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Cyrus Renault is a fictional character and a main antagonist on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Gordon and Florence Grey, the brother of well-known attorney, Martin Grey and the paternal half-brother of mayor Laura Collins.

He was portrayed by Jeff Kober from February 5, 2020 to December 20, 2021.


On January 31, 2020, and other sources confirmed that actor Jeff Kober, known for appearing in NCIS: Los Angeles, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and Falcon Crest, would join the cast of GH in the role of Cyrus Renault.[1]

He made his first appearance at the end of the episode on February 5, 2020.

The role was initially supposed to last only a few months, however executive producer Frank Valentini told Kober that he would continue writing for the character as long as Kober was enjoying himself.

On June 16, 2021, it was revealed that Kober is done as Cyrus and has exited GH.[2] He made his last appearance on June 16, 2021.

On June 18, 2021, Kober revealed on the "Dishing with Digest" podcast that he enjoyed his time on the show and is open to returning as Cyrus on GH again.[3]

Kober made a short return from August 31 to September 1, 2021.[4][5]

Kober made another short return on October 28 and November 3, 2021.[6]

Kober returned yet again on November 30 and December 20, 2021.

On May 12, 2022, Kober was seen back in the GH studio when GH celebrated their 15,000th episode, so it’s possible that Kober will make a short return as Cyrus on June 17, 2022.[7]


Cyrus is a notoriously dangerous drug runner from the Northwest, in Seattle, Washington; who has been running his operations from prison for the past decade. He brought in his products in from Russia over the Canadian border and then he distributed it throughout the western states. His people would sell his products to anyone from corporate CEOs to middle school aged kids.

In 2010, he was put behind bars after being framed for crimes he did actually commit by former DEA agents Jordan Ashford, Marcus Taggert, Bob Massicotte, and Mark Simon who infiltrated his organization under false identities.

In late 2019, he somehow learned of the identities of those who betrayed him and had him put behind bars and began making his move for revenge. He had himself moved from Thompson Penitentiary to Pentonville to be close to Port Charles. He began making moves against Sonny Corinthos wanting to expand his business there as well as get revenge on those who locked him up.

He's extremely feared in the underworld business, as even Sonny and Jason became worried upon learning that he was threatening their families and their way of life in Port Charles. Cyrus's network is as extensive as Sonny's network, if not more. Jordan considers him to be the most evil man she's ever known.

In April 2020, after a decade behinds bars, Cyrus was released from prison with a full exoneration, after forcing Jordan to tarnish the reputation and memory of her former colleagues by revealing that they framed Cyrus.

He is responsible for the deaths of Bob Massicotte and Mark Simon.

In December, he was revealed to be the biological brother of attorney, Martin Grey and that their mother is Florence Grey, who has fallen very ill. Cyrus has been sending her money to pay for her medical bills and expenses. Since their father was the late Gordon Grey, Laura Collins is their paternal half-sister.

According to Martin, Cyrus was wild and fell in with the wrong crowd in Shreveport, Louisiana. Both Florence and Martin blame Cyrus for Gordon's death since Cyrus hit him with his car, but Cyrus insists that his death was an accident. Cyrus was thrown out of the house by Florence, so Cyrus moved Northwest, lived in his car and did odd jobs for a while.

Cyrus is enemies with almost everyone in Port Charles except for those who are willingly working for him in his organization.

In late 2021, after battling with pneumonia, Cyrus found God and seemed to be turning his life around for the better.


On January 7, 2020, Sonny Corinthos learned from Gio, an employee of his, that a truck had been hijacked. Sonny made it clear that he didn't want to deal with those people since he wanted the Port Charles Police Department to know he was a legitimate businessman since all they would find in that truck is coffee. A few days later, it was later revealed that the truck had been found, abandoned, and torched.

On January 29, when Sonny took his father Mike Corbin and his best friend Jason Morgan to Brooklyn, New York, eventually a gunman ended up pulling out his gun and a shootout occured inside of a restaurant with a bunch of people inside. At the same time in Port Charles, two other shootouts occured; one at Sonny's coffee warehouse where Gladys Corbin and Carly Corinthos were and the other one down on the pier where Michael Corinthos, Josslyn Jacks, Sasha Gilmore, and Mayor Laura Collins were at. In the shootout on the pier, Laura was shot in the stomach by the gunman while Michael, Josslyn and Sasha were shaken up but saved by Dustin Phillips who fought and chased away the gunman. At the warehouse, Brando Corbin saved Gladys and Carly but was shot in the process, while Jason ended up killing the gunman in Brooklyn as Sonny kept Mike calm. Sonny’s warehouse men, Tony DiMarco and Brent Green, captured one of the two gunmen and the other gunman got away.

On February 4, Cyrus is first mentioned. Sonny questions the captured gunman and then Sonny allows Brent to beat up the gunman after he won‘t say who he is working for. Later Jason walks by and sees that Brent has been shot and killed. Jason is also shot at by the escaped gunman and they fire at each other. One of Jason‘s bullets hits the gunman and Jason asks the gunman to tell him who he works for since he is dying. The gunman says “Cyrus Renault“ and Jason has a worried look on his face.

Cyrus and Sonny meet

On February 5, Jason tells Sonny and Carly that the gunman said he was working for Cyrus Renault, a drug runner who normally operates in the Pacific Northwest. Cyrus has been operating from Thompson Penitentiary for the last ten years but Brick discovered that Cyrus was secretly transferred to Pentonville Penitentiary recently. Sonny said he has never dealt with Cyrus and only knows him by reputation. Later Sonny stops by Pentonville to visit Cyrus.

Cyrus wants Sonny to go into business moving drugs with him. Sonny refuses and threatens Cyrus. Cyrus says he has personal reasons for moving to Port Charles. Later Jason tells Michael that Cyrus was behind the three attacks.

On February 18, it was revealed that a four person DEA team (Jordan Ashford, Marcus Taggert, Bob Massicotte, and Mark Simon) were involved in a Cyrus Renault bust back in the day. Bob and Mark have been killed and their deaths were made to look like overdoses. Jason discovers that an empty warehouse at 457 Water Street is most likely owned by Cyrus. He tells Sonny his suspicions and prepares to bomb the warehouse.

On February 19, Jason ties up Cyrus’s henchmen, Walker and Jenkins, and tells them they can either go back to their boss or run away. Then he blows up the warehouse and leaves.

On February 20, Jordan visits Cyrus at Pentonville and tells him she is now the commissioner. He laughs and says she was his right hand before bringing up her son TJ. She then asks him about Bob and Mark’s deaths and he laughs again. She wants to know if he started a mob war just to get back at her. Cyrus points out that she must not be very good at her job if there is already a mob presence in Port Charles. Later Taggert and Curtis are arguing so Jordan agrees to tell Curtis everything.

Jordan and Taggert explain to Curtis their deep cover DEA assignment to bring down Cyrus. She tells him how Bob and Mark were also involved and both recently died in suspicious circumstances. She reveals that they manufactured evidence and framed Cyrus for crimes which he was guilty of committing.

On February 26, Taggert visits Sonny at Pozzulo's to see if they can work together to bring Cyrus down. Taggert tells Sonny he joined the DEA after he left Port Charles. When he leaves the restaurant he notices he is being followed. He asks Walker if he is looking for him. Walker says he isn’t and points out that Jenkins is behind Taggert. Later Jordan and Curtis find Taggert and he tells them that he was jumped after he led Walker into an alley. He punched one of the guys who attacked him before they ran off. They were trying to inject Taggert with a needle full of opioids.

On March 2, after Taggert died saving his daughter Trina Robinson and her friend Cameron Webber from Walker and Cyrus' other men, Cyrus was confronted by mayor Laura Collins about Taggert's death. Of course, Cyrus played dumb and acted like he had nothing to do with his death but eventually he was put into solitary confinement.

On March 11, Jordan visited Cyrus again at Pentonville to confront him about T.J. being missing and demanded to know if he kidnapped him. Eventually, Jordan got a text which was a picture of T.J. being held hostage and was unconscious. Cyrus now had Jordan right where he wanted her, because he later sent Lorraine "Harmony" Miller to her house as his messenger to blackmail her into doing his dirty work. It was revealed that back in December of 2019 that Cyrus offered to pull some strings to get Harmony out of Pentonville on early parole so that she'd owe him a favor and he is blackmailing her into working for him by threatening to harm her and her daughter Willow Tait.

On March 23, Cyrus had ordered Harmony to pass on a new message and task to Jordan. He had her tell Jordan that he was pleased with her first task's results but he has a new job for her, he wants her to set him free from Pentonville with a full exoneration in exchange for her getting T.J. back. Harmony warned her that she's a dirty cop now and that Cyrus has her right where he wants her.

On April 6, Cyrus was released from Pentonville with a full exoneration.

On August 3, Cyrus talked with Dr. Portia Robinson at GH and referred to Trina. Laura stepped up to defend Portia. She later saw Cyrus talking to Tom, a GH board member. Tom ignored Laura’s insistence that Cyrus is a criminal and he quickly walked away from her. Laura asked why Cyrus was interested in the hospital. He said that he heard GH was facing a fiscal crisis and he had already established the Cyrus Renault Foundation for Social Justice. Laura told him that the money needed will come from ELQ.

On August 6, Cyrus paid Brando a visit at his garage. Brando asked if there was a car he needed help with, but Cyrus said no and that he was there for another reason. Later on, Jason came by and learned that Brando installed the new stabilizer on his (Jason's) motorcycle and was thankful. Brando also told Jason that Cyrus stopped by, causing Jason to tell him to let him know if Cyrus comes by again. When Jason took his motorcycle on the road, his bike started malfunctioning and he crashed. Jason had exploratory brain surgery and made a full recovery.

On August 11, Curtis is tired of Cyrus involving Jordan and mentions 1257 Wilson Avenue to Cyrus implying someone Cyrus cares about lives at that address.

On August 13, due to Cyrus's contribution, he became Chairman of the Board at the hospital.

On September 3, Cyrus has Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer fired from the hospital due to the lawsuit involving lost paperwork for Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos‘s surgery.

On September 11, it was revealed that Cyrus hired Dr. Britt Westbourne to become the new Chief of Staff at GH.

On September 21, Cyrus made a call to find out if Neil Byrne overdosed on his product. A henchman later told Cyrus that Walker checked with their source at the PCPD and confirmed that Neil did use Cyrus’ product (later revealed to be heroin).

Jason and Cyrus stare at Mike's memorial

It was later revealed that when Cyrus previously visited Brando on the day of Jason's motorcycle accident, he was offering Brando a job to work for him. Brando wasn't interested and he wanted to remain in the garage that Sonny set up for him. It was also revealed that Brando is innocent and did not cause Jason's motorcycle accident. Cyrus hired a henchman to sabotage the motorcycle. He later sent the saboteur and another henchman, Tommy Cordero, to beat up Brando, and afterwards, Jason and Sam McCall got him to the hospital.

On October 14, Cyrus has Jordan give him a hard drive with a 40 year old case that is heavily redacted.

On October 20, Brando finally agreed to work for Cyrus, who officially hired him as a driver. However, unbeknownst to Cyrus, Brando is actually working for Sonny and Jason as a double agent in order to infiltrate Cyrus's organization and take him down.

On November 4, Cyrus made a deal with Julian Jerome and had Ryan Chamberlain stabbed in prison before Ryan could hand over Nelle's incriminating letter on Julian to Sonny. After Ryan fell into a coma on November 6, Cyrus gained possession of this letter, but wanted Julian to kill Jason in return. Julian initially refused and told Cyrus that Taggert was alive, but Cyrus did not believe him and threatened to turn him over to Sonny. Thus, days after also having Brad Cooper stabbed in prison, Cyrus had Julian deliver an explosive package to the Floating Rib (where Jason was) and when Julian called Cyrus' number, the packed restaurant exploded. However, Jason left the restaurant prior to the explosion and an angry Cyrus wanted to kill Julian for his failure. The explosion killed Sonny's "cousin" Dev Cerci and Dev's teacher Dustin Phillips, and put Laura's daughter Lulu Spencer in a coma. Additionally, on the night of the explosion, it is revealed that the case on the hard drive involved Laura’s accidental murder of David Hamilton.

Martin Grey is revealed to be connected to Cyrus

On December 1, it was revealed that attorney, Martin Grey has a connection to Cyrus and has known him for years. Jordan and Curtis follow up with the company that made the medical supplies they found in the Arts and Crafts House and it leads them to a New Mexico clinic. While Curtis asks for a tour of the facility, Jordan stays behind and downloads Cyrus’ file from the computer. She discovers the patient Cyrus is sending money to has the last name Grey.

On December 9, it was revealed that Martin is Cyrus's brother and that their mother is Florence Grey, who is also the patient that Cyrus has been sending money to.

On December 17, Cyrus brought flowers and went to the Mountain Landing Long-term care facility in Vermont to visit his mom for her birthday. When Cyrus heard Laura asking Martin why Cyrus was paying for Florence's medical expenses and what the connection was, Cyrus revealed to Laura that Florence is his mother. Laura already found out that she and Martin are half-siblings since their father is Gordon Grey, but she was shocked to learn from Martin that Cyrus is his brother since Florence is their mother and Gordon is their father, which means that Laura is Martin and Cyrus's paternal half-sister.

When Laura asked if Cyrus knew all along if they were related, Cyrus revealed that he found out that she was his half-sister shortly after they met since he did his research about her when she put him in solitary confinement. Laura didn't care that Cyrus is her half-brother since she will forever hold him responsible for putting Lulu into a coma. When Cyrus told Laura that he would never intentionally hurt her or Lulu, Laura sarcastically said that was because he never meant to hurt anyone. Martin revealed to Laura that Cyrus killed their father which upset Cyrus, who claimed he did no such thing. Martin grew angry and wanted to know why Cyrus can't just admit it and Cyrus insisted that it was an accident and it was just as much their father's fault as it was his. Martin grew even more furious and warned Cyrus not to blame him. Since Cyrus kept insisting it was an accident, Laura asked how their father died and Martin revealed that Cyrus ran him over with his car.

In early 2021, Cyrus created a pharmaceutical company, with which he attempted to push through the creation of a highly addictive pharmaceutical grade narcotic "Tobadryl", which he presented to the board of directors as a financial windfall for the hospital. He hoped for them to approve it, and then send it to the FDA. Britt, acting as a Corinthos mob mole at the hospital, informs Jason. Drs. Lesley Webber, Monica Quartermaine, and Lesley's daughter Mayor Laura Collins use an interview given by esteemed journalist Jackie Templeton with Cyrus' mother Florence, giving a scathing point-of-view of her son, and are able to rush through a secret vote "no" vote with the GH board.

On February 16, Cyrus told Laura he was seventeen years old when he accidentally killed his father.

On March 17, Cyrus joins league with Peter August, who was revealed to be a villain with a long list of crimes. Peter killed Franco Baldwin once Franco learned he had presumably killed his cousin (and Jason's identical twin brother) Drew Cain, and he and Cyrus schemed to frame Jason for the crime. Cyrus proceeded to use Gladys, who also disliked Jason for perceived (but not true) rejection of her son into the family business. Gladys witnessed Peter's killing of Franco and disposal of the gun. Cyrus convinced her to tell the police that she saw Jason. Jason was arrested and sent to prison to await trial.

On March 19, it was revealed that Cyrus had ordered someone to make sure that the results of a DNA test ordered by Jackie, Hamilton Finn, Harrison Chase and Gregory Chase showed the results he wanted the test to show, which means that Gregory is truly Chase's father, not Finn.

On April 23, Jason was brought to GH after he had been stabbed by Shawn Butler under Carly's orders. As Jason was recovering from his stab wound, Cyrus promised to make sure he was taken care of as long as he was in his hospital.

On April 29, Cyrus grew angry when he learned from an orderly that Britt has been working with Jason.

In May, when Gladys accidentally revealed to Cyrus that his obsession, the beautiful model Sasha was pregnant, he realized she was a liability. Peter mentioned witnessing Brando and Sasha's closeness, which led to Cyrus and Peter kidnapping and holding Gladys hostage.

Cyrus called Brando and ordered him to bring an envelope to the warehouse. After Brando showed up, he was surprised and upset to find out that Cyrus kidnapped Gladys. Cyrus wanted Brando to kill Gladys since she was about to betray him and tell the cops the truth about who killed Franco, even going so far as to manipulate him by reminding him of all the ways that Gladys hurt him in the past and he threatened to kill Sasha and their unborn child if he refused. Brando held out his hand and Cyrus gave him a gun before Brando aimed the gun at her. Brando teared up and grew so angry that he turned the gun on Cyrus and tried to shoot him, but the gun was empty and Cyrus simply asked, "Performance issues?" Cyrus revealed that he knew that Brando was a plant from Sonny this whole time and pulled out his gun - revealing that his is loaded and that Brando failed his final test. Cyrus revealed that he was going to kill Brando and Gladys, but Brando asked if he could say goodbye to his mother and Cyrus let him. Afterwards, Cyrus was about to kill them but a sniper laser appeared on his back before Carly's men ambushed Cyrus's people. Brando got his mother to take cover and shielded her as Carly's men took out Cyrus's men. Brando saw that Gladys had been shot in the shoulder so he got her to the hospital.

Cyrus later saw Damian Spinelli outside and took him hostage. He later called Carly and revealed he captured Spinelli before saying that he wanted her to meet him on Pier 55 in an hour so she can give him Gladys in exchange for saving Spinelli.

An hour later, Carly and her men met with Cyrus and his people on Pier 55. Carly demanded to see Spinelli so Cyrus brought Spinelli out for her to see. Carly ordered her men to get Gladys - unbeknownst to Cyrus, Carly brought Ava Cassadine to pretend to be Gladys since the real Gladys was in surgery. Their deal went sideways when Nikolas Cassadine was found on Pier 55, leading Cyrus to believe that Carly was responsible before he threatened Spinelli. Jason returned to Port Charles and aimed a gun at Cyrus before threatening to kill him if he didn't let Spinelli go. A shootout broke out on Pier 55 as Carly, Nikolas, Ava and Spinelli took cover. Jason shot Cyrus in the shoulder and Cyrus managed to get away while his men were killed on the pier.

A wounded and weakened Cyrus made his way to Portia's house and waited for her to get home before he threatened her into treating his gunshot wound. Since Gladys recanted her statement before she revealed that Peter is Franco's true killer and that Cyrus ordered her to lie to the police, an APB was put out and Cyrus became a fugitive. Trina came home and Cyrus began holding both of them hostage in their own home as they had to treat his gunshot wound.

After Portia got the bullet out, Cyrus briefly lost consciousness before Curtis called her. When Cyrus woke up, he found Portia talking to Curtis and grew angry that she "took advantage" of his "momentary weakness". Cyrus then threatened both of them with a gun. Portia told him that there's nothing more she can do for him and that he needs to go to the hospital. He said it’s time for him to say farewell to Port Charles and they're going with him. Cyrus tried to make calls for someone to pick him up but he had no luck. As he bickered with Trina, Curtis and Laura burst through the door. Cyrus ordered them to get out or else he'd shoot his hostages.

Outside, Jordan got there with a team of policemen and a bunch of S.W.A.T teams after Laura had called her. Kevin Collins also showed up as a hostage negotiator. After an intense standoff, Laura was able to convince Cyrus to let Trina and Portia go and let her take their place instead as his hostage. When Cyrus got Laura inside, he told her that she will treat him as her brother and not as a criminal. Laura was trying to talk Cyrus down and give himself up but Cyrus didn't want to. He started having a breakdown and cried that incarceration was not a life before he said that he will not be an afterthought when he's locked back up in Pentonville. Cyrus eventually tried to blackmail Laura into letting him walk out a free man or else neither one of them will make it out of the hostag situation alive. In the meantime, Curtis snuck into the house to try to rescue Laura but Cyrus spotted him and ordered him to drop his gun. Once Curtis dropped his gun, Cyrus shot him in the stomach which led to Jordan busting down the door and shooting Cyrus in the leg. After Cyrus went down, he and Curtis were taken to the hospital.

On June 10, Carly paid Cyrus a visit in his hospital room. Cyrus was handcuffed to his bed but he wanted to call his lawyer. Carly informed Cyrus that Peter's on the run so he won't be saving him, but Cyrus claimed that he knew he couldn't count on Peter. Cyrus told Carly that his lawyer would get the charges against him dropped and in the meantime he would be rebuilding his network in Pentonville, but Carly revealed that he's not going to Pentonville but he'd wish he was. Carly revealed that the boat that recently exploded had a bunch of drugs on it and that the feds traced it back to one of Cyrus' shell companies. When Carly revealed that Cyrus was being sent to a maximum-security prison, Cyrus taunted Carly by saying that she and her daughter Josslyn would be joining him there. Carly revealed that she worked out an immunity deal for everyone who knew the truth about Dev so Cyrus lost his leverage. After some time passed by, Laura paid Cyrus a visit in his hospital room. Laura got a call from Martin, who was with his and Cyrus' mother. Laura handed Cyrus the phone and was surprised to hear from his mother. Florence lashed out at Cyrus before the phone call ended. Cyrus told Laura to leave so he could call his lawyer. Laura suggested to Cyrus that he should reflect on the good things he could have done and how his poor choices have now left him completely alone. Cyrus threatened her by saying that the next time they meet that he'll have nothing to lose.

On June 16, Jordan came into Cyrus' room and he guessed that she was there to gloat. Cyrus told Jordan that her case against him isn't great but Jordan said that she's sure a jury would listen to her. She revealed that the feds have already granted her full immunity and dropped the charges against Taggert. Cyrus pointed out that her actions would be made public and ruin her reputation but Jordan said she didn't care. Two F.B.I. agents showed up to extradite Cyrus to a Federal Penitentiary in the midwest.

As Cyrus was being wheeled out of the hospital by the two F.B.I. agents, he stopped them for a word with Laura. Laura revealed to Cyrus that the hospital board is stripping him of all his power and that he squandered all the opportunities presented to him to make things right, especially with his family. Cyrus told her that they'd always be family, that he's in her head and will bring out her dark side before he told the feds "Let's go." Cyrus later saw Finn and Jackie and smugly told Finn how lucky he was to learn that Chase was his son before the feds took him to prison.

On August 23, it was revealed that a hit was put out on both Laura and Martin, so Jordan and the F.B.I. had to take Laura and Martin into witness protection. Jordan revealed that Cyrus was behind the hit, so she promised to keep an eye on their loved ones in case Cyrus tried to target their loved ones too.

On August 31, it was revealed that Cyrus is working with Mr. Buscema to target Jason and Carly, who were set to get married to each other on September 17. Cyrus wanted to arrange an attack on Jason and Carly in order to get revenge. On September 17, Mr. Buscema and Mr. Vincent Novak tried to kill Jason and Carly by blowing up their limo, but Jason had figured it out from Ms. Wu and had the bomb moved in order to up Mr. Buscema and Mr. Novak instead.

On October 27, Sonny received a collect call from the Flatland Federal Prison out in the midwest from Cyrus. After Sonny accepted the charges, Cyrus "welcomed" Sonny back from the dead. Sonny and Cyrus briefly talked about how Mr. Buscema and Mr. Novak were blown up by a bomb and Cyrus said that they could go into greater detail when Sonny comes to visit him. Sonny refused and when Cyrus offered to fill in the blanks, Sonny told Cyrus to enjoy Flatland since that's where he'll be for the rest of his life before he hung up on him.

On November 3, Sonny went to visit Cyrus at Flatland, where Cyrus admitted that his reach wasn't as wide as he would prefer it to be and hoped for a favor at he might call in someday. Cyrus had information that he danced around initially before he finally revealed to Sonny that Joey Novak would most likely take over the Novak organization from his late uncle, Vincent Novak. Sonny was baffled but Cyrus admitted that there was nothing more dangerous than a braggart with a gun before adding that only a fool would underestimate someone with nothing to lose. Sonny said that the message was received and he started to leave, but Cyrus asked him if he had seen or heard from Laura and wondered how she was. Sonny refused to tell Cyrus anything and told him not to hold his breath on that favor he wants either before he left.

On November 30, Cyrus called Sonny from Flatland on a cell phone he acquired from some of his contacts. Cyrus revealed that he still has some contacts and he went to "offer his condolences" because he heard about Jason being presumed dead. Sonny went to threaten Cyrus, but Cyrus hung up before he could.

On December 20, Laura visited Cyrus in Flatland and Cyrus was happy to see her. Laura told Cyrus that she's not running anymore and won't let him keep her from her family for one more minute. Cyrus asked if she'd been away and Laura said that a hit-woman was sent to kill both her and Martin at a safehouse plus Martin had been strangled. Cyrus appeared to be concerned and asked if Martin was okay. Laura said that Martin was fine and Cyrus seemed to be relieved. Laura wasn't happy that Cyrus was acting innocent but Cyrus revealed that he didn't try to have her and Martin killed.

Cyrus said that he deserved Laura's anger and mistrust since he was on a dark path and he had a lot to atone for. When Laura asked what he was talking about, Cyrus revealed that his life is no longer his own and he gave it to a higher power, which made Laura laugh and Cyrus smile. Laura was skeptical but Cyrus revealed that he got sick with a cold which turned into pneumonia and said that while at first the guards ignored him, they later treated him when he had a fever. Cyrus revealed that when he was in pain, he begged for help and an angel came to him, which gave him peace and when he woke up, his fever was gone. Cyrus then asked for a Bible and began to study it, so his life now belongs to God.

Laura didn't believe Cyrus and went to leave, but Cyrus stopped her and warned her that she's in danger. Laura sat back down and said that they were in familiar territory but Cyrus said that if she focused on him then that would leave room for her real adversary to strike. Laura wondered about Sonny and Mr. Buscema since they previously came to visit him and Cyrus said that he felt a pull to his old life but he chose the light. Laura didn't believe that Cyrus had found God since she believed he was incapable of love and caring about anyone other than himself but Cyrus disagreed with her and said he would pray for her. Cyrus warned her to keep an eye on the serpent in the garden and promised her that he didn't hire anyone to kill her and Martin.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the hit-woman who was sent to the safe-house was not working for Cyrus, she was actually working for Victor Cassadine, who was recently revealed to be alive after having thought to have been killed in 2014. It was revealed that Victor (not Cyrus) had been targeting them and he sent the hit-woman to make an attempt to kill Laura and Martin in order to draw them out of hiding.

Crimes Committed

  • Killed his father, Gordon Grey by running him over with his car [1977; revealed on Dec 18, 2020; year revealed on Feb 16, 2021]
  • Has been involved in "unscrupulous" mob-related activities [pre-2010; revealed on Feb 5, 2020]
  • Operated from federal prison for the last ten years [2010-Apr 6, 2020; revealed on Feb 5, 2020]
  • Pulled some strings to get Lorraine "Harmony" Miller out of Pentonville on early parole so he could use her as his messenger [Dec 11, 2019; Cyrus' involvement revealed on Mar 13, 2020]
  • Blackmailed Harmony into working for him by threatening to harm her and her daughter Willow Tait if she didn't comply [Dec 11, 2019-Jun 16, 2021; revealed on Mar 13, 2020]
  • Ordered Bob Massicotte’s death by overdose of opioids [Dec 17, 2019; death revealed on Dec 27, 2019; revealed to be an opioid overdose on Jan 10, 2020; date of death shown on Jan 14, 2020; Cyrus’s involvement revealed on Feb 26, 2020]

  • Targeted Sonny Corinthos and his family [Jan 7, 2020-Jun 16, 2021; revealed on Feb 4, 2020]
  • Responsible for one of Sonny's trucks being hijacked and eventually torched [Jan 7, 2020; revealed on Feb 4, 2020]
  • Responsible for three separate shootouts - the one at the warehouse, the one on the pier, and the one in a Brooklyn pub [Jan 29-30, 2020; revealed on Feb 4, 2020]
  • Indirectly responsible for his own half-sister, Mayor Laura Collins getting shot in the stomach [Jan 29-30, 2020; revealed on Feb 4, 2020]
  • Indirectly responsible for Brando Corbin getting shot [Jan 30, 2020; revealed on Feb 4, 2020]
  • Indirectly responsible for the death of Brent Green, one of Sonny's men [Feb 4, 2020]
  • Drug trafficking including funnelling drugs from Russia through Canada into the U.S. [revealed on Feb 5, 2020]
  • Paid off a lot of law enforcement so he could operate in Russia and America [revealed on Feb 5, 2020]
  • Illegally got himself transferred from Thompson Penitentiary to Pentonville Penitentiary [revealed on Feb 5, 2020]
  • Illegally bought the deed to the Water Street warehouse where he stored opioids [revealed on Feb 18, 2020; revealed that opioids were inside on Feb 26, 2020]
  • Ordered Mark Simon’s death by overdose of opioids [Feb 18, 2020; Cyrus’s involvement revealed on Feb 26, 2020]
  • Involved in extortion, illegal drugs, and prostitution [revealed onscreen on Feb 19, 2020]
  • Ordered two of his men, Walker and Jenkins, to inject Marcus Taggert with opioids [Feb 26, 2020]
  • Had Walker pose as a rideshare driver and kidnap Cameron Webber and Trina Robinson [Feb 26-28, 2020]
  • Indirectly responsible for Taggert's "death" [Feb 28-Mar 2, 2020; Taggert was revealed to be alive on Aug 19, 2020]
  • Had T.J. Ashford kidnapped and held hostage [Feb 28-Apr 7, 2020; revealed on Mar 12, 2020]
  • Had Harmony blackmail Jordan Ashford into working for him by getting him out of prison or else something bad would happen to T.J. [Mar 13-Apr 7, 2020]
  • Indirectly threatened Laura and Carly Corinthos [May 7, 2020]
  • Hired a henchman to sabotage Jason Morgan’s motorcycle; Jason was injured in an accident and needed medical attention and exploratory brain surgery [Aug 6, 2020; revealed on Aug 7, 2020]
  • Ordered henchmen Tommy Cordero and the saboteur to beat up Brando [Sep 3, 2020]
  • Has a source inside the PCPD [revealed on Sep 21, 2020]
  • Indirectly responsible for Neil Byrne’s death; Neil overdosed on Cyrus’ product which was heroin [revealed on Sep 21, 2020; revealed to be heroin on Apr 15, 2022]
  • Ordered one of his men to stab Ryan Chamberlain as part of a deal he made with Julian Jerome [Nov 4, 2020; Ryan was in a coma from Nov 6-Dec 11, 2020]
  • Supplied Sasha Gilmore with cocaine which eventually led to her overdosing [Nov 13, 2020]
  • Working with an unknown person to create a stronger cocaine-like substance [revealed on Nov 16, 2020]
  • Tried to kill Sasha in her hospital bed [Nov 16, 2020; stopped by Michael]
  • Indirectly threatened Michael Corinthos by pointing idiotically at him [Nov 16, 2020]
  • Ordered Julian to kill Jason or else he will turn him (Julian) over to Sonny [Nov 17-18, 2020]
  • Ordered one of his men to stab Brad Cooper in prison [revealed on Nov 18, 2020]
  • Antagonized Alexis Davis [Nov 19, 2020]
  • Had Julian blow up the Floating Rib in an attempt to kill Jason, killing Dev Cerci and Dustin Phillips and nearly killing Jason, Danny Morgan, Dante Falconeri, Lulu Spencer, Franco Baldwin, Elizabeth Webber, Cameron Webber, and many more [Nov 20-23, 2020]
  • Plotted to kill Julian since Jason did not die in the explosion [Nov 23-Dec 18, 2020]
  • Indirectly responsible for his niece Lulu being rendered comatose as a result of the explosion [Nov 25, 2020-present]
  • Threatened Sasha Gilmore when he learned from Brando Corbin that she tried to search his apartment for drugs [Dec 14, 2020]
  • Had Julian shot and later tried to have him killed [Dec 14-17, 2020]
  • Ordered one of his men to draw out Taggert through Trina [Dec 16, 2020]
  • Threatened his half-sister, Laura [Dec 21, 2020]
  • Blackmailed Brando into working only for him and keeping him safe or Brando’s knowledge of Dev being in the country illegally will be made known to the authorities [Dec 29, 2020-May 26, 2021]
  • Ordered Walker to kill Jason during their business meeting [Dec 29, 2020; revealed on Dec 30, 2020]
  • Tried to shoot and kill Jason after a failed business meeting and being informed by him that he took out Walker (who Cyrus was going to have kill Jason) [Dec 30, 2020]

  • Grabbed his half-sister, Laura by the arm [Jan 8, 2021]
  • Wiped out the Novak crime family [Jan 14, 2021; revealed on Jan 15, 2021]
  • Threatened to "terminate" Brando if he failed to produce his missing mother for him [Feb 18, 2021]
  • Altered a DNA test to make it look like Hamilton Finn was Harrison Chase's biological father [Feb 26, 2021; revealed on Mar 19, 2021]
  • Had two of his snipers aim at Peter August in self-defense [Mar 17, 2021]
  • Conspired with Peter to frame Jason for Franco Baldwin's murder [Mar 17-Jun 1, 2021; Jason was arrested on Mar 17, 2021 and was exonerated on Jun 4, 2021; Cyrus was arrested on Jun 4, 2021]
  • Had Gladys Corbin pretend to be a witness who saw Jason dispose of the gun he used to kill Franco [Mar 17, 2021; revealed on Mar 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Had Peter publish an article in "The Invader" about Chase's paternity drama [Mar 19, 2021]
  • Threatened Laura again [Apr 5, 2021]
  • Threatened Alexis Davis if Nikolas Cassadine did not retrieve his missing mother for him [Apr 6-20, 2021]
  • Threatened Laura a third time [Apr 28, 2021]
  • Indirectly threatened Ava Jerome-Cassadine's daughter, Avery in order to get under her skin [Apr 29, 2021]
  • Kept tabs on his great-nephew, Spencer Cassadine [revealed May 3-Jun 16, 2021]
  • Ordered Trent Beech and Carl Pine to kill Dr. Britt Westbourne and make it look like an overdose [May 3, 2021; his men failed and Britt escaped with Jason]
  • Ordered Carl to kill Britt and Jason as they were escaping [May 3, 2021; they were saved by Brick]
  • Stabbed and killed[8] Trent for failing to kill Britt and Jason [May 4, 2021]
  • Threatened Laura a fourth time [May 19, 2021]
  • Threatened to "stop" Nikolas if Nikolas didn't back down from his plans to privatize Pentonville [May 19, 2021]
  • Had Peter kidnap Gladys and held her hostage [May 24-26, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to have Brando kill Gladys or else he'd kill Sasha Gilmore and their unborn child [May 25, 2021; Brando disobeyed; arrested]
  • Held Brando at gunpoint and almost killed him after Brando disobeyed his orders [May 26, 2021; arrested]
  • Indirectly responsible for Gladys getting shot in the shoulder by one of his men [May 26, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Damian Spinelli hostage at gunpoint and threatened to mutilate him [May 26-28, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to shoot Jason during a shootout [May 28, 2021; arrested]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the P.C.P.D. [May 28-Jun 4, 2021; arrested]
  • Broke into Portia Robinson's home [May 28, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Portia and her daughter Trina Robinson hostage at gunpoint in their own home [May 28-Jun 3, 2021; arrested]
  • Forced Portia to treat his gunshot wound at gunpoint [Jun 1, 2021; arrested]
  • Forcefully grabbed Trina at gunpoint when he heard Marcus Taggert outside [Jun 3, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Laura hostage at gunpoint after Laura offered herself up for Portia and Trina [Jun 3-4, 2021; arrested]
  • Blackmailed Laura into letting him remain a free man or else he'd make sure that neither one of them would make it out of the hostage situation alive [Jun 3-4, 2021; arrested]
  • Shot Curtis Ashford in the stomach after making him drop his gun by threatening Laura [Jun 4, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to blackmail Carly Corinthos into intervening on his behalf and preventing him from going to a maximum security prison by threatening to tell the feds that she and the Corinthos family kept Dev Cerci in the country illegally [Jun 10, 2021; failed; Carly revealed she worked out an immunity deal for everyone who knew the truth about Dev]
  • Threatened Laura again [Jun 10, 2021]
  • Conspired with Mr. Buscema to take down Jason and Carly [revealed Aug 31-Sep 17, 2021; failed]
  • Acquired a contraband cell phone from some of his contacts [revealed on Nov 30, 2021]
  • Health and Vitals

    • Abused by his father, Gordon Grey [1960s-70s; revealed on Dec 18, 2020]
    • Kicked out of the house by his mother, Florence Grey after Cyrus killed Gordon [between 1975 and 1979; revealed on Dec 18, 2020]
    • Framed for crimes which he was guilty of committing by Jordan Ashford, Marcus Taggert, Bob Massicotte, and Mark Simon, who all manufactured evidence [pre-2010; revealed on Feb 6, 2020, details revealed on Feb 21, 2020]
    • Threatened by Sonny Corinthos [Feb 6, 2020]
    • Threatened by Jordan [Mar 12, 2020]
    • Threatened by Jordan again [Apr 6, 2020]
    • Occasional allergies [revealed on Aug 3, 2020]
    • Threatened by Curtis Ashford [Aug 11, 2020]
    • Grabbed and threatened by Michael Corinthos in defense of Sasha Gilmore [Nov 16, 2020]
    • Threatened by Sonny once more [Nov 16, 2020]
    • Slapped by his half-sister, Laura Collins [Dec 1, 2020]
    • Held at gunpoint and had a warning shot fired at him by Jason Morgan, whom Cyrus tried to kill after a failed business meeting and learning that Jason took out Walker (who Cyrus was going to have kill Jason) [Dec 30, 2020]
    • Ordered to the ground at gunpoint (along with Brando Corbin) and threatened to be killed by Jason if they ever come after him again [Dec 30, 2020]
    • Held at gunpoint by Peter August [Mar 17, 2021]
    • Assaulted and pinned against a door by Nikolas Cassadine [Apr 5, 2021]
    • Threatened behind his back by Liesl Obrecht [May 4, 2021]
    • Almost got shot by Brando [May 25-26, 2021; the gun was unloaded]
    • Had a sniper pointed at him by one of Carly Corinthos's men trying to save Brando and Gladys Corbin [May 26, 2021]
    • Almost had a shot lined up on him by Nikolas [May 27, 2021]
    • Shot in the shoulder by Jason during a shootout on Pier 55 [May 28, 2021]
    • Shot in the leg by Jordan in defense of Laura and Curtis [Jun 4, 2021]
    • Had a cold that turned into pneumonia [revealed on Dec 20, 2021]

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