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Carlos Rivera
CarlosRiveraJVP 1.png
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Duration 2013-16
First appearance September 19, 2013
Last appearance July 20, 2016
Cause/reason Appeared in Julian's hallucination
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Gender Male
Born March 22, 1972[1]
Puerto Rico
Died 7:06 am, May 13, 2016
General Hospital
Port Charles, New York
Age 44 (at death)
Cause of death Blood loss after being stabbed three times in the stomach by Julian
Occupation Mobster/Hitman for the Jerome mob family

Carlos Francisco Rivera[1] was a fictional character from the ABC daytime drama General Hospital. He is the identical twin of Dr. Joe Rivera.

He was portrayed by actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise from September 19, 2013 to July 20, 2016.

In 2016, Carlos was murdered by mob boss, Julian Jerome. At the time of his death, he was married to the late, Nurse Sabrina Santiago (alive at the time of Carlos death, but later killed by Paul Hornsby- the GH killer) and they shared a son together by the name of Teddy Rivera, whom Sabrina tells Tracy Quartermaine, was named after the late, Edward Quartermaine.


The casting was officially confirmed by Access Hollywood on August 28, 2013.[7] Parise filmed his first scenes on August 27, 2013, and his first air date was slated for mid[8] or late September 2013.[9]

He made his debut on September 19, 2013.

Carlos is a man from Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo)'s past and his introduction causes trouble for Sabrina's romance with Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).

As stated by Soap Opera Digest, Carlos Rivera's character also had ties to the criminal world.[10]

On May 18, 2015, the character was killed off and his departure was officially confirmed by executive producer Frank Valentini.[11]

He appeared on-screen until October 16, 2015.

He is seen on October 30, 2015 by Anna however his appearance may or may not have been just a hallucination.

On November 23, 2015, he is shown to be alive and not just a figment of Anna's imagination, when he shows up at Sabrina's apartment.[12] We later learn he faked his own death with the help of Paul Hornsby.

On May 11, 2016, he was stabbed with a dagger by Julian Jerome.[13][14][15] He made his last appearance on May 13, 2016, when the character was pronounced dead.

On June 24, 2016, almost 1 month after being declared dead, he appeared onscreen in the form of a hallucination to Julian Jerome, which continued off and on until July 20, when the hallucinations stopped. On July 20, Parise returned as Carlos' estranged twin brother Joe Rivera.


Carlos arrives

Carlos shows up in Port Charles at Felix DuBois and Sabrina Santiago's apartment asking if she lives there. He goes to the hospital, where a nurse tells him & Felix that Sabrina is taking care of Emma Drake, the daughter of Dr. Patrick Drake. Carlos convinces the nurse to give him Patrick's address, where he finds Sabrina. There, it's revealed that he's Sabrina's ex-boyfriend from Puerto Rico. He kisses her & tells her he came to Port Charles on a job offer, but also to win Sabrina back. Sabrina refuses, reminding him they broke up because he refused to support her dream of becoming a nurse. Carlos says he's changed, but Sabrina tells him she has too, and she's now dating Patrick. Carlos sees a picture of Patrick, Emma, and his late wife, Robin, and tells Sabrina he might be holding onto Robin. Carlos leaves, but tells Sabrina he's not giving up on her. Later, he meets his employer, Julian Jerome.

Carlos forces a kiss on Sabrina

Carlos tries to undermine Sabrina & Patrick's relationship by claiming that Patrick will hold onto Robin, and never love Sabrina the way he does. Sabrina, though, stays committed to Patrick, and the two eventually become engaged. Carlos still tries to get Sabrina back. One day, he comes upon an alive Robin in the hospital lab, and tells Sabrina. She discredits him, however, and says to leave her & Patrick alone. On their wedding day, though, Robin shows up alive, and Sabrina runs away in tears. She ends up finding Carlos, and he lets her stay at his place for the night. The next day, Patrick finds Sabrina & Carlos together, and after Sabrina leaves, he punches Carlos and threatens him to stay away from Sabrina.

Carlos forces another kiss on Sabrina

Meanwhile, Carlos stirs up trouble for local mob boss Sonny Corinthos by sabotaging his business on Julian's orders, who is looking to get ahold of Sonny's territory. Sonny eventually finds out about Carlos, and grabs him along with his enforcer, Shawn Butler, who want to use him to send a message to Julian. Sonny and Shawn bring Carlos to a cemetery, intending to kill & bury him. Carlos then claims he's the illegitimate half-brother of Sonny's late wife, Lily Rivera Corinthos, so Sonny won't kill him. Carlos is kept in captivity, and Sonny eventually finds out his claim to be Lily's brother is false. He tries to get out of the warehouse by taking TJ Ashford, Shawn's ward, hostage. However, Julian shows up, and a gun fight breaks out, and Carlos is shot by Sonny. He makes his way over to Sabrina's place, where she is able to stitch him up.

Carlos after he confesses

Meanwhile, Carlos finds out Patrick left Sabrina and went back to Robin, but he says he's sorry to see Sabrina hurt when she accuses him of enjoying the fact that Patrick is gone. Meanwhile, Felix comes back, and is not happy to see that Carlos is a fugitive hiding out in his place. Later on, though, Sabrina finds out she's pregnant, and Felix becomes intent on Sabrina telling Patrick, something Sabrina refuses to do. Carlos finds out about Sabrina's pregnancy, and offers to raise the child with Sabrina, even though it's Patrick's. Patrick shows up soon after, finding out about Sabrina's pregnancy from Felix. When Patrick says that he'll help Sabrina out, Carlos tells him he doesn't need to because Sabrina is pregnant with his child, not Patrick's. In February, Sabrina tells Patrick the truth and then tells Carlos that he doesn't get to be her baby's father. On April 28, Carlos confesses to murdering A.J.

Carlos reunites with Sabrina

Carlos returns on August 29, where Sabrina tells him that the baby died after being born premature following a car accident caused by Rafe Kovich, Jr.. She also mentions that someone told Rafe to deliberately run Patrick, a pregnant Sabrina, and Emma off the road. Carlos tells her that Ava may have put Rafe up. In December, Carlos is released after Sonny is revealed to be A.J.'s killer. He is currently working for Johnny Zacchara as part of the Port Charles Mob Alliance. It is revealed that Carlos was holding Ric Lansing in a trunk and was going to kill him when Johnny orders the hit. After Johnny ordered the hit, Carlos prepares to kill Ric, but Shawn and Jordan Ashford arrive and hold him at gunpoint. Carlos surrenders and Ric is saved. He later arrives at Jerome Gallery to inform Julian and Fluke that Jordan betrayed them by helping Shawn save Ric. "Fluke" then commands Julian to take Jordan out.

Carlos shoots Ava

On January 6, "Fluke" commands Carlos to kill Julian. So, Carlos goes to Julian's apartment and holds him at gunpoint. On January 7, Carlos orders Julian to falsely confess to Anthony Zacchara's murder or else he'll kill him. Julian is forced to do so. On January 29, Carlos and Johnny are ordered by "Fluke" to take out Sonny, Julian, Franco, and Ava when they escape from Pentonville. Carlos corners Ava on a bridge and shoots her in the shoulder. Ava attempts to lunge at Carlos, but Carlos holds the gun. Ava backs up and falls off the bridge. Johnny shows up, having been shot by Julian in the shoulder, and they retreat. Carlos brings Johnny to Sabrina's apartment and she reluctantly bandages Johnny's wound. Det. Nathan West and the police show up, and Carlos and Johnny hide. Carlos is captured, but Johnny manages to escape. Carlos is arrested and swears that Sabrina was not a willing accomplice in helping them.

Carlos "dies" after being shot multiple times by Anna

Calos is eventually sent to kill Duke Lavery and after two prior attempts, he succeeds. During a struggle for a gun, Carlos shoots Duke in the stomach. Duke later dies in the hospital. After shooting Duke, Carlos runs to Sabrina again and lies to her by saying that he needs a place to hide because of his impending court date on the charges for Ava's "death". She agrees to hide him and it is revealed that Sabrina broke up with him. Later, Carlos goes to the pier where he is confronted by Anna Devane. Anna avenges Duke's death by shooting Carlos to death. After his death, Carlos starts to haunt Anna but it eventually stopped.

Carlos is happy that he's the baby's father

In October, a body thought to Carlos' was found floating in the harbor by Dillon and Maxie. It was also implied that Carlos and Sabrina had sex before he died so her baby could possibly be his. On October 30, while Anna is walking on pier 54 she sees Carlos and chases after him. However it turns out that he was just in her head and was not really there. On November 23, he was revealed to be alive as he shows up at Sabrina's apartment which causes her to faint when she see him since she thought he was dead. On December 3, it was revealed that Sabrina is at least 26 weeks pregnant so the baby has to be Carlos' and he overhears Sabrina and Felix talking about it. Later on, Sabrina confirms with Carlos that he is the father and that she wants nothing to do with him and he will not be a part of the baby's life. She ends up going to the police station to turn him in but after the baby kicks, she changes her mind.

On January 13, 2016, Carlos meet Paul on the docks and later he convinces Sabrina to leave town with him. On January 20, Carlos and Sabrina are hiding in a cabin and he gets angry with her when he finds out that she has talked to Felix. Days later, he arranged for Sabrina to see a doctor, but once he sees Anna and Robert are at the doctors, he decides against going and the two of them go back to the cabin. While at the cabin, Sabrina goes into labor and Carlos delivers a silent baby. When Robert and Anna finally make it to the cabin, Carlos, Sabrina and the baby are gone. Months later, Calos is seen talking on the phone with Paul.

In April, Carlos was located at a convent and was apprehended by Sonny and Anna, who brought him to the PCPD. Carlos told Julian he better hire him a good attorney or else he will turn Julian in. Alexis agreed to represent Carlos on Julian's behalf.

In May, Carlos was being transferred to another prison when the prison van crashed. Carlos escaped after stabbing Dante in the shoulder with a pen. Carlos ran into Anna on a pier and they got into a fight that ended with Carlos knocking Anna out by throwing use against a wall. Carlos locked Anna up in a meat locker and called Julian for help. Julian came and gave Carlos an envelope of money. He then moved in to give Carlos a goodbye hug and stabbed him with Helena Cassadine's dagger. Carlos fell to his knees and Julian kicked him into the water. Michael found Carlos floating in the water and pulled him out. Carlos begged for help, but Michael wouldn't help him until he told him where Sabrina and the baby are. Carlos passed out after saying Michael and his father can go to hell. Michael calls the paramedics and Carlos is taken to GH where it is revealed that he had lost to much blood and won't make it to surgery. Carlos died soon after his last rites were performed.

In June, Carlos appeared to Julian in the form of a hallucination.

Crimes Committed

  • Destroyed Sonny's shipment under the orders of Julian Jerome [Sep 2013]
  • Knocked out Sonny's security guard, and trashed a Corinthos warehouse under the orders of Julian Jerome [Oct 2013]
  • Held Morgan Corinthos at gunpoint and threatened to kill him under the orders of Julian Jerome [Oct 2013]
  • Shot and killed one of Sonny's employees [Dec 2013]  
  • Held TJ Ashford hostage and threatened to kill him [Dec 2013]
  • Claimed he was the father of Sabrina's baby when he wasn't [Jan 2014]
  • Attempted to murder A.J. Quartermaine under the orders of Ava Jerome [Feb 2014]
  • Illegally purchased a firearm from an uncertified gun dealer
  • Was arrested for the murder of A.J. Quartermaine [Apr 2014]
  • Threatened to kill Ava Jerome in the middle of the police station if he found out she was the one behind the car accident that cause Sabrina Santiago to go into premature labor [Apr 2014]
  • Falsely confessed to the murder of A.J. Quartermaine after being blackmailed by Ava Jerome to do so (Sonny was the killer) to protect Sabrina and her son [Apr 29, 2014]
  • Worked for Johnny Zacchara as part of the Port Charles Mob Alliance [Dec 12, 2014-Feb 10, 2015]
  • Manhandled Carly Corinthos-Jacks [Dec 12, 2014]
  • Almost shot and killed Ric Lansing under Johnny Zacchara's orders (Shawn and Jordan stopped him) [Dec 23, 2014]
  • Held Julian Jerome at gunpoint with the intent to kill him under Luke's orders [Jan 6-7, 2015]
  • Ordered Julian to falsely confess to Anthony Zacchara's murder or else he had to kill him [Jan 7, 2015]
  • Along with Johnny, caused the car accident that injured Sonny, Julian, Ava, and Franco under the orders of Luke [Jan 30, 2015; revealed Feb 2, 2015]
  • Fired multiple shots at Sonny and Julian [Feb 2, 2015]
  • Held Ava Jerome at gunpoint with intent to kill her under Luke's orders [Feb 2-3, 2015]
  • Shot Ava in the shoulder [Feb 3, 2015]
  • Knocked Ava off a bridge [Feb 3, 2015]
  • Hid from Det. Nathan West [Feb 10, 2015]
  • Engaged in a gun battle with Duke and his men [Mar 11, 2015]
  • Stalked Duke Lavery and planned to kill him under Julian's orders [Mar 16-17, 2015; Carlos stopped when Duke entered the Metro Court]
  • Almost shot Duke under Julian's orders [Apr 24, 2015]
  • Shot and killed Duke Lavery under Julian's orders (he shot him in the stomach during a struggle for a gun) [May 1, 2015; shown on May 7, 2015; revealed May 8, 2015; Duke later died of blood loss in the hospital on May 2]
  • Duct-taped Sabrina Santiago to a chair [May 13, 2015]
  • Attempted to leave town via boat to avoid returning to prison (almost suceeded, but Anna stopped him) [May 10-13, 2015]
  • Faked his death with the help of Paul Hornsby [May 18-Nov 23, 2015; revealed Nov 23, 2015]
  • Manhandled a pregnant Sabrina Santiago [Dec 4, 2015]
  • Held Sonny Corinthos at gunpoint [Apr 12, 2016]
  • Attacked a priest for their gown [revealed Apr 2016]
  • Attacked Det. Dante Falconeri and stabbed him in the shoulder with a pen in the prisoner transfer vehicle [May 6, 2016]
  • Escaped [May 2016]
  • Hit Nathan in the head with a rock[16] [revealed May 10, 2016]
  • Got into a fight with Anna Devane [May 10, 2016]
  • Attacked Anna during the fight, knocked her out, and locked her in a meat locker [May 10, 2016]
  • Stole Anna's phone [revealed May 10, 2016]
  • Jumped into freezing water to hide from the police [May 11, 2016]

Health and Vitals

  • Treated at General Hospital for a wound on his shoulder [Sep 2013]
  • Punched and threatened by Patrick Drake [Dec 2013]
  • Dragged out of his own apartment by Sonny and Shawn and was taken against his will to the cemetery [Dec 2013]
  • Threatened at gunpoint by Sonny and Shawn unless he had information about Lily [Dec 2013]
  • Forced at gunpoint to dig a grave [Dec 2013]
  • Roughed up by Shawn Butler under the orders of Sonny Corinthos and held against his will in Sonny's warehouse [Dec 2013]
  • Shot in the arm by Sonny Corinthos [Dec 23, 2013]
  • While trying to kill AJ Quartermaine during a supposed "break-in", was hit over the head with a decanter by Tracy Quartermaine, causing a gash that required stitches (which Sabrina stitched up reluctantly) [Feb 2014]
  • Blackmailed by Ava Jerome [Apr 29, 2014]
  • Had his head slammed into a table by Drew Cain (aka Jake)(in defense of Carly) [Dec 12, 2014]
  • Held at gunpoint by Shawn and Jordan who were going to kill him unless he spared Ric Lansing's life [Dec 23, 2014]
  • Assaulted by Ava Jerome [Feb 2, 2015]
  • Strangled by Julian Jerome (he held him by the neck so he couldn't breath) [Mar 3, 2015]
  • Engaged in a gun battle with Duke and his men [Mar 11, 2015]
  • Almost got shot by Duke during a struggle for a gun [May 1, 2015; shown on May 7, 2015]
  • Presumed dead after being shot four times by Anna Devane [May 18, 2015; Carlos was revealed to be alive on Nov 23, 2015]
  • Attacked by Sonny [Apr 12, 2016]
  • Held at gunpoint by Sonny [Apr 12, 2016]
  • Shot in the shoulder by Sonny [Apr 13, 2016]
  • Attacked by Dr. Griffin Munro through his cell bars (Dr. Munro grabbed Carlos by the collar and shoved him up against the bars) [Apr 20, 2016]
  • Had a gun pulled on him by Anna Devane [May 10, 2016]
  • Got into a fight with Anna Devane [May 10, 2016]
  • Jumped into freezing water to hide from the police [May 11, 2016]
  • Stabbed three times with a dagger by Julian and kicked into the pier [May 11-12, 2016]
  • Died of blood loss after being stabbed by Julian [May 13, 2016]

Family tree


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