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Cameron Webber
William Lipton as Cameron Webber
General Hospital
Portrayed by Ashwyn Bagga (2005-06)
Braeden Walkes (2006-12)
Michael Leone (2013-18)
Anthony Saliba (temp; 2013)
Cade McWatt (2018)
William Lipton (2018-present)
Current status Contract[1]
Duration 2004-present
First appearance June 18, 2004
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Alias(es) Cameron Spencer
Namesake(s) Cameron Lewis
Steve Hardy
Steve Webber
Nickname(s) Cam
[Little] Townie (by Spencer)
Born May 11, 2004[2]
(Revised to 2003[3])
Age 16
Education Attended Kennedy Middle School[4]
Attends PC High
Occupation Student
Lila's kids camp counselor
Residence The Brownstone
1424 Elm Street, #12[5][6]
Port Charles, New York
Michael Leone as Cameron Webber
Braeden Walkes as Cameron Webber

Cameron Steven Webber[12][13] is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of the late, Zander Smith and Nurse Elizabeth Webber via one night stand, but Lucky Spencer, the man who raised him, is the only father he has ever known.

He was born offscreen on May 11, 2004.

Rebecca Herbst, who portrays Elizabeth, was pregnant in real life with a little girl during this time so her pregnancy was written into the show. She went on maternity leave sometime in April or May 2004 and returned on June 18, 2004.


He has appeared periodically throughout the show since June 2004, mainly in relation to storylines concerning his mother, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). During this time period he was portrayed by unknown babies.[14]

Ashwyn Bagga portrayed Cameron from 2005-06.[15] He is pictured in the gallery below.

Child actor Braeden Walkes is most notable in the role, portraying Cameron from 2006-12.[16]

Michael Leone portrayed Cameron from February 18, 2013 to March 1, 2018.[17][18]


Anthony Joseph Saliba portrayed Cameron in three episodes: June 21,[19] 24[20] and August 22, 2013.[21][22] He is pictured to the left.


On June 28, 2018, ABC Soaps In Depth, reported that the role of Cameron had been recast with Cade McWatt.[23][24][25] According to the article, the character was also slightly aged to place him in the same age range as Josslyn Jacks and Oscar Nero.

McWatt made his only appearances on July 3, 2018 and July 25, 2018.[26][27] He is pictured to the above.

The role of Cameron was recast again and on August 10, 2018, William Lipton debuted in the role. Lipton is an actor and singer who has appeared in The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer and the shorts A Girl Named Khan and Finding Hammy.[28][29][30]



Cam's parents: Elizabeth and Zander

Elizabeth is in a tumultuous marriage with Ric Lansing, and finds it hard to trust him due to his obsession for revenge against his brother, Sonny Corinthos.

At one point, when Elizabeth miscarries his child, he blames Sonny and takes Sonny's pregnant wife, Carly, hostage, locking her in a panic room, and intends to give her unborn baby to Elizabeth to raise. Elizabeth finds out and is horrified by Ric's actions, causing a rift in their marriage.

During this time, on Halloween 2003, she sleeps with Zander Smith for the second time and ends up pregnant. Due to Zander's dangerous lifestyle, Elizabeth and Ric (who had since reconciled) decide to raise the child together without Zander involved. Zander agrees to let Elizabeth and Ric raise his child. Elizabeth ends up divorcing Ric when she realizes that he won't let go of his obsession with Sonny. Soon after, Zander dies in a police shootout (more specifically suicide by cop).

Before Zander died, Elizabeth agreed to name their son Cameron in honor of Zander's father, Cameron Lewis.

In his teens, his personality closely resembles his mother’s persona when she was his age.



Baby Cam returns with his mother Elizabeth

Elizabeth leaves town to have her baby and returns on June 18, 2004 with baby Cameron. Cameron is often left in the care of Elizabeth's grandmother, Audrey Hardy while Elizabeth studies to become a certified nurse at GH. Elizabeth also reconciles with first love Lucky Spencer, and they get married in 2005. Lucky becomes the father figure in Cameron's life. In May 2007, Elizabeth gives birth to a second son, Jacob Martin Spencer, and Cameron is thrilled to be a big brother. Lucky divorces Elizabeth in late 2007 after finding out that he is not Jake's biological father. Elizabeth had a one-night-stand with Jason Morgan, a well-known mobster, but asked him to walk away so she could keep her marriage to Lucky and to protect her kids from Jason's dangerous lifestyle. Lucky agrees to keep letting everyone believe that Jake is his son. Even after the divorce, Cameron still sees Lucky as his father and Lucky raises Cameron as his own son.

On January 11, 2008, Elizabeth scolds Cameron for playing with matches in the house. He later lights a match and throws it away, causing the house to catch on fire. Elizabeth is outside when this happens, but Cameron's little brother Jake is inside the house in his crib. Elizabeth breaks a window and gets Jake out in time before the whole house burns down. The house is eventually repaired, and Elizabeth moves back in with her kids.


Cameron with his father, Lucky and his brother, Jake

Lucky and Elizabeth decide to give their relationship another try in May 2009. As they kiss and make up, Cameron runs in, ecstatic because his "mom and dad are back together."[31] Lucky breaks up with Elizabeth in January 2010 when he finds out she's been having an affair with his brother, Nikolas Cassadine. Elizabeth later tells Lucky that Cameron is asking for him, but she has no idea what to tell him. Lucky, who started drinking when he discovered Elizabeth's affair, decides to become sober to remain a father to Cam and Jake after Elizabeth is institutionalized in February 2010.

Nikolas brings Cam and Jake to visit Elizabeth, and she tells Cam that she is going to have another baby. On July 19, 2010, Cameron's youngest brother Aiden Cassadine was born.


Cameron hugs his dad Lucky

In March 2011, Cameron's younger brother, Jake was believed to have died after being hit by a car. Cameron has a hard time dealing with his death, since he is young and confused. Lucky later finds out that Aiden is his biological son, not Nikolas', as they believed, and takes Cameron and Aiden on a camping trip. When they come home, he tells Cameron that Aiden is actually his son because of their similar DNA. Cameron asks Lucky if the two of them have similar DNA, and Lucky replies that they don't, but he still loves Cameron as his own son. Since Lucky left town in December 2011, Cameron has been living with Elizabeth full-time.


Cameron with Lucky and Aiden

In 2012, Cameron begins to blames Elizabeth for Lucky leaving, and is upset with her. Cameron is later seen playing video games at Kelly's. He eventually softens towards her and forgives her. A couple of months later, Dr. Matt Hunter takes Cameron to the see the Avengers because Elizabeth had to work.

In 2013, Cameron is seen with her mom and brother getting a visit and gifts from grandma Laura. Cameron then attends his grandma's wedding to Scott Baldwin, where he hugs his aunt Lulu, who didn't remember him or anyone else at the time (but she did get her memory back soon after). He later bonds with Laura and his great grandma, Lesley Webber.


In 2014, Cameron and his cousin, Spencer Cassadine are fighting over who get's to be Emma Scorpio-Drake's boyfriend. On March 20, 2014, Cameron and Emma start "dating". Cameron and Emma plan to perform the tango at the Nurses' Ball and get instruction from Duke Lavery and Emma's grandmother, Anna Devane. They start to dance together the night of the Nurses' Ball, but their performance is interrupted by Spencer. Spencer introduces the band, Player, who sing the song Baby Come Back in dedication to Emma. Cameron is later seen helping Ric Lansing reconnect with his mother.


Cameron and Josslyn

In June 2014, Cameron went to camp with Emma, Josslyn and Spencer. He and Emma were "dating" at the time. On Beggars night 2014, Cameron, Emma and her dad Patrick go see Sam Morgan and then the four of them go to Wyndemere to see Spencer and Josslyn, who is their as well. A couple weeks later, Cameron meets "Jake" aka Jason Morgan. He then has milkshakes with Spencer, Emma and Josslyn. On Christmas, Cameron is General Hospital with Emma, Spencer and Josslyn and gets scared by Dr. Liesl Obrecht. He also receives a kiss from Emma.


Cameron tells his mom and Ric about the party

In 2015, Cameron goes to Spencer's birthday party, where he and Emma "break up" and he starts "dating" Josslyn (but they have since broken up as well). Before he leaves the party with Josslyn, he accidentally starts a fire that traps Emma and injuries Spencer. When Cameron finds out about the fire he freaks out and asks Ric to be his lawyer but he is told that he doesn't need one. At the 2015 Nurses' Ball, Cameron and Emma are set to perform the tango again but are interrupted yet again by Spencer, who throws sand bags on the stage. It is eventually revealed that Cameron's brother, Jake is alive. Weeks later, Laura hears a scream coming from down stairs and goes to what happened and sees Cameron, with a mask on his face, on the floor holding his head. Jake tells Laura that Cameron fell but Cameron said that Jake pushed him by accident because he didn't like his Halloween mask.


Cameron hugs his mom when she gets home

On Halloween, Cameron is seen with his brothers and Jason about to go trick or treating in football costumes. When Jake asks where the candy comes from, Cameron tells him that they go door to door and Jake asks how they know that the people won't hurt them, to which Cameron responds "what?" but Jason tells him that no one is getting hurt because he will be with them the whole time. Just then Elizabeth walks in and they all go trick or treating. He is seen coming home from trick or treating with his family. It is also revealed that last Halloween, Cameron helped himself to Aiden's Halloween candy. After talking to Jason, Elizabeth asks Cameron and Jake if they would be okay with Jake adopting them after they get married. Cameron says yes and so does Jake but he again says that Jake doesn't have to adopt him because he's already his son. Elizabeth soon puts a stop to the conversation.


Cameron, Jake, Aiden and Liz

In November, he is seen rehearsing what he is going to say at the wedding. Later on, he is seen getting ready with his brothers. Afterwards, Patrick walks in and tells Elizabeth that Cameron and Felix are outside and that Cameron wanted her to know that the limo is the coolest thing he has ever seen. At the church, Jake mentions that Cameron is in the choir loft. At the church, he is seen with his brothers writing in the guest book, when Felix walks up and takes away the pen. The boys start getting impatient so Epiphany takes them out to the courtyard to play.


The Spencer boys at the wedding

They are then seen in the church at their seats when they hear music, which they think means the wedding is starting, so they go to the bridal room and drag their mom out. When they get out there, they wonder why Jake isn’t there yet. To keep the out of the way, Patrick sends them to their seats. They return a few minutes later ask their mom when the wedding is going to start and Elizabeth says not yet. Seeing that they are getting more impatient, Epiphany interjects and offers to take them to get ice cream with Felix and Sabrina. On Thanksgiving, Elizabeth tells Monica that Cameron and Aiden decided to spend the day with her Gram.


Hugging Jason

On Christmas, Cameron and his brothers talk about what they want for Christmas. Then Elizabeth pulls out the Christmas stockings and they hang them. Then the boys wonder if Jason is going to be there and Elizabeth says she doesn't know because Jason is in jail. Afterwards, Elizabeth sits the boys down and tells them the real story of Christmas. After the story, Jason shows up with presents for the boys. Jake asks if he home for good so Jason sits the boys down and tells them they have the best mom and that he loves them and will see them a lot but he can't stay. Later on, the boys go see Santa.

On January 8, 2016, Laura states that Cameron and Aiden are staying with Audrey.


At Shriners

On February 4, Jason brings Cameron to General Hospital to comfort his mother after Jake got hit by a car again. Cameron tells Jason that when Jake came back he didn't feel like his brother but now he does. He asks Jason if it's to late for them to be brothers again and Jason says no. After his family's house blew up, he moved into Wyndemere with his mother and brothers. Since his brother Jake needs special care at a hospital out of state, Cameron and Aiden will be staying with Audrey. On February 29, Nikolas brings Cameron and Aiden to visit Jake at Shriners Hospital in Philly. Cameron and Aiden also tell their mom that Spencer sold bow ties to raise money for Shriners. It is also revealed that they are now staying at Wyndemere, not Audrey's. It is later revealed that Cameron and Aiden were playing in the playroom at the hospital and later on, Jake and Danny join them.

On June 22, it was revealed that he and his family are now living at The Brownstone.

On Halloween 2016, Cameron, Jake, Aiden and their mom went trick or treating and then he and Aiden went to a party.

In December, Elizabeth takes Cameron, Jake and Aiden iceskating. On Christmas Eve, Cameron is seen at GH with his brothers, his mom, grandma Laura, Franco, Danny and Monica. Afterwards, Cameron and the boys listen to Monica tell the story of Christmas.


Food fight with Spencer

On June 7, 2017, Cameron is seen at GH with his mother because soccer got cancelled. Later on, his aunt Hayden shows up and offers to take him for the day. Then his cousin Spencer shows up and the two bicker a little bit before they go out with Hayden. She takes them to get a treat at the coffee kiosk but things get out of hand when they start arguing about Emma and that's when Spencer starts a food fight, which turns into a full on throwing match, that is stopped their grandma Laura.

On March 1, 2018, Cameron is seen at his mother's failed wedding to Franco.


Teenage Cam

On the 4th of July, Cameron met his mother’s oldest friend, Dr. Terry Randolph, then he went to the park where he invaded Oscar and Josslyn’s time to watch the fireworks. He shows an interest in Joss and Oscar becomes slightly uncomfortable because of that.

In August, Cameron was arrested for shoplifting but no charges were pressed. His mother did ground him though. After this incident Cameron and his mother's relationship has been slightly rocky. Cameron also has shows his annoyance and dislike of Franco.

Near the end of 2018, Cameron gets caught for buying marijuana for the terminally ill Oscar and goes to court. He is put on probation and will have to do community service.

In March 2019, after being angry at Elizabeth for marrying Franco (who was in prison for murdering three people and attacking Lulu), Cameron, Josslyn, Oscar, and Trina go to Niagara falls and Oscar has a seizure due to his brain tumor. Cameron also runs into Ryan Chamberlain, the real killer who framed Franco and was trying to elope with Ava at the time. He gets away from him luckily and because of this, he missed his community service. His punishment for this is losing his driving permit and he will still have to do community service. Meanwhile, Ryan is defeated and Franco is released.


Cam reassures his little brother Aiden

On April 16, Cameron get in a fight with another student because he called Aiden "Gayden." He also proceeds to say that he wants Aiden to be less gay so that its easier for him. This upsets Elizabeth and Franco.

On April 29 (shown on May 1), Oscar died in his sleep and Cameron is one of those who is left devastated.

On August 6, Cameron saw a man on the ground and asked if he was okay. Sadly, that man turned out to be Hank "Shiloh" Archer who kidnapped him at gunpoint and took him to 721 Dewitt where he ordered Dr. Arthur Cabot to implant Andrew Cain's memories into Cameron. Franco later found Cameron and Shiloh pulled a gun on him and Franco said that if they let Cameron go then they can use him instead. Cabot agreed because there was a better chance of the procedure working in an adult rather than a child so Shiloh reluctantly agreed as well. Cameron was duct taped to the wall while Franco told him to tell his mom he loves her and that he'll be back as Cameron was crying. Cabot knocked Franco out with the sedative and performed the procedure to implant Drew's memories in Franco and as the process was ongoing Drew and Curtis bust the door down and rescued Cameron. Drew attacked Shiloh and pulled his gun on Cabot and threatened to kill him and Cabot explained that the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed but there was a chance it may not work. Cabot and Shiloh's hands were tied up behind their backs as Elizabeth and Detective Harrison Chase showed up. Chase arrested Shiloh first and Cabot asked Drew to untie him so he can take off the equipment on Franco.

At the hospital, Cameron got a checkup before giving the police his statement on what happened. Cameron and Drew had a heart to heart before he checked in on Franco, who was unconscious from the procedure. Cabot had been taken into custody and Cameron saw Shiloh and Drew talking. Cameron was furious and went to attack Shiloh and he threatened him but was restrained by Drew who told the police officer to get Shiloh out of there. Drew calmed Cameron down and told him that Shiloh will pay but they have to do it the right way. He consoled him by saying they needed a lot less "Shilohs" in the world and more "Cameron Webbers."

Crimes Committed

  • Accidentally set his house on fire when he was playing with matches; his brother was trapped inside but their mother saved him [Jan 11, 2008]
  • Accidentally started a fire at Wyndemere when he knocked a paper bag into a candle; the fire severely injured his cousin, Spencer [Feb 23, 2015]
  • Destruction of property and assault; made a mess in the coffee kiosk by engaging in a food fight with Spencer [Jun 7, 2017]
  • Stole a pair of earbud headphones [Aug 10, 2018; grounded as a result]
  • Got into a fight with Oscar over Josslyn [Sep 12, 2018]
  • Attempted to purchase drugs from a drug dealer [Dec 18, 2018, On Jan 9, 2019, he was sentenced to a 1-year probation, community service, and drug consuling as a result]
  • Fought with other students at school over Franco [Feb 12, 2019]
  • Had to surrender his learner permit [Mar 29, 2019]
  • Fought with a student who insulted his brother, Aiden [Apr 16, 2019]
  • Kicked Shiloh in the stomach in self-defense [Aug 7, 2019]
  • Assaulted Shiloh and threatened to kill him [Aug 9, 2019]

Health and Vitals

  • Suffered from minor smoke inhalation after a house fire [Aug 2005]
  • Terrorized by two armed goons, in the park, under the orders of Sam McCall [Aug 2007]
  • Rendered unconscious and suffered minor injuries in a bus crash [Jan 2011]
  • Suffers from asthma [revealed Nov 2011]
  • Hit his head when he was pushed into a shelf by his brother, Jake [revealed Oct 2015]
  • Assaulted; had ice cream thrown in his face by Spencer following an argument over Emma [Jun 7, 2017]
  • Had food and other objects thrown at him by Spencer as he and Spencer were engaged in a food fight [Jun 7, 2017]
  • Assaulted by Oscar and got into a fight with him over Josslyn [Sep 12, 2018]
  • Sustained bruises on his face after fighting other students at school over Franco [Feb 12, 2019]
  • Kidnapped at gunpoint by Shiloh and held hostage by him and Arthur Cabot [Aug 6-9, 2019; saved by Drew and Curtis]
  • Almost attacked by Shiloh [Aug 7, 2019]
  • Nearly had Drew Cain's memories transferred onto him by Cabot under Shiloh's orders [Aug 7-8, 2019; Franco took his place instead]
  • Duct taped to a wall and assaulted by Shiloh [Aug 8-9, 2019]

Family tree


Photo gallery

  • Elizabeth finds out she's pregnant
  • Cameron's feet during an ultrasound
  • Watching the ultrasound
  • Belly
  • Everyone watching Cameron's ultrasound
  • Jason feels Cameron kick
  • Baby Cameron returns with his mother Elizabeth
  • Cameron meets Jason
  • Cameron, Lucky (Vaughan), and Elizabeth
  • Cameron and Elizabeth
  • Cameron with his mom and dad
  • Cameron after the fire
  • Cameron (Bagga) says goodbye
  • Cameron with his father, Lucky (Vaughan)
  • Cameron, Elizabeth, and Lucky
  • "You're going to be a big brother." (Cameron and Elizabeth)
  • Cameron with his father, Lucky
  • Cameron feels Jake kick
  • Cameron with his mother, Elizabeth
  • Cameron meets his new baby brother, Jake
  • Cameron with his mom, brother and Jason
  • Cameron with his mother and brother at the cabin
  • Park
  • Cameron with Jake, his mom, Liz and uncle Steve
  • Cam meets Aiden
  • Cameron and his family
  • Cam with his mother and brothers
  • Cam with brother Aiden, his mom and dad
  • Cameron with his mom and uncle Steve before the bus crash
  • Cameron and Morgan before the bus crash
  • Cameron unconscious
  • Cameron and his uncle Steve
  • Arriving at the hospital with Matt and Maxie
  • Cam reunites with his parents after the bus crash
  • Cameron and Jake (after the bus crash)
  • Hugging Jake
  • Cam with his mother and brothers
  • Cameron with his father, Lucky (Jackson)
  • Cam hugs his dad goodbye
  • Cameron with his mom, brother and grandma
  • Cameron hugs his grandma Laura
  • Cameron hugs his aunt Lulu
  • With family
  • Watching grandma Laura and Scott get married
  • Liz and Cam (as Woody) on Halloween
  • Cameron with his uncle Nikolas, aunt Lulu, and cousins Spencer and Rocco
  • Cameron with Spencer and Emma
  • Cameron, Emma, Spencer and Heather
  • Cameron and his cousin, Spencer
  • Cameron and Emma
  • Ric finds Cameron after he runs away
  • Cameron with his mom and Ric
  • Cameron attends Emma's dance recital
  • Cameron and Emma arrive on the red carpet
  • Cameron and Emma at the Nurses' Ball
  • Cameron and Emma perform
  • Cameron with Emma and Spencer at camp
  • Cameron with his "girlfriend", Emma and his mom, Elizabeth on a team with other kids
  • Cameron, Emma and Josslyn
  • Cam with Emma, Spencer and Joss on Beggar's Night
  • Cam and Emma on Beggar's Night
  • Cameron gets milkshakes with Emma, Joss and Spencer
  • Cameron and Jason
  • Cam receives a kiss from Emma at the GH Christmas party
  • Cameron and Elizabeth
  • Cameron tells his mom about starting the fire
  • Liz reassures Cameron
  • Cameron asks Ric to be his lawyer
  • Cameron and Emma at the Nurses' Ball
  • Cameron and Emma perform
  • Cameron wearing a monster mask
  • Cameron is hurt
  • Cameron, Jake and grandma Laura
  • Cameron and grandma Laura
  • Cameron, Jake, Aiden and Jason dressed as football players for Halloween
  • Brothers Cameron and Aiden
  • "Happy family"
  • Cam, Jake and Liz
  • Cam and Emma
  • Cameron and his brothers, Jake and Aiden
  • Cameron with his mom and brothers
  • Getting their mother for the wedding
  • Cameron with his mom and brothers on Christmas
  • Cameron with his mom, brothers and Jason on Christmas
  • Cameron surprises his mom at the hospital
  • Cameron gives his mom a card for Jake
  • Cameron and Jason talk about Jake
  • Cameron and Aiden talk to their mom at the hospital
  • Brothers Cameron and Aiden
  • Brothers Cameron and Jake
  • The Webber boys at the hospital
  • The Webber boys with Jason
  • Cameron with his brothers, his mom and Franco
  • Christmas presents
  • Cameron with Jake, Danny, Aiden and his grandma
  • Cameron with Jake, Danny and Aiden
  • Brothers Cameron and Jake
  • Cameron and his aunt Hayden
  • Cameron, his mom and aunt
  • Cameron, Spencer and Hayden
  • Fighting with Spencer
  • Scolded by Laura
  • Thanksgiving 2017
  • Cameron with his mom at her and Franco's failed wedding
  • Cameron and his mom
  • Cameron with Josslyn and Oscar
  • Cameron and Oscar
  • Cameron and Josslyn
  • Chase brings Cam to the PCPD
  • Cameron is grounded
  • "You're ruining my life!"
  • Cameron with Jake, Aiden and Franco
  • Cameron is mean to Aiden
  • Cameron and Jake
  • Cam impulsively kisses his friend Josslyn
  • Cam hugs his mom
  • Cam getting punched by Oscar
  • Cameron with Josslyn on Halloween
  • Cameron and his brothers during the holidays
  • Cam reassures his little brother Aiden
  • Cameron comforts Josslyn
  • Cam sees the message on Aiden's tablet
  • Cam at his grandma's inauguration


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