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Alliance to Save Exploited Children
Brenda Barrett with the ASEC logo (2010)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Charity group
Nickname(s) ASEC
Notable locations Africa
Notable people Brenda Barrett (The Face of ASEC)
Suzanne Stanwyck (Former director)

Alliance to Save Exploited Children is an charity group known by the acronym ASEC.


Suzanne Stanwyck arrived in Port Charles as Brenda Barrett's long time friend and the director of her charity, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. She worked with Brenda for years in Africa and places all over the globe for ASEC. Suzanne worked in close proximity to Brenda but the truth of her identity was not revealed until months later. On Valentine's day of 2011, it was revealed that Suzanne was really the wife of Theo Hoffman also known as the Balkan, who was an international crime lord after Brenda for the death of his son Aleksander. Suzanne's closeness to Brenda had just been a part of their plot for revenge because she was just as eager to avenge her son's death as Theo was. Brenda dated Aleksander in the past but after finding out his connections with the mob and trafficking she left him and fled to New York where Dante Falconeri became her bodyguard.

While in New York, Brenda found out that she was pregnant. Aleksander became obsessed with Brenda and followed her to New York. After stalking her, he ended up in a confrontation with Dante and he shot and killed Aleksander. He then covered up the crime by dumping Aleksander's body in a swamp and telling Brenda that no one would ever find out what happened. Suzanne's whole plan for getting close to Brenda had been for revenge and to get her hands on her grandson because she knew that Brenda had been pregnant and that her son was really still alive. What Brenda had thought to be a miscarriage due to a fever, had really been Suzanne drugging her so that she could induce her labor early and take the baby.

Suzanne took Brenda’s biological son, Alec away and in his place gave Brenda, Lucian, who is actually a child that Suzanne took from ASEC. Suzanne kept Brenda's real son hidden from her, so that she would be able to spend the rest of her life with her grandson, while Brenda spent her time happily with Lucian, believing he was her true son.

Suzanne's plan fell apart however after Brenda, with the advice of her husband Sonny Corinthos and best friend, Robin Scorpio-Drake, decided to take a DNA test on Lucian to see if he is really her biological son. When Suzanne heard of the plans for the DNA test, she kidnapped Lucian taking him down to San Antonio, so that Brenda would never have the chance to find out that Lucian is not her true biological son. After a confrontation with Suzanne, Sonny brought Alec to Brenda and Lucian was sent back to ASEC.