Baby Boy Corinthos
Baby Corinthos appearance in his father's dream, with the likely appearance he might have had if he had lived
General Hospital
Portrayed by Unknown child actors (January 3, 2001; in Sonny's dream)
First appearance January 3, 2001
Last appearance January 3, 2001
Cause/reason Appeared in Sonny Corinthos dream with an alive Lily Corinthos
Alias(es) Baby Boy Rivera-Corinthos
Gender Male
Died May 31, 1996
Cause of death Died in a car explosion with his mother Lily Corinthos while pregnant with him

Baby Boy Corinthos was a fictional character on ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital . He was the late son of mob boss Sonny Corinthos and his late wife, Lily Corinthos.


Baby Boy Corinthos is the second child conceived and first deceased child of Sonny's. He appeared in a dream along side his mother.

Through his father Sonny, he has older brother Dante Falconeri, younger adopted brother Michael Corinthos, younger brother Morgan Corinthos (killed in 2016), and younger sisters Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Lila McCall (stillborn in 2004), Avery Jerome-Corinthos and Donna Corinthos.

Through his mother Lily, he has an older brother Juan Santiago.



Alive Lily holding baby boy Rivera-Corinthos in Sonny's dream)

Lily was pregnant when she married Sonny Corinthos. Unfortunately Lily and their unborn son died in a car explosion, leaving Sonny heartbroken.

Lily's father Hernando revealed to Sonny that she was pregnant at time of her death, and that he planted the car bomb which was meant for Sonny.

While Sonny was in a crisis, he had hallucinating dreams of deceased wife Lily, holding their baby son; and then a dream showing him older, and how he would look if he had lived.

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