After 8 months of their marriage legally ended in divorce, and ever since they are not together, Jason & his ex-wife, Sam (who is also Drew's ex-wife) will be reunite together as lover and a romantic couple on GH in November 2018 way before the end of 2018 and before the start of 2019.

They will love each other again as a romantic couple for real romance, probably get him to move back into the penthouse of her and Kristina, and by the way, before or after Christmas of this year, Jason & Sam will be engaged again.

And I predict: At the start of next year, Jason & Sam will try to get married again, this time for real romance.

I hope my predict comes true for Jason & Sam for real romance for middle or the late part of the Fall of this year!!!

Jason would say: "Sam, I promised I will never break up with you again."

Sam would say: "Oh Jason, I thought I should have got you back in my life for months, even after I got divorced Drew.  But now, welcome back to my love life after months of being apart.  I wanna love you forever."

Then Jason would say: "I love you too, Sam, my current lover."

Then Sam would say: "So that were lovers again, how bout you move of the Metro Court and move back in with me, the kids, and Kristina?"

And then Jason would say: "I will do it on your plea."

I hope it comes out for rea;!!!.

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