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The Black Duck Distillery is a local distillery in Port Charles, New York which was established in 1870. Its specialty is straight bourbon and whisky.

It is located next door to Charlie's Pub, in the Charles Street District.[1]


On February 28, 2017 after being pushed off a bridge by Olivia Jerome, Sam McCall gives birth to her daughter, Scout Cain, with "Jason's" help.

Later in the year, Sam starts having hallucinations of Sonny Corinthos telling her that "Jason" belongs to him and that her family won't be safe.

In July, Sam confronts Sonny at the Black Duck Distillery and holds him at gunpoint. Sonny tries to talk her down, but Sam shoots him in the leg and kicks him into a dumpster. She then disposes the gun and returns home, where she collapses in front of "Jason".

At the hospital, Sam diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis and it's revealed that she got it after Olivia pushed her off that bridge the day Scout was born. Luckily, Scout didn't have the disease.

Meanwhile, Sonny is saved by Carly Corinthos and at the hospital, Sam talks to him about the shooting. Sonny accepts the fact she had toxoplasmosis and forgives her. He and "Jason" also plan to hide the fact Sam shot him, but Sam ends up telling the truth to Carly, who also forgives her, but gets mad at Sonny and "Jason".



  1. Shown in episode 10/1/20, Cyrus Renault stops in front of the Distillery to have a phone call with Brando Corbin. When he hangs up, he steps forward and into the pub.