Bill Monroe
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General Hospital
Duration 2007
First appearance June 18, 2007
Last appearance June 25, 2007
Birth name William Monroe
Gender Male
Died 2000's
Cause of death Shot and killed with a shotgun in self-defense by Sam McCall
Occupation Businessman
Title Billionaire

Bill Monroe was a fictional character on ABC daytime Soap opera , General Hospital.



Bill Monroe was a wealth divorcee and father of Amelia Joffe.

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Bill Monroe marries Sam under con alias Angela Monroe

Bill ended up marrying the much younger "Angela", who was actually con-artist Sam McCall, using an alias on her final mark.


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Sam McCall with Bill Monroe daughter Amelia Joffe

Sam, under con alias of Angela, married Bill Monroe after he divorced his ex-wife and left his daughter Amelia Joffe.

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Bill was abusive towards "Angela" during their marriage. He found out she was a con artist trapping wealthy men into marriage in order to steal their fortunes. He turned violent and threw Sam across the room, beating her to the ground. Sam found a shotgun in the cabinet, while Bill brandished a fireplace poker. Sam ended up shooting and killing him in self-defence.

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