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The Campus Disco was a local nightclub in the city of Port Charles from 1979 - 1981.


This popular establishment was run by Luke Spencer and Roy DiLucca. Frank Smith used this place as a cover for a money-laundering racket. Richard Simmons hosted an exercise class here. This is also where Luke Spencer raped his future wife Laura Webber.

After Luke and Laura went on the run from Frank Smith, Susan Moore took over the management of the Campus Disco with Alan Quartermaine acting as her silent partner. The two soon began an affair.

The Campus Disco eventually closed in 1981 as Disco music was going out of style and Susan had temporarily left town to give birth to Alan's son Jason in New York City.

In May 18, 2016, Laura returns here with Kevin Collins while searching for clues that Helena left in her will. After she finds Scott Baldwin’s old law book in Wyndemere, Laura and Kevin decides to investigate at the Campus Disco.

They pretend to be interested buyers and a realtor shows them the Campus Disco. Laura remembers the night Luke raped her but doesn’t regret their marriage or children.

After looking for clues, Laura finds an envelope stapled under a desk with a blank piece of paper inside. She suspects Helena sent her here on purpose to bring back bad memories.

Laura and Kevin pass on making an offer and the realtor says that the owners don’t accept offers anyway. Laura asks who the owners are and discovers they are Lloyd and Lucy Johnson but no contact information is available.

Laura tells Kevin that Lloyd and Lucy Johnson were fake names that she and Luke used in Beechers Corners. Kevin suggests they should go there next and Laura agrees.