Amy Vining
Shell Kepler as Nurse Amy Vining
General Hospital
Portrayed by Cari Ann Warder (1975)
Shell Kepler (1979-2002)
Duration 1975-2002
First appearance 1975 (on GH)
Last appearance September 2002 (on GH)
Spin-off appearances Port Charles
Gender Female
Born August 12, 1964[1][2]
Died 2008[3]
Age c44
Occupation Registered nurse
Title Nurse

Nurse Amy Vining, RN was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She was portrayed by actress Cari Ann Warder in 1975 and by actress Shell Kepler from 1979-2002.


Kepler shell

Shell Kepler portrayed Amy Vinning

Amy Vining is the daughter of Jason and Barbara Vining. Before Amy was born, when her mother Barbara gave birth to her first child, the baby was stillborn and switched with Lesley Williams's new baby girl, Laura. Amy was raised believing that Laura Webber Spencer, then Laura Vining, was her big sister. Lesley found out the truth about her daughter just in time and was able to save her from a cult and bring her back home to Port Charles. When Amy was 16, she came to Port Charles to track down older sister Laura, who had just married Scott Baldwin.


Amy talks to Dr. Noah Drake

While in town, Amy turned out to be quite a bit of trouble. She loved to gossip and was really good at finding out other people's secrets. This caused lots of problems as she would then gossip and spread those secrets like wildfire. Amy's talkative mouth caused quite a bit of strain on Laura and Scott's marriage. Needing a place to stay in Port Charles, Amy went to live with Laura's mother Lesley, and her second husband Dr. Rick Webber.

In 1982, Amy fell in love with a very handsome boxer named Johnny Morrissey, but he broke her heart after he decided to leave town when his manager, Packy Moore, suffered from a heart attack. Amy and Laura remained close throughout their lives. Amy loved the extended family that she gained in Laura's and was always there for them, even in the rough times. Unfortunately hard times came frequently in their large blended family. The biggest strain occurred when Laura faked her death and did not tell Amy about it.

Amy Vining

Amy is honored at the 2013 Nurses' Ball

Amy mourned the loss of her sister deeply, and when it was revealed that Laura was still alive, Amy was both overjoyed and extremely hurt at the lie. Laura and Amy were eventually able to work through Laura's deception and reconcile with each other. Throughout her time on the show, Amy remained single but flirted with many guys. She also developed a friendship with Elton Herbert, Laura's office manager at Deception, but coincidentally she hated his tendency to gossip even though she had the exact same trait. In 2013, Amy was honored at the Nurses' Ball by Lucy Coe and all the other attendees.


  1. Amy was said to be 2 years younger than Laura when she was first introduced and throughout the 1970s.
  2. On the 30th anniversary episode on April 1, 1993, Amy says she will be 30 in "16 months and 11 days."[1]
  3. They never talked about Amy's death onscreen, but Shell Kepler died in 2008

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