
    Ric Lansing

    Predecessor Assistant District Attorney Successor

    Ric Lansing
    Alexis Davis

    Louise Addison

    Family tree


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    2. Alexis stated that she did NOT be take Julian's last name...therefore Jerome is an alias.
    3. This birth date is revealed by Mac Scorpio on the January 29, 2021 episode. A birthdate of October 2, 1966 was previously seen on her medical files on July 10, 2002.
    4. On September 27, 2016, Julian delivered signed divorce papers and on November 11, 2016, Alexis referred to Julian as her ex-husband.
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    T.J. Ashford)
    Tony Cassadine (Mikkos & Victor's sibling)
    Dimitri Cassadine, Petros Cassadine (Mikkos & Victor's cousins)
    Irina Cassadine (Mikkos' stepchild)
    Kiki Jerome, Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Nikolas' stepchildren)
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    Davis family

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    Kristin Bergman
    Alexis Davis
    Sam McCall

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