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The Boronsky Clinic is a medical facility in St. Petersburg, Russia.


After Ava Jerome’s face was scarred in a fire, Valentin Cassadine told her about Dr. Klein, who had removed his birth defects years ago. Ava met Klein in , when she checked into an upscale private clinic, the Boronsky Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia. Klein agreed to help Ava, but she needed to keep away from Patient 6 who was sedated because he was dangerous. Ava ignored Klein and discovered that Patient 6 was a prisoner at the clinic.

Ava wanted her scars to be fixed so she tried to hide her visits to Patient 6 but Klein kept finding them together. He told her that he wouldn’t treat her anymore if she kept ignoring him.

On September 18, 2017, Ava approached Patient 6 and asks if the attendants brought him or if he has been there all night. She says she didn’t get much sleep and is probably jet lagged. She’s been told not to get close because he is dangerous. She mentions his family placing him in the clinic and wonders if they visit since she doesn’t have anyone herself that would come see her.

Larisa, the clinic representative, catches Ava and tells her that she has been warned not to get near Patient 6 since he needs quiet. Ava’s cell phone rings in Larisa’s hand. Griffin Munro is trying to reach her. Larisa hangs up the phone and says Ava can talk to the person who called when she’s discharged. For now she needs to focus on her procedure. Ava points out that she doesn’t even know what her procedure is yet since no one has told her anything. She hasn’t even met her own doctor.

Dr. Boronsky comes to the door and introduces himself as the man who's going to restore her face. He says his services are in high demand but he adjusted his schedule to accommodate Ava. He asks if she is reconsidering her stay at the clinic since she seems skeptical. Ava says she was told that her scars are permanent. Boronsky tells her that her doctors lack imagination and expertise. He restored Larisa's face and can do the same for her. But he welcomes her to leave as there are plenty of others who are eager to take her place but he wants an answer right now. Ava says she is willing to take the risk if he is regarding his reputation. Boronsky jokes that Valentin warned him he would have his work cut out for him. Ava points out that Valentin is melodramatic and Boronsky says that is so like a Cassadine. Ava wonders if he has dealt with the Cassadines. Boronsky says they are infamous. Ava says she grew close to one of them who is now dead.

She wants to know when the doctor can start her procedure. He says he needs to perform a detailed evaluation first. Ava says she is ready when he is. Boronsky tells Larisa to prepare the exam room and she leaves. He warns Ava that she won’t necessarily be happy just because her face is repaired. Ava understands and asks about Patient 6. Boronsky calls him a dangerous psychotic. Ava says that Larisa told her that he was shot and fell into open water but she wants to know why he is at the clinic. Boronsky tells her that this clinic operates with absolute discretion. If Ava asks about other patients she will have to leave. Ava apologizes and says she didn’t realize. Boronsky says that now she knows. He warns her that Patient 6 is dangerous and she should focus on her treatments and leave him alone. Then Boronsky leaves the room.

Patient 6 later gave Ava a piece of paper with a phone number on it. Klein took the number and called someone to explain that Patient 6 couldn’t be controlled anymore with the strong tranquilizer he had been given. Klein was told to increase the dosage of the tranquilizer even if it meant an overdose.

Patient 6 fought off the new stronger tranquilizer and Ava helped him break out of the clinic. When Klein found out, he was furious and sent his henchmen, Greg and Anderson, after Patient 6. Klein wouldn’t treat Ava anymore even though her first treatment was a success. He locked Ava in her room but she broke out and went back to Port Charles while Greg and Anderson tracked her down.

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