Beechers Corners
Jase at bc
Jason at the Beechers Corners PD, 2012
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Town
Source(s) General Hospital
Notable locations Whit and Agnes Whittaker's farm
Franco's studio (burned down)

Beechers Corners, New York is a fictional small town about 75 miles south of Port Charles, New York.[1]

Visits to Beechers Corners

Beechers corners

Luke and Laura in Beechers Corners, 1980

  • In 1980, Beechers Corners is first visited by Luke Spencer and Laura Baldwin during their summer on the run.
  • In 1981, Rick and Lesley Webber go to Beechers Corners looking for Laura. Later that year, Luke and Laura Spencer return to the town for their honeymoon.
  • In 1983, Rick, Lesley and Mike Webber and Amy Vining visit Beechers Corners for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, Rick and Lesley return to be with Luke and Laura who are in Beechers Corners.
  • In 1995, Laura hides out in Beechers Corners with Lulu, and Luke and Lucky Spencer arrive to surprise them with a visit.
  • In 2002, Luke and Laura return for a visit to Beechers Corners.
  • In 2006, Luke and Laura return again to reminisce and reconnect.
  • In 2012, Franco is shot by Jason Morgan and thought to have died here. Months later, Jason is arrested by the Beechers Corners Police in Port Charles and brought back to the town, where Elizabeth Webber comes to bail him out of jail.
  • On New Year's Eve 2014, on his quest to find Maxie Jones before midnight, Nathan West's plane makes an emergency landing in Beechers Corners. Maxie drives to the airport in Beechers Corners to pick up Nathan, but they just miss each other.

Mentions of Beechers Corners

  • In March 2015, Jake Doe's "wife," Hayden Barnes, tells him that they live in Beechers Corners.
  • In October 2015, Nina Reeves says that she is watching Real Housewives of Beechers Corners on television.
  • Clem's General Store (Travel Guide to Port Charles, pg. 10)


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