Bryan Phillips
General Hospital
Portrayed by Todd Davis
Duration 1978-86
First appearance 1978
Last appearance 1986
Cause/reason Left town
Created by Gloria Monty
Introduced by Douglas Marland
Ethnicity African American
Gender Male

Bryan Phillips was a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

He was portrayed by actor Todd Davis from 1978-86.


Bryan was the best friend of Scott Baldwin and Laura Webber. He began a relationship with the wealthy Claudia Johnston. Bryan had an estranged relationship his father, Eddie (Sammy Davis Jr.).

As a result, Rick Webber was more of a surrogate father to him. Brian did manage to patch things up with his own father before his death.

In 1983, Vince Larrick takes Bryan, Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer hostage in the hospital cafeteria.

Larrick calls Bryan racial slurs and shoots him, however his life is saved when Robert Scorpio exchanges himself for Bryan's release.


The wedding of Bryan and Claudia

Bryan married Claudia in 1983 and they later had twin daughters.

After his marriage was nearly ruined when he befriended a woman named Debbie, Bryan and Claudia left Port Charles with their twins in 1986.

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