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Brooklyn Union Pub is a coffee shop in Brooklyn, New York.


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On January 29, 2020, Sonny and Jason brought Sonny's dad Mike to Brooklyn, New York to take him to a clinical trial in order to have his Alzheimer's disease treated but they stopped for coffee at a local coffee shop, where Mike quickly befriended Maggie shortly after they arrived. Sonny encouraged Mike to continue speaking to her, and Mike even flirted with her over the coffee that Sonny and Jason ordered for Mike.

Moments later, a gun battle broke out when a mobster began shooting at Sonny and Jason, who warned everyone to get down upon seeing the man's gun hidden under his hand. As Jason and the mobster exchanged gunfire, Maggie ducked behind the counter and Sonny hid behind a table with Mike, who lamented that he wanted to go home. The gunman grabbed Margaret hostage and attempted to use her as a human shield, but Jason shot and killed him.

The entire incident prompted the arrival of Detective Harlan shortly after it ended. As Brooklyn police helped Harlan investigate the shootout, and its aftermath, Maggie and Mike resumed bonding, this time discussing running marathons, which Mike said he'd like to run one after what had happened that night. Harlan questioned Jason, who refused to give his side of what happened without a lawyer, but Sonny gave his account as did Maggie who befriended Mike. Harlan had Jason taken in for questioning but let Sonny and Mike go but advised Sonny he may be "contacted" in the near future.

It was later revealed that Cyrus Renault was behind the shooting and two others that happened in Port Charles at the same time.

On December 14, Sonny and Jason stop by the pub since they were already in New York City to find Julian. Sonny reminisces about being there with his father.

The next day Sonny and Jason meet with Brick at the pub. He tells them he can find Julian using facial recognition software. Later he discovers Julian is in Secaucus, New Jersey where he is waiting for a bus to Montreal, Canada. Sonny and Jason head over to catch him.

On May 18, 2022, T.J. and Molly meet a local music store owner Mr. Purdee at the pub to find Marshall.