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Damian Millhouse Spinelli or simply just Spinelli is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and was also one of the main characters in the first season of General Hospital: Night Shift, which premiered on July 12, 2007.

He has been portrayed by actor Bradford Anderson since the character's debut on November 13, 2006. The role of Spinelli was temporarily portrayed by actor Blake Berris in January 2017.


In September 2006, General Hospital put out a casting call for a "college-aged kid". The part was won by Anderson.

Anderson made his debut on November 13, 2006.

Anderson says he generally doesn't improvise the part, instead sticking to the script supplied a couple days before filming. The name of the specific writer or writers who create Spinelli's dialogue have not been identified. After indulging his fans in some of his first appearances, Anderson no longer "speaks Spinelli" outside the show. He commented to Soap Opera Digest, "Spinelli does not make public appearances; Bradford does. I leave him at work, and that's more than okay for me."

Anderson initially played the character on a recurring status, but the character proved popular, and actor Bradford Anderson was offered a multi-year contract, which he accepted in May 2007. The character was added to the opening credits sequence on July 6, 2007.

Anderson received Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014, as well as a pre-nomination in 2008.

Anderson also pulled double duty as Spinelli was one of the crossover characters that appeared in the Summer 2007 season of General Hospital: Night Shift.

On May 24, 2013, Anderson confirmed on Twitter that he had decided not to renew his contract, but would remain with the series on a recurring basis. In late 2013, it was confirmed that Anderson would exit the series, alongside co-star Emily Wilson. Anderson's last appearance was on December 16, 2013.[9]

On May 6, 2014, it was announced Spinelli would return to General Hospital.[10] Spinelli returned May 20-21, 2014. Spinelli returned again on December 24-29, 2014.

Spinelli returned again on February 13, 2015 with Georgie[11][12] and he made his last appearance on May 6, 2015.

On August 31, 2015, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Anderson would reprise the role of Spinelli[13] for the Jason reveal and will have scenes with his frequent scene partner, Carolyn Hennesy, who plays Diane Miller.[14] He made his return on October 15, 2015. He appeared again on September 2, 2016.[15]

On December 24, 2016 (Christmas Eve), Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Blake Berris would temporarily take over as Spinelli for several episodes in January due to scheduling conflicts on Anderson's part as he was shooting two episodes of Showtime's Homeland.[16][17] Berris is best known for his role as Nick Fallon on NBC's Days of Our Lives from 2006-09 and 2012-14. Though Berris was suppose to take over the role on January 13, 2017,[18] it was pushed back to January 16, due to news coverage. He made his last appearance on January 19, 2017.

On May 12, 2017, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Anderson would reprise the role of Spinelli.[19] Anderson returned on June 14, 2017.[20]

On July 25, 2017, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Anderson would reprise the role of Spinelli.[21][22] Anderson returned on August 17, 2017.[23]

Anderson returned to GH from November 30-December 1 as part of Steve Burton's return to the series.

He also made a return in the New Year on January 4, 2018 to help find out who kept Jason alive and betrayed Faison. He last appeared in February.

On March 10, 2018, it was announced that Anderson would return to GH again.[24] He returned on March 23.

He also made sporadic appearances in April, May and June.

On January 23, 2019, Anderson made an appearance as Spinelli before returning the week of January 28.

He also returned for a brief appearance in May.

On September 13, 2019, confirmed that Anderson will return during the week of September 16.[25] He returned on September 19 and appeared sporadically until November 18.

On January 5, 2020, it was confirmed that Anderson will return to GH as Spinelli during the week of January 13.[26][27] He returned on January 13, 2020.

There have been disputes about whether to spell the character's name "Damien" or "Damian." In the show's closing credits he is referred to as "Damien," but in a scene from General Hospital, where Spinelli is holding a business card, it is spelled "Damian."

In September 2006, General Hospital put out a casting call for a "college-aged kid" who was a cross between Seth Green and Spicoli, a character played by Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

The part was won by Anderson, who says he tries to emulate Spicoli's speaking style when playing the character. Spinelli's dialogue, a rapid-fire mix of surfer lingo and Internet slang, has offered comic relief, and an unusual "tech-savvy" character to the show.

ABC Soaps in Depth called Spinelli "one of the quirkiest characters daytime has ever seen," while Michael Fairman stated, "Spinelli rates high as one of soaps most recognizable characters, something it has taken other actors and their alter-egos years to pull off."

Speaking on Anderson's performance and subsequent inspiration behind its spinoff book, costar Carolyn Hennesy said to Entertainment Weekly:

"His mind is so fantastical. When Spinelli is Spinelli, the Spinelli-speak is very difficult to wade through, which is why I think [actor] Bradford Anderson is deserving of something higher than an Emmy. How he has managed that dialogue is genius to me."


Spinelli was raised by his Granny and never knew his parents.

He has a daughter named, Georgie, who was born in August of 2013, through a one night stand with his ex-fiancée, Maxie Jones.

He is in a longterm relationship with Ellie Trout.

Spinelli is known for using nicknames for a variety of characters, all of which are derived from one of their perceived attributes; for example, he has dubbed Jason "Stone Cold" for his taciturn and unemotional personality.

Jason and Sam Morgan are two of Spinelli's best friends.


The character of Damian Spinelli or simply just Spinelli was introduced to the show in 2006, as the computer hacker responsible for creating a flash drive containing falsified evidence against Sam McCall. Spinelli is hired by Lorenzo Alcazar to create the flash drive, which in turn is handed over to corrupt Port Charles District Attorney, Ric Lansing, who has a grudge against McCall's beau-at-the-time Jason Morgan. Jason and Sam find Spinelli and convince him to confess to creating the flash drive. Spinelli agrees, and hides at a safe house with Sam while Jason waits for the right time to make his move. But before this happens, they are ambushed by Alcazar's hitmen. In the ensuing fracas, Spinelli disappears.

Spinelli with Sam and Jason

He reappears a short time later, working in a study group with Lulu Spencer. The two are kidnapped by Alcazar, who was planning to kill them, but they are rescued by Jason. Spinelli runs again, but Lulu helps Jason track him down at his grandmother's house in the city of Oakfield, Tennessee. This is the first mention in the show of Spinelli having any family. Spinelli is convinced to return to Port Charles, and provides Mac Scorpio with the evidence to exonerate Sam. He also helps Jason and Sonny Corinthos keep tabs on Alcazar; is helping Lulu to prove that her mother, Laura Spencer did not kill Rick Webber; and provides an ailing Alexis Davis with marijuana to ease the pain caused by her chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer.

In the inspired storyline during the February 2007 sweeps, Spinelli helps as Jason Morgan's sidekick in an attempt to rescue the hostages who are being held at the Metro Court Hotel. It is also revealed that he has a major crush on Lulu Spencer, and that he has a very vivid Walter Mitty-like imagination. His fantasies usually revolve around his desire for "The Blonde One", Lulu, portraying himself as a swashbuckling hero figure who rescues her from danger. In an August 2007 episode, Spinelli's fantasy involved him being attended by three beautiful blonde women, all of whom he rejected so that he could attend to Lulu. Lulu used to live with Spinelli and Jason after having her heart broken by Logan. Later, she left to try to help put her torn-apart family back together. Spinelli also hit Logan Hayes once he found out that Logan hurt Lulu. Jason and Spinelli talked frequently about his good friend, Georgie Jones. "Stone Cold" told him that it was obvious that Georgie had a crush on him. Spinelli was stunned, but elated. He told Jason that Georgie was beautiful and smart and could have anyone she wanted. He was confused why someone as wonderful as "Wise Georgie" would love someone like him.

Spinelli and Lulu

Spinelli found Georgie's dead body while walking through the park on December 17, 2007 and discovered that she was killed by the Text Message Killer. He tried fruitlessly to revive her as he called the police sobbing, asking them to come quickly because "someone beautiful has died". After he was questioned by the police, a depressed Spinelli trudged back to the penthouse and told Jason that Georgie had been murdered, while downing shots of alcohol. He talked to Jason about who she was and the guilt he felt stemming from his inability to protect her. He lamented that he lost the one person who thought he was special. Jason tried his best to comfort his grieving friend. Later, Spinelli lit a candle and made a remorseful offering to Georgie's spirit so she would know he would miss her. He also comforted Maxie and Dillon and attended Georgie's funeral.

The police had made Spinelli a major suspect in Georgie's murder, before other evidence pointed to different people. The evidence came in the form of e-mails that she had never sent, stating that except around girls, Spinelli was the smartest, sweetest guy she had ever met and she thought she was falling in love with him. Lucky Spencer told Spinelli he was determined to prove that he killed Georgie. Spinelli was incredulous at the idea that he could have killed his closest friend. Jason told Lucky to back off Spinelli and promised to help him get out of the trouble he was in. Spinelli later asked to keep the e-mails, which he dubbed "Georgie's secret pain." Later he tried to write a reply, but was discouraged by the fact that Georgie would not be able to read it.

Sonny assaults Spinelli

Spinelli is distraught for not knowing about Georgie's love for him until it was too late. He still mourns Georgie's death and the loss of their potential romantic relationship, which makes him only more determined to prove that Cooper Barrett is the Text Message Killer. However, after Cooper's apparent suicide, his girlfriend Maxie Jones enlists Spinelli's help in uncovering Coop's killer. She believes that whoever killed Coop killed Georgie as well. The unlikely duo work together to find the killer, initially arguing constantly, but eventually developing a friendship. During a stakeout at Logan's house, Maxie kisses Spinelli to deflect the suspicion of a nearby police officer. The kiss marks the beginning of Spinelli's developing feelings for Maxie. He repeatedly has Sam Spade-like fantasies, with himself playing the detective, and Maxie the femme fatale blonde. He no longer calls Maxie the "Bad Blonde One", but instead "the Wounded Blonde One". They successfully track down the Text Message Killer, Diego Alcazar, and engage in a physical confrontation, which ends with Diego falling off a ship and hanging himself from being tangled up in ropes.

After Dr. Ian Devlin's shooting of Michael Corinthos, Spinelli and Maxie again work together to find evidence, and engage in a physical confrontation with the killer, who is himself shot and killed by Jason. It is during this trip that Spinelli reveals to Jason that he has fallen in love with "Maximista." Spinelli seeks romantic advice from Jason, Diane Miller, and Sam McCall. When Spinelli asks Jasper Jacks for help in becoming a ladies' man, this results in Spinelli appearing at the Metro Court Hotel as a "mini-Jax," Australian accent and all. Kate Howard's rival, Giselle, becomes instantly smitten with the newly polished "Damian", but the facade crumbles when Maxie shows up and disapproves, causing Spinelli to lose his cool.

Spinelli wakes up in Maxie's bed

He gets drunk and is discovered on the Port Charles pier by Claudia Zacchara, who brings him to Jason's penthouse. Spinelli succumbs to disease while quarantined with Jason and Claudia. As he laments about his self-perception as a loser, Jason explains how much he counts on Spinelli, and is honored by Spinelli's trust. Spinelli's illness also causes Maxie to divulge to him how much she counts on him, which lifts Spinelli's spirits. After conspiring with Lulu and Johnny to cover up Lulu's murder of Logan Hayes, Maxie was threatened by Johnny's father, Anthony. Upon her release, she went to Spinelli and told him the truth. After Spinelli vows to keep Maxie safe, she kisses him. The two make love, but Maxie instantly regrets it, feeling that she has used Spinelli for comfort sex.

Maxie and Spinelli remain close. One evening, they go on a stakeout to spy on Andre Karpov's lawyer, who, according to Spinelli's false theories, is having an affair with Jason. Spinelli gets out of the car to investigate further and Maxie tries to stop him. A car comes out of nowhere; Spinelli pushes Maxie out of the way and ends up being hit by the car. Maxie rushes him to the hospital where Dr. Matt Hunter removes his ruptured spleen. Although the surgery itself is successful, Spinelli develops a post-operative infection. His fever becomes worse, presumably due to the use of counterfeit medication. At Maxie's insistence, Dr. Patrick Drake becomes his doctor, after which Spinelli recovers from his fever and is given a clean bill of health. Jason takes him to the penthouse to recover; Maxie promptly shows up and announces that she will stay to take care of Spinelli while Jason is busy.

Spinelli and Maxie eventually fall deeply in love.

While Spinelli is recovering, he eavesdrops on a conversation between Maxie and Jason, in which she admits that Spinelli brings out the best in her and makes her see herself in a better light. She implies that she is in love with Spinelli. The following morning, Spinelli attends Johnny Zacchara's murder trial, at which Maxie has to testify, out of loyalty to her. Maxie is forced to admit under oath that she threatened to ruin Logan's relationship with Lulu unless he had sex with her; she is made to look like a slut in front of the jury and Spinelli. When she is dismissed from the courtroom, she runs away from Spinelli, who attempts to talk to her.

After Maxie was attacked by the Russians because she saw them burn down Kelly's and beat up Mike, Spinelli finds her in the exact position and place he found Georgie's body after she was strangled by the Text Message Killer. Spinelli carries Maxie to General Hospital where Dr. Matt Hunter tells him she'll be fine but she'll just have a headache. Spinelli sits at Maxie's bedside and confesses his love for her. Mac comes to the hospital and forbids Spinelli from seeing Maxie. Spinelli vows revenge on whoever hurt his Maximista. Later at Crimson, Mac finds Maxie and Spinelli talking and gives Maxie an ultimatum to either stop seeing Spinelli or move out. Defying her stepfather and choosing Spinelli, she moves into an apartment with Lulu and Johnny.

While playing around with Jason's gun, Spinelli accidentally shoots himself in the foot and Jason takes the fall for it. As a form of thanks, Spinelli designs a game based on Jason called the "The Stone Cold Saga". He also harbors a small crush on one of the nurses, Jolene Crowell. It is also revealed that Spinelli harbors an immense fear of clowns. He helped Jason with Stacey Sloan's C-section in the elevator. He blames himself for Stacey dying because he pushed the elevator button hard. He also had a one night stand with Jolene. Spinelli later finds out from Jason that Jolene may be the one that has been sabotaging the hospital. Jason tells Spinelli to see if he can find anything that might prove that Jolene is a killer. Spinelli checks it out on his computer, wanting to prove that Jolene isn't capable of murder.

In the season finale, Spinelli goes to Jason and tells him that he was right about the Jolene. There is later a shootout at the hospital and Spinelli throws his laptop at one of the gunmen. Surprisingly, Jolene jumps on top of him, knocking him to the floor to shield him from a bullet. When the shootout is over, Spinelli is kneeling on a corridor floor wondering why Jolene saved him. After visiting Touissant he goes to see Jolene, who is in a coma. He thanks her for saving him, without looking at her. He finally looks at her and calls her Fair Jolene.

Spinelli and Winifred (2009).

While helping Maxie rewrite a Crimson article that she failed to back up on her computer, Spinelli finds that his computer has been hacked. Later on the pier, she finds a girl named Winifred Leeds with similar computer troubles. After helping her, he finds she's been spying on her after being outed by Maxie. When she mentions the Saga of Stone Cold, Maxie begins to call her names that could be used to describe Spinelli as well, causing him to distance himself from Maxie and grow closer to Winifred, who he calls "The Priestess". After he makes it clear to Winifred his love remains with Maxie, Maxie calls him to her apartment and they have sex. However, when he finds out that she only used sex to take his mind off of Winifred, the two get into a heated argument. Before Maxie can apologize, Spinelli is arrested by the FBI for treason and homeland security violations, with aid from Winifred, who is an undercover FBI agent. Despite the seriousness of the charges against him, FBI Agent Rayner tells him not to confess to anything, as he's merely bait to get to Jason Morgan, Sonny Corinthos, and the Zacchara's.

Maxie and Spinelli at their "non-wedding."

Spinelli was made to feel helpless by this turn of events, as Jason tells him not to use his hacking skills anymore, and Rayner would rather keep him as a bargaining chip to keep Jason under the FBI's thumb than give him any real use. However, he eavesdrops on Jason and Rayner's conversations over a missing Equinox truck carrying deadly cargo, and after being denied again by Jason to help, calls on Winifred for information. He provides most of this information to Jason, but not all, so that he'll let him help again. The pair find that an accident victim matching the description of one of the buyers of the stolen cargo has been admitted to General Hospital, but they're too late to do anything about it before a deadly bio toxin is released into the hospital. He is locked in with the patients under the quarantine the hospital is placed under. When he learns that the FBI has been ordered to turn the remaining bio toxin over to the Equinox corporation, he tries to explain to Patrick and Jason how they can't be allowed to have it back. Failing that, he trails the FBI team led by Winifred to retrieve the bio toxin, though he lets them retrieve it after arguing with her over the same issue. He then notices the anesthesia equipment has been left running and guides Winifred out of the room just as a cauterize spark engulfs the room in an explosion.

Spinelli is shot

Spinelli then continues to stay behind and help others evacuate once the building has caught on fire. Spinelli puts his laptop down to find a way to communicate to the FBI outside and locks himself in a utility closet as the building burns. Spinelli makes it out of the hospital and reunites with Maxie. Spinelli finds out that the FBI is still after him but is able to destroy the evidence they have against him. Later on, He catches Maxie kissing Johnny and breaks up with her. Over time the two begin to reconnect, but Spinelli insists on courting Maxie, which included serenading her at Jake's. After the two make love, Spinelli proposes to Maxie but she avoids giving him an answer but eventually, despite her fears, she's says yes. The night before their wedding, he overhears Maxie expressing her fears on marriage.

Maxie kisses Spinelli awake after he was shot

On September 24, 2009, the wedding starts but the couple decides to get "not married." Maxie cheats on him with Franco. After that, Spinelli tries to showcase his bravery by coming up with a fake private investigation which leads them to the sewer where they first became close. But the plan backfires when Maxie's gets hypothermia, which compromises her heart transplant and almost dies (she survives) but their relationship remains strained. After Jason goes to prison to protect Michael, Spinelli becomes distraught so Maxie tries to get him out of his funk by flirting with Matt (in order to get him to fight for her). There was one problem though, Spinelli caught the two them kissing and ends their relationship for good.

Spinelli as Jackal PI

On June 19th 2011, a crazed Lisa Niles takes Maxie and others hostage and in an attempt to save Maxie, Spinelli drops from an air vent and steps in front of Maxie and takes a bullet that was meant for her. When he wakes up from surgery, he is stuck in his Jackal P.I. persona. Months later, Maxie finally snaps him out of it but he doesn't regain his cyber skills but eventually regains his tech-savvy knowledge, after relying on "FOS"(Friends of Spinelli) for so long.

In early 2012, Spinelli moves in with Maxie when she's needs a roommate. When Maxie "confesses" to killing Lisa Niles, because she feels guilty about Robin's death. Spinelli tries to get her to tell the truth but is unsuccessful and she sent to prison. Later on, he discovers that Matt is the real killer and Maxie finally tells him that she witnessed Matt kill Lisa and is trying to protect him. After telling her he wouldn't tell, he reveals the truth to the judge (because he was pressured) which angers Maxie (she says she will never forgive him.) As a result, Maxie and Matt get married so she won't have to testify against him. Maxie finally forgives him and wants to be friends but he's tired of her using him so he cuts her out of his life.


In summer 2012, Spinelli is hired by Olivia Falconeri to investigate Heather Webber's suspicious activity. He reveals everything he found out to Anna Devane, leading to Heather's arrest. He later assists Jason is finding Sam's son. While doing so, he enlists the help of lab tech, Ellie Trout. The two of them soon form a bond and begin dating. The two consummate their relationship on the same night Maxie realizes that she is in love with him. In the fall of 2012, When Maxie finally admits her feelings, Spinelli says he's moved on with Ellie. The two of them have a moment at the hospital when Maxie has doubts about being a surrogate so Spinelli tells her that he would be with her if he hadn't met Ellie. Ellie over hears and runs off. He talks with Ellie and invites her to spend Christmas Eve with him and she accepts. On Christmas Eve, Spinelli gets a call from Maxie and rushes over to see her, leaving Ellie in the dust. As Spinelli is about to leave, Maxie starts cramping and he takes her to the hospital where it is revealed that she is pregnant.

Spinelli sees his daughter's ultrasound

After many examples of Maxie's needs coming before Ellie's, Ellie breaks up with Spinelli but they both agree to think about their feelings for a day and meet on the GH roof at midnight on NYE if they want to continue their relationship. On January 2, 2013 episode, Spinelli setup an elaborate setup and hopes that Ellie will come to the GH roof. During Spinelli setting up, Maxie is talking to Ellie about the GH roof meeting. Ellie tells Maxie that she is not the first woman in Spinelli's life and isn't meeting Spinelli on the roof.  However, Ellie is subsequently convinced to meet with Spinelli when Maxie tells that she knows that she lost Spinelli. While Ellie is talking to Maxie, Spinelli is talking to Milo (one of Sonny's bodyguards) about the situation that he is in. Ellie tries to travel to GH, however, she is involved with the January 2013 car crash that Connie Falconeri started. Connie was transporting Johnny to "keep him quiet", but she ran Ellie over. Ellie is seriously injured with not being able to move and slipping in and out of consciousness.  She is transported GH for treatment. Not knowing these events and being wasted after drinking almost a full bottle of peppermint schnapps, Damian mistakenly believes that Ellie chose not to come and leaves with Maxie to her apartment. Spinelli then has sex with Maxie.

Spinelli watches as his daughter is born

Eventually Spinelli and Ellie get back together; however, Spinelli dishonorably uses Ellie when he takes the molecular diagram of the secret ingredient of the pickle relish that is the source to revive the Quartermaine's family business, ELQ Enterprises. Spinelli and Ellie have a disagreement about having children. After seeing Maxie's ultrasound he decides he really wants children while Ellie is clear that she does not want children. He attends the 2013 Nurses' Ball and does a number with girlfriend Ellie Trout. He is seen trying to get information about a possible Franco offspring, Lauren Frank, with Heather Webber on orders of A.J. Quartermaine.  He helps Ellie crack into the GH computers via the phone while he is heading out of town to find Lauren. 

Spinelli holds his daughter for the first time

He meets up with Franco's illegal adoptive mother and she sends Spinelli to New York City.  The mother is seen talking to another man, presumably Luke Spencer, and says that the deal is done.  While Luke is talking to Ava Jerome (Lauren Frank's mother), Spinelli is talking to a red hair girl.  The girl allows Spinelli to give his speech on why Lauren should support A.J..  The girl reveals to Spinelli that she isn't Lauren Frank and Luke Spencer paid her to "punked" Spinelli. The real Lauren Frank, who is actually going by the name Kiki Jerome, appeared and moved into the Quartermaine house.

Ellie tells Spinelli the truth.

Spinelli has a conversation with his girlfriend Ellie Trout about her willingness to try for a baby with him, but he states that it is not urgent and can be tabled after he comes back from his trip to New York City.  He is gets a odd feeling when Georgie Jones in a ghostly form sends a message (talks to him behind his back without revealing herself) about that he shouldn't get too mad when the truth comes out (referring to Maxie's baby secrets). After learning that Sam Morgan's son Danny is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant from a relative, Spinelli makes a list of living relatives of Danny's parents, Jason's (Quartermaines) and Sam's (Cassadine's) sides.  He is hired by Carly Jacks to investigate Ava Jerome.  Damian tries to get information on the relationship between Ava and Dr. Silas Clay from Ava's assistant, but doesn't get too far with it.

Spinelli confronts Maxie about their baby.

On August 23, Ellie tells him that he and Maxie are the biological parents of Dante and Lulu's daughter. Angered with Ellie he yells at her saying that he loved her and that she had no right to keep Maxie's secret. On August 29, he finds Maxie about to breastfeed their daughter but stops her then takes her back to her room where he reveals that Ellie told him that the baby is theirs, not Dante and Lulu's. They decide not to tell Dante and Lulu the truth. Later on, they are made the godparents of their own daughter. The truth comes out at the christening and Maxie and Spinelli talk about how they don't think that Dante and Lulu will want to raise a child that isn't theirs. Spinelli and Maxie decide that they want their daughter but at the same time Dante and Lulu decide they want to keep the baby. The four of them meet to discuss the baby but as it turns out that both couples want the baby. Dante and Lulu won't give Spixie the baby so they end up leaving in complete shock. After they leave, they Diane Miller for help while Dante and Lulu call Alexis Davis. This very moment marks the start of a what is bound to be a very nasty custody battle.

Spinelli and his daughter Georgie

On November 19, Spinelli gets parental rights and full custody of his daughter. Maxie is denied visitation and can't go anywhere near her for a period of 6 months but if after 6 months there have been no problems the possibility of visitation will be revisited. On November 26, it is seen that Spinelli is now living with Sam and her son Danny. In early December, Ellie received a job offer in Portland, Oregon and he and Ellie began to discuss the idea of moving there together with baby Connie. Maxie gives her blessing for Spinelli to take Connie to Portland to be with Ellie. He picks up Connie and goes to Maxie to say goodbye. He also decides to rename their daughter, Georgie.

Spinelli returns

On May 20-21, 2014, Spinelli returns with Ellie and Georgie, when Carly Jacks and Franco visit, because they need his help reconstructing a recording on the late A.J. Quartermaine's phone. He is able to reconstruct it and Carly and Franco get what they needed. Before, Carly and Franco listen to it, she requests that Spinelli and Ellie leave the room so that they are not implicated in whatever is discovered on the recording. It is also revealed that since Spinelli moved to Portland he has been a stay at home dad.

Spinelli returns for Christmas

Spinelli meets Nathan

On December 10, Sam talks to Spinelli about enhancing security footage for her, which he does. On December 24, Spinelli and Georgie are reunited with Maxie for Christmas. On December 26, Spinelli tells Maxie that her flight was cancelled. Later on, Spinelli and Maxie discuss all of the problems that Nathan and Maxie have had. He also gets to meet Nathan and drives him to the airport to catch his plane back to Port Charles.

Spinelli returns with Georgie

On February 13, 2015 (14th on the show), Spinelli shows up at Maxie's door with Georgie. He and Maxie talk about Nathan and the fight they had about Johnny. Spinelli reveals to Maxie that Ellie broke up with him because of her. He also reveals that he is still in love with Maxie. Spinelli does everything in his power to get Maxie back. He even challenges Nathan to a fight for Maxie. This doesn't go over well with Maxie but Spinelli does get what wanted...Nathan bowing out. He and Maxie eventually decide to get back to together right before Nathan shows up wanting to fight for Maxie and Ellie shows up wanting Spinelli back.

Spinelli spills his drink on Nathan

Weeks later, Spinelli and Maxie get back together and seem relatively happy. They also plan to go to the Nurses' Ball together, as do Nathan and Ellie. By the end of the Nurses' Ball, Spinelli and Ellie get back together as do Nathan and Maxie. Soon after, Spellie and Georgie and her return to Portland Oregon.


On October 15, Spinelli returns at Sam's request to help her and Jake Doe find out who he really is. After multiple mishaps Spinelli puts together a facial reconstructive program that proved that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan. After finding out Ellie sprained her ankle, Spinelli returned to Portland to be with her.


On November 18, Spinelli gets a visit from Jason, who needs his help. Spinelli helps him locate Helena and get schematics of the Cassadine island. He also calls Sam to tell her where Jason is headed.

Spinelli, Ellie and Georgie return

On Christmas Eve 2015, he and Ellie return to Port Charles so Maxie can spend Christmas with her daughter, Georgie. He also catches up with Jason.

On New Years 2016, he and Ellie are seen at the Floating Rib, where they see Jason about to kiss Sam. They also catch up with Sam after Jason is called away.


In June 2016, Spinelli returned and is reunited with Maxie and then helped Jason and Sam, who were on the run. This where he finds out that Jason got his memories back. In September 2016, he returned to marry Jason and Sam. He also talks to Maxie about Claudette.

Blake Berris

In January 2017, Spinelli (played by Blake Berris) returned for Nathan and Maxie's wedding and ended up marrying them.

Spinelli returns to help Jason

On June 14, Spinelli (back to being played by Bradford Anderson) returned to help Jason find Helena's soldier.

On August 17, Spinelli is seen at a park in Portland with Maxie (and Georgie, who is offscreen) talking about Ask Man Landers.

On September 14, Spinelli is seen at GH with Nurse Amy Driscoll and brings her a copy of the manuscript for her book. Later on, he sees Amy and Nathan hugging and gets concerned. Later on, the Ask man Landers reveal happens.

It's you

Hugging Jason

On November 30, Spinelli returns and sees Patient 6, later revealed to be Jason. On December 1, Spinelli backs up the proof that Patient 6 is Jason.

In January 2018, Spinelli helps Sonny and Jason with their Cesar Faison problem and he proves that Faison has a son and that turns out to be Nathan. However, they later discover that Faison has another son who is known as the traitor and his name is Henrik.

On February 9, Spinelli was there to comfort Maxie since Nathan died and he attended his funeral that day.

On March 23, Spinelli planned to go to Switzerland and impersonate Henrik to get access to Faison's safe deposit box, however on April 17 it was revealed that he was arrested for doing so. Jason posed as a U.S. Marshall to get him out of jail.

In May, Spinelli helped Jason and Sam confirm that Henrik Faison is Peter August.

On June 12, Spinelli gave Michael a computer virus to track Nelle Benson's purchases and he was helping Michael prove that Nelle was framing Carly by lying about the reason Nelle fell down the stairs. Later on, he was also helping Jason and Sam on their mission to prove that Carly was framed and he was upset when he learned that Sam was opening a P.I. business with Curtis Ashford instead of him, however he was happy that she and Drew were getting a divorce.

On January 23, 2019, Sam called Spinelli for help locating Jason since he was trapped in the catacombs and he was able to get his location which led to Sam saving his life.

On January 28, Spinelli returned to Port Charles to help Jason and Sam look into the mysterious Hank Archer, a man who knew Drew during his Navy SEAL days in Afghanistan. Hank is also going by the name of Shiloh and was born David Henry Archer. Shiloh is currently running an organization called "Dawn of Day" and is claiming to be a self-help guru, but in reality he is shady as Jason and Sam do not trust him. Shiloh was also revealed to be the son of Henry Archer, one of Sam's "husbands" she had conned as her way to take care of her brother Danny.

In May, Spinelli returned to help Jason bug the "Dawn of Day" house as part of their plan to take down Shiloh.

On September 19, Spinelli returned to Port Charles to help Jason uncover a link between Shiloh and Peter August. He eventually talked to Peter and was onto him since Peter made a mysterious phone call but he played it cool and suggested that he and Ellie have a double date with Maxie and Peter. He spent some time with Maxie who asked him to at least try to be civil with Peter and hoped that they would eventually get along. After Maxie left, Spinelli admitted that there was not a chance. Jason called Spinelli for help in tracking down Sam since Shiloh escaped from custody and he is holding her hostage. Spinelli tracked her to the Haunted Star and helped Jason as much as he could.

On October 7, Spinelli was helping Jason and Sam with uncovering Peter's connection to Shiloh and he was also trying to help get Sam's name cleared since she was framed for the premeditated murder of Shiloh. She did indeed kill Shiloh but she only did it to save Jason. Later on, Spinelli revealed that he couldn't prove the recording was doctored but he couldn't prove that it was legit. Sam was initially cleared, but she was framed for helping Shiloh escape so she was arrested by the FBI and sent to Pentonville without bail to await trial.

On November 18, Spinelli was there to support Sam at her bench trial but he ended up having to leave and wished them well.

On January 13, 2020, Spinelli returned to Port Charles and he brought Georgie with him and together they surprised Maxie at Crimson. As they were catching up, Spinelli revealed to Maxie that Ellie is interviewing for a new job in a nearby town so he, Georgie and Ellie may be moving back to Port Charles for good if it all goes well. Sam went up to Crimson and was happy to see Spinelli as well and he shared the news that he may move back to Port Charles for good. Sam hoped that it would work out since they needed Spinelli.

Crimes Committed

  • Computer hacking during the course of working for Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos [2006-13]
  • Falsified evidence for Lorenzo Alcazar [2006]
  • Supplied Alexis Davis with marijuana during her bout with lung cancer [2006]
  • Impersonated a doctor [Apr 28, 2007]
  • Impersonated an attorney [Summer 2007]
  • "Threatened" Jerry Jacks [Jul 12, 2007]
  • Punched Logan Hayes [Sep 18, 2007]
  • Clobbered Lulu Spencer over the head with the butt of a gun and rendered her temporarily unconscious [Nov 8, 2007]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into the late, Cooper Barrett's old room over Kelly's (along with Maxie) [Feb 5, 2008]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Ian Devlin's room (along with Maxie) [Apr 21, 2008]
  • Impersonated a doctor [Apr 28-29, 2008]
  • Punched a guy (in defense of Leyla Mir) [Arrested; Jun 10, 2008]
  • Hacked into security cameras outside the Emily Bowen-Quartermaine Memorial Clinic [Jul 11, 2008]
  • Impersonated a mental patient [Oct 17, 2008]
  • "Threatened" Jerry Jacks and attempted to "attack" him [Nov 11, 2008; his "attacks" did not phase Jerry]
  • Violated the Homeland Security Act (arrested twice but the charges were later dropped) [Feb 2009]
  • Went on the run from the Feds [Mar 4-24, 2009]
  • Punched Johnny Zacchara [Apr 13, 2009]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into the former Mayor's office (along with Maxie) [Jun 2009]

  • Got into a fight with Matt Hunter [Mar 28, 2012]
  • Stole the Pickle Lila recipe from Ellie Trout to give to Tracy Quartermaine [Mar 2013]
  • Kept the secret about him and Maxie being the biological parents of Dante and Lulu Falconeri's daughter [Aug 23-Sep 30, 2013]
  • Hacked into the hospital computer [Oct 2015; arrested and released]
  • Hacked into the hospital mainframe again [Oct 28, 2015]
  • Made a dummy key card of Claudette Beaulieu's Metro Court room key for Maxie [revealed Oct 19, 2017]
  • Arrested for impersonating Henrik Faison (aka Peter August) in Switzerland [revealed Apr 17, 2018; Jason posed as a U.S. Marshal to get him out]
  • Stalked Dolores Maloney and her significant other, Donald Raskin, under Sam's orders [Mar 25, 2020; arrested and released]
  • Helped Jason Morgan install a hidden camera in Brando's body shop [Sep 3, 2020]
  • Helped Sam call Peter pretending to be Helena Cassadine for blackmail [Oct 29-Nov 3, 2020]
  • Hacked into the computers of Mountain Landing under the orders of Carly Corinthos [Dec 30, 2020; revealed on Jan 4, 2021]
  • Aided and abetted in Jason's escape from custody [May 3, 2021]
  • Obstruction of justice; would not tell Dante, Sam, or Jordan where Jason and Britt are, knowing they are wanted fugitives [May 6, 2021]
  • Assaulted Joey Novak; punched him in the face [Sep 3, 2021]
  • Responsible for the deaths of Vincent Novak and Charles Buscema as he and Brick moved Nina Wu's car bomb under Novak's limo [Sep 17, 2021; revealed on Sep 20, 2021]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Threatened by Lorenzo Alcazar [2006-07]
    • Along with Lulu Spencer, kidnapped by Lorenzo's men [Nov 28, 2006]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint at the Metro Court Hotel by Jerry Jacks and his team (known as the Metro Court hostage crisis) [Jan-Feb 2007; he came in at the end]
    • Rendered unconscious in the Metro Court explosion [Feb 19, 2007]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint at the penthouse by Jerry Jacks [May 22, 2007]
    • Pinned to a table and punched by Logan Hayes [Jun 4, 2007]
    • Shot himself in the foot [Jul 2007; GH:NS]
    • Trapped in a storm drain with Maxie Jones [Feb 29-Mar 5, 2008]
    • Accidentally inhaled chloroform [Mar 2008]
    • Passed out [Apr 29, 2008]
    • Assaulted by Sonny Corinthos when he threw him against a post which caused Spinelli to hit his head [May 27, 2008]
    • Had his head slammed into a table after attempting to punch a man [Jun 11, 2008]
    • Quarantined with Jason Morgan and Claudia Zacchara for Asian flu [Jun 18-24, 2008]
    • Suffered a bout of Asian flu and was hospitalized [Jun 24, 2008]
    • Assaulted by to Russian men (they lifted him up and tried to rip his arms out of his sockets) [Aug 11, 2008]
    • Was hospitalized after he kept passing out due to the heat [Aug 13, 2008]
    • Hit by a car after pushing Maxie Jones out of the way of it and required surgery to remove his ruptured spleen [Aug 25-26, 2008]
    • Developed a very high fever after surgery [Aug 2008]
    • Punched in the face by Jerry Jacks and knocked out [Nov 11, 2008]
    • Continuously used as a bargaining chip to keep Jason under the thumb of the FBI [Jan 13-Mar 24, 2009]
    • Rendered unconscious in an explosion at General Hospital [Feb 2009]
    • Rendered unconscious while trapped in a fire at General Hospital [Feb 2009]
    • Kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint [Mar 2009]
    • Punched in the face by Matt Hunter [Jun 15, 2009]
    • Shot at by Anthony Zacchara's men at a warehouse [Sep 2009]
    • Slapped by Claudia [Sep 14, 2009]
    • Trapped in a storm drain with Maxie Jones again [Mar 9-10, 2010]
    • Ruptured his Achille's tendon while in the storm drain [Mar 9, 2010]

  • Shot in the chest by Dr. Lisa Niles and required surgery [Jun 2011]
  • Trapped in a storm drain with Maxie Jones yet again [Aug 2011; as Jackal P.I.]
  • Beat up by Joey Bruzetta, one of Anthony Zacchara's men [Sep 2011]
  • Injured his hand after punching Joey while trying to save Maxie [Sep 2011]
  • In the line of fire when Johnny shot and killed Joey [Sep 2011]
  • Admits to Todd Manning that he was beaten up on the bus once [revealed on June 22, 2012]
  • Allergic to shellfish [revealed Oct 1, 2012]
  • Assaulted by Sam Morgan (grabbed by the collar) [Oct 8, 2012]
  • Swallowed the Pickle Lila recipe and in hopes of recovering it had an endoscopy (it didn't work) [Mar 2013]
  • Hurt his head when Maxie accidentally hit him with a door [Sep 2013]
  • Assaulted by Det. Nathan West (grabbed by the collar and almost punched) [Mar 6, 2015]
  • Punched in the face by Nathan during a boxing match [Mar 20, 2015]
  • Assaulted and pinned to a door by Robert Scorpio [Apr 20, 2020]
  • Threatened by Peter August [Nov 3, 2020]
  • Had a gun pointed at him through a wall and almost shot by Jason who thought he was an intruder [May 4-5, 2021]
  • Grabbed by the shirt by Dante Falconeri [May 6, 2021]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint and threatened to be mutilated by Cyrus Renault and his men [May 26-28, 2021]
  • Threatened by Joey Novak [Jun 30, 2021]

  • Nicknames

    Spinelli has a penchant for giving nicknames to those individuals who he has come into contact with, and on occasion to inanimate objects.

    Character Nickname
    Bernie Abrahms The Bernificent One
    Lorenzo Alcazar Darth Alcazar
    Scott Baldwin The Court Prince
    Brenda Barrett The Divine One
    Cooper Barrett The Clean-Cut Cadet
    Shawn Butler The Black Knight
    Helena Cassadine The Vicious One
    Irina Cassadine The Niveous One
    Heart-Stopping Lovely One
    Nikolas Cassadine The Princely One
    Victor Cassadine The Vicious Victor
    Carly Corinthos The Valkyrie
    Sonny Corinthos The Godfather
    The Pacino-esque Dude
    Mr. [Corinthos] Sir
    Jolene Crowell [Falsely, Not So] Fair Jolene
    Nadine Crowell Fair Nadine
    Noble Nurse [Nadine]
    Alexis Davis Mother of the Goddess
    Kristina Corinthos-Davis Half Pint Hacker
    Lil Krissy
    The Reluctant Mob Princess
    Anna Devane The Adventurous One
    Kick-Butt Mother of the Bride
    Legendary Empress of Operatives
    Sasha Donev The Slavic Seductress
    Patrick Drake Dr. Love
    Cesar Faison The Master of Evil
    Dante Falconeri The Badged Betrayer
    The Duplicitous Detective
    Olivia Falconeri The Colloquial Cousin
    Franco The Demented One
    The Darkly Focused One
    Max Giambetti Brother of Prince Pectoral
    Milo Giambetti Prince Pectoral
    Work Out Man
    Logan Hayes The Crabby Commando
    The Unworthy One
    Theo Hoffman The Bald One
    Kate Howard The Fashionista
    The Glacial One
    The Ice Queen
    Matt Hunter The Conceited One
    The Cynical Brother of Dr. Love
    Dr. Doom
    The Unworthy One
    Jasper Jacks The Valkyrie's White Knight
    Jerry Jacks The Demented One
    The Demon Formally Known as Craig
    The Unhinged One
    Epiphany Johnson The Formidable One
    BJ Jones Late and Lamented Barbara Jean
    The Vixen of Do-Gooding[28]
    Georgie Jones Friend and Faithful Companion
    Wise Georgie
    Generous Georgie
    Loyal Little Sister
    Maxie Jones The Bad Blonde One
    [Fair] Maximista
    The Wounded Blonde One
    The Faithless One
    Duke Lavery The Dashing Duke
    Molly Lansing-Davis Unsinkable Molly
    Ric Lansing The DA of Darkness
    Darth Lansing the Younger
    Trevor Lansing Darth Lansing the Elder
    Winifred Leeds The Priestess
    Victor Lord, Jr. The Psychotic One[29]
    Diane Miller The Brusque Lady of Justice
    The Mob Lawyer
    Danny Morgan The Wee One
    Young Daniel
    Jason Morgan The Master
    Stone Cold
    Big Daddy
    Sam Morgan Awesome One
    The Bodacious One
    Fair Samantha
    Fearless Samantha
    The Goddess
    Orange soda Nectar of the Gods
    Liesl Obrecht Dr. Demented
    Alan Quartermaine Dr. Dad
    The Paternal One
    Dillon Quartermaine The Almost Incestuous One
    Film Guy
    Emily Quartermaine Noble Emily
    Michael Corinthos Young Mr. Sir
    Monica Quartermaine Mother of Stone Cold
    Regal One
    Tracy Quartermaine Wicked Stepmother
    Agent Rayner The Fearsome Federal One
    Emma Scorpio-Drake Most Welcome Emma
    Robin Scorpio-Drake The Expectant One
    Fair Robin
    Kyle Sloane The Demented Commissioner
    Jake Spencer Baby Jake
    The Innocent One
    The Small Stone Cold
    Stone Cold Special
    Stone Cold's Secret Pain
    Lucky Spencer The Cleft-Chinned Keeper of the Peace
    The Conscientious Cop
    Luke Spencer Father of the Blonde One
    Proud Patriarch
    Lulu Spencer The Bitter One[30]
    The Blonde One
    Fair Lulu
    The Original Blonde One
    Georgie Spinelli The Wee One
    Elizabeth Webber Fair Elizabeth
    The Maternal One
    Heather Webber The Cockeyed Cuckoo
    Britt Westbourne The Bad Doctor
    Nathan West The Dashing Detective
    Anthony Zacchara The Denizen of Darkness
    The Evil Patriarch
    Claudia Zacchara The Other Valkyrie
    Johnny Zacchara The Dark Prince
    The Mob Prince
    The Septic Son
    Spinelli The Ace of Cyberspace
    The Assassin of the Internet
    The Grasshopper
    The Jackal
    Legend of Lexicon

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    1. According to his arrest record from March 24, 2009.
    2. Stated on March 6, 2009.
    3. Named used while undercover.
    4. Stated April 17, 2018
    5. He officiated Drew and Sam's first wedding and was ordained by the Church of Illuminating Wonders.
    6. Spinelli referred to Ellie as his domestic partner on the episode airing September 3, 2020.
    7. Only because she was drunk.
    8. Stated by Sam Morgan on April 18, 2013 ... ...

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