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Foster, Annabelle, and their pup Raoul (1995)

There have been many animals on GH over the years.

Animals/Pets in General Hospital

In 1988, Grant Putnam had a dog named Satan when he held Anna Devane captive.

In 1990, when Faison is first seen he has several colorful birds including parrots around him.

In 1994, Lucy Coe orders a special free range duck from Long Island for Thanksgiving dinner and she is given a live duck in a cage. She ends up making Sigmund the duck her pet.

Foster and Annabelle were two bonded dogs in 1994. Foster was a French Mastiff owned by the Spencers, and Annabelle was a French Briard owned by the Quartermaines. They sired a puppy in 1995.

Raoul, their puppy played by a Tibetan Mastiff, was given to Emily.

In 2006, Luke Spencer steals a chimpanzee from a tribe on the Markham Islands and brings it back to Port Charles. People in town begin getting sick, starting with Luke, and at first the chimp is blamed for the outbreak. It is discovered that Luke has encephalitis which was purposely released by Crylium Industries, a pharmaceutical company on the Markham Islands, that wanted to charge for the cure. Luke’s body is used to make a serum for the first few patients and Holly Sutton has vials of the cure that are given to others but Tony Jones, Courtney Matthews, and Danny McCall end up dying from the virus.

Nina had an (off-screen) horse named Allegra who she helped foal when she was thirteen years old.

In December 2011, Shawn meets a service dog named Clyde. For Christmas, Carly gets Shawn his own dog to help with his PTSD, whom he names Wilson. He later gives the dog away.

In 2012, Olivia had visions of Maxie with a puppy. It looked like a little wolf or a jackal, Spinelli’s nickname. Maxie had lost Lulu’s surrogate child after chasing the puppy and she got pregnant by Spinelli.

In 2016, Hamilton Finn comes to town with Roxy, his bearded dragon service lizard. Finn brought Roxy home from a camping trip in Australia. Apparently a sickly Roxy wandered into Finn’s tent after he left it unzipped while he was sleeping. When Finn watched Roxy shed her skin, he came up with an idea to cure himself and Hayden Barnes of Blackwood’s Syndrome. He added some lizard DNA to his serum and cured the “incurable” disease. After introducing his young daughter Violet to Roxy, she considers her like a sister.

In 2016, Franco gets Nina a puppy named Daisy after she finds out she can’t have children. She tells him to get rid of the dog. Jake sees the dog at the hospital and wants it so Franco gives the puppy to Jake. Jason tells Franco that he can’t just give a puppy to Jake. Monica offers to take the puppy for their groundskeeper so that Jake can visit the puppy anytime he wants. The puppy is renamed Annabelle II and becomes Danny’s favorite dog when he is at the Quartermaines.

Butterscotch is Charlotte’s favorite (off-screen) horse in the stable at Wyndemere after she moved onto the island in 2016.

In 2018, Chase brought a dog named Thor to Career Day in Willow’s class. In 2021, Chase tells Willow that Thor retired from the force and was adopted by a couple in Niagara.

In 2018 and 2019, Dutch and Budgy were two of Lucy's llamas she brought to the Nurses' Ball.

In 2020, Nagini was Charlotte’s pet snake from Roger's Reptile Round Up. She hid the snake in Ava’s purse.

In 2020, Sonny and Mike visited the racetrack and saw an unnamed horse (real name Pal).

In 2022, Leo Quartermaine gets a white therapy horse named Comet (real name Leche) trained for autistic needs, which stays in the Quartermaine Stables.