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Christopher “Chris” Ramsey is a fictional character in the ABC daytime drama Port Charles.


Growing up as the son of a con artist and taking care of his brothers and sisters, they would stay in an expensive hotel on a good week and in a flophouse on a bad week. Initially interested in Julie Morris, she was interested in Frank Scanlon. He tried to blackmail Eve Lambert into helping him break them up, but she refused, so he took matter into his own hands, sending the blackmail proof that Julie lied to Frank.

Soon, Chris had an affair with Julie's mother, Nicole Devlin, who was using him as revenge against her husband Bennett.

He was then a suspect in the General Homicide murders, needled his nemesis Dr. Matt Harmon, and had a disastrous fling with Courtney Kanelos.

While an attending at Ferncliff, he learned about Julie's secret pregnancy. She was sent there after she was charged for murdering numerous people. Julie escaped from Ferncliff when she was about to give birth, and Chris delivered her baby. Julie named her Christina in his honor. Christina was eventually fostered by Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin, who hoped to adopt her, but they didn't know who the birth mother was. Julie was determined to get her baby back with Chris' help. She attempted to get released from Ferncliff by accusing Greg Cooper of having committed the murders, then brain washing her into thinking she was to blame. Dr. Rachel Locke believed Julie was telling the truth. Chris and Julie got married and worked on getting Christina back.

Chris initially married Julie because she promised him half of the DL-56 profits, but they fell in love for real. His heart was broken when she left town with Christina, leaving him behind with a "Dear John" letter. Having sworn revenge on Drs. Rachel Locke and Kevin Collins, Chris learned Livvie was Kevin's daughter. Chris manipulated others to expose the truth to her, then had an affair with her. This ended in disaster as well when she learned of his lies.

Around this time his maternal half-brother, Jack Ramsey arrived in town. They shared a mutual hatred.

Chris kidnapped Jack for experiments when he discovered his brother had strange blood work. The idea of vampirism and its profits excited Chris more than anything else, and he worked on a formula taken from the blood of several victims, including Jack and Gabriela Garza. Dr. Karen Wexler discovered him about to inject himself with the syringe, and in their struggle, she was jabbed with the needle instead. She began developing superpowers, not to mention an increased libido. The horrible side effect was that she would quickly age and die. Frank secretly made a deal that he would leave town if Chris (who wanted Karen) gave Karen the antidote. Lucy's angel cousin Rafe stepped in and managed to have Karen cured while reuniting Frank and Karen.

Chris was later named chief resident at GH after Karen's pill addiction cost her the job.

Chris always maintained a friendship and deep love for Eve Lambert. They trade wisecracks and reveal emotional secrets they never let others see. They've come close to making love - he even proposed to her once - but it wasn't meant to be.

Crimes Committed

  • Helped Julie Devlin escape Ferncliff
  • Blackmailed Eve Lambert into helping him break up Julie Morris and Frank Scanlon
  • Sent Frank a newspaper clipping about Julie and her family, which made Frank find out that Julie lied to him.
  • Did unauthorized research on vampire blood