Arielle Ashton nee Gastineau was portrayed by Jane Higginson from September 6, 1988 to May 19, 1989. She was a terrorist that helped brainwash Colton Shore to kill Frisco Jones


Arielle was introduced in flashbacks as a woman who Colton Shore falls in love with in Greece. She takes him to meet his friends at a monastery, which is a front for a terrorist organization. They end up brainwashing him into thinking he was back in the marines and he needs to eliminate a threat, Frisco Jones. He shows up at a warehouse in Quebec but freezes when he sees Arielle, then shoots. Frisco is presumably killed by a couple of terrorists who shot him in the back. Arielle mysteriously disappeared after being shot.

Her brother Etienne, known as a reporter Ripley turned up in September 1988 looking for his sister. He helped clear Colton by giving Sean Donely the evidence and first hand account of what happened. Colton was unaware of what had happened to Arielle,

On October 10, 1988 she turned up with Lord Lawrence Ashton in Port Charles on his yacht. Their yacht broke down and Colton ended up working on the yacht.

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