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D'Archam Asylum
Heather and Franco at D’Archam Asylum (2016).png
Heather Webber gets a visit from her son Franco Baldwin at D'Archam Asylum (2016)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Mental health institution
Notable people Heather Webber
Olivia Jerome
Address Port Charles, New York

D'Archam Asylum is supposedly the most secure local mental institution in the city of Port Charles. The name is a clear reference to Batman's Arkham Asylum.


In August 2016, three months after attacking Lucas and failing to attack Bobbie at The Nurses' Ball, Heather Webber was revealed to have been imprisoned at D'Archam Asylum. She escaped during one of her daily excursions. She also tells Franco when he visits that Hayden was Jeff's illegitimate daughter with Naomi Dreyfus, thus making her Elizabeth's sister.

On March 23, 2017 in the police station, Olivia Jerome was in the interrogation being questioned by commissioner Jordan Ashford. Olivia is awaiting her transfer to D'Archam Asylum. Jordan taunts her on how she will be there forever for there is no curing her. Jordan assures her that if she does manage to fool the doctors into releasing her, they have enough evidence to bring her up on many charges and send her to prison. In addition, she vows to find out who was helping Olivia in China all these years. Sarcastically, Olivia gave her best luck in doing so.

Sonny arrives and gives a goodbye message to Olivia before she's hauled off. Olivia tries to appeal to him and says she knows he's done things he regrets when in a manic episode. Sonny gleefully says the second she is released from D'Archam she will be killed and the last sound she will hear is Morgan's name, and she will know the killer was sent by him. Later, the guards from D'Archam arrive to take Olivia away. Olivia panics and questions if the men were sent by Sonny to kill her. They drag her off as she pleads for help.