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Country House
PautaukCountryHouse Austin Dante 2021 2.jpg
Det. Dante Falconeri and Austin Gatlin-Holt at his Country House (2021)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Country house
Notable people Austin Gatlin-Holt (owner)
Address Pautauk, New York

The Country House was a house located in the small town of Pautauk, New York.


In May 2021, Marie Hopkins posing as nanny Chloe Jennings makes pregnant Maxie get in a wheelchair and injects Maxie to knock her out. She drives an unconscious Maxie to Pautauk and holds her captive in the country house. Maxie throws hot water in Marie’s face and knocks her out with a firepoker. Maxie runs out of the house into the woods.

In June, Sam and Dante are investigating the country house as Fake Chloe has disappeared and Maxie’s baby is missing. Austin, a local doctor who helped Maxie deliver her baby, comes in and says he owns the house. Dante asks about a video camera in the house and Austin says he doesn’t know about it. Dante says Maxie lied after watching the footage.

On June 18th, Austin shows up, as Dante's team covers and clears grids on the Pautauk Woods map. Austin points to a spot that topographically changed thanks to winter storms, and they agree to search there.

On June 28, Valentin and Anna visit the Pautauk Woods to look for clues and Austin tries to help them but he doesn’t remember much. He gives Anna the keys to his country house before he leaves. It starts raining so Anna and Valentin go inside the house and Valentin starts a fire.