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Portrait of Laura Webber (2014)

There have been many significant forms of artwork on GH over the years.

Presently, most pieces are displayed or revealed to the public at the Jerome Gallery, owned by art dealer and expert Ava Jerome.

Foremost artists on the show include Franco Baldwin.

Artwork of General Hospital

"Portrait of Emperor Maximilian and his family" - Ramirez ancestral portrait and their royal Aztec heritage. (1985)

"The Crystalline Conspiracy mock-up cover" - One of a series of fiction novels secretly written by the villainous Cesar Faison. They are dramatic recounts of his spy/adventure days with Anna Devane. (1990)

"Summer in Provence" (1900s) - A painting stolen by the wealthy Richard Halifax and given to Bill Eckert. It was one of many that had been stolen during an art heist. Bill traveled to Paris to get the painting back. (1993)

"Portrait of Laura Webber" (1990s) - Stefan Cassadine displayed this portrait of Laura Webber at Wyndemere. (1996)

"Nude Portrait of a Young Helena Romanov" - Stefan Cassadine hid his nephew Nikolas Cassadine's parentage as well as his love for Nikolas' mother Laura Webber by replacing her portrait in his wine cellar with a semi-nude of his young mother, Helena Cassadine. (1998)

"Portrait of Saint Gregory" - Helena Cassadine wanted this portrait of Saint Gregory and claimed he was connected to her family. But inside the back of the portrait was hidden the birth certificate of Valentin Cassadine. (2009)

"Sandwich Series" by Heather Webber - Franco Baldwin claimed that he painted this series, but his mother Heather Webber revealed at Ava Jerome's gallery that they were hers, they were sandwiches, and they were being displayed in the wrong direction. (2013)

"Portrait of Laura Webber" (re-revealed in 2014) - Displayed at Wyndemere Castle. Connected to the Woman in White who bore a striking resemblance to the portrait.

"The Weeping Naiad" - A statue Huxley Lynch wanted Ava Jerome to give him. She hands him a fake and Huxley smashes it. (2016)

"Portrait of Elizabeth Webber" by Franco Baldwin - A portrait Franco painted of his new then-girlfriend Elizabeth Webber. (2016)

"Jake's Adventure - A fictional children's book that Helena Cassadine wrote about Jake Spencer, with clues that he was alive and hidden, given to Jake's mother Elizabeth Webber upon Helena's death, to torment her. (2016)

"Chimera Rendering" - A rendering of the mythical chimera - shown first in "Jake's Adventure", and leading into the W.S.B. vs DVX search for a deadly virus. (2016)

"Portrait of Tracy Quartermaine" (2017) - Edward Quartermaine left his daughter Tracy Quartermaine a painting and Samira Adin came to town to sell it. She wanted to save her daughter from human traffickers. Samira said her mother was close with Edward. Tracy wondered if they were related but after DNA tests she discovered it was a lie. Tracy paid Samira to leave town and then sold the painting.

"Young Franco and Drew Painting" by Franco Baldwin (2017) - Later in his life, Franco made a painting that represents both him and his "imaginary friend" Drew Cain and it would become his most cherished painting.

"Portrait of Helena Cassadine" by J. Garrin - In 2015, Nikolas Cassadine figured out that his grandmother Helena Cassadine knew he had killed her by poisoning her tea, with clues left in this portrait she gave him in her will. Later Ava Jerome hid a codicil in Helena's portrait and then had it "accidentally" burn up during an auction. (2019)

"Defaced Portrait of Ava Cassadine" by Franco Baldwin - Franco painted Ava Jerome's portrait and it was defaced with graffiti during the reveal with Franco's old tag. Her husband Nikolas Cassadine claimed he was behind the defacing - the culprit was revealed to be Franco thanks to the reemergence of his tumor. (2020)

"Memorial Collage to Franco Baldwin" by Franco's art therapy students - paintings by his students and arranged by Ava Jerome, as a memorial to the recently deceased Franco Baldwin. (2021)

"Welcome to Our Family Louise Drawing" by Georgie Spinelli - a crayon rendering of the Jones family to welcome baby Bailey Jones home, which Georgie presents to her mom Maxie Jones.

"Painting of a Dog" by an unknown up-and-coming artist - Ned Quartermaine purchases the painting for his estranged wife Olivia Falconeri, knowing her love of animals, in hopes of a reconciliation. (2021)

"Sketch of a Mystery Man" by Elizabeth Webber - a sketch she drew for Portia Robinson, which confirmed by T.J. Ashford and N'neka, is the mystery man possibly stalking Curtis Ashford. (2022)

"National Geographic's Photo Ark Exhibit" by Joel Sartore - a project displayed by Trina Robinson at the Jerome Gallery, sponsored by Ned Quartermaine. (2021)

"Defaced Semi-Nude Ying/Yang Friz Painting" by Franco Baldwin - one of the first he made in his studio while Elizabeth Webber was visiting him. (2017) A year after his death, Elizabeth comes home to find the painting in her living room, with Franco's face painted over, seemingly a move by her an unknown stalker. (2022)

"Sketch of Franco Baldwin" by Jake Spencer - a sketch he drew of his late stepfather, wanting to always remember him. His mother Elizabeth Webber finds it, while she is being stalked by someone unknown regarding their relationship. (2022)

"Don't Forget Me Defaced Watercolor" After waking from a disturbing dream of her unknown stalker, Elizabeth Webber discovered a small watercolor painting of a river landscape has been defaced with the bold, red words "DON'T FORGET ME", echoing the words of the unknown stalker from her dream.

"Webber/Chase Family Drawing" by Violet Finn - a crayon rendering of the combined Webber and Chase families, which Violet gives to her aunt Elizabeth Webber. In a trance, Elizabeth destroys the drawing - witnessed by her son Cameron Webber - leading to the revelation that Elizabeth is her own stalker.