Was on GH Facebook (question was Rafe or TJ) ---- February 1 these comments

Rafe's mom Allison is the missing quartermaine from Edward and Alison Amanda's grandmother affair years ago.. Which would make Rafe a great grandchild.

And Rafe is the Quartermaine that will inherit all the money, as Edward had an affair with Allison’s grandmother and SHE is  or will be Edwards grand daughter. (I am guessing)

the hot topic Storyline with everyone speculating who the missing quartermaine heir is their has been

rumors that it could possibly be Rafe Kovich Jr. 's mum Alison.

. Mentioned back long time ago

I think the GH writers should consider going down this route i would like this possiblity to be true

The scenario if it is true can do a background story   I think Edward Quartermaine and Amanda Barrington had an affair years ago, that produced a child, the son Malcolm Barrington, who was actually a Quartermaine. Malcolm Barrington who later married Elizabeth, and they had a daughter Alison…..

Alison had a one-night stand with Caleb Morley (aka Stephen Clay) that produced a son named Rafe on the GH spinoff Port Charles...…This could be a great storyline for Rafe and will connect him to more family members on the show; if they decide to go down this route. Then he will have more of a GH history background. And will make his character more interesting and intruiging and have balance.

He will be connected to Danny who is Sam and Jason's son.... Rafe great-uncle would be Alan Q. and great-aunt be Monica, Tracey will make Jason, and Aj his cousins..... also make michael and danny his second cousins..

We already know Rafe's cousin is Kiki who will go with michael.eventually... - connection  there.... and I hope Rafe and molly will get together they will make a great couple.


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