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Dr. Kirk brainwashes Dante with a pen click (2020)

Peter brainwashes Drew by saying "You're active" and flashing The Tower tarot card (2021)

Peter brings Drew's mind back by saying "Stand down" and flashing The Chariot tarot card (2021)

Brainwashing, or Mental Conditioning, is a tactic that's been used to program individuals into doing things they wouldn't normally do.



In 2012, after Navy S.E.A.L. Chief Andrew Cain was ambushed by Hank Archer and kidnapped by Helena Cassadine and Peter August, Drew and his twin brother, Jason Morgan were delivered to Dr. Andre Maddox, who was ordered to implant Jason’s memories into Drew’s head. Afterwards, Jason was taken to the clinic in Russia and Drew was taken to Cassadine Island, where Helena and her henchman, Philipos Costa installed one level of conditioning into his head. After Helena was presumably killed in 2013, she, her son, Stavros Cassadine and Drew were taken to Crichton-Clark and were put into a cryogenic stasis by Victor Cassadine.

In 2014, Victor manipulated Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake into reviving Helena and Stavros by promising to let her revive Jason if she agreed to his “request”, but once she successfully revived “Jason” (actually Drew), Victor double-crossed her and had his men take her away since he planned to use Drew for his own purposes. However, in September, Drew escaped from his restraints and rescued Robin before Crichton-Clark blew up. Although they both made it back to Port Charles, Helena and her people recaptured them. However, Drew escaped again and was hit by a car driven by Ava Jerome.

After undergoing extensive surgery and had plastic surgery which gave him a completely new face, Drew was left with amnesia and began going by “Jake Doe”.

Keys & Triggers

  • Drew Cain
    • Activation
      • First Level: The phrase - “You’re active”
      • Second Level: The Tower tarot card and the phrase - “You’re active”
    • Deactivation
      • First Level: Instructions to forget what he was ordered to do
      • Second Level: The Chariot tarot card and the phrase - “Stand down”
  • Dante Falconeri
    • Activation
      • Pen Clicking