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Corinth Outlet Mall
Corinth Outlet Mall (2021).jpg
Parking sign for the Corinth Outlet Mall (2021)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Strip mall
Notable people Elijah Crowe
Address Corinth, Pennsylvania

The Corinth Outlet Mall is a strip mall located in Corinth, Pennsylvania.


On March 11, 2021, Phyllis Caulfield mentions that Elijah Crowe built a strip mall in Corinth that is doing pretty good. Her husband Lenny refers to it as a ghost town and Phyllis says it was a beautiful area way back when until it started getting dangerous.

On May 18, 2021, Nina Reeves and "Mike" arrive in Corinth to investigate Elijah. Nina thinks the strip mall is boring and mundane. "Mike" suspects corruption as it is one of Elijah’s real estate acquisitions. Nina feels like the mall was dropped right in the middle of everything. She wonders where the local community went.

They take a look at the town and wind up at a park where they encountered a woman named Barb who told the two that crime there had been driving down the value of the town and putting local shops out of businesses due to their inability to compete with the businesses in more thriving nearby towns. As Sonny and Nina are about to head back to Nixon Falls, they suspect that Elijah is actually deliberately increasing the crime rate in the nearby Pennsylvania towns, with Corinth being one of his victims, so he can lower his value for his own financial gain.