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Cassadine Industries, also know as, CI, is an international conglomerate headquartered in Port Charles and owned by the aristocratic Cassadine family.


This wealthy, international conglomerate was founded by the Cassadines in the late 70's as a front to cover for their dirty dealings. But the business took off and made its mark in the business realm.

It has been controlled by Mikkos Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, and Nikolas Cassadine among others. Nikolas is currently in charge of the business.

It is planned that when he becomes of age, Spencer Cassadine will take over the family business.

In December 2005, a single Cassadine Industries account was estimated to be worth $15 million at the time. As of May 2009, Cassadine Industries was estimated to be worth over $20 billion dollars.

In 2015, Helena and Victor Cassadine liquidated most of the company's assets in order to fund their personal needs. The company was almost in ruin. It was then that Nikolas took over control of ELQ International in order to have the funds needed to save the family industry.

Following Nikolas' presumed death in 2016, Valentin took over control of Cassadine Industries, which was on the brink of insolvency, and made it hugely valuable and profitable.

However, a secret codicil in Mikkos' will revealed that Valentin is not his son and thus unable to inherit any of the Cassadine family fortune.

When Nikolas was revealed to be alive in 2019, he regained control of the company and was reinstated as sole Cassadine heir. For Jasper Jacks help in his "rebirth" scheme, he agreed to give Jax control of Cassadine Shipping. Valentin was forced out, and he in turn decided to buy up control of ELQ and then became its CEO.

On May 13, 2021, Nikolas told Alexis that Cassadine Industries is in talks with the state to take Pentonville Penitentiary private, but these talks fell through.

In October 2021, Victor Cassadine was not only revealed to be alive, but he also revealed to Valentin that he was his father - if true, it leaves the fate of Cassadine Industries and Wyndemere Castle in the balance.

On January 4, 2022, The Invader published its first hit piece against Cassadine Industries. New publisher and owner Shawn Butler informed Nikolas and his wife Ava Cassadine that the new direction for the publication was to promote or expose issues of social or political relevance. His investigative team had uncovered an issue of bullying and relation accusation against a plant manager. Top CI management paid off both parties to circumvent further bad PR, with the condition that they sign an NDA.