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Brook Lynn Quartermaine[3][4] is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She is the daughter of Ned Quartermaine and his ex-wife, Lois Cerullo.

Originally born offscreen sometime in 1996, she was first seen onscreen in early 1997 portrayed by an unknown infant.

Child actress Brooke Radding played the role from 1999 to 2001.

Adrianne León stepped into the role in 2004 as a rapidly aged Brook (birth date revised to 1986), leaving in 2006. She returned in 2010 and left again in 2011.

In 2019, the role was recast with actress Amanda Setton. Setton temporarily exited the role on August 4, 2020 to go on maternity leave and she returned on March 15, 2021.

In 2020, while Setton was out on maternity leave, Briana Lane stepped in to portray Brook Lynn from August 6 through November 16.



Brook Lynn was born offscreen in 1996. She was first seen in 1997 played by an unknown infant.

Child actress Brooke Radding played the role from 1999-2001. The character was then portrayed by actress Adrianne León starting in 2004, when her birth date was revised to 1986 .

León was nominated for two awards for the role in 2005: the Soap Opera Digest "Outstanding Female Newcomer Award", and "Outstanding Younger Actress" in the Daytime Emmy Awards.

León continued to play the character until 2006. It was announced in 2010 that León would return to the show as Brook Lynn that May.[5] She left the series again in 2011.[6]

On November 11, 2019, TVLine announced that the character of Brook Lynn will be recast with actress Amanda Setton. Setton is known for playing Kimberly Andrews and One Life to Live as well as other roles on Hawaii Five-0, Gossip Girl and The Mindy Project. Setton was hired by GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini, who was also her boss at One Life to Live. Valentini approached Setton and offered her the role of Brook Lynn without an audition process. Setton debuted in the role on November 18.[7][8]

Many fans of León were surprised at Setton's hiring because in 2019, León had been telling fans on her social media that she would welcome a return to the show someday to play Brook Lynn. She told Soaps In Depth magazine the same thing at a fan event in August, 2019, three months before Setton's on-air debut. León has not said publicly whether Valentini invited her to come back to GH and reprise the role.

On August 3, 2020, it was revealed that Setton will temporarily exit GH to go on maternity leave, and her role will be temporarily recast with another actress.[9][10] Briana Lane was cast to temporarily play Brook Lynn, with her first episode airing on August 6, 2020.

Setton was last seen on August 4, 2020.

On November 16, 2020, Lane revealed that she was done on GH as Brook Lynn.[11][12] Lane's last episode aired on November 16, 2020.

Lane's performance in the role garnered her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for "Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series" on May 25, 2021.

On February 23, 2021, it was announced that Setton will be returning to GH as Brook Lynn some time in March.[13][14]

On March 1, 2021, General Hospital shows a tribute video of Maurice Benard’s Birthday. Amanda Setton who plays Brook Lynn is seen with a fake baby bump.

On March 9, 2021, Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Setton will be back as Brook Lynn next week.[15] She returned on March 15, 2021.

Despite being off-screen for over seven months, Setton remained on contract for the entire duration of her extended maternity leave.


Brook Lynn's parents, Ned and Lois

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (formerly Ashton), born in 1996 revised 1986, was named after Brooklyn, New York where her mother and father had spent many happy times together. But at the time of her birth, Brook's parents were estranged. Lois Cerullo had returned to her family in Bensonhurst after she realized she didn't want her daughter growing up around the Quartermaines. Her feelings were cemented after Ned Quartermaine failed in his attempts to make Lois and their record business his first priority.

He returned to ELQ Enterprises and Lois returned to her family. Lois brought Brook to meet Ned a few months after she was born. Although Lois claimed she hadn't come to reconcile with Ned, it was clear Lois and Ned were still in love with each other. But after she overheard him blackmailing his cousin Justus, Lois left town with her daughter.

Ned saw his daughter on birthdays and introduced her to Chloe Morgan when he was married to her. Brook adored Chloe and was none too thrilled to learn several months later that Alexis Davis had become Ned's new love. She later came to like Alexis, but couldn't understand what was happening when Alexis left her father at the altar.

The role of Brook Lynn was scripted to be born in 1988 (then SORASed to 1986.)

Through her father's marriage, she gained Olivia Falconeri (now Quartermaine) as a stepmother.

It has been noted that Brook Lynn is a lot like her grandmother, Tracy Quartermaine.

Brook Lynn pretended to be pregnant by Valentin Cassadine in order to manipulate him into giving back ELQ shares.

Brook Lynn has been a singer like her father, Ned, since first appearing on the show as a teenager in 2004. The character performed frequently on the show during León's tenure, and was described as frequently performing on tour, with her mother Lois as her manager, while off the canvas from 2011-19.

Unlike León and Lane, Setton is not a singer. As a result, Brook Lynn lost her singing ability when she (with Lane portraying her) had her throat slashed by Nelle Benson-Jerome on August 21, 2020. Setton has never been seen performing on the show even when Brook Lynn had a singing event scheduled.


Brook returned to Port Charles in early 2004 using Lynn as her name. After haunting L&B's studio with her talented singing voice, she became friends with Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine, who was unaware that he was Lynn's uncle. Impressed by her voice, they persuaded her to record a demo tape. But Lynn remained adamant that she only sang for the joy of it and didn't want to profit from it, which was something her mother wanted her to do. Lynn's true identity and ties to the Quartermaines came out after a man claiming to be her father attempted to take her home to her mother. She escaped by stealing his car, but Dillon later turned them in to the cops and they wound up back at the Quartermaine's. Lois wanted to take Brooke back to Bensonhurst with her, but Ned persuaded her to let Brook stay and to stay in town with Brook.

Brook Lynn and her father, Ned

Lois repeatedly tried to convince Brook that she should sing professionally, but each time they ended up in a fight. Seeing how hard Brook fought her mother, Ned took a different approach. He persuaded her to sing with him just for fun. But she remained strongly opposed to singing professionally. She was even willing to let Sage sing one of her songs rather than sing it herself. Mother and daughter had the same idea of bringing Edward Quartermaine roses after Lila Quartermaine died. Each of them regretted the fact that Brook never got to know Lila. Brook finally sang for a crowd at her great-grandmother's funeral. Later she misinterpreted the situation when Lois tried to convey how proud she was of her daughter. Believing that Lois wanted to capitalize on the event, Brook yelled at Lois who took off, hurt by her daughter's words.

Brook's relationship with her mother continued to go poorly as Lois became involved with Lorenzo Alcazar. Brook hated that her mother would date a thug when she was always told not to. In an attempt to give her mother a taste of her own medicine, Brook began getting cozy with Diego Alcazar, Courtney Jacks's foster child. Diego had made his desire to work for Sonny obvious to anyone who would listen, and Lois wasn't a fool. Diego and Brook grew closer when Brook walked in on her mother and Lorenzo shortly after the two had made love. Enraged, Brook ran away with Diego, where the two escaped to Mexico to find Diego's sister, Maria. Georgie and Dillon accompanied the duo and the four were arrested when Maria denied knowing Diego and let her fiancé arrest the group of teenagers.

She later had them released and warned Diego to get out of Port Charles. Brook and Diego then began their mission to discover why Maria didn't want Diego in Port Charles. Working together, they determined that Sonny must have killed Diego's father, and Diego decided to find out why. Dressing as a delivery girl, Brook attempted to divert Max's (Sonny's bodyguard) attention while Diego tried to break into Sonny's apartment. Sam caught the two before they could enter the apartment. Jason agreed to help Diego find out if Sonny had anything to do with the murder of Diego's father, and Courtney arrived to bring the two home.

Diego and Brook Lynn didn't last long, because he soon developed an interest in Maxie Jones, leaving Brook Lynn out in the cold. After graduating high school, Brook Lynn enrolled at Port Charles University -- and ended up having Maxie as a roommate. After being drugged at a party, Brook learned there were nude pictures of her circulating on the Internet and elsewhere. She began to suspect that Diego was her stalker, but he kept coming up with all the right answers for every one of her questions. Ultimately, Brook learned that her suspicions were right: Diego had indeed been stalking her as payback for what Brook Lynn and the others had done to Sage. A short while later, Brook Lynn decided to leave Port Charles and join her mother in New York so that she could pursue her music career.

Brook Lynn returns

In 2010, Brook had been cut off from her trust fund after getting in trouble for credit card fraud. Brook refused to turn to Edward and Tracy for help because they wanted her to enroll in college and study business, instead of allowing her to pursue her music career. Carly caught Brook hustling people for money in the park, so Carly Jacks offered Brook the opportunity to make quick money in exchange for seducing Dante Falconeri away from Lulu Spencer. Brook Lynn agreed to seduce Dante. Carly hired Brook to sing at the Metro Court as a cover story to explain their meetings. Dante was excited to see Brook, and Lulu was immediately jealous of their friendship. Carly arranged for Brook to move in across the hall from Dante, which increased Lulu's insecurities. Brook made herself at home in Dante's apartment, and she reminisced about the "old days" in Bensonhurst with Dante and his mother Olivia.

Brook kisses a drugged Dante

Although Brook Lynn planned to seduce Dante, she was interested in Johnny Zacchara and flirted with him. Johnny was involved with Olivia, and Carly warned Brook to stay away from him. Carly demanded that Brook make progress with Dante, and the two women staged an argument for Lulu's benefit. They planted the idea in Lulu's head that Dante was destined to cheat because, as Sonny's son, cheating was a part of his DNA. Brook Lynn arranged for Dante to find her locked out of her apartment, wearing only a towel. When Dante did not make a move despite Brook's obvious interest, Brook realized he truly loved Lulu. Brook resorted to drugging Dante's drink, and she arranged for Lulu to find them in a compromising position. Lulu was upset with Dante, but she quickly realized he had been drugged. Brook knew she had been caught, so she told Lulu about the deal she had made with Carly. Things backfired for Brook when Carly was able to turn the blame back onto Brook.


Brook Lynn was alone and broke with a damaged reputation when she almost turned to the Quartermaines for help. Nikolas Cassadine provided her with another option. He hired Brook Lynn to be his date for business functions. She moved into Wyndemere and accompanied Nikolas to various events. They also attended Luke and Tracy's wedding together, as well as Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Just as Brook Lynn began to develop romantic feelings for Nikolas, Liz made it clear she was also interested in a relationship with him. Nikolas and Liz had a child together named Aiden, and Liz used their son to get closer to Nikolas. Every time Nikolas and Brook started to get close, Liz interrupted them. When Liz arranged a special dinner for Nikolas, Brook conveniently got a flat tire in front of Liz's house. Nikolas thanked Brook for causing his evening with Liz to end early.

Brook Lynn and Nikolas

Nikolas and Brook Lynn admitted they had feelings for one another and made love. Liz walked in on an intimate moment between them and decided Aiden could not spend time at Wyndemere if Brook was present. Nikolas stood up for Brook and asked Liz to leave.

When Elizabeth's son Jake was killed after being hit by a car, Nikolas knew he needed to focus on helping Lucky and Liz grieve instead of on his relationship with Brook Lynn. Nikolas encouraged Brook to pursue the offer she had to tour with a Latin band. Nikolas and Brook both wished the timing and circumstances had been different and parted as friends. Brook Lynn moved out of Wyndemere and away from Port Charles to pursue her music career.

In January 2015, It was revealed that Brook Lynn sold her ELQ shares to Kyle Sloane for Nikolas Cassadine, when Sloane found her babysitting Olivia and Julian's very much alive baby boy. It was also revealed that she can't tell her father what happened.

On July 7, Tracy tells Sabrina that she is going to talk to Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) is back...and getting to know Julian (2019)

On November 18, 2019, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) returned to Port Charles and stopped by Charlie's Pub for a Black Russian. After hanging up from an angry call, she overheard a tense conversation between Brad Cooper and the owner, Julian Jerome. After, Julian closed the pub early and ordered everyone out, but Brook Lynn stayed and eventually Julian vented to her about him and his associate being in a tense situation. Brook Lynn offered him advice and said that he should cut his losses and get out while he still could. Assuming she was a hooker, Julian tried to pay her for her time, and she left disgusted.

Brook Lynn surprises the family - she's back in town (2019)

Brook Lynn went to the Quartermaine mansion where she surprised everyone that she was back - claiming for good. She caught up with her father and the rest of the Quartermaines. She caught up with Sonny there, and asked her father if she could stay at the mansion. When she asked Olivia how Dante was, Olivia grew upset and quickly left. She then learned that Dante was getting treated for severe PTSD, and Brook Lynn apologized to her.

On Thanksgiving Day, Brook Lynn met with Lucas Jones at the hospital and she was catching up with him. Lucas shared his problems with his marriage and said that he was working on Thanksgiving and Brook Lynn told him to focus on saving his marriage and his family. She convinced him to fight for his marriage and save his own life instead of worrying about everyone else all the time.

Brook Lynn and Lulu argue (2019)

At the Quartermaine mansion, she and Lulu were displeased to see each other. When Lulu's son Rocco Falconeri mentioned that Mr. Phillips was holding his mom's hand at the Port Charles parade earlier that day, Brook Lynn berated Lulu for hooking up with the first guy to come along; when Dante was suffering from PTSD. Lulu fired back telling her Dante wanted the divorce, not her - that she felt Dante abandoned her. When Lulu realized Ned and Olivia heard her, she decided to leave, but not before apologizing to Olivia, who forgave her and convinced her to stay. When Olivia discovered all the food was gone, she was horrified and she blamed Brook Lynn, who was upset that they assumed it was her fault. In truth, Monica secretly had Epiphany Johnson take the food to the hospital for the staff. Ned eventually brought in the traditional pizzas and they all sang the traditional song before eating the pizza.

Brook Lynn was supportive of Lucas' loved ones after his car accident with Brad.

In December, Ned and Olivia learned that Brook Lynn had fired her mom as her producer and signed a contract with another one, Linc Brown, a decision she now regrets. On December 26, Brook Lynn is surprised to see Tracy returned from Amsterdam for a short stay.

On January 3, 2020, Diane Miller explained that the contract was airtight and ironclad and she had to produce three albums. Diane suggested that Quartermaine money could buy her way out of it. When Brook Lynn asked Ned to buy her out he said no, and though he was horrified that her new producer was sexually harassing her, he refused to, greatly upsetting her.

On January 13, Brook Lynn announced that she officially changed her name from "Brook Lynn Ashton" to "Brook Lynn Quartermaine." Ned congratulated her but Tracy figured there was an angle - she did, hoping this would get her out of her recording contract. Later, Brook Lynn went to the Floating Rib, accidentally bumping into Lulu who ended up spilling her drink on her. After a tense confrontation, Brook Lynn went to perform on stage, but her sleazy producer Linc showed up to stop her. As Linc told her he owns her and her music, he made inappropriate advances against her, and Lulu and her boyfriend Dustin Phillips came to her rescue. It turned into a bar fight as Dustin fought with Linc in Brook Lynn's defense and where it was discovered that Dustin and Brook Lynn knew each other, much to Lulu's surprise. As Detective Harrison Chase showed up to break up the fight, Brook Lynn accidentally hit him in the head with a beer bottle while aiming for Linc. Chase arrested Brook Lynn, Lulu, Dustin, and Linc for their bar fight.

At the PCPD, Brook Lynn told Chase that she didn't mean to hit him with the beer bottle and that she was aiming for Linc but Chase thought she was merely spinning a tale. Ned showed up and after learned what happened he initially told Chase to lock her up. Brook Lynn again begged for Ned to help her out, and he is horrified to learn that Linc sexually harrassed her again. Upon release, Lulu, Brook Lynn, and Dustin agreed to pay Mac and Felicia for the damages. Ned agreed to cover the damages and Brook Lynn promised to pay him back.

Brook Lynn dresses down Nelle

At the Quartermaine mansion, the family held an ELQ shareholders meeting to discuss what to do with Oscar Nero-Quartermaine’s shares. There were conflicting wills; one bequest was for the late cult leader Hank Archer aka "Shiloh" and the other bequest was for the charitable Kilimanjaro foundation. Nelle Benson and her attorney Martin Grey surprise them all by showing up at the meeting and revealing that the judge gave them a temporary injunction. As Hank's widow, Nelle had voting rights to Oscar's shares before it could be determined which bequest was valid. Brook Lynn stood up to Nelle and told her off while defending the Quartermaine family - making them all proud.

On February 3, Brook Lynn was surprised to see Nelle show up at the Quartermaine mansion again. She initially tried to throw her out, but when Nelle put Michael on the phone, he told Brook Lynn to give her a room and that he'll explain everything later. Brook Lynn eventually gave her a room and put her next to Tracy's room.

On February 7, Brook Lynn and Ned met with Linc and Ned tried to pay him so that he'd let Brook Lynn out of her contract. He turned them down and said that the contract still stands and he denied having sexually harassed Brook Lynn.

After it had been revealed that Michael's son is alive, Brook Lynn put two and two together and realized that Julian knew the truth and didn't tell anyone so she blackmailed him into helping her get out of her contract with Linc.

On March 3, Linc met with Brook Lynn and offered her a way out of her contract, but she had to give her ELQ shares to him in exchange for her freedom. Brook Lynn initially refused and was disgusted.

Later that month, Ned straight-up told her that her free ride was over and that she needed to find a job. Eventually he hired her to work at ELQ.

On March 18, Brook Lynn was tasked by Ned to handle an extremely confidential document which would involve closing on a merger deal with Merten Med Tech. However, Brook Lynn made a Facebook video of her desk and accidentally leaked the document onto her personal Facebook page. To make matters worse, Lulu saw what she did and made her mistake along with the merger deal viral just to spite Brook Lynn. Eventually, Ned realized what happened and was disappointed in her.

Brook Lynn confronted Lulu about what she had done but Lulu fired back and insisted it was her own fault. After they exchanged heated words and after Brook Lynn brought Dante's name up, Lulu sprayed her with champagne and they got into a huge fight. Valentin Cassadine was recording their fight and the PCPD went to break it up. Sadly, when Brook Lynn accidentally hit Detective Chase in the face, she was arrested and put in jail.

Chase arrests Brook Lynn...again

The next day, Brook Lynn was released by Chase who decided to give her a break because she had been publicly humiliated on the paper and internet. When she went back to the Quartermaine mansion, Ned ended up firing her from ELQ because of her mistake and for the ELQ/Merten Med Tech merger deal being blown out of the water. Brook Lynn grew angry and sold her ELQ shares to Linc and in return he let her out of her contract.

On March 31, Ned took Brook Lynn out to breakfast to apologize to her for firing her and for essentially setting her up to fail. She then revealed that she is free from her contract but she did not reveal what she gave Linc to make it happen. Later on, Lulu went to talk to Brook Lynn and invited her to the table before making a half-hearted attempt to apologize. Brook Lynn agreed to her truce and said she wants Dustin's help with writing a song. After asking him about it, she was okay with him saying he'd think about whether or not he will help her.

On April 13, it is revealed that Brook Lynn broke up with Dustin when they were together.

On May 21, after meeting up with Linc to figure out why he was interested in gaining her ELQ shares and wondered what was going on, Valentin Cassadine walked in and revealed himself as Linc's boss. Brook Lynn learned that Valentin was plotting to take over ELQ.

When she confronts him, he asks for her silence, in exchange for helping her career. She researches his business acumen and history with Cassadine Industries, and agrees to stay quiet if he will do the same for ELQ, make it more profitable. He agrees and reiterates that he thinks she has talent and wants to help her career.

Brook Lynn (Briana Lane) is the new Voice of Deception

On August 6, Brook Lynn (temporarily portrayed by Briana Lane) is revealed to be the new "Voice" of Deception, a job Valentin got for her.

On August 11, when the takeover was revealed and Valentin became CEO, Ned felt betrayed by his daughter and kicked her out of the mansion.

On August 18, Brook Lynn arrives at The Nurses Ball, where it's announced that she's singing a song about Deception, written by Dustin. She has anxiety about singing, she impulsively kisses Dustin who turns her down.

On August 21, when overhears Nelle plotting to kidnap Wiley. When she confronts her, Nelle slashes at her throat with fabric shears. Nelle leaves her bleeding and unconscious on the ground, where Lulu and Dustin find her and call for help.

Ned waits by his daughter's bedside for her to wake after her surgery (2020)

On August 26, she wakes in the hospital after her first surgery, where Ned tearfully tells her he loves her and asks for forgiveness. She learns she might have irreparable damage to her vocal cords. She is able to convey to Sonny and Michael individually that Nelle attacked her and that she had a tracking device on Wiley.

On September 1, Ned and Olivia bring her a tablet so she can communicate. Ned is adamant that she come home, while Brook Lynn is adamant that it's too late for his contrition and she doesn't have a home because of him. Olivia attempts to make peace between them. After that, Michael and Willow visit her, and thank her profusely for her part in rescuing Wiley.

On September 2, Dustin and Lulu visit Brook Lynn, wanting to see how she is doing. Lulu tells her about getting stabbed by Ryan Chamberlain, how she almost died and it took a long time to overcome that. She offers her support, if Brook Lynn wants it. Then Sasha stops by, giving her moisturizer to combat hospital climate dryness, hail her a hero, and takes the blame for her and Chase "cheating" on Michael and Willow, calling Chase a genuinely good guy. Chase then stops by to thank her as well, telling her Wiley is safe because of her, and she makes a joke that he should let her off the next time he arrests her.

On September 25, Brook Lynn, now up and about, runs into Chase and Sasha at GH on her way to an appointment, and calls Chase her roomie. Both she and Sasha claim nothing is going on between them and Chase, but neither believes the other. Chase then tells Brook Lynn that Nelle is dead. Brook Lynn says that while she is sorry for the loss of any human life, she is also relieved, echoing Chase and Sasha's feelings. He leaves them to go the morgue. Sasha and Brook Lynn chat, and Sasha asks her when she's going to record her song for "Deception." Sasha is excited about the buzz and momentum for the company, while Brook Lynn tells her that doctors haven't cleared her for singing. Sasha understands, just tells her she's excited about the next steps. They are going to be a huge success, and both women want to be a part of it together. Brook Lynn volunteers to help with the business-side of things, surprising Sasha. She claims she wants to be part of a winning team, expand her horizons, be more than just a singer. Sasha, thinking she's consoling her, tells her that her voice has been plenty - they then both leave to go to their appointments.

On October 2, Brook Lynn runs into Amy Driscoll at Charlie's Pub. They are old friends from PC High who used to sing together. They reminisce, and realizing Amy still has a wonderful voice while hers is still out of commission under doctors orders, Brook Lynn is able to convince (after some pleading) Amy to record the "Deception" song for her, so Brook Lynn can lipsynch to it.

On October 14, Amy secretly shows up at a "Deception" buyer pitch, wanting to see everyone react to her song. Brook Lynn convinces her to stay out of the way, and hiding behind a door in the Metro Court, Amy watches the chaos of the sales pitch, including Lucy claiming Brook Lynn can sing for the buyer right then and there. She secretly got Amy to agree to sing and use bluetooth to connect her voice to Brook Lynn's mic. Unfortunately, they're caught when Chase shows up. The buyer walks away, and Lucy angrily fires Brook Lynn from "Deception."

On October 19, at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn overhears Ned admit to Monica that he cheated on Olivia with Alexis. A stunned Monica suggests he tell Olivia the truth, but he refuses. Olivia comes down the stairs and is surprised to see Brook Lynn home, and asks who she’s spying on. In the living room, Monica grills Ned about his fling with Alexis when suddenly Olivia bursts in with BLQ and asks why she found her with her ear pressed to the door and what they are talking about. Brook Lynn explains she was called there for an intervention that didn’t go well. She left but came back because she had more to say. Olivia has something to say too, but Ned cuts her off and says he and Brook Lynn need to have a private conversation. Monica and Olivia leave them, and Brook Lynn says she knows he slept with Alexis and had no plans to tell Olivia. He reminds her that he thought Olivia was cheating on him thanks to her deleting Olivia’s messages. She lashes out at her dad blaming her and tells him the next time he cheats he’ll have to find someone else to blame. She storms out.

Afterwards, Brook Lynn went to Charlie's Pub and saw Valentin there. They talked and bonded over their misery while having drinks which led them to sleep together at the Metro Court.

The next morning, Brook Lynn and Valentin didn't seem to have any regrets but she said that this could never happen again. However, although she stood by what she said, they slept together again before going downstairs for breakfast.

On October 28, Brook Lynn tried to sing karaoke at the Floating Rib but was unable to get any noise out. She left the bar in tears and Chase comforted her.

On November 13, Brook Lynn saw Chase at the hospital and revealed that she's leaving town. Chase wanted her to make things right with her family because she won't feel good until she does. When Brook Lynn learned that Chase never slept with Sasha, she urged him to tell Willow the truth and let her make up her own mind on who she wants to be with. Chase asked Brook Lynn to join him and she agreed to.

At the Quartermaine mansion, while Chase went upstairs to find Willow, Brook Lynn went into the living room to talk to her father. Ned apologized for how he treated her and she apologized for how she reacted. After they made peace, Brook Lynn told Ned that she needed to leave town to get some clarity because a lot has happened in Port Charles. Although Ned wished she would stay, he understood and let her go. After finally making peace, Brook Lynn headed to the Metro Court and revealed to Valentin that she was leaving Port Charles. They seemed to part ways on good terms, and before she left town to go back to Bensonhurst, she pulled out a pregnancy test which means that she might be pregnant.

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) returns & reveals she's pregnant (2021)

On March 15, 2021, Brook Lynn (back to being portrayed by Amanda Setton) returned to Port Charles and she was watching Valentin from outside the Quartermaine Mansion. As soon as he left, Brook Lynn went inside and asked Michael if it was safe. Michael was surprised to see her and he went to hug her but she said to be careful and revealed that she's pregnant. Michael was shocked and asked her how and who the father is but Brook Lynn told him to spare her the third degree. They began to talk about Sonny and she offered her condolences to Michael over Sonny's presumed death. Michael said that every time he goes to see his mom, he expects Sonny to walk out or to at least hear his voice or see him playing with Donna. Brook Lynn revealed that as soon as she heard about Sonny, she was going to come back. She knew he had married Willow before asking if he was with Sasha. Michael revealed that he and Willow annulled their marriage and he filled her in on everything she missed before asking who her baby's father is. When she says it's none of his business, he reminds her Chase told him that she confessed to sleeping with Valentin before leaving town, so he knows that Valentin's the father. She admits he is, but she doesn’t know if she’s even going to tell him. Michael points out he’ll figure it out by doing the math and warns her that she’s playing a dangerous game.

On March 18, after Olivia arrived with Monica's favorite dinner, she saw the pregnant Brook Lynn on the couch eating her chocolates, while looking at Charlotte's profile with a photo of Charlotte and Valentin. Olivia asked if her parents know about her pregnancy. Brook Lynn tells her only her mother knows, not her dad and not to say anything to him. She asked if Valentin is the father. Brook Lynn tells Olivia she didn't tell Valentin yet, but Olivia tried to convince her not to tell Valentin, comparing the situation with her, Julian and Leo. After Brook Lynn left, Olivia calls Ned to come to the Mansion to talk about his daughter.

Later, Brook Lynn and Valentin meet up outside of Kelly's. Valentin was pleased to see her, wanting to bring her back to Deception, when she revealed to his shock that she was pregnant. Admitting that he was the father, he immediately wanted to help and support, be there for the baby - she told him his involvement would only be on her terms.

On April 5, it was revealed that Brook Lynn was only pretending to be pregnant in order to manipulate Valentin into giving ELQ International back to the Quartermaine family.

With Peter August's lies and crimes exposed and in need of a child to complete her scheme against Valentin, Brook Lynn plots with Maxie Jones and Dr. Britt Westbourne to protect Louise. They devise a plan to pass Louise off as Brook Lynn's daughter with Valentin in order to protect her.

Crimes Committed

  • Ran away from home [May 2004]
  • Slapped her uncle, Dillon Quartermaine [Jun 2, 2004]
  • Stole a car while trying to prevent the detective her mother hired from finding her [Jun 2004]
  • Punched Trent [Jun 29, 2004]
  • Ran away to Mexico with Diego Alcazar, Dillon Quartermaine and Georgie Jones, where they were arrested for breaking into Diego's sister's home [Nov 2004]
  • Helped Diego create a diversion so he could break into Sonny Corinthos' apartment [Dec 2004]
  • Slapped Diego [Dec 1, 2005]
  • Conned a hot dog vendor out of food and money [May 21, 2010]
  • Drugged Dante Falconeri and tried to have sex with him after being paid to do so by Carly [Aug 17, 2010]
  • Slapped Lulu Spencer after she slapped her [Aug 18, 2010]
  • Lied to police [Aug 2010]
  • Tried to steal fifty thousand dollars from Edward Quartermaine [Fall 2010]
  • Disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace [Fall 2010]
  • Credit card fraud [Fall 2010]
  • Punched her music producer Linc Brown in self-defense [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Accidentally hit Det. Harrison Chase in the head with a beer bottle while targeting Linc [Jan 14, 2020; arrested]
  • Threatened to "cut off" Linc's hand if he inappropriately touched her again [Feb 7, 2020]
  • Blackmailed Julian Jerome into convincing her producer Linc into letting her out of her singing contract, or she'll inform Lucas and Sonny of his (Julian's) involvement in the Wiley-Jonah baby switch [Feb 25-Mar 24, 2020]
  • Slapped Lulu and got into a wild fight with her, destroying the Metro Court restaurant in the process [Mar 20, 2020]
  • Accidentally hit Det. Chase in the nose after he startled her while breaking up her and Lulu's fight [Mar 20, 2020; arrested]
  • Punched Sasha Gilmore in the face and gave her a bloody nose [May 6, 2020]
  • Arrested for causing public disturbance [May 6, 2020]
  • Faked her pregnancy [Nov 16, 2020-Jun 1, 2021; revealed on Apr 5, 2021]
  • Stole Maxie Jones’s sonogram [Apr 7, 2021]
  • Stole a fetal heart monitor from GH [revealed on Apr 13, 2021]
  • Conspired with Maxie to pass her (Maxie's) daughter off as her (Brook Lynn's) own daughter, "Bailey Lois Quartermaine" in order to protect her from Peter August [Apr 28, 2021-Feb 7, 2022; Maxie gave Louise to Brook Lynn on Jun 1, 2021]
  • Injured Cameron Webber when she broke a vase over his head; thought he was an intruder [Jan 19, 2022]
  • Punched Linc [May 18, 2022]

Health and Vitals

  • Held captive by Faith Rosco [Feb 2005]
  • Stalked by Diego Alcazar [Fall 2005]
  • Drugged by Diego Alcazar and had nude photos taken of her [Aug 12, 2005]
  • Manhandled by Diego [Oct 11, 2005]
  • Drugged by Diego again [Oct 12, 2005]
  • Slapped by Lulu Spencer [Aug 18, 2010]
  • Suffered a broken leg after a stagediving mishap in Ibiza [Jan 30, 2013]
  • Threatened by Jerry Jacks [Oct 24, 2014]
  • Blackmailed into selling her shares of ELQ by Kyle Sloane [revealed Jun 15, 2015]
  • Sexually harassed by her music producer Linc Brown [revealed Jan 3, 2020]
  • Grabbed by Linc and he wouldn't let go [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Bribed by Linc to be let out of her singing contract with him if she relinquishes her ELQ shares to him (under Valentin Cassadine's orders) [Mar 3-24, 2020]
  • Got into a wild fight with Lulu, by whom she had various object thrown at her [Mar 20, 2020]
  • Slashed in the throat with a pair of scissors by Nelle Benson-Jerome [Aug 20, 2020; she was revealed to have had surgery and is in critical condition on Aug 24, 2020]
  • Unable to sing anymore due to damage to her vocal cords caused by Nelle's attack [revealed Sept. 15, 2020]
  • Tripped on a broken heel and fell on the floor [Apr 6, 2021]
  • Blackmailed by Gladys Corbin over the knowledge that Valentin Cassadine isn't "Bailey Quartermaine"'s father [Oct 25, 2021; shown on Oct 26, 2021]
  • Had a panic attack [Feb 8, 2022]
  • Hurt her hand punching Linc [May 18, 2022]

Family tree

Brook Lynn

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  1. She graduated high school in 2004
  2. She kissed him twice; once on Aug 11 and once on Aug 17-18 after she drugged him.
  3. Brook Lynn is now going by "Brook Lynn Quartermaine" as of the November 22, 2019 end credits. The name change was made official in the show itself in the January 13, 2020 episode.
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