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Cameron Webber and Josslyn Jacks are fictional characters and popular couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.

The two became a popular pairing before they ever officially dated. They have since started dating in July 2021.


In June 2014, Cameron went to camp with Emma, Josslyn, and Spencer. He and Emma were "dating" at the time. On Beggars night 2014, Cameron, Emma and her dad Patrick go see Sam McCall and then the four of them go to Wyndemere to see Spencer and Josslyn, who is there as well. A couple weeks later, Cameron meets "Jake" aka Jason Morgan. He then has milkshakes with Spencer, Emma, and Josslyn. On Christmas, Cameron is at General Hospital with Emma, Spencer, and Josslyn and gets scared by Dr. Liesl Obrecht. He also receives a kiss from Emma.

In 2015, Cameron goes to Spencer's birthday party, where he and Emma "break up" and he starts "dating" Josslyn (but they have since broken up as well).

On the 4th of July, 2018, Cameron met his mother’s oldest friend, Dr. Terry Randolph, then he went to the park where he invaded Oscar and Josslyn’s time to watch the fireworks. He shows an interest in Josslyn and Oscar becomes slightly uncomfortable because of that.

Cameron kisses Josslyn for the first time (2018)

In September 2018, Oscar has a seizure and is hospitalized where he finds out he has a brain tumor. Josslyn is waiting on a bench in the park with Cameron to celebrate her one year anniversary with Oscar. Cameron argues with Josslyn and then confesses his feelings for her before he kisses her. She pushes him away and says Oscar is her boyfriend but Cameron asks why Oscar isn’t there. Oscar later breaks up with Josslyn to spare her the grief. Josslyn pretends to date Cameron to make Oscar jealous.

Cam and Joss kiss (2018)

On November 28, Cameron and Josslyn kiss before she mentions Oscar. Cameron realizes she still likes Oscar.

In March 2019, after being angry at Elizabeth for marrying former serial killer Franco, Cameron, Josslyn, Oscar, and Trina go to Niagara Falls and Oscar has a seizure due to his brain tumor.

On April 29 (shown on May 1), Oscar died in his sleep and Cameron is one of those who is left devastated.

On August 12, it was revealed that the mind mapping procedure worked on Franco so now he believes he is Chief Andrew Cain. Cameron felt awful and blamed himself but Trina and Josslyn consoled him by saying that it was Shiloh and Cabot's fault.

On October 31, before Cameron went to the Halloween party on the Haunted Star, he swiped some alcohol from Sonny's house and put it in a plastic bottle. He later revealed this to Josslyn who ended up agreeing to drink with him. They later got drunk at the Halloween party and were found by Dev and Trina, however Lulu and Dustin Phillips caught Joss and Cameron and later called Elizabeth, who later took him to the hospital while she could finish her shift. Eventually, the next day, Cameron went to talk to Sonny who gave him a talking to and a lecture about making the right or wrong choices.

On November 25, Cameron, Josslyn, Trina, and Dev were all in detention, even though Trina and Dev did not do anything wrong. They were bored so they began sharing secrets with each other which led to Dev slipping up about the story he was supposed to stick to when it came to his identity. Cameron and Trina grew suspicious so Dev finally confessed that his name is not Devin Corbin, it's Dev Cerci and that he is actually from Turkey. He revealed that he is in the country illegally and that if they discovered his true identity then he will be deported which cannot happen. Dev, Cameron, Trina, and Joss make a pact to never bring this up again.

On New Year's Eve, Cameron finally got off his year-long probation so he and Trina celebrated together before Dev and Josslyn showed up. They also noticed that Josslyn was acting strange and had a hunch that she was into Dev.

On February 19, 2020, Cameron and Trina were at Kelly's and they had been planning to attend the winter dance to make Josslyn notice them since Cameron was into her. Cameron admits that he has liked Josslyn since he was fake dating her to make Oscar jealous. He didn’t want to ask Josslyn out after her boyfriend just died so he hasn’t said anything.

On March 10, Cameron and Josslyn went to Taggert's memorial to support Trina. Taggert had supposedly died saving Cameron and Trina who were held hostage by Cyrus’ men.

Cam and Joss kiss as Dev watches (2020)

On October 5, Josslyn and Cameron kiss during a party on the Haunted Star as Dev walks in on them.

On July 2, 2021, Josslyn confronts Cameron after finding out he read her journal. He says the late Dev read an entry that said he was a bad kisser. Josslyn kisses Cameron to prove him wrong. Within a week, they are officially dating.