Andrew Olsen
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General Hospital
Portrayed by Justin Melvey
Duration 2005
First appearance August 11, 2005
Last appearance August 24, 2005
Cause/reason Killed
Gender Male
Died August 24,2005
Port Charles, New York
Cause of death Shot by Jason in defense of Sam
Occupation Businessman
Title Billionaire

Andrew Olsen was a fictional character on ABC daytime Soap opera, General Hospital. He was portrayed by Justin Melvey.



Andrew Olsen was a wealthy man engaged to Alicia Montenegro, a woman virtually identical to Sam McCall. He also carried on a romance with his fiance's mother, Allegra Montenegro.
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Sam under con "Alicia"marries Andrew Olsen August 19,2005

When her daughter went missing, Allegra met Sam and forced her to marry Andrew in her daughter's place. Hours later, Jason Morgan killed Andrew in defense of Sam.


Alicia Montenegro went missing on her wedding day to wealthy business man Andrew Olsen, which was arranged by her mother Allegra.

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Andrew Olsen dancing with Sam under con alias "Alicia Montenegro"

Allegra meets Sam and sees the resembles to her missing daughter, Alicia. Allegra proceeded to trap Sam's boyfriend Jason Morgan in a room and force Sam McCall to agree to play her daughter. Sam agrees to the scheme.

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Andrew Olsen hitting Sam under con alias "Alicia Montenegro"

It was revealed that Alicia Montenegro was trapped in the same room Jason. She revealed that her mother forced her to marry Andrew Olsen. Alicia started flirting with Jason while they were trapped, but Jason was not interested in her and only wanted to escape. Soon, Alicia Montenegro found a way out, but Jason was still trapped.

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Sam almost getting sexually assaulted by Andrew Olsen

Sam married Andrew Olsen under con alias "Alicia Montenegro" in 2005. After the wedding Andrew shared a dances with Sam, and then they arrived in their honeymoon suite, where Andrew planned to consummate the marriage. Sam was uncomfortable with the idea, leading to Andrew almost sexually assaulting her. Then he figured out she not his fiancee Alicia Montenegro, so Sam reveals her true identity to him.

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Andrew Olsen killed by Jason Morgan to save Sam McCall

Sam and Andrew confronts Allegra Montenegro about the whole situation. It turned out Andrew and Allegra are lovers and Allegra was going to force her daughter Alicia to marrying Andrew for his money. Allegra's plan was to kill her daughter afterword. Allegra and Andrew kidnap Sam as Jason was able to escape. He shoots and kills Andrew Olsen while Allegra got away. Sam walked in on Jason over Andrew's dead body.

They leave, but afterword Sam is arrest for Andrew's murder. Sam escapes from jail, trapping Alicia Montenegro in the jail cell and taking her clothes.

Allegra returns to apologize to Jason and Sam for her actions, deciding to let them go and turn her daughter in. She even has a doctor check on Jason who experienced temporary amnesia.

Crimes Committed

  • Kidnapped Sam McCall (along with Allegra) and attempted to sexually assault her [Aug 2005]

Health and Vitals

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