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Ask Man Landers
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GH author Man Landers (Amy Driscoll)

Ask Man Landers: A Guy's Guide to Romance is a fictional book written anonymously by Amy Driscoll. It was based on a popular advice column called "Ask Man Landers" (a play on the real life "Ask Ann Landers" advice column).


On May 26, 2017, Amy Driscoll used Nathan West's picture on her advice column "Ask Man Landers" without his permission as the author. Amy felt that a woman wouldn’t be taken as seriously as a man. The column's name was inspired by her brother Chet Driscoll who used to sign notes to Amy with the name "Man Landers" as a joke.

In June, Nathan found out and agreed to help Amy after she explained she had already spent the book advance money for her brother's medical expenses. Nathan arranged to meet with book publisher Quinn Danvers while posing as the author. Quinn wanted to set up a book launch.

Quinn loved Nathan’s look and his writing skill. She wanted to target the "everyman" demographic and was given approval from her boss to offer Nathan a contract. Amy posed as Nathan’s publicist and she worried when Quinn wanted Nathan’s picture on the book cover. Maxie Jones and Nina Reeves were involved in the deception against Quinn. Amy and Nathan wanted to keep Nathan’s face a mystery.

On August 9, Nathan is called out on a case and Maxie tags along. It turns out to be Mac Scorpio and Felicia Scorpio, who were having sex in the park after following advice given to them by Ask Man Landers. Nathan helps them out by not pressing charges against them.

On September 27, at the "Ask Man Landers" book launch party, Nathan and four masked men in suits and hats were teasing that one of them was the real Man Landers. Damian Spinelli overhears Nathan and Amy secretly talking and he accuses Nathan of having an affair with Amy. Nathan blurts out that he is "Ask Man Landers".

Maxie tried to cover for Nathan but the truth was already out as the whole room heard Nathan's outburst. He admitted it again to everyone in the room. Quinn played it off as part of the show but she was furious and wanted a public apology from Amy.

In November, Chet appeared on camera in his military uniform and showed his prosthetic legs. He explained to fans of "Ask Man Landers" how Amy had spent all the money on his medical bills and as a result the book became a big hit.