Chase Wright
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General Hospital
Portrayed by Sean Blakemore
Duration 2003
First appearance November 3, 2003
Last appearance November 7, 2003
Cause/reason Left town soon after Sam McCall and Jasper Jacks gotten Their hands on the deadman hand
Gender Male
Occupation Con-artist

Chase Wright was a fictional character on ABC daytime Soap opera, General Hospital.

The role was originated by actor Sean Blakemore, who later returned to the series as Shawn Butler in 2011.


Chase Wright was portrayed by Sean Blakemore in 2003.

Chase Wright was a short stint character.

Sean Blakemore returned to General Hospital as a new character well known as Shawn Butler, who was his main character role in 2011 but he left the role in 2015, however he made a one-day return on November 19, 2015 and again on April 4, 2016.


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Chase Wright was Sam McCall ex-boyfriend and the only African American man Sam McCall ever been with on General Hospital.

Chase Wright was a con-artist and a thief.


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Chase Wright arrived in Port Charles

Durring a event that was held at the haunted star Chase made his way through the room full of unconscious people and steals the deadman hand but soon after guest wakes up Sam McCall gets a call from ex-boyfriend Chase Wright Saying that he has the deadman hand but want Sam to come his hotel room.

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Sam McCall and Chase Wright almost make love

Chase wants Sam to take off all her clothes to sleep with him but soon as they make love Jasper Jacks comes in and saves Sam from sleep with chase

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Sam McCall almost kissed Chase Wright

Sam arrived at the floating rib where Chase and Sam rekindle their romantic past and Jax walks in finds Sam with Chase and becomes jealous of them but assure Jax she putting on a act for Chase to fall for her charm but then Jax and Sam makes a deal with Chase for the deadman hand But Chase agrees to it they gamble where Chase lost and the deadman hand was gone because Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine stole them Jax and Sam tracked them down and the deadman hand.

It was unknown what happened to Chase Wright but he was written off.

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