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DVX is an evil organization which is the rival of the WSB. The acronym doesn’t appear to stand for anything.

Former Agents include Elena Cosgrove, Mr. Dalton, Ralph Fletcher, Dr. Roger Barrett, Col. Enrique Ramos, Collette Francois, Ida Herinski, Michel, Franz, Remondo, Zimmer, Chris, and Boris.

Scientist Dr. Malcolm Rutledge worked for DVX.

Former chiefs include Peter Galinko.

Henchman include Karl, Philip, and a man disguised as a bellboy.

It uses shell companies called "EuroTech" and "Vogel Industries" as fronts.


Anna Devane holds Cesar Faison at gunpoint after discovering he's author PK Sinclair and using her daughter (1990)

Cesar Faison is the former employer of Anna Devane during her days with the World Security Bureau (WSB)'s rival agency, DVX. Also during this time, Faison often makes illicit deals with WSB head, Sean Donely, including one to destroy Anna's marriage to Robert Scorpio.

In 1985, the DVX was after The Prometheus Disc.

Selling the Chimera Virus (1984)

On May 12, 2017, it was revealed that Alex Devane has been impersonating her sister in Port Charles since the beginning of April while the real Anna Devane is being held hostage in London. In the interrogation after her arrest, Alex reveals she has impersonated Anna before when the DVX sent her to steal The Chimera Virus from Valentin Cassadine, she seduced him and had sex with him. Over their one night stand, she began to grow feelings for him, so she made sure he would escape before getting killed by the WSB. She was taken into custody by the WSB.

It was revealed that the DVX had contacted Kevin Collins back in May 2018 about taking one of their agents off their hands and Kevin was shocked to learn that the agent in question was his twin brother Ryan Chamberlain and he hid him in Ferncliff for three months. Kevin was arrested due to withholding a fugitive but was released on bail. In April, the charges against Kevin were dropped since he could not have withheld a fugitive if said fugitive was declared dead.