Angel Ellis
Angel Boris Reed
General Hospital
Portrayed by Angel Boris
First appearance June 12, 2001
Last appearance October 25, 2001
Cause/reason Went into hiding after killing her father
Created by Megan McTavish
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Birth name Angel Sorel
Gender Female
Occupation Private investigator
Residence Greece

Angel Ellis was a fictional character on the daytime drama, General Hospital.

Angel appeared in 2001 and was played by Angel Boris.


Angel is first seen on GH when her father, Sonny Corinthos' enemy Joseph Sorel, stabs Sonny. She takes Sonny home and nurses him. At first, Angel refuses to tell Sonny who she is or any personal details about herself. It is later revealed that her father, Joseph Ellis, is the man who stabbed Sonny.

Angel also isn't Joseph's biggest fan. It is also revealed that Joseph had in fact killed Angel's husband, Donnie. After a while, Angel finds herself attracted to Sonny, and they have an affair. Angel feels that they have bonded because of their ties to the mob; and that his wife, Carly Benson, doesn't understand. Soon after the affair, Angel's father is murdered.

She decides not to let her father's death ruin her life, and tries to move on. Angel then resumes her friendship with Jax. Jax hires Angel to look for Brenda Barrett, and she helps him grieve when she can't find her. Sonny gets jealous of their relationship, but Angel assures Sonny that they are friends, even though they do have a fling.

In Angel's final days in Port Charles, the police finally realized that Angel killed her own father. Angel wants to turn herself in, but Jax and Sonny team up and won't let her, sending her to live in Greece. After Angel leaves town, Carly wears an Angel wig to make sure the police don't think she has jumped bail. Angel has not been seen or mentioned since.

Crimes Committed

  • Did not report Sonny's stabbing [Jun 2001]
  • Murdered her father [Aug 25, 2001]
  • Fled from the PCPD [Oct 2001]

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