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Special Agent Anna Devane is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She is the identical twin of Dr. Alex Devane.

The role of Anna was originated by British actress Finola Hughes since the character's debut on April 10, 1985.

Anna was temporarily portrayed by actress Camilla More from December 20, 1991 to January 20, 1992 after Finola was abruptly fired by then producer, Gloria Monty.

Finola returned to GH in February 2012, to help departure her only living daughter, Robin. Finola was then signed to a contract[8] and is still on the show today.


Hughes joined the cast of General Hospital in the spring of 1985,[9] and made her first appearance on April 10, 1985.[10] Hughes auditioned for the role of Anna in early 1985, about three months after she relocated to New York. About two weeks later, Hughes was shocked when she actually got hired because the role was originally written for an American actress.[11] In late 1991, rumors circulated that Hughes had been fired. However, instead during contract negotiations, she took advantage of an out clause to work on another project. Hughes last taped scenes aired during the of December 16.

If negotiations went well, Hughes was slated to return by the spring of 1992.

In the interim, she was replaced by Camilla Moore who made her first appearance December 20, 1991. Moore last appeared on January 20, 1992 and Hughes returned to the role for one episode on February 25, 1992.[10]

Hughes briefly returned from November 13 to 22, 1995 as Anna's spirit to comfort the character's daughter Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), who is dealing with the loss of her boyfriend to AIDS-related illness and is herself HIV-positive.[12]

On All My Children, when Hughes reprised the role of Alex in February 2001 after her maternity leave,[13] Hughes also made her first appearance as Anna on March 2, 2001.[10]

Anna Devane-Finola Hughes then & now.jpg

In late July 2003, All My Children announced that Hughes would exit in the role of Anna when her contract expired. Hughes made her final appearance on September 11, 2003. An ABC spokesperson hinted that Hughes could return to the series in a recurring capacity but she never did.[14] Rumors immediately followed that Hughes would return to GH. However, Hughes later revealed in an interview that she was open to a return, but had not been contacted by the series.[15] When Tristan Rogers returned to the series as Robert in 2006, many speculated that Hughes would return to the series as well.[16]

However instead, Emma Samms instead returned to the series. Samms and Rogers's returns intensified speculation that Hughes would eventually reprise her role,[17] Though initial reports hinted that Hughes refused to return, ABC finally confirmed Hughes's return in April 2006. Hughes first reappeared May 12, 2006.[18] Hughes concluded her stint on August 30, and returned once again from July 13 to August 24, 2007.[10]

In late March 2008, it was announced that Hughes would make a return to General Hospital.[19] Hughes reappeared on April 25, 2008 and concluded her return stint on May 7, 2008.[10] Days later, it was announced that Hughes would soon join the cast of The Young and the Restless and was slated to begin airing on June 19, 2008.[20] At the time, Hughes was not contractually obligated to ABC, so accepted the four episode guest stint.[21]

However, Michael Logan of TV Guide later reported that ABC pressured Hughes into dropping out of the role in favor of a "big" storyline for the summer on GH. Hughes who was scheduled to start taping on May 28, was never actually replaced and her character was never introduced onscreen.[22]

On December 11, 2011, TV Guide confirmed that Hughes would return to General Hospital starting in mid January and would reappear just in time for February Sweeps.[23][24] Hughes first airdate was slated for the week of February 13, 2012.[25] On April 6, 2012, executive producer, Frank Valentini announced on Twitter that Hughes had been placed on contract with the series.[26]

On October 26, 2015, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Hughes had inked a new deal to remain on GH.[27]

On June 2, 2016, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Hughes would take a break this summer but would only be gone for a few weeks as GH has a lot downtime this summer.[28] However, she extended her break and returned on September 28, 2016.

Hughes took on the dual roles of Anna and Alex from April 5-June 8, 2017 and again from March 18-21, 2019.

In 2018, Hughes left for her summer break. She was last seen on June 25 and returned on August 8.

On May 30, 2019, reported that Hughes would be leaving GH on May 31 to go on her annual summer break. Unlike her summer breaks in prior years, Hughes did not remain under contract during her extended absence.[29][30][31]

On August 28, 2019, confirmed that Hughes will be returning to GH as Anna sometime in November.[32] Her first on-screen airdate was on November 11, 2019, and Hughes is back on a new contract per the show's end credits.[33]


Anna was formerly a spy with the DVX and then with the W.S.B.. In the 70s, Anna was married to W.S.B. agent Robert Scorpio and while they are now divorced, in 1977 they had a daughter named Robin Scorpio, but Robert didn't know that Robin existed until she was seven years old. Anna was also married to nightclub owner and former mobster Duke Lavery. Duke and Anna had a compelling love story, and because of his love for Anna, Duke cut all his ties with the mob. Anna was presumed dead in 1992, but resurfaced years later in Pine Valley.

Daughter Robin (with Robert) and Granddaughter Emma

After a romance with David Hayward and the death of their daughter Leora, Anna moves to London and later again joins the W.S.B. as an agent. After visits in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Anna permanently returned to Port Charles in 2012 after her daughter Robin's "death". It was later revealed that Robin was still alive and in November 2013, Anna and Robin are reunited.

She has a daughter named, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake with her ex-husband, Agent Robert Scorpio. Through her daughter Robin and her husband, Dr. Patrick Drake, she has two grandchildren: Emma and Noah.

Her ex-husband, Duke Lavery, was and still is the love of her life and she continues to mourn him to this day.

Nephew Henrik (Peter August)

As of 2016, she is the head of the East Coast branch of the U.S. Division of the W.S.B..

In 2017, Anna recalled that while she was training in the W.S.B. Training Academy in becoming a field agent she met and befriended Valentin Cassadine who at that time was known as Ivan Theodore. She saw him as the best and brightest trainee in the academy even more so than herself. On February 13, it was revealed by an old classmate of Valentin from his time in the W.S.B. Training Academy, that Anna had put him on the W.S.B. Kill List. On March 28, Valentin revealed to a forgetful Anna that they had a one night stand before she presumably betrayed him.

In 2018, it was revealed that Anna had a son with her most hated enemy Cesar Faison, and she believes he is Henrik Faison/Peter August. In 2019, however, Robert suggested to Anna that Peter might not be her son after all, he might actually be Alex Devane's son with Faison. In 2020, when Anna realized that Peter's markers for rheumatoid arthritis did not come from her or Faison, she confirmed that Alex is indeed Peter's real mother.

On August 19, 2020, during the 2020 Nurses' Ball, Maxie accidentally reveals to everyone that she is pregnant after a microphone malfunction before her Deception Cosmetics pitch. Peter finds Maxie afterward and she confirms that she is pregnant. They embrace and share in their excitement for the baby. Mac and Anna join them and they confirm the news to the grandparents-to-be who are both overjoyed.


Robert and Anna

In 1985, Anna Devane arrived in Port Charles and befriended Holly Sutton. What Holly didn't know was that Anna was the ex wife of her current husband Robert Scorpio. past with her husband Robert Scorpio. Anna secretly obtained information about Holly's past and snooped around Robert's communication room for his security bureau, the W.S.B.. At that time, Robert was in New York, but when he arrived he was shocked to find Anna in his house. Anna decided to stay in Port Charles and became Sean Donely's secretary. Anna and Sean formed a partnership to fence a very valuable Aztec treasure that many Port Charles citizens were after. When the treasure went missing, putting aside their differences, Robert and Anna teamed up to recover the treasure.

Holly wanted to know everything she could about Anna Devane, and discovered that she and Robert were former W.S.B. partners. When Holly learned Anna was once Robert's wife she was outraged and left Robert and Port Charles. Sean later discovered Grant Andrews had stolen the treasure in into order to win back his ex-wife Celia and agreed to help him transport it aboard a train where her new fiancé were to wed in a Gay-nineties celebration. Sean however was going to steal the treasure away and dupe everyone. Grant discovered Sean's deception and teamed up with Anna, Robert, and others to recover the treasure from Sean. The five followed Sean to Canada where he kidnapped a returned Holly, who learned of his plot.

Tragedy then struck when Robert and Sean met up in a tramway suspended by a cable high over the mountains and fought. Anna watched from below as Robert lost his balance and fell from the car to his death. Sean took the treasure and planned to sell it to the evil Mr. Wu, but he was greeted by Wu's assistant Mr. Yang, who was really Robert in disquise and took the treasure to the police. The police returned part of the treasure, to Mr. Wu, who was forced to give them to the rightful owner, an old gentleman known as 'The Ancient One.' He planned to sell the Buddha's black pearls to raise enough money to buy a Port Charles cannery for oppressed people, but when the pearls went missing Mr. Wu assumed that Anna and Robert had stolen them and he instructed his grandson Kim Wu to get them back. Meanwhile, Anna went back to New York and found her apartment ransacked and her mother Filomena tied up!

Anna and Robin

At the same time, Robert and Holly reunited and planned to move to Australia until he got a visitor in the form of a little girl named Robin. Anna went back to Port Charles and found out that Robert had Robin. Anna told Robert that Robin was their daughter. Robin overheard the truth and felt hurt and rejected, so she ran away with her doll. Robin met up with the Ancient One who was worried over the missing pearls, but Robin had actually put them in her doll's eyes. Robin and the Ancient One were later kidnapped, but Anna and Robert rescued them. Robert then left for Australia, and Anna was named Co-Police Chief of Port Charles with Burt Ramsey. Later that year, Anna met and fell in love with Duke Lavery.

Anna thought that Duke was a nightclub owner, when in fact he was deeply involved in the planning of an elaborate money-laundering operation headed by a 'Mr. Big'. Duke also fell in love with Anna and wanted out of the mob, but he was in too deep. The arrival of Mr. Big's right hand man, Damon Grenville, meant that Duke would have to hurry and put their money laundering scheme, dubbed Operation Tumble Dry, into effect. Damon immediately ordered Duke to kill Officer Frisco Jones. When Duke didn't do it, the mob framed Felicia for robbery and forced Frisco and Felicia to leave town. The two, however, took with them a coded detailed printout about Operation Tumble Dry. Anna began to investigate their disappearance and feared that Duke had something to do with it. Duke begged Anna to trust him but was being pulled deeper into the mob, and they ordered him to marry Anna, the police chief.

Anna was touched and agreed to marry Duke, not knowing it was against his will. As it turned out, Mr. Big was Anna' co-worker Burt Ramsey. Robert later returned back to Port Charles when Robin called him after overhearing Damon threaten Anna's life. Robert told Anna about his suspicions of Duke and convinced her to break their engagement. Duke really did want to marry Anna, but without the mob breathing down on them. Duke went and saw Mr. Big's boss, Angus McKay, and Angus swore that he would soon be able to marry Anna free and clear. Duke again proposed to Anna and swore he meant it. Then Damon bombed Anna's house. Duke went to the police and confessed all he knew in order to keep Anna and Robin safe and revealed that Burt was Mr. Big. Suddenly, Burt was shot, and Duke was arrested. Robert believed that Duke was innocent and recruited Anna and Frisco to join him in exposing Burt and bringing down the mob. Duke escaped from prison thanks to Angus McKay and was shot by Burt, who thought he was dead. With Duke allegedly dead, Burt tried to finish his money-laundering, but Duke was actually alive and in a final showdown with Burt he was left paralyzed. Burt was arrested and shipped to a mental institution.

Anna and Duke

Duke was later given a lighter prison sentence and took Anna to a city called L'Orleans for Angus McKay's funeral, Angus turned out to be Duke's father. There was a young nun named Camellia who Angus said was Duke's half-sister but about whom Anna had a bad feeling. On Anna and Duke's wedding day, Camellia and a reporter named Mark Carlin revealed that Duke had helped cover up the murder of Evan Jerome in L'Orleans. Camellia had killed Evan, but had recently discovered that Duke wasn't her brother after all. She wanted him for herself. She thought that revealing this would tear Duke and Anna apart. However, she finally realized that she could never win Duke's love and she left Port Charles. Eventually Anna broke up with Duke and started her own PI agency. Soon after, Robert returned and became her partner after Holly's presumed death. Robert tried to win Anna's love back, but she chose to return to Duke and they finally married.

In early 1988, Anna and Robin were kidnapped by the insane Grant Putnam after he killed Anna's friend Filomena. Robert and Duke search for her for months. Duke gets help from the Jerome family to find her, and becomes intertwined in the mob again.

Robert eventually rescued Anna who embraced him as Duke watched. Anna later discovered she was pregnant with Duke's child but their happy family would soon come to a halt with the arrival of Olivia Jerome. Olivia was a mob princess who wanted two things; to run the Jerome mob family, and Duke. When Olivia realized that Duke wouldn't leave Anna, she planned to kill him in a rigged elevator which would crash. However, Anna got in the elevator instead and was hurt on October 24, 1988. As a result, Anna also lost her unborn baby at four months along.[34]

Olivia was shipped to a mental institution after being found guilty of causing the death of Anna's unborn baby.

In 1989, Anna's marriage slowly crumbled after Duke testified against the mob. Fearing that Anna and Robin were in danger, Duke faked his death in an explosion and entered the Witness Protection Program. Anna was crushed. "Duke" later returned to Port Charles with a new face and new name, Jonathan Paget. "Duke" wanted to get back with Anna, but he learned that mobster Julian Jerome was after him. Julian shot and killed an escaped Olivia, who told Anna that Jonathan was really "Duke" before she died. Before Anna and Duke could be reunited however, "Duke" was killed by Julian and died in Anna's arms. Robert, who was engaged to someone else, delayed his wedding so that he could comfort Anna. Meanwhile, Robin found a crystal on Spoon Island which contained an alien visitor named Casey. Anna helped Casey go back to his planet of Lumina, but in process came face to face with an old enemy Cesar Faison. Cesar kidnapped Anna, Robin and Casey, but he was caught and left town. Casey later returned to Lumina.

Anna, Robert and Robin

Robin then played matchmaker for parents by sending them faux valentines. Anna and Robert fell back in love and after a murder attempt they soon made love. Robert proposed to Anna, and they were married in Lila Quartermaine's Shakespearean Garden. On their honeymoon in the Bahamas, Anna discovered that Edward Quartermaine was alive and living as a beach bum she then reunited with his family. Then, in late 1991, tragedy again struck. Faison returned to town and wanted Anna and Robin for himself. Faison's mother, Nanny McTavish, kidnapped Robin, but she was discovered and helped Robert get Faison. Faison felt betrayed by his mother and killed her. He then set a trap and kidnapped Anna knowing Robert would follow to save his wife. Robert and Anna were presumed killed in a boat explosion which Faison planned and used to fake his own death and Robin was sent to live with her Uncle Mac.

Super-spy Anna Devane was found alive after a decade of supposedly being dead in the outskirts of North America. Her twin sister, Alexandra Marick (also played by Hughes), found her in a cabin in Canada near death. Alex and Anna's guardian, Bart, took her to Pine Valley and put her in the hospital under Alex's name so as not to arise suspicion. Dimitri Marick and Edmund Grey helped with the charade. Dimitri opened his home to his sister in law. Upon returning to the turret, they discovered Bart dead. Anna could not remember where she had been in the last decade, but did remember that she was a spy who had many enemies.

The Wildwind crew decided to keep everything between them so as to protect as many people as possible. But more and more people became involved, including Dimitri's niece Gillian Andrassy and her husband Ryan Lavery. This would prove fatal for Gillian who was killed by the assassin sent to kill Anna. Anna felt as if she put everyone in harms way and wanted to get out of Pine Valley. But, her brother Gabriel gave her reason to stay and rebuild her life. Gabriel, Alex, and Dimitri returned to Hungary to comfort Gillian's family. Edmund told Anna she could either go with them or stay with her new family here. She stayed and began a new arc in her life. She even helped Ryan, who she learned to be her cousin by marriage to Duke Lavery, in finding his reason to live.

Robin and Anna reunite

Daughter Robin Scorpio made her way to Pine Valley to see her mother. The two embraced in finding each other again. Unfortunately, their time was cut short, as Anna still believed her life to be in danger. She sent her daughter back to Paris to protect her from suffering the same fate as Gillian. Federal Agent Chris Stamp enlisted her help in solving the Proteus case. She fell in love with prime suspect, David Hayward, and helped exonerate him. His drugs where created in hopes of saving his beloved Dixie Martin from her heart problem. Not wanting to testify against him on other drug charges, they eloped in her fourth marriage invoking the martial confidentiality clause.

Vanessa Cortlandt, David's mother, was discovered to be Proteus. Someone wanting to get Vanessa's drug money by threatening to kill Leo du Pres, David's brother, drugged her. Anna was able to stop him moments before shooting Leo even under the influence of a drug. Anna was offered the job of Police Chief against DA Jackson Montgomery's wish who could not believe an officer would shoot while under the influence of a drug. Eventually, the two grew close. Maybe too close even for David. Her family grew when her nephew Aidan Devane made it to Pine Valley. Between David and Aidan's troublemaking, she was one busy Police Chief.

David and Anna

The marriage was cut short with the revelation that David had drugged and hid Anna's sister in law Maria Grey from her family for over half a decade. She could not be with a man who tore apart a family like what happened to her. At the same time, she discovered she was pregnant. David did everything he could to work his way back into Anna's life, including admitting to some crimes and giving up his job at the hospital for one at the free clinic. Anna's life was almost taken at the clinic when frightened juvenile delinquent Reggie Porter held her at scalpel point. David professed his love for Anna at that point, and the two reconciled. Their baby had a heart problem, so Anna had to go to a specialist in Switzerland for help. David could not leave because of his probation, but arranged for Robin to take care of Anna while she was abroad. The surgeon suffered a stroke moments before the repairing surgery was to be done in Anna's uterus. David was allowed to fly out a conduct the surgery. They saved Anna and the baby. Leora Hayward was soon born and took the namesake of the late Leo du Pres.

David, Anna and Leora

Leora needed another surgery, but David did not want it. Anna signed off the papers without him and Dr. Joe Martin continued with the surgery. Leora did not make it through and David blamed the Martins, who he thought where trying to claim revenge for his past acts against them, for Leora's death. Anna tried to help him, but he pushed her farther away. Anna turned to Jackson again for comfort. On the day of the funeral, Anna told David he had to let go. Weeks later he plotted to wipe the memories of the Martin family at the July 4th celebration, but Anna was able to stop him. In the cabin, they fought and cried together and realized they could not mourn the life of their daughter without each other. When they fall to the floor holding each other, a little girl is seen at the doorway, unseen by them. She smiles to herself and walks out of the cabin, shutting the door behind her.

Anna was tired of covering for David. She discovered he and Erica Kane could have been responsible for the death of Michael Cambias. She went to the cabin and left the evidence she had found and a note for David. David came before she could leave. She told him she was going to Paris to be with Robin and she did not want him to follow her. She walked out the door and out of Pine Valley.

In 2006, Anna surprised her ex-husband Robert and old friend Luke Spencer, along with her daughter Robin, when she dropped in on them while they were in the Maarkam Islands. Luke and Robert had gotten involved in a jewelry heist with Holly Sutton and the three of them had been imprisoned. Robin arrived to offer assistance to her father and Anna was on the trail of the stolen jewels. Anna greeted Robert with a few punches to the face, but had returned with the sole intention of reconnecting with Robert and her daughter Robin. She enjoyed catching up with her daughter and was intrigued by Robin's strong feelings for a doctor named Patrick Drake. Anna promised to visit soon so she could meet him.

A few weeks later, an investigation of Lorenzo Alcazar led Anna back to Port Charles, although she used visiting her daughter as her cover story. Anna was disappointed to learn that Robin and Patrick had broken up and she decided to meddle in her daughter's relationship. Anna encouraged Robin to take a chance on love and Robin and Patrick sorted out their relationship. When Anna realized Robin was in love, she made sure Patrick felt the same way before she left Port Charles and headed out on a different assignment.

Anna kisses Noah on stage while he's pretending to be Eli Love

Anna returned for the summer of 2007 in Port Charles, where she tried and succeeded in turning Dr. Noah Drake into the drastically paranoid Eli Love, to stand in for him at the LIFEbeat concert which was held to support of HIV and AIDS awareness. Anna, Noah, Robin, and Patrick Drake, Noah's son had many strange and funny encounters that surrounded Noah's transformation into rock 'n roll artist Eli Love. Anna also dated Noah for a while. One time, Robin and Patrick walked in on them in the supply closet at General Hospital. Anna returned to General Hospital in April of 2008 to learn her daughter Robin was expecting a child. Anna was unable to handle the news that she was going to be a grandmother and ended up in a drinking contest with Luke Spencer, and in doing such, she became very drunk. She left on May 7, and returned on Friday, June 27, 2008. On July 18, 2008, with the return of Eli Love, Anna finally accepted the fact that she was going to become a grandmother, and admitted to Robin how excited and grateful she was.

Anna becomes a grandmother

Anna once again returned to Port Charles on October 29, 2008, just in time for her pregnant daughter's wedding to Patrick. During the wedding ceremony, Robin went into labor and gave birth to a daughter Emma Grace Scorpio Drake. When Robin fell into a coma shortly after giving birth to Emma, Anna was there to give her daughter strength and help her through the ordeal. Robin recovered and they were all able to go home and enjoy their time with the new addition to their family. Robin and Patrick set another date for their wedding and this time, Robin asked Anna to be her maid of honor at her wedding. Robert, Patrick, Robin, Anna, and Mac Scorpio then shared a meal and toasted to family. Robin summed up the meaning of family as she told each of them how much they meant to her and how grateful she was to have family around her, so that they could share Christmas together.

On Robin and Patrick's wedding day, Anna danced with Patrick at the reception, and told him that she would trust him with her daughter. Patrick thanked her for her trust and said that he would never stop loving Robin. As Robert watched them, he flashed back to the time that he and Anna told Robin that they were her parents and would love her forever. When Robert turned to Anna and asked if she thought about the time they admitted to being Robin's parents, they were both stunned to learn that they were both recalling the same moment in time. Anna remarked to Robert that she was in awe that a young woman as lovely as Robin was conceived out of their love for each other. Anna had tears in her eyes as she looked from Robert to her daughter.

In early 2010, Robin indicated that Anna and Robert are once again doing espionage missions. It is also implied that Anna spends her free time in London. In January 2010, Robin and Emma visited Anna in London.

Anna with daughter Robin and granddaughter Emma.

In 2012, Anna returned to Port Charles at the request of Patrick. She shares a joyous reunion with her daughter Robin and granddaughter Emma. However their time is cut short when Robin and Patrick have to leave to tend to one of their patients in the hospital - Jason Morgan. Patrick and Robin discover that Jason has an inoperable cerebral edema and Robin goes to work to find a drug protocol to save him. Robin is successful in finding the protocol, however in the process there is a lab explosion and Robin is presumed dead. Patrick breaks the news to Anna who breaks down over the loss of her daughter. She then tried to get in contact with Robert and has to break the news of Robin's death to Mac.

In the wake of the tragedy, Anna occupies most of her time caring for Emma and trying to stay strong. An old friend Luke Spencer is a great comfort to Anna during this hard time. When Robert arrives in town, she breaks the news of Robin's death to him and he has a hard time coping. He almost even commits suicide but is stopped by Luke when he lies and tells Robert that Ethan is really his son and is being chased by Helena. Robert takes off to save Ethan, even after Anna asks him to stay for Robin's funeral. This causes Anna to feel some anger towards Robert for leaving her to go through this alone, but Luke continues to support her.

Robin's funeral took place from March 14 until March 19. The service itself included emotional speeches from Anna, Mac, Sonny, Patrick and Elizabeth. Luke also read a letter from Robert at the service. Towards the end of the service Maxie arrived to speak and had a breakdown during her speech. She was inconsolable and had to be carried out of the church by Mac. Later after the funeral, Anna confronts Patrick about some of the things Maxie said during her rantings and Patrick admits the truth about his affair with Lisa Niles to Anna. Anna is furious with Patrick and they have a heated argument on the roof of General Hospital. She later leaves and after spending some time with Luke at Jake's she realizes that being angry with Patrick is not what Robin would want and she goes and apologizes to Patrick. Anna later spends some time with Elizabeth Webber, who had been helping their family a lot after the loss of Robin and they bonded over the loss of children. Anna told Elizabeth that it would be easier for her if Robin was locked away in a room somewhere and she could go and rescue her. At the same time that Anna is saying this, Robin is shown to be alive and well and being held captive in an undisclosed location.

Luke and Anna

The friendship of the two grows as Luke asks Anna to move in with him, much to jealousy of Luke's ex-wife Tracy Quartermaine, in his suite at the Metro Court Hotel. Anna agrees as she doesn't want to be alone. Later than month Anna is visited by John McBain, a former protege of hers from the FBI. As the two spend time catching up on their respective pasts, John asks Anna for assistance in taking down local mob boss Sonny Corinthos, who McBain believes to be responsible for an accident that led to the deaths of Cole Thornhart and Hope Manning-Thornhart. When Anna senses that McBain's hatred for Sonny is more personal than McBain would like to admit, he then reveals that Sonny is responsible for the death of his sister several years back during his time with the FBI. Anna also becomes to subject of Heather Webber's obsession, due to her involvement with Luke Spencer.

After Mac Scorpio is let go from his position as Police Commissioner of the PCPD, Anna is offered the job. Initially, Anna turns it down out of loyalty to Mac, but when Mac comes and tells her to take the job, and keep it out of the hands of a manipulative politician, Anna becomes the commissioner with Mac's blessing. Anna is effective as the commissioner, as she is able to locate the body of Anthony Zacchara, Tracy's husband who went missing. Meanwhile, Luke is kidnapped by Heather, but is found by Anna just as the cabin he is being held in is burning down. Heather shoots Luke in an attempt to shoot Anna, and she is arrested by the police. Anna later finds out she also hurt Olivia Falconeri, Heather's son, Steve's girlfriend, and the mother of her fellow detective, Dante.

When Heather is brought to the station, Anna comes to question her and Heather tells her Robin is alive. Anna doesn't believe her initially, but later interrogates Heather at gunpoint to get answers. Heather says she saw Robin at Ferncliff Sanitarium, where Heather had been. Anna goes to Ferncliff, but Robin isn't there. However, she finds a pamphlet to a clinic in Switzerland, and decides to go there to get answers.  Duke appears to Anna and he gets a job at the Haunted Star.

Anna goes to "Duke's" and they have an odd experience and Anna tells "Duke" that she feels different with him.  Anna later goes to the Police Dept where she talks to Felicia Jones about her predictament with three love interests in the mix; Luke, Robert, and "Duke". She later gets a call from one of her officers and goes outside where she bumps into Mac Scorpio. Anna hires John McBain, who has done several freelance projects for the department, to replace Delores Padilla. Padilla is said to relocate to New York City.

In December, Anna is persuaded to go the mountains with "Duke", but later switch to Switzerland. "Duke" decides that he will place the real Duke and the unmasked Faison in the same room.  Faison tells Dr. Obrecht and his Swiss men to tie up real Duke and stage a confrontation, because she is Faison's henchwoman. Duke's men pretend that they will kill Duke and Anna rushes in to get the gun away. Faison then injects Anna and Anna fall.  Faison kills his henchman and moves real Duke back to the facility. Anna wakes up and masked Duke (Faison) tells a fabricated story on how this Duke was able to shoot the henchmen and Faison ran off after injecting Anna just like Heather Webber injecting Olivia with LSD. Anna is still skeptical, but decides to kiss Duke and get dress for an evening event. Robert and McBain arrived at the door. She went back to finding Robin and Duke in Switzerland along with Robert, and they were able to find the real Duke, the last Duke was a fake by Faison. Faison is in custody, because he made multiple crimes like shooting Jason, and getting onto Anna for all of this.

Sonny comes over to Anna's apartment at Metro Court where they talk about Faison and her daughter Robin. Anna arrested John McBain for murdering a fellow officer of PCPD because it happens to be Caleb Morley impersonating John McBain and kidnapped Sam who thinks she is Livvie, but Anna disagrees and says that Livvie is dead. She could've taken Heather Webber again on February 26, but she has Alexis' daughter Molly Lansing-Davis as their subject and Sonny's niece, she discusses everything with Alexis Davis about between her and Heather Webber, but also everything else. Heather Webber is turning herself in at the PCPD for Anna and her friends so that everybody in Port Charles will be safe from her because according to Sonny's lawyer and Anna's friend Alexis, Heather is not just crazy, but she's also dangerous.

Anna is reunited with her daughter, Robin.

She also participates in the 2013 Nurses Ball and kisses Duke Lavery.  She has a romantic date with Duke and seemingly has sex with him on 4-26-13.  Anna helps with the investigation of the murder of Connie Falconeri, which currently points to AJ Quartermaine.  Anna and Duke are suspicious of Ava Jerome and the possibility that Julian Jerome could actually be alive.  Anna goes to Switzerland to check on Robert Scorpio, whom has just came out of a coma.  Robert insists that their daughter Robin is indeed alive and Faison is behind it. Anna is finally reunited with her daughter on 11/26.

Anna confronts Carlos

Anna cornered Carlos in April 2015, at gunpoint but with the intent to arrest him for the murder of Duke Lavery under Julian's orders, a crime of which Carlos went on about how he will walk if he's tried for. He taunted about how he will be let go because the charges will never stick. That tormented Anna to the point where she blasted him four times in the chest, "killing" him. Carlos was actually wearing a bulletproof vest with blood squibs in it to fake his death so he could get away with it all.

Since his "death" Anna had been having frequent hallucinations of Carlos taunting her about how she's supposed to be upholding the law but then turned around and violated the law herself. Since Dr. Kevin Collins is indefinitely out of town, Anna was referred to by Dr. Andre Maddox, Kevin Collins' replacement. Days later, she keeps spotting Carlos in various locations in Port Charles. She doesn't know if he's actually there or if she keeps seeing a ghost. That is... until she finds something on the ground on the pier which makes her curious... could Carlos be alive after all?

Carlos turns up alive at Sabrina's doorstep.

Anna remembers Valentin

In 2017, Anna recalled that while she was training in the W.S.B. Training Academy in becoming a field agent she met and befriended Valentin Cassadine who at that time was known as Ivan Theodore. She saw him as the best and brightest trainee in the academy even more so than herself. In February 13, it was revealed by an old classmate of Valentin from his time in the W.S.B. Training Academy, that Anna had put him on the W.S.B. Kill List. On March 28, Valentin revealed to a forgetful Anna that they had a one night stand before she presumably betrayed him.

Anna elated to be a grandmother again

She has a disease called Polycythemia Vera which is a type of cancer. On February 24, 2017, Robin shares with Anna, that she and Patrick are expecting their second child. Anna was the first person they told because they wanted to be absolutely sure before sharing their news. Anna is thrilled for her daughter and their entire family. Robin encourages Anna to fight her illness, so that she can be there for her new grandchild, Baby Drake. Anna excitedly asks Robin if she knows the sex of the baby and suggests the name, Robert, as a first or middle name if the baby is a boy.

Anna reveals she has a child with Faison

Later on, Anna finds Olivia Jerome in the lab under GH.

At the end of March, Anna goes on a trip and comes back completely different. In May, it was revealed that the real Anna Devane is being held hostage in London. In February 1, 2018, at the morgue, Anna reveals to Faison's lifeless body that she has a child with him. Horrifyingly, Faison comes back to life and grabs Anna's arm and asks if it is Henrik. But it's revealed that it was all just a hallucination and Faison is really dead.

In the beginning of 2019, Anna suddenly goes blind due to a dormant virus that had been in her body. She gets surgery and is able to see again. Robert comes back with information on how she got the virus, which leads Anna, Finn and Robert to go to Sweden to find Dr. Cabot. They find him as a patient and not a doctor because he went blind as well. they bring him back to the states to restore his vision and get information from him. He tells Anna that she and Alex were involved in a memory transfer experiment with twins and thats she doesn't have any memory of it happening because it didn't work, but it did when Andre Maddox built off his experiment to transfer Jason Morgans memories to Drew Cain. Anna wants to know what memories are hers and which ones are her sisters, so she goes to Valentin to find her sister.

Alex returned to Port Charles and was in the hospital and Finn mistook Alex for Anna. Alex had gone blind from the HN-242 virus and Anna revealed to Finn that the "Anna" on the hospital bed was her sister. Anna made Alex an offer; if she reveals which memories in Anna's head are false then Finn would treat her and restore her sight. Alex initally was stalling and she made Anna promise that she would get her sight back and become a free woman and Anna agreed. Alex then revealed that the memory of the ambush with Boris Mikhailov was the false memory. After Finn restored her sight, Alex hinted that she may have lied about the false memory Anna had. Alex was then arrested by W.S.B. agents and taken to Steinmauer, but not before telling Anna to tell Robert she's sorry she missed seeing him one last time.

On April 8, Robert revealed that Alex had indeed lied about the false memory Anna had. Anna began to worry that Robin might not be her daughter but Robert promised her that she was and that he was with her (Anna), not Alex. Anna eventually found proof that she (Anna) was indeed Robin's mother. Robert did suggest, however, that Peter might not be her son after all and it seemed to make sense to her even though she didn't want to pursue that angle. Robert was mortified that Anna did not want to sever all ties with Faison, even going as far as to say, "Wow, and here I thought we always had each other's backs."

At the 2019 Nurse's Ball, Finn proposed to Anna on stage and she accepted and said yes.

On May 31, Robert told Anna that while he was happy for her and Finn he was also sad because he was afraid that he wouldn't be part of her adventures anymore and he also said she is the love of his life. Anna assured him that he would always be an important part of her life. Anna later left Port Charles to confront Alex about Peter and the memory switch.

On July 2, Finn learned from Anna over the phone that Alex escaped from Steinmauer and that she was going to hunt her down and bring her in.

On November 11, Anna returned to Port Charles and found Cassandra Pierce holding Charlotte Cassadine hostage by the throat. Cassandra ordered Anna to toss her gun and phone into the water and Anna did so before offering to let Cassandra get a head start before the authorities if she let Charlotte go and Cassandra countered by saying if she let her go then she wants full immunity in return.

Anna said she did not have that kind of power to make it happen and then Cassandra eventually saw her henchman arrive and told them to watch Anna as she called Valentin. Anna went to attack Cassandra but was restrained by her henchmen, however Charlotte bit Cassandra on the hand and ran off. Cassandra ordered one of her men to find her and bring her back. Jason showed up on the pier and Anna went to attack Cassandra as Jason went to attack her henchman. Eventually, Cassandra escaped and made her way onto a boat and Anna was disappointed that she was getting away but then was surprised that the boat she was on blew up.

Crimes Committed

  • Acted as a double agent
  • Dealer of stolen art work
  • Held a gun on Olivia Jerome and threatened to kill her [Nov 1, 1988]
  • Arrested for the attempted murder of Olivia Jerome; not guilty [Nov 7, 1988]
  • Tied Robert Scorpio to a column [Feb 14, 1991]
  • Attacked Mac Scorpio and held a knife to his throat [Mar 26, 1991]
  • Knocked out gunmen hired by Leopard Taub [Aug 9, 1991]
  • Slapped Robert [Aug 26, 1991]
  • Aided and abetted Gabriel Devane and Rosa Santos when they were on the run from the police [2001; on AMC]
  • Illegally obtained hospital records [Feb 25, 2002; on AMC]
  • Shot and killed Marius Wolfe while trying to stop him from shooting other people [Jul 17, 2002; on AMC]
  • Kept quiet about Leo violating his parole when he left town for his honeymoon with Greenlee [Jul 25, 2002; on AMC]
  • Refused to turn in David despite evidence that he provided an illegal drug to Edmund Gray counteract Maria's memory loss [Spring 2003; on AMC]
  • Kept quiet about a datebook which incriminated David Hayward, Jackson Montgomery, and Erica Kane [Sep 1, 2003; on AMC]
  • Kicked Robert in the face and physically fought with him [May 15, 2006]
  • Elbowed Robert in the stomach [May 16, 2006]

  • Kicked Patrick Drake in the back [May 2, 2008]
  • Beat up two men who were trying to rob Jake's [May 23, 2008]
  • Threw Patrick to the ground [Jun 30, 2008]
  • Beat up Max and Milo Giambetti who were holding Eli Love at gunpoint (it was staged) [Jul 29, 2008]
  • Kicked Eli Love in the face [Jul 31, 2008]
  • Punched Heather Webber [July 23, 2012]
  • Posed as a patient to gain access to a psychiatric care facility [Sep 2012]
  • Punched Cesar Faison [Dec 12, 2012]
  • Held Shawn Butler at gunpoint [Mar 25-26, 2013]
  • Shot Liesl Obrecht in the hand [Oct 21, 2013]
  • Held Faison at gunpoint and threaten to kill him along with Robert [Dec 2013]
  • Held Faison at Wyndemere against his will along with Robert [Dec 2013-Nov 2014]
  • Knew she and Robert were holding Faison captive and did not tell anyone [Dec 2013-Nov 2014]
  • Faked the death of Ric Lansing with the help of Det. Nathan West [Jun-Dec 2014]
  • Shot Victor Cassadine in the hand in self-defense [Sep 15, 2014]
  • Assaulted Faison [Dec 3, 2014]
  • Slapped Julian Jerome and then threatened him [May 11, 2015]
  • Threatened 'Jake Doe' with a gun [May 12, 2015]
  • Shot and "killed" Carlos Rivera [May 18, 2015; Carlos was revealed to be alive on Nov 23, 2015]
  • Obstruction of justice; covered up the "death" of Carlos Rivera with the help of Kyle Sloane [May 20, 2015]
  • Threatened to kill Paul Hornsby; she said she would kill him if he went near Emma Drake [Nov 9, 2015]
  • Pointed a gun at Jerry Jacks [Dec 18-21, 2015]
  • Disabled one of Jerry's guards [Dec 22, 2015]

  • Continues to threaten Julian for Duke's death [Jan 5, 2016]
  • Obstruction of justice; knows that Paul killed Kyle Sloane and is keeping quiet about it [Feb 18, 2016-present]
  • Disabled Paul (chloroformed him) and handcuffed him to a railing in her house [Apr 7, 2016]
  • Disabled a TSA agent [Apr 2016]
  • Pointed a gun at Carlos [May 10, 2016]
  • Got into a fight with Carlos [May 10, 2016]
  • Held Paul at gunpoint in defense of Tracy [Sep 30, 2016]
  • Knocked Paul over the head with a gun [Oct 3, 2016]
  • Slapped Valentin [Jan 19, 2017]
  • Broke into Wyndemere [Feb 15, 2017]
  • Attempted to plant a bug in the living room of Wyndemere [Feb 15, 2017]
  • Fought with Olivia Jerome over a gun and then a knife [Mar 7, 2017]
  • Kicked Olivia several times during the fight [Mar 7, 2017]
  • Got into a fight with her twin sister Alex Marick [May 19, 2017]
  • Attacked Cassandra Pierce's henchman in the back in defense of herself and Valentin [Jan 2, 2018]
  • Knocked out Hamilton Finn under Faison's orders [Jan 25, 2018]
  • Held Jason Morgan at gunpoint in defense of Peter August [May 22, 2018]
  • Strangled Valentin [May 23, 2018]
  • Drugged her and Finn's kidnappers while escaping them (along with Finn) [Aug 24, 2018]
  • Pinned Julian to a table when he threatened to beat a confession out of Dr. Griffin Munro [Nov 30, 2018]
  • Assaulted Dr. Arthur Cabot [Feb 22, 2019]
  • Assaulted one of Cassandra's henchmen in self-defense [Nov 12, 2019]
  • Attacked Cassandra while trying to rescue Charlotte Cassadine from her and fought with her [Nov 12, 2019]

  • Tampered with a police file to prevent the PCPD from finding the evidence needed to link Peter August to the gunman David Black [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Held Alex at gunpoint in defense of Valentin [Nov 4, 2020]
  • Held Alex at gunpoint in defense of Maxie Jones and her unborn baby [Nov 6-9, 2020]
  • Shot Alex twice in the stomach in defense of herself and Maxie following a shootout [Nov 9, 2020; Alex then presumably committed suicide by pulling herself into open water]
  • Conspired with Valentin to kidnap Peter and make it look like he disappeared of his own accord all to keep him away from marrying Maxie [revealed Mar 2, 2021; failed since Dante found Peter in a storage closet in a parking garage]
  • Tasered Peter [Apr 12, 2021]
  • Duct taped Peter to a chair and held him captive (along with Valentin) [Apr 12-14, 2021]
  • Tried to attack Peter after Peter threatened her loved ones [Apr 13, 2021]
  • Threatened to kill Peter [Apr 21, 2021]
  • Withheld the information that Hamilton Finn was responsible for pushing Peter down a flight of stairs [Jul 26, 2021-Feb 23, 2022]
  • Held Peter at gunpoint (along with Valentin) and threatened to shoot him [Sep 20-21, 2021]
  • Shot Peter in the shoulder in self-defense [Sep 21, 2021]
  • Engaged in a shootout (along with Robert Scorpio) against a masked and programmed Drew Cain) [Oct 7, 2021]
  • Jabbed a Cassadine Compound guard in the arm with a syringe [Nov 15, 2021]
  • Stepped on Peter's injured hand and held him at gunpoint again [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Engaged in a shootout (along with Drew and Det. Dante Falconeri) against corrupt W.S.B. Agent Krieger and another one of Victor Cassadine's men [Feb 22, 2022]
  • Let Peter die from his injuries (didn't call an ambulance) [Feb 23, 2022]
  • Hit Kurt Markovic in self-defense [March 16, 2022]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Conditioned into believing that Peter August was her son for years [prior to 1980; revealed on Oct 30, 2020]
    • Slapped by Grant Putnam [Jan 19, 1988]
    • Hospitalized for severe frostbite after being held captive by Grant Putnam in the mountains [Feb 29, 1988]
    • Nearly crushed between two crates [July 18, 1988]
    • Had a poisonous snake released in her apartment by Tim on the orders of Olivia Jerome [Oct 10, 1988]
    • Suffered a miscarriage, at four months along,[35] in a trap set by Tim, under Olivia Jerome's orders, meant to kill Duke [Oct 25, 1988]
    • Attacked by inmates while in jail [Nov 14, 1988]
    • Injured ankle healed by Casey the Alien [1990]
    • Kidnapped by Cesar Faison [1990]
    • Threatened by Harrison Davis [1990]
    • Taken hostage at gunpoint by a bank robber; Frisco and her got the gun away from him [Apr 24, 1991]
    • Grazed in the face by a stray bullet [May 10, 1991]
    • Believed to be have killed in the same explosion as Robert [1992]
    • Suffered amnesia after the boat explosion
    • Hospitalized after collapsing [Sep 4, 2001; on AMC]
    • Drugged by Wolf before Leo and Greenlee's wedding [Summer 2002; on AMC]
    • Problems with her pregnancy [2002-03; on AMC]
    • Held at knifepoint by Reginald Porter [2003; on AMC]

  • Held at gunpoint by Lulu Spencer [May 15, 2006]
  • Pulled a muscle in her back [May 5, 2008]
  • Had a knife held to her throat by a man at Jake's [May 23, 2008]
  • Clobbered over the head by Heather Webber [Jul 2012]
  • Almost got shot by Heather Webber (Luke Spencer took the bullet instead) [Jul 2012]
  • Injected with a syringe by Faison and rendered temporarily unconscious [Dec 10, 2012]
  • Rendered temporarily unconscious by Liesl Obrecht [Oct 14, 2013]
  • Held hostage in a lab at Cassadine Island [Oct-Nov 2013]
  • Held at gunpoint by Julian Jerome [Mar 5, 2014]
  • Held at gunpoint by Liesl Obrecht [Sep 15-16, 2014]
  • Was trapped in a building that was about to blow up, but got out before it did [Sep 16-17, 2014]
  • Attacked and strangled by Liesl Obrecht [Nov 23, 2014]
  • Shot at by Duke's sniper, who was after Jordan [Apr 24, 2015]
  • Haunted by visions and nightmares of Carlos Rivera taunting her [May 22, 2015]
  • Threatened by Kyle Sloane (he threatened to expose her as Carlos' killer) [Sep 2015]
  • Had a vision of Carlos Rivera when he really wasn't there [Oct 30, 2015]
  • Stalked by Dr. Griffin Munro [revealed Mar 10, 2016]
  • Got into a fight with Carlos Rivera [May 10, 2016]
  • Attacked, knocked out, and locked in a meat locker by Carlos [May 10-12, 2016]
  • Suffered from hypothermia [May 12, 2016]

  • Suffered from migraines [Feb 8, 2017]
  • Has a disease called Polycythemia Vera (PV),[36] which is a rare type of blood cancer [revealed on Feb 17, 2017]
  • Prematurely exited the hospital against the advice of medical personnel [Mar 7, 2017]
  • Had her hand sliced open by Olivia Jerome [Mar 7, 2017]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost shot by Olivia [Mar 7-8, 2017]
  • Fainted after over exertion [Mar 9, 2017]
  • Was injected with the addictive drug Zen-Zen by Dr. Hamilton Finn [Mar 9, 2017]
  • Cut her finger [Mar 20, 2017]
  • Held hostage in London [Mar 29-May 2017; revealed May 12, 2017]
  • Pushed by her twin sister Alex Marick [May 19, 2017]
  • Held at gunpoint and got in a struggle for the gun with Valentin Cassadine [Jun 6, 2017]
  • Tied to a chair and held captive, along with Valentin, by Cassandra Pierce [Dec 29, 2017-Jan 2, 2018]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint by Peter August [May 21-22, 2018]
  • Kidnapped by Nikolas Cassadine and his men wanting to get Cassandra out of her coma (along with Finn) [Jun 25-Aug 24, 2018; Nikolas' involvement revealed on Nov 6, 2019]
  • Infected by a latent virus and rendered temporarily blind [Jan 10-15, 2019]
  • Drugged and kidnapped under the orders of Dr. Arthur Cabot for his identical twin study (along with Alex) [revealed Feb 21-22, 2019]
  • Held in place against her will by one of Cassandra's henchmen and was told by Cassandra that she (Anna) was going to be killed once her other henchman returned with Charlotte Cassadine so Charlotte could watch her die (which didn't happen; Jason rescued Charlotte) [Nov 12, 2019]
  • Got into a fight with Cassandra while trying to rescue Charlotte from her [Nov 12, 2019]
  • Knocked out and held captive in her own basement by her twin sister Alex [Oct 30-Nov 4, 2020]
  • Had her own gun pointed at her by Alex [Nov 4, 2020]
  • Knocked unconscious again by Alex [Nov 4, 2020]
  • Taken to an unknown location by Alex (along with Valentin) to whom she was strapped to a chair with, and left alone in that room with a busted gas pipe and a bomb in it [Nov 4-5, 2020; they escaped]
  • Shootout with Alex, who later nearly killed her from behind [Nov 9, 2020]
  • Threatened by Peter [Apr 9, 2021]
  • Almost got shot by Peter [Sep 21, 2021]
  • Shot at by a masked Drew Cain, who was being programmed by Peter to eliminate her and Robert Scorpio [Oct 7, 2021]
  • Shot at by corrupt W.S.B. Agent Krieger and another one of Victor Cassadine's men [Feb 22, 2022]
  • Had a hit put on her by Victor Cassadine and the hitman he sent pointed a gun at Anna from behind [Mar 15, 2022-present; the previews for Mar 16 shows the hitman firing the gun as well]

  • Positions held

    Predecessor Chief of Police or Police Commissioner Successor
    Mac Scorpio
    Anna Devane
    Kyle Sloane
    Anna Devane
    Guy Lewis

    Robert Scorpio

    Anna Devane
    (1990; acting)

    Guy Lewis
    (1991; acting)
    Sean Donely
    Anna Devane
    Burt Ramsey
    Anna Devane
    Guy Lewis

    Robert Scorpio

    Anna Devane
    (1990; acting)

    Guy Lewis
    (1991; acting)
    Robert Scorpio
    Anna Devane
    Burt Ramsey
    Anna Devane

    Family tree


    See also


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    Current Crew
    Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-present)
    Former Crew
    Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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