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The Compound Prison is a bunker prison located inside the Cassadine Compound, in Panopolis, in Crete, Greece.


On September 5, 2019, Andre Maddox revealed that Drew Cain found him and put him on a commercial flight. Drew continued on to Afghanistan to return Tex and Shiloh's money and on the way his plane disappeared. On September 9, the WSB confirmed the wreckage of his plane was found in the Gulf of Aden, but no bodies were found. The crew had fake documents. On September 10, Peter August was seen on the phone calling his contact confirming if they had taken care of Drew's plane. On October 9, Robert Scorpio revealed that the search for Drew found no survivors. He was officially declared dead in absentia by the WSB.


Drew Cain calls Sam McCall

Drew welcomes Valentin to "hell"

On August 16, 2021, Drew calls Sam from a foreign prison and she recognizes his voice.

On August 17, a guard named Russel catches Drew with a phone and tosses him back in his cell. Drew is seen bruised from a recent beating. Later Drew talks with Russel about "The Boss". This person rescued Drew from the water about two years ago and imprisoned him.[1] After Russel threatens Sam, Drew attacks the guard and steals a pen from him which he plans to use to pick his handcuffs.

On August 24, Drew was weak from another beating that he took and he had a hallucination of Sam and Scout. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again, he saw that Sam and Scout were gone but he saw a woman - a nurse named Chloe Jennings. Chloe told Drew not to die on her and she patched him up. Drew wondered why Chloe was working in the foreign prison and not a hospital or a clinic but Chloe said that she's not there by choice. She revealed that she was set to become a live-in nurse for a pregnant woman but after interviewing with the baby's father, she got jumped and was taken hostage. Drew called that the worst interview ever, he was disgusted that the man used an unborn baby as bait and he asked her if she had kids - she didn't, but she asked Drew if he had any and Drew told her that he has a little girl and that he's going home to her. Drew learned from Chloe that there was another prisoner - a woman, who screamed. Drew learned that Chloe didn't have handcuffs so he said that she could help him and the other prisoners escape. Chloe told Drew that they have her on a leash and that the guards didn't trust her, so Drew gave her the pen he stole from Russel and told her to tell the guards that she found it on him in order to gain their trust. Chloe was reluctant but Drew promised her that while he wasn't looking forward to another beating that he can handle it since he's a Navy SEAL. Drew told her that she can do this, so Chloe called the guards in and told them that she found the pen on Drew and that he was planning to escape. One guard thanked her for the heads-up before telling the other guard to get her out of there. Once the other guard and Chloe were out of the cell, the first guard told Drew that that was a stupid move before beating him up. Afterwards, the guard stepped out and revealed that he thinks Drew got the message. As for Drew, he was laying on his bed in pain from his latest beating before he saw Sam and Scout again. He promised Scout that he's coming home to her.

On September 14, Chloe checks on Drew's bruised ribs. She tells him she counted ten guards total from different nationalities. Chloe pushes her thumb into his ribs to draw a guard into the room with his yells. Drew kicks the guard in the face and runs out of the room with Chloe. She injects another guard with a syringe in the neck and shows Drew the keys she has to the car outside in the courtyard. Chloe escapes as Drew tackles two guards who catch him again.

On September 15, Drew tells Russel that he can see Russel isn't a True Believer unlike "The Boss". Russel is only holding Drew captive for the money. Drew also theorizes that "The Boss" is a Cassadine. Drew tells Russel that Chloe will head for the U.S. Consul or a luxury hotel.

On September 23, Anna receives word from the WSB that Chloe was found checked into a hospital facility in the U.S. Consul in Crete, Greece. Anna and Valentin visit Chloe at the U.S. Consul where Chloe is unconscious. Her doctor talks to Victor Cassadine (he's alive!) on the phone after Anna and Valentin leave and lets him know two people from the WSB were just there.

On September 28, Victor has his prisoner Liesl taken downstairs to the Compound Prison where she checks on Drew's injuries and updates him on what happened while he was gone. He finds out Peter and Victor are behind his kidnapping. Valentin hot on the trail in Greece, is rendered unconscious, only to also awaken in the prison the week of 10/4/21, sharing a cell with Drew. They exchange more information with each other - Drew finally learns he's been in Greece for 2 years, and hears about his daughter, and Valentin learns Victor Cassadine is alive and Peter's boss. Valentin is taken to Victor, who tells him that he knows Peter is not to be trusted and needs his help.

Valentin is left locked in a more opulent room in the Cassadine Compound, while Liesl and Drew are still on the prison level below. Victor reveals to Valentin that he knows Peter is a traitor and wants his help taking him down. He also reveals that he's Valentin's father, making him a true Cassadine. Meanwhile, Peter secretly activates Drew's conditioning, to get him to do his bidding. Drew, under the brainwashing, shoots at Robert and Anna at the Panopolis Taverna, getting a wound from a bullet graze. He wakes later in his cell, and Liesl is sent in to treat him. They realize he was conditioned by Peter, and Liesl offers insight as a neurologist on how to fight the conditioning - by thinking about his beloved daughter, Scout, and holding onto his memories of her.

Peter decides to reveal his double-crossing of the Cassadines, with Victor's guards turning on him, and he reveals that he activated Drew's brainwashing. The WSB interrupts by storming the compound. Peter goes to Drew, who attacks him. Drew then stops Russel about to kill Victor and Valentin, rescuing them, while Victor runs off. Drew and Valentin make a run for it, but Peter critically injures Valentin and Drew seemingly takes multiple gunshots and falls off a bridge into the water. Before he passes out and is airlifted to the U.S. Consul hospital, Valentin tells Anna that Liesl is also hostage there and needs rescuing.


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