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Austin Gatlin-Holt and Maxie Jones are fictional characters, friends, and potential lovers from the original ABC Daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


The role of Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt was originated by actor Roger Howarth on May 27, 2021. Howarth previously portrayed his One Life To Live character, Todd Manning on GH from March 5, 2012 to March 20, 2013 and he also previously portrayed Franco Baldwin from May 13, 2013 to March 11, 2021.

The role of Maxie Jones has been portrayed by actress Kirsten Storms since 2005.


On May 27, 2021, Austin found Maxie Jones in the Pautauk Woods and helped her give birth to her daughter, Louise Jones.

Austin notices Louise isn’t breathing and holds her close to his body until she starts crying. Then he gives her to Maxie who thanks him and says she needs to get to Beechers Corners as someone is waiting there for her.

Austin says that he will take her there if they can stop at the hospital first. He prepares to call for an ambulance but Marie Hopkins hits Austin in the head with a firepoker and knocks him unconscious.

Maxie calls Brook Lynn who arrives in the woods and takes the baby from Maxie. Austin wakes up and asks where the baby is. He is taken by ambulance to GH with Maxie.

On June 15, it was revealed that he owns the Country House that Fake Chloe had taken Maxie to, as well as several other properties in his hometown of Pautauk.

On July 9, Austin is hired by Dr. Britt Westbourne as a doctor at GH. He says that he plans to leave his practice in Pautauk and move to Port Charles.

On September 17, Austin went with Maxie to Jason Morgan and Carly Corinthos's wedding.

On October 20, Austin and Maxie go on a second date to the Port Charles Grill.

When Maxie finds out Peter is still alive, she tells Austin they should spend some time apart. She later finds out that Austin told Victor about her baby's sonogram and is furious at Austin.

On March 2, Maxie forgives Austin after Peter was killed on February 23, 2022.