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Aurora Media (formerly Derek Wells Media) is one of the local media companies in the city of Port Charles. It is located in the Metro Court Hotel.


Derek Wells Media logo (2016)

In 2017, Julian Jerome sells his Derek Wells Media company (that he created in 2015) to his daughter Sam McCall and her then-husband "Jason".

On November 14, 2017, Peter August first appeared when he arrived at The Metro Court Hotel in Port Charles for a job interview for a corporate position, meeting "Jason", who along with Sam, had purchased Derek Wells Media (formerly one of the front companies for The Jerome Crime Family), which had been renamed Aurora Media in the hopes of making the company totally legitimate and crime-free.

On November 29, 2017, Sam McCall revealed in a press conference to formally and publicly launch the company, that Peter August is the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aurora Media. Peter soon quickly begins impressing Drew and Sam, by working alongside not only them both, but with Nina Reeves, who Sam kept in charge of Crimson Publications, which remained the top division of Aurora Media, and worked with her and Maxie Jones in covering popular news bulletins and national events to gain high revenue and corporate influence for Crimson. As the COO of Aurora, Peter is also one of Nina's bosses.

He later also meets and interviews Lulu Spencer for a job at Aurora the week after, from whereupon Lulu joins the company as a tabloid reporter and journalist for The Invader.

In October, "Jason" and Sam take control of Julian's media company and at a party at the Metro Court, they rename it Aurora Media. However, the party was stormed by two of Dr. Klein’s gunmen, Greg and Anderson, who took everyone hostage. Dante Falconeri arrests both gunmen. Sam is abducted by a third gunman, Delvin, and someone flies in through the skyline to pursue them. Monica soon arrives at the hospital, informing "Jason" of Sam's abduction and the two other men.

"Jason" rushes back to the hotel, where Dante shows him footage of the man who came in through the skyline arriving at the hotel with Sonny Corinthos. "Jason" then goes to Sonny's house and asks him who that man was, to which he says that he's one of his men. As "Jason" demands Sam's location, a man suddenly comes in with a wet, unconscious Sam in his arms and that man looks exactly like how "Jason" did before.

On December 1, it was revealed that the man everyone thought was Jason Morgan, was actually his twin brother, Drew. Jason's memories were implanted into Drew. Drew's marriage to Sam wasn't valid due to the real Jason Morgan coming back and him still being married to Sam.

Sam and Drew became engaged again in December 2017 and got married on January 22, 2018. However, their marriage did not last long, for after learning she loves both him and Jason, Drew left Sam and the two got divorced on July 5. After their divorce Sam steps down, making Drew sole owner. He and Sam became civil and remained friends as they continued to co-parent Scout Cain.

On June 19, 2018, it is revealed that Sam no longer owns Aurora Media.

In 2019, Jasper "Jax" Jacks comes back into town, and Drew sells him 50%, putting him in charge of publications, and essentially, Nina Reeves's boss. Hayden Barnes briefly served as CFO.

After Drew's presumed death, his half of the company was inherited by his daughter, Scout. Sam was drawn back to Aurora to run Drew's half of the company until Scout comes of age.

On October 21, 2020, Sam and Jax hire Michael as the CEO of the Digital Division, while Jax runs the Print Division.

On March 1, 2022, Drew tells Sam that he is considering a leadership position at Aurora and taking a more active role. He says that Michael is doing great with the Digital division and Sam says that Jax has divested due to conflict of interest.

In April, in an effort to help Curtis find the truth about his recently emerged alive father, the jazz musician Marshall, by offering him a job as the jazz concierge musician for the media company.