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Sonny with his children, Dante, Morgan, Kristina, and Michael
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York
Years in PC 1993-present
Current region Port Charles, New York
(Gladys, Dante, Brando, Michael, Kristina, Rocco, Avery, Wiley, Donna)
Paris, France (Spencer)
Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania (Sonny)
Ethnicity American
Cuban (Sonny, Dante, Morgan, Kristina, Lila, Avery, Rocco, Donna)
Italian (Dante, Rocco)
Swedish (Kristina, Lila)
Russian (Kristina, Lila, Spencer)
English (Michael, Wiley)
Notable members Mike Corbin, Gladys Corbin, Sonny Corinthos, Lily Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos, Courtney Matthews, Johnny Zacchara, Dante Falconeri, Juan Santiago, Brando Corbin, Michael Corinthos, Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Morgan Corinthos, Dev Cerci, Spencer Cassadine, Rocco Falconeri, Avery Jerome-Corinthos, Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos, Donna Corinthos, Baby Gilmore-Corbin
Connected families Alcazar, Ashford, Barrett, Cassadine, Cerullo, Eckert, Falconeri, Jacks, Jerome, Jones, Lansing, McCall, Morgan, Quartermaine, Scorpio, Spencer, Webber, Westbourne, Zacchara
Known for Mob business
Greystone Manor
Greystone Manor 2020.jpg
Sonny in the renovated manor. (2020)
Estate Information
Purchased January 6, 2005[1]
Address 120 Shoreline Road
Port Charles, New York
Current residents Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Josslyn Jacks, and Donna Corinthos

The Corinthos family is a fictional family on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. The family is known for its involvement in organized crime.


Mobster Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. is the most well-known member of the Corinthos family. He is the son of Adela Corinthos and Mike Corbin, born Michael Corinthos Sr. According to Mike, there was a time in his life when he was in some money trouble with people looking for him. He then decided to change his name from Corinthos to Corbin.

While growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Mike left and divorced Adela when Sonny was a young age. Adela began an affair with Trevor Lansing, who was married at the time, and became pregnant with Sonny's brother, Ric Lansing. After Adela left Trevor she and Sonny were physically abused by her next husband Deke Woods who eventually murdered her.

Years later in 1993, Sonny came to Port Charles, being the owner of a strip club and Frank Smith’s right hand man. In 1994, Frank ordered Sonny to have Luke Spencer taken out. Sonny instead joined allegiances with Luke and they agreed to deal with Smith once and for all. When Sonny succeed in setting Frank up to be murdered he decided he would take over as head of Smith’s organization; a position he has held on and off for over a decade. In 1996, Sonny's father Mike, arrived in Port Charles as Luke’s personal driver. When Sonny discovered Mike was his father he wanted nothing to do with him and continually pushed Mike away. After much time, they managed to come to somewhat of an understanding.

Sonny also developed a rocky relationship with Carly Benson nevertheless, the two fell in love and first married in the year 2000. This leads Sonny to adopt Carly's son, Michael, who was also Sonny's namesake.

In 2001, Mike’s old flame Janine Matthews came to town, and was followed by her daughter Courtney Matthews. Janine revealed she and Mike had a fling in Vegas, and Courtney was the result. Mike had walked out on them just as he did with Sonny, but Janine told Courtney that Mike had died. Courtney then immediately reconciled with Mike and Sonny became a loving, but overly controlling brother. A few months later, Sonny discovered he had another sibling when Ric moved to Port Charles.

During Sonny’s tumultuous relationship with Carly, he had a one night stand with Alexis Davis which produced a daughter, Kristina. Due to the fear of Sonny's lifestyle as a known mob boss, Alexis prevented the true paternity of her daughter from becoming public for over a year.

In 2003, Sonny and Carly celebrated the birth of their own son Morgan whom they named after their best friend Jason Morgan. In 2004, Sonny had an affair with Sam McCall, who became pregnant. She decided to name the child Lila. In 2004, Kristina developed leukemia and Sonny found out that Kristina was his daughter. Kristina's only hope was to get the stem cells from Lila. Unfortunately, Sam went into early labor and baby Lila was stillborn. Lila’s stem cells were then used to save Kristina’s life and Sonny was overjoyed to learn that he still gained another daughter.

A few years later Courtney began an affair with Nikolas Cassadine and became pregnant. However when she contracted the encephalitis virus that was going around town in 2006, she dies right after giving birth to their son whom Nikolas later named Spencer. Mike was especially heartbroken at the loss of his daughter.

In 2009, Olivia Falconeri came to town and was followed by her son, Dante Falconeri. When Dante, a cop, infiltrated Sonny’s organization Olivia was forced to reveal Dante was their son from when they were teenagers in Bensonhurst. Dante was furious to learn that the infamous mob boss was his father, but both eventually formed a relationship. Dante and his mother then settled in Port Charles with Dante taking a job at the PCPD and eventually marrying Lulu Spencer. Together they now have a son whom they named Rocco.

In 2014, Sonny had a one-night-stand with Ava Jerome, which led to the birth of his third daughter, Avery Jerome-Corinthos. Today, Sonny and Carly have been remarried and divorced on three separate occasions. He has continued running the organized crime unit, while struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with his children.

On October 14, 2015, Sonny and Carly married for the fourth time. Sadly, in 2016, their son, Morgan was killed in a car bombing.

On June 28, 2018, Dante left town to work for the WSB and hunt down the man who tried to kill his wife. He was brainwashed while he worked undercover, which became evident when Sonny went to Turkey to find his son in March of 2019. After killing Lulu's assailant, Dante realized he had PTSD, divorced Lulu to keep her and the kids safe, and went to a WSB facility for deprogramming.

On September 30, 2019, they welcomed their second child together, a daughter named, Donna Corinthos.

In July 2019, to thank Dev Cerci for helping him get Dante home safe, Sonny met his dad's cousin Gladys Corbin, and arranged for her to be able to legally claim Dev as her grandson.

On May 12, 2020, Michael entered into a marriage of convenience with Willow Tait in order to help him win custody of his son, Wiley. As of 2021, they had their marriage annulled.

On January 30, 2020, Glady's thought dead Marine veteran son, Brando, was discovered alive. He was brought into the Sonny's confidence to act as a mole within the Renault Organization. He also agreed to legally claim Dev as his son.

On September 17, 2020, Sonny's father, Mike died from pneumonia caused by Alzheimer's.

On October 8, 2020, right after Mike's funeral, Dante came home. The Corinthos clan was happy to see him, not knowing he still wasn't fully healed, and was on a secret mission for Drs. Kirk and Obrecht, to take down Peter August.

On January 11, 2021, after killing Julian Jerome, Sonny goes missing when the bridge he was on collapsed. He has been declared deceased, with the authorities performing search and recovery. Sonny is alive, having been found unconscious and hypothermic with apparent amnesia. He was taken in by Lenny and Phyllis Caulfield, and given a job and board at The Tan-O in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania.

On April 15, 2021, after months of attraction and flirtation, Brando started sleeping with his cousin Michael's ex Sasha Gilmore, who later found out she was pregnant. They were ecstatic about the news, but had to keep the paternity a secret due to Cyrus Renault's jealousy.

Family tree


1. Mike Corbin (died 2020)
   Adela Corinthos (deceased)
   2. Sonny Corinthos(1969-present)
      Olivia Falconeri (1970-present)
      3. Dante Falconeri (1985-present)
         Lulu Spencer  (1988-present)
         4. Unnamed child (2012; miscarriage)
         4. Unnamed child (2012; miscarriage) (carried by Maxie)
         4. Rocco Falconeri (2013-present) (carried by Britt)
      Lily Rivera (1972-1996)
      3. Baby Boy Corinthos(1996; deceased)   
      Carly Benson (1973-present)
      3. Michael Corinthos (1992-present) (adopted by Sonny)
         Nelle Benson (1993-present)
         4. Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos (2018-present)
      Alexis Davis (1963-present)
      3. Kristina Corinthos-Davis (1993-present) 
      Carly Benson (1973-present)
      3. Morgan Corinthos (1994-2016)
      3. Baby Boy Benson-Corinthos (2000; miscarriage)
      Sam McCall (1980-present)
      3. Lila McCall (2004; stillborn)
      Claudia Zacchara (1969-2009)
      3. Baby Boy Zacchara-Corinthos (2009; miscarriage)
      Ava Jerome 
      3. Avery Jerome-Corinthos (2014-present) 
      Carly Benson (1973-present)
      3. Donna Corinthos (2019-present)
   Janine Matthews
   2. Courtney Matthews (1982-2006)
      Jason Morgan (1976-present)
      3. Baby Girl Matthews-Morgan(2003; miscarriage)
      Nikolas Cassadine (1977-present)
      3. Spencer Cassadine (2005-present)
Corbin cousin
1. Gladys Corbin
   Unnamed man
   2. Brando Corbin
      (No mother)
      3. Dev Cerci (legal; 2003-2020)
      Sasha Gilmore (1993-present)
      3. Baby Gilmore-Corbin (forthcoming)


Dashed line denotes an adopted child


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