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CoeCoe Cosmetics was a cosmetics company in New York City, New York in the 2010s.


In 2012, Felix becomes a friend of fellow nursing student Sabrina Santiago. He finds out that Sabrina has a crush on Dr. Patrick Drake, and that she has a meeting with him about the Nurses' Ball, so he tells her she needs a makeover and pulls lipstick out of his pocket.

After Sabrina puts on the lipstick however, it only embarrasses her when Patrick comes back because he tells her she has something on her teeth, the lipstick. Felix is interested in the Nurses' Ball and tells Sabrina to count him in with helping out. 

Lucy Coe, Felix DuBois, and Sabrina Santiago at CoeCoe Cosmetics (2012)

Felix sells cosmetics for CoeCoe Cosmetics and helps get Sabrina a meeting with Lucy Coe. Sabrina leaves her number with Lucy who later appears at General Hospital.

In December 2012, Lucy is under investigation for running a pyramid scheme within CoeCoe.

In January 2013, Lucy becomes co-CEO of ELQ and gains funding for the Nurse's Ball.

The company was bought by ELQ. It is assumed to be defunct since Lucy now runs Deception Cosmetics.