These are what fans are saying about RALLY:

I think they are one of the best couples on GH right now! So clearly I'm team Rafe & Molly. I ship Molly and Rafe! The potential her and Rafe have as a couple can go very far in the soap world. First off I LOVE these two so much, they are super cute….. Molly & Rafe better then I liked TJ & Molly ( I was never a fan of TJ) but I also dont think he and Molly are right for each other. I can see Molly and Rafe on the other hand getting married, and having kids and sooo on. I Love these two!! They have the potential to be a super couple. Can’t wait for them to actually get together finally. 

  • After today, I prefer TJ with Taylor and Molly with Rafe. Good couples bring out the best in each other, not the worst, IMO anyway... Right now, Rafe/Molly is the thread holding me to GH. Not liking so many of the SL but Rafe/Molly give me hope.

I do like that they are taking their time in building this because IMO this could be the next generations great love story couple.i think they are cute together and could be a great couple someday.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET MOLLY AND RAFE BECOME A COUPLE!Molly and Rafe have chemistry ; they could be a supercouple in the making! !

  • Want to see Molly and TJ both realize they should not be together. Totally do not fit with each other at all and ARE completely BORING! PLEASE!!!! DO NOT PUT MOLLY AND TJ BACK TOGETHER!!! MOLLY AND RAFE TOGETHER PLEASE!! Rafe has always been supportive of Molly from the start, he will treat her right...

    on GH they look more convincing as a couple.

  • I so so hate Molly and TJ together.they are so so boring, no chemistry that I see  and have nothing in common.... he so belongs with Taylor... I will be so pissed off if they get back together, because I bet you TJ is going to break her heart again.  I want Molly to be with Rafe... they're a better fit and are meant to be…. RALLY has amazing chemistry on screen... They have the potential to be the next generation of a great love story and could be a supercouple in the making....

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