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Det. Dante Angelo Falconeri[19] is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and his old flame, Olivia Falconeri.

He was portrayed by actor Dominic Zamprogna from June 22, 2009 until June 28, 2018; he later returned for one episode on November 12, 2018.

In 2019, Zamprogna reprised the role again for a short run from March 15 to March 29.

In 2020, Zamprogna returned again, this time on contract, on August 3, 2020.


The series put out a casting call for the character and newcomer Nathan Parsons auditioned for the role.[20][21] However, Parsons was cast in the role of Ethan Lovett instead.

In September 2008, Soap Opera Weekly reported that the role could go to former Guiding Light star, Tom Pelphrey.[22] It was speculated that ABC's offer to an actor of Pelphrey's caliber for the role of Dante was allegedly in response to possible departure of longtime leading man, Steve Burton who portrayed Jason Morgan.

TV Guide alleged that the rumor was planted by the network to scare Burton into resigning with the series.

By October 2008, Soap Opera Weekly reported that another Emmy winner, David Lago, known for his role as Raul Guittierez on The Young and the Restless had been cast in the role. Lago's first airdate was tentatively set for late November.

Upon the announcement, it was reported the Pelphrey had turned down the role. However, by December ABC still had not confirmed Lago's casting and it was believed that actors were still auditioning for the role.

In January 2009, Soap Central reported that ABC was prepared to make a decision between Lago and Pelphrey for the role. Meanwhile, Pelphrey relocated to California which fueled speculation that he had been cast in the role.

However, Pelphrey then issued a statement admitting he was looking for work outside of daytime making Lago the lead candidate for the role of Dante. A member of the casting department also revealed that the casting could be held off.

In May 2009 it was announced that Pelphrey would return to Guiding Light to help usher it off the air and it was rumored that the role was being held for him. despite conflicting reports that the once suspended casting call had been reactivated.

According to Soap Central, ABC was unable to cast the actor they initially wanted in the role, but the network refused to comment on the their initial idea for casting.

The delayed casting led to reintroduction of Sonny's other son, Michael. Lago later revealed that he was never contacted by the series, but he was definitely open to it. Pelphrey revealed in an interview that he had been contacted by ABC, but he turned down the role.

On May 29, 2009, Soapnet reported that Dominic Zamprogna was set to join the cast of the soap in the mysterious role of Dominic.

Soap Opera Digest confirmed the news and confirmed that the Canadian actor's first air date was June 22, 2009.

Zamprogna revealed in an interview that his manager told him about the role; he filmed the audition and sent to the casting director, Mark Teschner. Teschner loved the tape and sent it to the producers. A week later, the producers had Zamprogna fly to Los Angeles to read with Maurice Benard, and they immediately offered him a contract.

Teschner remembered Zamprogna from when he auditioned for role of Juan Santiago about 10 years earlier, a role that went to Michael Saucedo.[23]

Aaron Refvem portrayed a young Dante in a dream that Dante had during surgery on February 2, 2010.[24]

In 2014, Zamprogna was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

On June 14, 2018, Zamprogna confirmed on Twitter that he's leaving General Hospital; “So you've been asking,” the actor tweeted. “I feel I owe it to you awesome fans to tell you that I've taped my final scenes. Going to miss you and my GH fam. Good things happening, tho. More to come.” He left the show on June 28, 2018. [25][26][27][28]

On October 30, 2018, Dominic announced on Twitter that he is making a one episode cameo sometime in November.[29][30][31] That cameo episode was aired on November 12, 2018.

On February 13, 2019, it was announced that Zamprogna would return to GH. It's not a permanent return, but it would be more than a guest appearance.[32][33][34] On March 4, 2019, Zamprogna revealed that he signed a 10-episode contract. He returned on March 15, 2019. He left again on March 29, 2019.

On May 6, 2020, Zamprogna revealed in the May 4th edition of Soaps in Depth that he is ready to return to GH and is open to returning on contract whenever GH will have him.[35] This news came after rumors of Zamprogna's comeback began to swirl around. As of now, nothing has been confirmed yet.

On July 30, 2020, it was finally confirmed that Zamprogna is in fact returning to GH as Dante.[36][37][38] He returned on August 3, 2020. It was also revealed that he is back on contract. (

According to the initial casting call, the character of Dante is "charming and flirtatious" with and abundantly arrogant, much like his father.

Zamprogna initially described the character as a "smart, intelligent, loving kind of thug." The character is also written as very "witty," and "funny."

He is almost fearless. "He's putting himself in front of people that could pull out a gun and shoot him right there." However, the character's fearless attitude is what makes the other character's respect him. Zamprogna continued, "[Dante]'s gutsy" but not the typical "tough guy."

The character is also very loyal to his family, and he is always "quick on his feet" said Zamprogna.

Dante has a strong stance on morality that is very "black and white." For him, there are no "grey areas." Of his character, Zamprogna said that even when Dante is working undercover, "He's real. No BS."[39]

Zamprogna on playing Dominic/Dante,

"It's just interesting to play a character like that when there's a lot of tough guys on the canvas. I think this is a new, fresh take on [tough guys]…"[40]


Dante's parents, Sonny and Olivia

In September 2008, the series introduced Lisa LoCicero as Olivia Falconeri, the streetwise cousin of Kate Howard (aka Connie Falconeri), played by Megan Ward. Kate is the fiancée of Maurice Benard's Sonny Corinthos. Rumors began to circulate that the characters of Olivia and Sonny would share a past.

LoCicero confirmed that the rumors were true and it was revealed that Olivia and Sonny dated briefly before he dated Connie. LoCicero said that when Sonny invites Olivia to his and Kate's impending nuptials, "[Sonny] doesn't know there was quite a rivalry between the two women or that Olivia has something under her belt that's going to create big excitement-and a lot of friction."[41] In mid September, spoilers hinted that Olivia had a major secret that was set to be revealed very soon.[42]

On October 3, 2008, viewers learn of Olivia's son, Dante Angelo Falconeri during a phone conversation. At the end of the episode, a delirious Kate admits to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) that Dante is actually Sonny's son. Olivia gives birth to Dante in 1984 and swears Connie to secrecy while leading the entire neighbourhood to believe that she is very promiscuous and has no idea who the child's father is.

On October 24, 2008, Sonny overhears Olivia on the phone with Dante. Sonny asks her who Dante is and she says he is her son. She doesn't know who his father is as there were several possibilities. Sonny wonders why Olivia didn't invite Dante to Kate's wedding and says he would like to meet Dante. Olivia makes an excuse to leave and runs off.

In What If..., it was revealed that before coming to Port Charles, Dante had a one night stand with Tess Buchanan from The ABC Soap One Life To Live. When he woke up the next morning, he discovered she had stolen his wallet.

The truth about Dante's paternity did eventually come out in January/February 2010 after Sonny shot him for being an undercover cop. After a rough patch between Dante and his parents, things settled down and he has a good relationship with both of them. He also has a good relationship with all of his siblings.

Son Rocco

He is divorced from Lulu Spencer and together they have a son named, Rocco, who was born via surrogate in September of 2013.

The couple got married for the first time on December 23, 2011 (Christmas Eve on the show) in Bensonhurst with his mom, Olivia as their only guest and witness. After a few issues in their marriage, Dante and Lulu decide to divorce but on March 4, after receiving their finalized divorce papers, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Dante and Lulu were remarried in the living room of their new home on November 23, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day on the show). Laura, Olivia, Rocco, Maxie, Nathan and Kevin attended the ceremony.

In 2016, his brother, Morgan was killed in a car bombing.

Through his father's marriage, he gained Carly Corinthos as a stepmother (a women who also used to despise him but they have since made amends).

Through his mother's marriage, he gained Ned Quartermaine as a stepfather.

In 2018, his former partner at the PCPD and best friend Det. Nathan West was killed in the line of duty.

On June 28, 2018, Dante joined the WSB on a mission to find Raj Patel and take him down.

On March 22, 2019, Dante returned home from his mission and was trying to get acclimated back in his life but he began suffering from severe PTSD and feared he was brainwashed. Afraid of the possibility of hurting his family, Dante left town again to get help protect his loved ones. As of July 2019, Dante and Lulu divorced so that she can move on.

On August 3, 2020, it was revealed that Dante was being held in a WSB Facility in Geneva, Switzerland. On September 28, Dante was released from the facility to go back to Port Charles and work an off the books mission for the WSB.


Dante and Olivia

On June 22, 2009, Dante—operating under the alias "Dominic Pirelli"—arrives in Port Charles under the orders of Claudia Zacchara to kill Jason Morgan. However, Claudia's brother Johnny intervenes and saves Jason's life, killing several of the shooters. Though he is shot, Dante manages to slip away and finds Morgan Corinthos, who attempts to navigate Dante out of the forest until Carly Jacks, Morgan's mom shows up. While holding Carly and Morgan at gunpoint, Dante is attacked by Michael Corinthos. Carly tells him to leave and they can act like this never happened and he agrees. Dante finds his way to Sonny's house were he confronts Claudia about her failed plan. Claudia lets him sleep in her bedroom then attempts to kill him the next day. He meets Kristina Davis, Sonny's daughter and she helps him out. He finally shows himself to his mother who is kind of upset that he's in Port Charles but also happy to see him. He doesn't tell her why he's there. Dante goes to Sonny looking for a job. He attempts to get Jason to trust him, but with Claudia and Johnny against him, Jason is hesitant. Dante then seeks out Kristina asking for access to her father. Sonny decides to give him a chance anyway when Dante storms into Sonny's house while Carly is with him. Before Sonny shoots him, he explains that if he wanted trouble, he would have hurt Carly and her sons, but he didn't.

Dante meets his future wife, Lulu

Dante flirts with Claudia whenever he gets a chance knowing she hates him. Dante also has a crush on Carly Jacks and has a growing likeness for her. He unknowingly rents a room from his grandfather, Mike Corbin, at Kelly's Diner.[43] On July 31, 2009, Dante, still going by Dominic, meets Lulu Spencer at Jake's. He is very much attracted to her and they seem to be getting along until her brothers, Lucky and Ethan, beat him up because he works for Sonny. Lulu pretends she's not interested in him but he doesn't stop flirting. After Lulu takes him to the hospital, Dante walks in on Johnny and Olivia about to have sex. Lulu and Dominic share their first kiss on August 26, 2009 after he dares her. "Dominic" begins forming a close brother-like relationship with Morgan, ultimately leading Dominic to protect Morgan from being run over by Edward Quartermaine on September 4, 2009. After nearly facing death, Dante heals up but his identity is discovered by Jasper Jax, Carly's husband. He then finds himself identifying with both Sonny and Morgan when they talk about their pasts as baseball players and how they all played the same position.

Dante and Lulu share their first kiss

Claudia discovers that "Dominic" is really Sonny and Olivia's son after hearing Olivia and Kate Howard talking outside of Jake's. Claudia threatens both Olivia and Dante with the secret. She tells Olivia that she will tell Dante about his paternity, and she tells both that she will tell Sonny that "Dominic" is not loyal. She forces Olivia to break up with Johnny and tries to get Dante into bed, wanting to become pregnant to save herself from Sonny. Dante refuses, later telling Lulu he wants his kids to be "planned for, wanted, loved."[44] In November, Lulu also discovers his identity, after the two were nearly killed in search of Claudia Zacchara, who kidnapped a pregnant Carly. Although Carly returns, Claudia doesn't, making Dante suspect Sonny of killing Claudia. Dante collects any evidence found in the Corinthos mansion and hands it to Ronnie. Dominic protects Sonny in an ambush in November 2009, gaining his trust. Dante figures out later that Franco's work corresponds with one of a tagger he arrested when he was a rookie cop. On December 11, 2009, he goes to the PCPD to look up the arrest, but he is caught by Lucky Spencer, Lulu's brother. Lucky, though, figures out who Dante is, and helps Dante try to bust Sonny. Dante takes Lulu on a date to the opera, and despite herself, Lulu finds that she likes the opera.

Dante in the hospital after saving Morgan

On January 5, 2010, Franco kidnaps Sam, Jason's girlfriend, and Lulu. Jason calls Dominic right after a confrontation with Franco, and tells him where Lulu is, and that she's sitting on a bomb. Dante rushes to save her. Jason finds Sam, but they find out too late that the bomb that Franco planted was fake, but the one Lulu was siting on was real and blows up the warehouse. Luckily, both Dominic and Lulu make it out safely. When the warehouse is being cleaned up, the police find Claudia's body. While trying to get information on Claudia's murder case, he runs into Johnny, who reveals that he knows who Dante is. The two team up to bust Sonny in January 2010. Dante, meanwhile, confesses to Lulu that he loves her, and that's why he has to let her go. However, she tells him to let her decide for herself whether she's safe or not, and they decide to continue their relationship. On January 28, 2010, Ronnie informs Dante that the arrest warrant for Sonny has come in. Dante tells Ronnie they're going to wait until after Josslyn Jacks christening to take Sonny down to let the family have "one last good day."[45]

Dante, Morgan and Sonny unknowingly in a family bonding moment.

On the day of Josslyn's christening, Sonny discovers that Dominic is an undercover cop and shoots Dante while Olivia barges in. She desperately runs to Dante to save him, turning to Sonny and telling him that he just shot his own son.[46] Sonny and Olivia rush Dante into the hospital, where the doctor tells them Dante needs to undergo surgery to have the bullet removed. Dante comes in and out of consciousness before going in for the operation, and one of those times, he wakes up to find Sonny next to his bed, and goes unconscious again right after Sonny tells him he's his father. Dante survives the surgery and wakes up on February 3, 2010 with Lulu by his side. Dante still remains angry with Olivia for not telling him the truth about who his father is. To avoid Sonny facing any other charges, Dante and Olivia lie to investigators on how the shooting actually happened, claiming Dante accidentally shot himself.

Dante tries to arrest Sonny; Sonny shoots him

Sonny wants to build a relationship with his son, but Dante tells him he is not interested and he only thinks of him as the criminal he is intending to take down. He remains firm in his resolve to bring down Sonny as he is slowly recovering. Dante is visited first by Carly, then by Robin Scorpio, asking him to consider going easy on Sonny. Dante listens, but remains firm in his resolve to take down Sonny. FBI Agent Tom Rayner suspects Dante of lying about his shooting, and takes away his NYPD badge and forces him to resign from the force. Commissioner Mac Scorpio later comes in and offers Dante a job as a PCPD officer, which Dante agrees to. He is called by federal prosecutor Claire Walsh to testify at Sonny's arraignment while he's still recovering, and sticks to his story that he shot himself, but adds that Sonny has the resources to run. The judge chooses to not revoke Sonny's bail, and Dante later tells Sonny that he doesn't want him to go to prison for shooting him, but for killing Claudia. Dante is later assigned to find intel that will help put his brother, Michael, on the stand. He is reluctant to do so, but when Claire threatens to end his career unless he finds out what Michael knows, he decides to question Michael to see what he knows.

Dante after he was shot

Dante goes to talk to Michael, who is staying at Sonny's house during the trial. He quickly realizes that it's not going to be easy, since Michael is fiercely loyal to his dad and resents Dante with a passion. Michael starts telling Dante that he knows something about Claudia's death, but before he gets any further, Sonny comes in and tells Dante to stay away from his brother. Dante realizes Michael knows something that Sonny won't let him say, and tries to convince Sonny to let Michael say whatever it is he knows about Claudia, to no avail. He and Ronnie come back later to talk to Michael, only to find Sonny has already made him disappear. Dante and Lucky work together to find out what Michael knows, but they figure Michael saw Sonny kill Claudia. Dante goes to Sonny's island to get Michael, but he slips right under Dante's eye and he leaves without Michael. He's convinced he has a solid case without Michael's testimony. Dante testifies the first day, and is goaded by Claire into revealing Michael as a potential witness. He later confronts Claire, who refuses to proceed with Dante's airtight case unless she gets Michael as a witness. Dante defends Morgan from Ronnie at the police station once, making Ronnie question his loyalty.

Dante and Maxie

Dante's sister, Kristina, is assaulted on March 12, 2010, and identifies Ethan Lovett as her attacker. Dante manages to stop Sonny from shooting Ethan, and later goes to see Kristina at the hospital. This is the first time they meet as brother and sister, and are able to get along. Dante later overhears Sonny telling Kristina about his mother's abuse, which he talks to Olivia about, grateful that he had a strong mother to defend him from any potential abusers. Luke Spencer, Ethan's father, as well as Lucky's and Lulu's, asks Dante to help Lucky investigate Kristina's abuse when Ethan swears to Luke that he did not beat up Kristina. Dante agrees, worried his sister will get beat up again. Lucky and Dante manage to zero in on Kristina's volatile boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer. They interrogate him in a good cop/bad cop style, and they realize Kiefer was the one who beat up Kristina and wait for him to make a mistake to catch him.

Dante with his sister, Kristina

Dante decides to go talk to Kristina, but he and Lucky find the Davis house open and blood on the floor. Lucky later finds out Kristina's mom, Alexis, brought Kristina in to the ER, badly beaten. Dante goes to the hospital to get her statement, and she finally admits that Kiefer beat her both times and has in fact been abusing her for months. Sonny, having listened outside the door during Kristina's confession, later asks for a minute alone with Dante, grateful that Kristina was able to trust him enough to tell him the truth. However, Dante rips into him, telling Sonny that the only reason Kristina lied was so that Sonny wouldn't kill Kiefer, and her biggest concern at this moment is whether or not Sonny has sent Jason out to do so when it should be getting better. He accuses Sonny of being a horrible father, and when Olivia walks in on the fight, Sonny takes his frustration out on her. Olivia holds her own, though, and when she leaves, Dante punches Sonny on behalf of his mother, challenging Sonny to "come and get him, if he pushes him too far."[47] Dante realizes just how dangerous Sonny's world is, and reconciles with his mother when he comes down, thanking her for taking care of him and forgiving her for keeping the secret. Kiefer's abusive nature quickly becomes public knowledge, and Ethan is given a clean slate.

Dante and Sonny

Meanwhile, Kiefer is killed in a hit-and-run on the same night of Kristina's second beating. While investigating this, Dante is pressured by Ronnie and prosecutor Claire Walsh to find Michael to testify at Sonny's trial. However, it turns up no results, and Claire resorts to putting Morgan on the stand. Dante finds out when Carly comes to the station, wanting her son back. Dante calls in a favor to tell Carly where Morgan is, but before she shows up, Dante bursts in and goes to bat for Morgan, only to end up in jail for contempt.[48] Alexis later confesses to Mac Scorpio that she accidentally hit Kiefer while driving Kristina to the hospital. After being released, Dante discovers from Molly and Morgan that Kiefer's father, Warren Bauer, is ruthlessly persecuting Alexis and Kristina for Kiefer's death and has launched a smear campaign to make everyone think that Alexis hit Kiefer on purpose and that Kristina accused Kiefer of beating her to cover it up. When they ask him for help, Dante explains that, as a cop, he has to see both sides of the situation; Warren has a right to an investigation because Alexis did hit Kiefer and kept going, and because Kristina lied to the police for weeks and didn't say anything about Kiefer attacking her until after he died.

Dante with his brother, Michael

Mac subsequently assigns Dante to a narcotics case, which he knows is a decoy. He finds out Ronnie went to Sonny's island to get Michael, so he goes to Jason, thinking he got Michael back in Port Charles to avoid Ronnie. However, it turns out Jason didn't know and after Dante leaves, he shifts Michael to a hotel room. Unfortunately, Michael calls Morgan, who accidentally lets Dante know where Michael is. Dante shows up at the hotel, with the subpoena in hand. When Michael calls Dante on not getting him when he was on the island, Dante says that Michael should tell the truth that he saw his father kill Claudia. However, Michael yells that he was the one who killed Claudia and Sonny is covering for him. Dante is wondering why Michael is still covering for Sonny, but Michael gives him a bloody shirt, which he wore the night he killed Claudia. Dante decides to investigate his claim and takes him back to Port Charles to testify.[49] On April 21, 2010, Dante gets proof that Michael killed Claudia, and goes to confront Sonny about it. Meanwhile, after briefly visiting Kristina at the Davis residence and being caught by Alexis, Michael escapes to the Quartermaine estate, but not before Alexis alerts the police to his return.

Dante in jail

Dante walks into the courtroom right as the verdict on Sonny is about to come in and states that Michael is in fact the real killer. Michael is found by Lucky and confesses to killing Claudia again. Lucky brings Michael in to the PCPD. Later, Michael is charged with a Class D murder and is sentenced to 5 years of prison. Dante, like everyone else involved, is left guilt-ridden by his role in the tragedy; he had thought that the judge would see Sonny as detrimental to Michael's well-being and pass a lenient sentence on him. Everyone rails at Dante and blames him for sending Michael to prison, especially Carly who pulls a gun on Dante and verbally attacks Lulu, her cousin. Jason makes a deal with Claire and heads to prison to protect Michael. Claire and Jax turn to Dante for help on persuading the judge to release Michael, and Dante eventually convinces him to release Michael under certain conditions; Michael will stay with Dante, wear an ankle monitor, and have minimal contact with Sonny.

Dante with his mother, Olivia and his father, Sonny

Dante is later assigned to a case to catch serial killer, Franco. Knowing that he is Franco's main target, Jason strikes up a deal with Dante and Claire and is released from prison as bait. After Franco visits all the people he formerly hurt in Port Charles and leaves many clues, they are lead to Franco's art show in Los Angeles, California. Jason confronts Franco in the stairwell of a building, leading to a shoot out that ends on the roof. Franco jumps over the ledge of the building and falls to his death. They later find that it wasn't really Franco who jumped from the building, but a look-alike. Jason is subsequently sent back to Pentonville only to be released a few weeks later when Claire discovers a loophole in his plea bargain.

Dante and Brook Lynn

In May 2010, Carly brings Brook Lynn Ashton to town when she learns of her past friendship with Dante. She wants Brook to break up Dante and Lulu by seducing Dante. Dante is initially excited to see Brook, as they have a history together. However, he doesn't realize Brooks true intentions. On May 5, 2010, Dante and Lulu make love for the first time. On May 25, Lulu tells Dante that she had an abortion. On August 17, 2010, Brook Lynn asks Dante to come to Jake's and talk. When he arrives she makes up a story that she is suffering from panic attacks, when in reality she is being paid by Carly Jacks to seduce Dante and take a picture, in order to break Dante and Lulu up. Brook Lynn gets Dante a beer and drugs it. After they talk, Brook Lynn takes Dante back to the loft and seduces him. Lulu then arrives to see Brook Lynn in her underwear making out with Dante. Lulu kicks Brook Lynn out and yells at Dante. The next morning Dante doesn't remember anything, but Michael explains what happened. Dante then brings flowers and cupcakes to Lulu in an attempt to reconcile. Dante and Lulu make up and Dante goes to Kelly's to talk to Brook Lynn. Brook claims she didn't drug him. Brook leaves town a few months later.

Dante is drugged

In September 2010, Lulu's brother Lucky heads to Ireland on an undercover assignment for Interpol, and he and Lulu try to assist him. When Brenda Barrett returns to town, it is revealed that she and Dante have a past together. He had been assigned to guard her, along with three other officers. One night while they were on a walk, the Balkan's son, Aleksander Janacek, came after Brenda and attacked Dante. Brenda picked up the gun that had fallen and shot Aleksander. He died and Dante covered for Brenda by throwing the body in the water. She also was pregnant and Dante signed over his rights to her.

Dante and Brenda share a past.

In late December 2010, Dante's mother goes on the General Hospital ski trip as a chaperone. While driving to the ski resort, their bus crashes. Dante learns about the crash and rushes to find Olivia. Michael and Molly, who were also on the bus, signal for him and Brenda to pull over. Michael leads Dante to his mother and he tells her to promise that she will be okay, as no Falconeri mother ever breaks a promise to her child. The rescue crew comes and takes her to the hospital. Steve Webber tells him that his mother hung on for him. Once he arrives at the hospital, he constantly asks the doctors if they know how his mother is doing. Lulu arrives and tries to help Dante, and soon after, Patrick Drake, who has been operating on Olivia, comes out and tells Dante that his mother has a 50/50 chance of making it, while in reality she has even lower chances. Dante and Lulu go into Olivia's room and find Steve with her. Both Steve and Lulu encourage Dante to talk to his unconscious mother. Once Steve has left the room, he tells his mother to keep fighting and that he loves her. On January 6, 2011, Olivia wakes up and tells him that she hung on for him.

Dante with Sonny at his father and Brenda's wedding

A few weeks later, Theo Hoffman goes to Dante's apartment while Lulu is there. They start talking and Theo reveals that Brenda killed Aleksander in 2007 and Dante covered it up. Lulu confronts Dante and storms out. Dante later stops by her apartment, but she refuses to forgive him. They run into each other again near his apartment and he offers to take her somewhere, but she tells him that she can't date him if he's still in love with Brenda. Jason calls Dante to an alley after Michael's friend Abby Haver is attacked. Jason tells him to take them home, but Dante wants to call the cops on Brandon Lowell, Abby's attacker. Abby is taken to the hospital and Dante takes her statement, in which she tells him that she wasn't raped, but she would have been if Michael hadn't shown up.

Dante tells the truth about him and Brenda

On January 31, 2011, Brenda stops by his apartment and talks to him about the baby. She says that she wanted to go on a trip and was cleared for travel, but when she got to Africa, she spiked a fever. She fainted, and when she woke up, she saw Suzanne standing over her and knew that she had miscarried. Dante tries to comfort her and she hugs him. Lulu stops by and finds Brenda in Dante's arms. She walks out and Brenda tells him to go after her. Lulu goes back to her apartment and Dante comes by. He knocks on the door but Lulu doesn't want to let him in. Maxie eventually opens the door and leaves to visit Matt. He explains that he had a rough night because Michael's friend was almost raped and he was only trying to comfort Brenda, still hiding the details of the baby. She says that she'll forgive him for tonight, but that they're still broken up.

Dante before Anthony shoots him

He goes to the hospital to follow up on Abby's attack. Michael reveals to him that while he was in Pentonville, he was raped. Dante gives him a heartfelt apology, feeling as if it was his fault. He heads home and tosses his badge and gun on the table. He recalls the events of when Judge Carroll sent Michael to prison. Carly stops by and confronts him about Michael being raped in prison. She picks up his gun off the table and points it at him. He tells her to shoot him because she can't hate him any more than he hates himself. Through a series of flashbacks and conversations, it is revealed that Dante helped Brenda cover up the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Aleksander Janáček, the son of international crime figure, Theo Hoffman also known as The Balkan. Dante's secrets leads to Lulu breaking up with him. In February 2011, at Sonny and Brenda's wedding, with Dante serving as the best man, Carly shocks everyone by revealing that Brenda and Dante had a child together. Dante told the truth that he only pretended to be the father to keep The Balkan from finding out about the child. The Balkan plants a bomb on Sonny and Brenda car and Brenda disappears after it explodes. Though Brenda is eventually rescued, Dante's fellow police officers aren't happy with how he cooperated with Sonny and Jason to find her.

Michael finds Dante after he was shot

Dante and Lulu reconcile after he promises never to lie to her again. Luke leaves town, refusing to face the fact that his drinking caused him to run down his grandson Jake and Lulu goes after him. Dante tracks her to a bordello in Florida where Lulu works undercover as a waitress. The owner discovers Dante is a cop, and attempts to rape Lulu before she and Dante escape. The couple then travels to Helena Cassadine's island in Greece looking for Luke. Lulu's brother Nikolas convinces her to return home. In August 2011, Dante asks Lulu to move into his apartment and she is hesitant. He later asks Lulu to marry him and she hesitates but eventually decides to accept his proposal over dinner. When Dante goes to Sonny's warehouse to investigate he is shot by Anthony Zacchara. Dante recovers but Lulu is terrified to marry him fearing he'll leave her as a widow.

Dante and Lulu marry

Lulu eventually comes to terms with her fear and accepts Dante's proposal. While on a trip to New York, Dante and Lulu are married by his cousin Tommy in a private ceremony, with only Olivia in attendance. Meanwhile, Lulu begins at the PCPD as the evidence room clerk. Dante, Ronnie and Dante's new partner Delores Padilla get involved in a case of a man who is beating strippers. In February 2012 Dante attends Sonny's charity benefit in his honor for General Hospital's pulmonary wing. Dante and Johnny get into an argument in which Sonny reveals that Claudia was Johnny's mother, not his sister. When Dante and Sonny argue in the parking lot, Sonny pushes Dante out the way of a bullet and Dante begins to understand just how much Sonny loves him and their relationship starts to mend somewhat.

Dante's wedding ring

Dante and Michael find Starr Manning whose car is hanging off a cliff after a car accident with Anthony. It is soon learned that Sonny allegedly shot out Anthony's tires and Dante must arrest him. In May 2012, Dante is shocked when Ronnie is revealed to be the man beating up the strippers and he kidnaps Lulu when she figures it out. Fortunately with the help of John McBain, he rescues Lulu, who was shot in the arm. After that, Lulu ends up selling half of the Haunted Star to Johnny without telling him and that puts a strain on their marriage. On the night of the opening, Dante gets held up at work looking for his father-in-law, who was kidnapped by Heather Webber. On the same night, his Mom was drugged by Heather.

Dante tries to give a sample when his mom walks in

Dantes' mother, Olivia is drugged by an insane Heather Webber and later that same night, his father-in-law Luke is also shot by Heather, which lands them both in the hospital. After everything settles down, Dante and Lulu have a serious talk about their marriage and decide that everything is fine. Olivia hallucinated that Lulu was heavily pregnant, when in reality Lulu might be pregnant. Dante doesn't know that Lulu took a test. On August 13, Dante finds the test, which is positive, but he thinks the test is Maxie's. Lulu tells him that Maxie isn't the one who is pregnant she is. He is so shocked that he almost chokes. Then he tells her how happy he is and asks her if she has any reservations and she said no. Afterwards, The expectant couple celebrates. The next morning when the couple wakes up they discuss the baby and decide to keep the pregnancy a secret until they know more. After they talk, Lulu schedules an OB appointment for later that day. At the appointment the doctor tells them that Lulu is not pregnant. They decide to try to get pregnant right away but have problems.

Dante has a hard time giving his sperm sample

Dante and Lulu find out that she can't carry a baby to term. They try the adoption route, but Lulu lies on the application and the agency blacklisted them throughout the national database. Lulu interviews potential surrogate mothers, but can not find the right one. Maxie then proposes that she could be the surrogate mother, but Lulu rejects that as well. After interviewing more potential candidates they realize that Maxie is their best option. On Christmas Eve, Dante and Lulu find out that Maxie is pregnant. On New Year's Eve, Maxie trips and falls while trying to get rid of a puppy that came inside her apartment. She goes to the hospital, where her doctor, Britt Westbourne, tells her that she miscarried the baby. Maxie is heartbroken, and tries to tell Dante & Lulu, but is unable to bring herself to. Maxie goes back to the hospital, and asks Britt to implant with another of Dante & Lulu's embryos so they wouldn't find out that Maxie had miscarried. However, Britt tells Maxie she's already pregnant because of a one-night-stand she had with Spinelli. Maxie decides to pass her child off as Lulu and Dante's so they will get the child they want.

Dante unconscious

In late March, Lulu and Dante go to Maxie's sonogram appointment and are ecstatic at the sight/sound of their baby. Lulu & Dante have a small party to celebrate the baby's first sonogram photo, Lulu receives a ticking gift addressed from her aunt Bobbie for the baby. It turns out that the gift she receives first is not from Bobbie and is a trap. Dante finds Lulu unconscious in their apartment but before he can help her he is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up Lulu is gone. While Dante is at the PCPD attempting to get Olivia to have another vision that might help them find Lulu, Nikolas is shot trying to tell Luke and Laura something about Lulu. Dante and his boss, Commissioner Anna Devane, go to the park in search of the shooter and find Shawn wearing a hoodie and carrying a gun. He says he was just trying to help find the shooter. Shawn gets shot and while Anna goes to look for help Dante continues to look for the shooter. He finds the shooter attempting to take another shot at Shawn. Dante then attempts to get the shooter to tell him where Lulu is but the shooter takes a Cyanide pill and dies before revealing any information.

Dante searches for Lulu

He is informed that Luke has been given temporary WSB credentials and joins in finding Lulu. Dante is able to help Luke and Laura get out of being held at gunpoint. He is later seen at the Cassadine Island where he finds Lulu in a cryogenic chamber. He helps entrapping a newly back-from-the-dead, Stavros Cassadine in the chamber and helps move Lulu onto a table slab. He pleads for Lulu to come back after Luke and Laura try.  Lulu awakes and doesn't know who they are or where she is at. They are able to convince her that they should go back to Port Charles, New York. On the plane, Dante starts trying to push memories on Lulu, which upsets her. Olivia doesn't help the situation when she smothers Lulu with gifts and balloons. They go to the hospital and Dante continues being pushy. This leads Lulu to run away and she ends up at The Floating Rib. Dante goes to the Floating Rib the day after when Maxie is able to identify Lulu's ring that she left there, on Felicia Jones' hand. Max tells Dante that Milo has a lead on the disappearance of Lulu. Sonny informs Dante that he is leaving town to find a missing Morgan.

Dante finds Lulu

Max comes into the office to let Sonny know what he has found out, but Sonny leaves.  While Max is informing Dante about Lulu being at Milo's studio apartment, Lulu and Milo kiss. Dante shows up at Milo's apartment, and tries to get Lulu to come home with him. Lulu is overwhelmed, and Dante eventually relents, letting her stay with Milo. The more Lulu hangs out with Milo, the closer they become. This starts to make Dante's patience wear thin, and he punches Milo in frustration. Sonny comes, though, and stops Milo from retaliating. Dante calms down, but is still hurt about not having his wife around.

Lulu gets her memory back much to an excited Dante

Dante finds Lulu one night by herself, and brings her back home so she will be safe. Eventually, here, she gets her memories back, and Dante is thrilled when she says she remembers everything. The two of them get back to focusing on the impending arrival of their child. Lulu tells Dante how she thinks Maxie is becoming too attached to "their baby." They're not able to discuss it further, though, because Maxie goes into labor. She gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Dante and Lulu are bonding with their newborn daughter with their family when Dante gets called away. He finds out his cousin, Kate, now going by her birth name, Connie Falconeri, was murdered.

Dante and baby Georgie (aka Connie)

Dante ends up having to find Sonny when officers tell him Sonny called the police, but was gone by the time the police got there. They show him a message next to Connie she wrote out in her blood right before she died: the letters "AJ". Dante goes to the Quartermaine house, where he finds Sonny pointing a gun at A.J. Quartermaine. Dante and Michael eventually talk Sonny out of killing A.J., but Dante arrests A.J. afterwards for Connie's murder. Olivia is distraught over losing Connie, but calls Dante because she thinks Sonny will try to commit suicide because of losing Connie, the woman Sonny loved. Eventually, he, Olivia, Morgan & Michael find Sonny right before he's about to kill himself and convince him to stop for their sake. Dante goes back to the hospital, and tells Lulu what happened to Connie.

Dante with his younger brothers

Eventually, they decide to name their newborn daughter, Connie in memory of Dante's cousin. They also are worried when Maxie seems overly attached to "their daughter." Maxie agrees to counseling, while Lulu and Dante experience the feeling of being new parents. Eventually, Dante and Lulu hold a christening for Connie, and ask Maxie and Spinelli to be the godparents. At the christening, though, lab tech Brad Cooper shows up and tells Dante and Lulu that Connie is Spinelli and Maxie's biological child. Dante recalls an argument Spinelli had with his girlfriend, Ellie Trout, about the baby, and believes Brad is telling the truth. Lulu is finding it hard to believe, but after recalling Maxie's attachment to the baby, she realizes Brad is telling the truth. Maxie and Spinelli eventually admit the truth, and Dante & Lulu leave, heartbroken and betrayed.

Dante spends time with his son, Rocco, not knowing the connection

Lulu tells Dante she wants to fight for the legal rights to adopt baby Connie. In court, both she and Maxie reveal each other's dirty secrets, painting each other as unfit. In one particular instance, Maxie's attorney asks Lulu about the fact that she was planning to run away with Connie, a fact Lulu blurted out to Maxie in a moment of anger. Lulu claims Maxie's lying, and begs Dante afterwards to back up her claim. However, Dante says Lulu lied, and confirms that Lulu did want to run away with Connie, but he stopped her. In the end, Dante and Lulu lose custody, but so does Maxie, as the judge grants Spinelli sole custody, believing Maxie to be an unfit mother too.

Dante meets his new partner, Det. Nathan West

Lulu is furious with Dante for not lying for her, claiming he's lied on the stand when he told the court that Sonny didn't shoot him. Dante claims the lies were just building, and would eventually catch up with them. They eventually give Connie over to Spinelli with a heavy heart. Dante runs into Sonny one day, and reveals that Lulu has pushed him away since they lost Connie, believing he could have helped them keep Connie by lying under oath. Dante says he's just as heartbroken as Lulu is, having lost his daughter. Sonny encourages him to keep going by reaching out to Lulu. Dante goes and meets Lulu, and tells her they should try for another child. Lulu is hesitant, but is finally convinced. However, once they come to the hospital, they find out from Ellie that their remaining embryos are gone. Confused, they question Brad, who claims to have no idea about it. They call Britt, who doesn't answer their call. It's revealed that Britt, with the help of Brad and her mother, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, had Dante and Lulu's remaining embryos implanted into herself illegally because she was trying to get back together with Patrick Drake. Her son, Ben, is actually Dante and Lulu's biological child.

Dante finds out Rocco is his son

Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht is arrested for the slew of crimes she's committed, many against Anna and her family. She says she has something important to tell Dante, but Dante believes she's manipulating him, and shuts her down. Britt comes to the station to talk to her mother, and claims she has no idea what happened to Dante and Lulu's embryos. When Dante leaves, Britt and Obrecht reveal how after Patrick broke up with her, Obrecht convinced her to get pregnant so she could get Patrick back. She convinced her to use the embryos of Dante and Lulu to get pregnant. Obrecht implanted both into Britt, but only one was viable, and led to Britt giving birth to Ben.

Dante rescuing Rocco

Britt tells Brad to lead Dante and Lulu in another direction. Brad gives them a forged document stating Ellie had the embryos destroyed. Lulu invites Nikolas over to her place for Christmas, and he brings Britt, whom he is dating, and Ben. When Dante comes home he gets to meet Ben for the first time, and he and Lulu spend time with him, without realizing that Ben is actually their son. Dante and Lulu decide that they want to start the process of in vitro again. Before Dante and Lulu start the process of trying for another baby, Dante runs in Britt and Ben at the hospital and unknowingly spends time with his son again. On NYE, Britt does an ultrasound on Lulu and tells them that Lulu's eggs are no longer viable. Lulu and Dante are devastated and because of everything that has happened and Lulu blaming him for losing the baby, Lulu ends up leaving him and doesn't know when she will be back.

Dante and his son Rocco

Eventually, Dante and Lulu decide to work things out. They also learn that Ben is Dante's son. On March 24, Elizabeth Webber shows Lulu a letter that Britt wrote revealing that Ben is Lulu's son, not her's. On March 25, Lulu confronts Britt at her and Nikolas' engagement party, and Britt finally admits the truth about Ben's full parentage. On March 26, Obrecht holds a dagger on Dante and Lulu, kidnaps Ben and holds him hostage at Elizabeth Webber's house. On April 8, Dante rescues Ben and reunites him with Lulu. On April 11, Dante and Lulu bring their son home and rename him Rocco. Dante later gets a call from the PCPD and it turns out to Liesl Obrecht who wants to make a deal. Obrecht tells him that she has his and Lulu's other child (i.e. their embryo).

Dante finds Lulu asleep on the floor

The next morning, Dante and Lulu wake up with Rocco in bed with them and then discuss what Obrecht said about having their embryo. Later that day, they go see Obrecht and find out that she wants the charges against her and her daughter to be dropped and full immunity in exchange for their embryo. Dante tries to convince Scott to drop the charges while Lulu tries to do the same with Nikolas and Elizabeth. After all parties are on board, Dante and Lulu tell Obrecht that she is going to get her deal and she sends them to Kelly's to get their embryo from Victor.

Dante tries to save Lulu

On May 15, Anna tells Dante and Lulu that the embryo they got from Victor was in fact theirs. After she leaves Dante and Lulu discuss their options for having another child and Lulu suggests that she carry their chid. She goes on to explain that the doctor never said that it was impossible for her to carry a child just unlikely. When Dante gets called away they decide to table the discussion but Lulu makes an appointment anyways. On May 27, Dante meets Lulu and Rocco at Kelly's where she tells him that she set up a fertility appointment and they decide to go together. On June 11, Dante and Lulu go to their fertility appointment where they find out that Lulu may have been misdiagnosed. She may have a septate uterus, which can be corrected with a simple procedure, instead of a bicornuate uterus.

Dante and Nathan search for Lulu and Maxie

After the appointment they decide to think on it for awhile. The next day Dante finds out that Lulu wants to have the procedure and he is on board. On July 1, Lulu has a procedure to find out if she has bicornuate uterus or a septate uterus. After the procedure, he and Lulu find out that she indeed had a septate uterus and it was corrected. The doctor tells them that after a few weeks of recovery she should be able to carry a baby to term. In mid-July, Dante and Lulu go to the Floating Rib with Rocco and Olivia and discuss when they want to have another child. A few days later, they decide to start right away.

Dante confronts Coleman

Dante and Lulu go to Maxie wedding where he finds Nathan tied up because Levi beat him up after Nathan discovered what he was up too. Later on, during the big Levi reveal, Lulu is taken hostage by Levi's accomplice. Dante also has to put down his gun so nothing happens Lulu. Later on, Levi and his accomplice kidnap Lulu (along with Maxie). Later on, Dante and Nathan start looking for Lulu and Maxie. They soon discover the boats captain in the water and question him. They find out that the girls were okay and were talking up a storm. They also find out that the boat was sinking and that the girls were probably at the bottom of the lake. Dante wants to go find his wife but all he do is stand there and wait while the dive team searches the water for them. One of the officers finds Maxie vail in the water. After the search one of the officers comes back with Maxie's vail leading everyone to believe that Lulu and Maxie were gone.

Dante on the phone with Lulu

Later on, Dante goes to Sonny for help finding the girls. Sonny tells him to talk to Coleman because he is a fence and may be working with Levi. When Dante confronts him it turns out that he is involved. He tells Dante and Nathan where the meeting was suppose to take place. Dante and Nathan head to the cabin where they find Scribner shot, and the girls and Levi are nowhere to be found. Dante and Nathan search for clues and find a picture of Frisco and Felicia and Frisco is circled. Dante and Nathan decide to split up, Dante heads to the station to talk to Anna while Nathan heads to the hospital to talk to Felicia. When Dante gets to the station he finds out that Anna isn't there and he starts to lose his cool. Sonny and Olivia try to calm him down and then convince him to go home and get some rest. When he gets home he promises Rocco that his mother will come home.

Dante chained to a pole

The next morning, Dante is in bed playing with Rocco. When Elizabeth shows up to watch Rocco, he goes back to work. Anna and Nathan catch him up on Peter, Sr. and Peter, Jr. After they talk, Dante gets a call from Lulu. While on the phone with Lulu, Dante and Nathan try to trace the call but Levi gets a hold of the phone and ends it. Luckily, the phone call was just long enough to trace and there is a location on the girls. Dante and Nathan get a team together and head to the house where the girls are. Dante and Nathan try to negotiate with Levi, who is using Lulu as a human shield. Dante is able to get him to promise to let Maxie go when he gets what he wants but Levi says that Lulu is coming with him regardless because there are other plans in store for her. Lulu is able to elbow Levi and Dante shoots him in the shoulder. Dante and Lulu reunite but their reunion is cut short when gas starts to fill the room and everyone passes out. Dante is later seen chained to a pole with Lulu a few feet away. Dante wakes up and sees Lulu. They start talking and Lulu starts freaking out so he tries to reassure her. They start discussing "Luke's" behavior and Dante is about to tell her about the investigation when they get a surprise visitor, Stavros. It turns out that Stavros plans on impregnating Lulu with an embryo he created with her egg and his sperm before she was cryogenically frozen.

Dante promises Lulu that he won't let Stavros hurt her again

Dante does everything to stall Stavros from implanting Lulu with the embryo. They tell him that she can't carry a baby to term but Stavros says he knows that Lulu got a procedure to correct that. Stavros is about to take Lulu to get started on the implantation but Dante brings up everything Maxie had to go through to be implanted with their embryo and all of the hormone shots she had to have for weeks because of this Stavros has to delay his plan but he makes it clear that it's just stalling the enviable and that Lulu will have his child. After Stavros leaves, Dante and Lulu discuss the possibly that he might be lying but she says that it doesn't matter because he's going to take her away from Dante. He promises her that he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that Stavros never hurts her again. Later on, when Stavros comes back, he threatens to shoot Dante in the head if Lulu doesn't get a hormone shot. Lulu agrees, much to Dante's protests, and then when the shot is done Stavros says that Lulu is coming with him.

Anna shoots off Dante's cuff

Lulu is later dragged off kicking and screaming with Dante promising to come get her. Anna hears Dante screaming for Lulu so she rushes to him and they talk about Stavros having Lulu and his promise to find her. He tells her that he needs to get him out of the cuff but there is no key so she has to shoot it off. Much to her dislike, Anna shoots off Dante's cuff and he leaves to find Lulu. Dante hears Lulu calling for him and busts in the room, gun blazing. Stavros puts a scalpel to Lulu neck and threatens to slit her throat. Dante puts his gun down and kicks it over to Stavros which distracts him. This gives Lulu the chance to elbow him and get free but not without Lulu getting cut with the scalpel. Dante starts fighting with Stavros while Lulu fights with Dr. Young.

Dante being held at gunpoint by Stavros

Stavros gets the upper hand and threatens to shoot Dante but Lulu throws herself in front of him saying that if Stavros wants to kill Dante he will have to kill her first. Lulu says she believes Stavros won't kill her because he wants her to carry his child but Stavros says that with surrogacy anyone can carry the baby so he decides to shoot anyways. Luckily, Dante is able to push Lulu out of the way. He and Stavros start fighting again and it is revealed that Dante shot and killed Stavros. While tending to the cut on Lulu's neck, Nathan and Maxie walk in and tell them that the building is going to blow up and that they need to get out now. While trying to find a way out they run into Anna and Obrecht. Dante and everyone else head for the front door but it's lock as well so they all agree to shoot at the door in order to break the lock. Dante and Nathan kick the door open and everyone is free but not long after, the clinic blows up.

Dante reunites with his mother

Later on, Dante is reunited with his mom and his son. He and Lulu explain to Nikolas that Stavros was apart of this whole thing and that he's now dead. Nikolas is about to them about "Luke" when they ask if it can wait because they need to come down from this latest disaster. After Nikolas and Olivia leave, Dante is seen in bed with Rocco and Lulu joins them after her shower. Dante says that he just wants to do what they were doing before Maxie's wedding but Lulu says that she doesn't want to because of what Stavros did to her. She just wants to enjoy it just being the three of them so they agree to wait to have another child.

Dante listens to Lulu and Tracy's conversation

The next morning Dante and Lulu discuss how happy they are to be home and then they make love. Afterwards, Dante takes a shower and then comes back in but hears Lulu and Tracy talking about Luke so he just decides to listen. When he hears Tracy say that she doesn't know who Luke is anymore, he tells them that he thinks he might know whats going on with Luke. When Lulu asks Dante what's going on, he says he shouldn't have brought it up but Lulu says that he was trying to tell her something while they were at the clinic, that Anna was having him investigate her father. He explains that Anna thinks that Luke could be the head of the Jerome crime family. Dante and Lulu find out from Tracy that it could be true because at Nikolas and Britt's engagement party she found Luke in the stables with Julian Jerome. They continue to talk about Luke and his behavior and they also try to contact him. Later on, Patrick and Sam show up. They share their suspicion that Luke caused Patrick's accident with Dante, Lulu and Tracy.

Dante gives Nathan advice about Maxie

Dante tells Lulu that Tracy is getting ready to go to Amsterdam to meet with Luke and that Sam and Patrick are going to be there as well. Dante suggests that they be there as well but Lulu decides it's best for her to stay with Rocco and Dante agrees that he needs to stay home too. A thrilled Lulu hugs Dante and they watch their little boy sleep. Later on, Dante gives Nathan advice about Maxie while Lulu is gives Maxie advice about Nathan. Dante goes home and he and Lulu talk about Nathan and Maxie and how they are rooting for them but hope that Maxie doesn't break Nathan's heart. The next day, Dante is at the PCPD talking to Nathan about his disaster date with Maxie.

Dante with Lulu and his little sister, Avery

In January 2015, Dante confronted a man impersonating Luke at the old Spencer family home, but the impostor pushed Dante down a flight of stairs headed towards the basement and left him trapped there with a bomb until Nathan arrived and saved him just in time. The impostor, after failing to blow up party-goers at the Haunted Star thanks to Sonny, was actually revealed to be Luke himself suffering from a split personality disorder.

In July, Lulu left to Canada with her parents and Dillon to rescue Lucky and Ethan, leaving Dante alone at home with Rocco. Dante later visited Canada, mistakenly believing that Lulu and Dillon were having an affair and causing him to return to PC in distraught before sleeping with Lulu's cousin, Valerie. Dante and Valerie begin an affair and decide to keep it a secret from Lulu, who has since returned from the successful rescue mission and claimed that Dillon is just her friend.

However, in November, Dillon found out about the affair and exposed it to everyone at a party, leaving Lulu devastated and mad at Dante. Dante and Lulu eventually decided to divorce but on March 4, 2016, after receiving their finalized divorce papers, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Dante and Lulu remarry

In July, Dante was among those who went to find Nikolas on Cassadine Island after he faked his death and got taken hostage by Valentin Cassadine after finding Nikolas. Valentin killed Nikolas, but he and his men were overpowered by their hostages, who then escaped the island. Later, a month after his brother Morgan died in a car explosion, Dante proposed to Lulu in early November and they were remarried in the living room of their new home on November 23, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day on the show). Laura, Olivia, Rocco, Maxie, Nathan and Kevin (who also officiated) attended the ceremony. In December 2016, The couple met Lulu's daughter, Charlotte.

In March 2017, Valentin (and Nina) and Lulu (and Dante) started a custody battle with both wanting sole custody and joint custody not being on the table. The battle ended with Valentin getting sole custody and Lulu supervised visitation (one hour a week). It was also mentioned that in 6 months custody will be revisited. On March 15, Dante got justice for Morgan by arresting his killer, Olivia Jerome and her associate, Winston Rudge.


In June, Dante and Lulu were granted temporary custody of Charlotte, since her father was going to prison. However, on July 11, her father was released by the WSB, and returned to Port Charles and made it clear that he plans to get custody back but for now he has temporary visitation (revealed on July 18).

On July 7, Dante walks his mother down the isle to marry Ned Quartermaine.

Congratulating Nathan on the baby

In November, Nathan and Maxie announce their pregnancy.

In January 2018, Nathan was shot and killed in the line of duty by his father, Cesar Faison and Dante was among those who were left devastated.

Dante leaves

Later, in June, Dante left Port Charles to join the WSB in their hunt of finding the man who tried to kill Lulu two years ago, Raj.

On February 21, 2019, Sonny and Lulu learn from Robert Scorpio that Dante had gone rogue.

Dante shoots Sonny

On March 15, Sonny found Dante in Turkey who seemed to have joined Raj's organization, but it was all an act since he was still undercover for the WSB. Raj ordered Dante to shoot Sonny - he did, but he only nicked Sonny's arm and tried to convince Raj that Sonny is more valuable alive. After Sonny was dragged off to a cell, Dante payed him a visit and learned that Lulu had been stabbed and made a full recovery. He also learned from Sonny that Carly is pregnant again and that they're gonna have another baby. That lead to them faking Sonny's death as a way to escape and eventually a shootout occurred which led to Dante killing Raj in self-defense. Robert showed up and offered them a ride home.

"I will complete the mission."

On March 22, Dante returned to Port Charles to reunite with Lulu and she was happy to see him. He apologized for not being there before saying she was right and that he didn't need to be the one to go after Raj. Lulu told him that he needed to do what he had to do to protect his family. After sharing a reunion in the bedroom, it was revealed that there are scars on his back from being tortured by Raj and his men.

On March 25, Dante had a nightmare where he loaded a gun, repeated the phrase "I will complete the mission," and he ended up shooting Lulu. He was horrified when he woke up, but he was able to calm down after sharing a hug with Lulu and Rocco and he said he was so happy to be home with them.

Dante got changed and Lulu asked if he was feeling better. After Dante said he felt a little bit better, he asked Lulu where Rocco was and he was concerned that he scared him. Lulu said Rocco was fine and that he was over the moon about Dante being home. Dante said he was too before Lulu said that that must have been some dream he was having. Dante seemed to agree with Lulu and she asked him if he wanted to talk about it, but Dante claimed that he didn't really remember what the dream was about. Lulu seemed surprised but Dante said that whatever happened in his dream faded when he saw Lulu and Rocco. Lulu said that he's been through a lot and she understands that acclimating back into his life can be a little bumpy at first. Dante claimed he was fine but Lulu said that he had a nightmare that made him start gasping for breath. Dante said he was now wide awake and Lulu agreed before she said he was home, safe and sound. Dante said she was so beautiful and Lulu asked if it's been so long that he forgot but Dante said that he never forgot a single second. Dante hugged her and went to apologize again but Lulu said that she thought they had agreed that they were done with those. After they separated from the hug, Dante said he was going to check in on Sonny and promised that he won't be long.

Dante went to see Sonny and they got to talking about what went down in Turkey. Dante said that they already talked about how he's done and seen things while on his mission when he was talking to Sonny in his cell and he thought that everything would feel good so that he could just snap back into his life. Sonny said it was his first day back and that he should just give it some time. Dante said that he was over there for so long and Sonny went to apologize but Dante told him not to since he (Dante) is the one who chose that job. Dante said that in order to be one of them he had to prove himself to Raj. Sonny told Dante that whatever he had to do in Turkey is done and that he's home. He told Dante that what he went through was war and that he won. He told Dante that the job was done and that he's home before saying he has to move forward and not look back. Dante said he was trying to move forward but he felt like there was this anchor that wasn't there when he left but it's here now and he doesn't know how to get rid of it. Sonny said to give himself some time and everything will fall into place. Sonny suggested that Dante should probably talk to someone professionally and Dante thought that was a good idea. When Alexis Davis showed up to talk to Sonny about Kristina, she saw Dante and welcomed him home. Alexis offered to come back later but Dante said he had to get back home to Lulu. Sonny understood and Dante left.

Dante and Olivia have a heart-to-heart

When Dante got home from seeing Sonny, he went inside to see that his friends and family threw a welcome home party for him. Although he was surprised, he was able to share nice moments with everyone despite the fact that he was hurting deep down. After everyone left, he remembered his nightmare and flipped a table over. After Dante went to sleep, Lulu came in and went to get in bed with him - only to see deep scars on his back which horrified her.

The next morning, Dante went to Sonny's house again and he saw his grandfather, Mike Corbin for the first time in months. Dante took Mike to breakfast at the Metro Court and spent some time together. Dante told Mike about why he left Port Charles last year before telling him about his mission. Dante revealed that something happened to him while he was away and he fears that he's no longer in control of himself. Dante shared his fears of doing things without meaning to and that scares him. Mike consoled him and understood how he was feeling.

Dante has a PTSD episode - Jason tries to talk him down

After Dante took Mike back to Turning Woods, he went back to the Metro Court to get a drink at the bar. Carly showed up and said that his drink is on the house before welcoming him home. Dante offered her congratulations because she's pregnant again and they had a nice chat. When Jason showed up, he welcomed Dante home before he and Carly began to talk. After a service tray fell, Dante grabbed a knife without realizing it and Jason pinned his arm down. Jason calmly told Dante to let go of the knife and Carly was gently trying to calm him down. When Jason told Dante to stand down, Dante let go of the knife and apologized repeatedly before he said he had to get out of there.

Dante met with Anna Devane at a coffee shop and told her about what happened to him. When Dante said he thinks he's been brainwashed, she opened up about her own experience when she was brainwashed. She told him she would set up a spot for him at a WSB estate in Wales to get him some help with his PTSD and brainwashing.

Dante leaves again

On March 29, Dante told Lulu he's leaving again and that he does not feel like himself after being undercover for months. She was understandably distraught and heartbroken but eventually accepted this and he told her to live her life as he didn't know when he would be back if he ever could come back. He told Lulu he loves her and she repeated the words back to him and cried as he left town again.

On July 12, Maxie and Peter were able to locate where Dante is receiving treatment, but he refuses to see them. When Maxie opens the door to Dante's room, Dante gets so triggered and shoots Peter in the shoulder. Dante is then restrained as a panicked Maxie takes Peter to GH, where he quickly makes a full recovery. After learning what happened, Lulu realized that Dante won't be coming back to her anytime soon and she needs to move on with her life. Dante was most likely moved to another location after the incident.

On July 19, Dante had sent divorce papers to Lulu who was devastated and distraught but she remembered that Dante told her not to wait for him and to live her life and be happy.

On August 9, Robert revealed to Lulu that after the shooting incident at the Ithaca WSB Facility that Dante was moved and the WSB was postponing all deprogramming indefinitely. Robert later blamed Peter for the incident but Maxie defended him and said it was her idea to go to the facility.

On November 19, Olivia received a package from Dante who had sent back all of the letters she wrote to him, unopened. He had sent Olivia a note which asked her to stop writing to him which left her heartbroken.

On May 21, 2020, it is revealed that Olivia has been seeing a psychic to find out about Dante's future.

Dante wakes up from a nightmare - his location is revealed

On August 3, Dante was seen in a WSB Facility in Geneva, Switzerland. He was haunted by a nightmare he was having, but was startled awake. Once he realized that it was only a bad dream, he poured water on his head before he went to find a distraction. Dante began to write a letter for his mom saying he missed his life and everyone but that it was better that he kept them all safe from himself, which is why he will never send that letter. Dante then folded the letter up and put it under his mattress.

On August 6, Dante talked to his doctor (Dr. Kirk) who was hoping he would trust the system. Dante was afraid of hurting his loved ones so he was not willing to undergo treatment for his PTSD, plus he said there's a ticking time bomb in his head and that he has seen what it's like when it goes off. Dr. Kirk told Dante that he can get better if he trusts the system, and he warned him that the WSB might deem him a lost cause and assign him to his care forever. Dante claimed he was fine with that.

On August 28, Dante grabs Dr. Kirk when he wakes Dante up from a nightmare. Kirk says he can update Dante's meds to help with the nightmares. Dante declines the offer. Kirk says he is getting pressure from his superiors to bring Dante home. Dante asks why and Kirk says the WSB director wants Dante for a priority assignment about someone close to him. Dante wants to know if it is about a friend or family. When Dr. Kirk tells him that he'll get the details when he accepts the op, Dante refuses to accept the mission. Dr. Kirk says he has two options, either sit and rot, or do the work to overcome PTSD. Dante finally decided to do the treatment, but he wondered how much of his family is still waiting for him since he's been gone for over a year.

Through the door, Olivia begs Dante to let her see him - he refuses

On September 8, when Robert brought Olivia to visit Dante, he refused to see her. Olivia was only able to to talk to him through the door and she understood that he was trying to protect her but she begged him to open the door and let her see his face. He said nothing, though he was heartbroken. Dante wanted to do the work to overcome his PTSD before he could reunite with his loved ones.

On September 15, Dante is told by Dr. Kirk about Mike and how he doesn't have much longer. Dante said his goodbyes to Mike and wondered what life could have been like if he was still in Port Charles with him. Eventually, when Dr. Kirk came back to check on Dante, he asked for more details on the special WSB op.

Dante is programmed by Dr. Kirk to "complete the mission"

On September 22, Dr. Kirk told Dante that the offer has been rescinded. Dante grew angry and yelled at him before he also yelled "You're not doing that to me!" Although he was angry, he did not get physically violent and Dr. Kirk revealed that that was a test and there were people watching through the camera. Dante got his medication and the file for his mission and was free to return to Port Charles to start the op. However, Dr. Kirk privately told his superiors that Dante was in no fit shape to be released.

Leaving for Port Charles (2020)

On September 28, after looking over his mission, Dante asked Dr. Kirk if this was a joke or another exercise. Dr. Kirk said that a lot has changed in Port Charles and that he can't expect to pick up where he left off. Dante knew this and said he didn't want to hurt anybody. It was revealed that Dante is supposed to go back to Port Charles to investigate Peter August since some agents in the WSB thought that Peter committed more crimes after Faison's death. Anna was also a person of interest in his op since she might be covering for Peter. Dr. Kirk told Dante that the WSB didn't know for sure so this was an off the books mission for him to find out. When Dr. Kirk clicked his pen several times, Dante was programmed to complete the mission. After Dante was told what to do, Dr. Kirk gave him his meds, shook his hand, and let him go. It was revealed that Liesl Obrecht was the one who arranged for Dante's release and his mission so she can prove her innocence and take Peter down once and for all.

Dante reunites with his father, Sonny

On October 8, Dante finally made it back to Port Charles and he went to the church where Mike's funeral was held. Sonny saw him for the first time in over a year and the two of them hugged. Dante was sorry to have missed Mike's funeral and asked how Mike was towards the end. When Sonny revealed that Mike wasn't himself at all, Dante became upset. After Dante told Sonny that he was proud of him for letting Mike go, Sonny invited him to join everyone at the Metro Court with everyone else for a gathering after the service. Dante refused and said he wasn't up for a big party before adding that he wanted to see his mom without everyone else around. Dante said he needed to take care of something first, but he promised to get three tickets to a Yankee's game - one for each of them, and one for Mike.

Dante and Lulu see each other for the first time in over a year and a half

Dante later went to Lulu's house and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and was surprised to see him. Dante saw Dustin Phillips appear behind Lulu and insists he shouldn't have come, but Lulu asks if he came all this way just to leave and then invites him in. Dustin offers his hand and introduces himself, but Dante has a vision of grabbing Dustin's hand, twisting his arm behind his back, and points a gun behind Dustin before shooting him. A few minutes later, Dante snaps back into reality and shakes Dustin's hand before introducing himself. Dustin leaves Lulu and Dante to talk and when they're alone, Lulu asks how Dante is doing. Dante said he was released and that he worked hard to get better, even adding that it eventually got to where he had no choice but to come back. Lulu noted that the last time they talked he had said he had no choice but to leave. When Dante asked if she wished he hadn't come back, Lulu grew angry and said she was happy he was back. Dante and Lulu had a reckoning concerning him abandoning her, his instance on a divorce, and the fact that his “forever exit” wound up lasting for only a year and a half.

When Dante questioned whether she would have waited if given a specific timeline, Lulu admitted that she probably would have. Dante in turn admitted he probably wouldn't have ended the marriage. Dante asked if the life Lulu is living with Dustin is a good one and Lulu said it was, so Dante said he was happy for her before he promised that he'll never leave his family again. After he left, they each stood on opposite sides of the front door.

Dante reunites with his mother, Olivia

On October 15, Dante went to the Floating Rib and began watching Peter but he decided to wait on dealing with him since there was too many people at the Floating Rib. He later went to see his mom at the Quartermaine mansion and she was surprised but happy to see him. She hugs her son in tears and invites him in. He says he's back and well and owes it to her visit. Dante admits he worried she gave up on him. Olivia cries that she always knew she'd see him again. She realizes she has to call Sonny and Lulu, but he tells her not to. He says he's already seen Sonny and went to see Lulu and found her with Dustin. Olivia invites him to stay at the mansion and hugs him again.

On October 26, Dante walks into The Floating Rib and Maxie rushes over to hug him. She's been missing him and welcomes him home. He says it's weird to be back and he no longer feels in synch. She fills him in on her professional life and her upcoming marriage. Disturbed, Dante reminds her that Peter is the reason Nathan is dead. He thinks she's making a big mistake. Maxie insists that she's already fought with Spinelli over this and she just wants to be wished well. All Nathan wanted was for her to be happy and loved and that's all Dante wants for her too. Lulu arrives. It's awkward. Maxie rushes over to the bar to get drinks with Peter.

As Dante chats with Lulu, Dustin arrives to celebrate Maxie's engagement and didn't know Dante would be there. Dante explains he just stopped by to have a beer. Dustin suggests now that he's there they get to know one another. Dante decides to pass and heads to the bar. He runs into Peter and apologizes to him for how he reacted to his and Maxie's engagement. They chat, and Peter asks what he will do for a job. Dante is thinking of getting into security work. Peter thinks he knows a job for him. Meanwhile, Dustin tells Maxie that he is moving in with Lulu. She is happy for them but wonders why she's just hearing about this. She excuses herself to check in with James' sitter. Dustin confronts Lulu and asks if she's changed her mind about him moving in. She wants him to move in, but Dante's return complicates things, though it doesn't change the fact that she loves him. Later, Peter and Maxie sit with Dustin and Lulu, and Peter reveals he's hired Dante as private security at the paper. Elsewhere, Dante texts someone that he's infiltrated Peter's business.

On November 19, Dante met with Dr. Kirk on Pier 55 and gave him some intel that would be enough to clear Dr. Liesl Obrecht of the charges against her since she was framed by Peter but unfortunately it was not enough to take Peter down. After Dr. Kirk reactivated Dante's programming and took off, Dante went to continue his mission. He went by the Floating Rib and saw that the building exploded so he went in to try to save as many people he could.

Dante went inside and found Lulu and Dustin unconscious and injured. Dustin briefly regained consciousness and notices Lulu covered in debris. Dante finds her, checks her pulse and clears away the debris. He helps her up and she starts to cry for Dustin. Dante took her outside to her mother as Dustin was taken to the hospital.

When Lulu was taken to the hospital, she wanted to see Dustin but Dante told her to get checked out first. Dante went to see Dustin himself and Dustin told Dante to promise him that he will be there for Lulu. When Dante promised that he would, Dustin gave him a ring he was going to give to Lulu before he coded. The doctors rushed in and tried to save Dustin but it was too late - he was dead.

Dante went and broke the news to Lulu, who broke down in tears. When they went into a cubicle, Dante gave her the ring and revealed that Dustin's last words were about her. When Maxie got to the hospital and found Lulu, Dante excused himself so they could talk.

Dante went back to the Floating Rib and told Mac Scorpio and Peter that Dustin didn't make it. Mac later got a report that the explosion was deliberate.

Dante later went back to the hospital and met Lulu down in the chapel when he got a text from her. Lulu tried to tell Dante "I love you" but no sound came out and she grabbed her head in pain before she collapsed.

Dante picked Lulu up and rushed her upstairs to see the doctors and he told them that Lulu collapsed. After she was quickly taken away to get examined, Sonny met with Dante. Downstairs, Sonny and Dante go to the chapel. Dante says he never should have left his family. He goes back upstairs as Kevin is informing Laura about Lulu's collapse. As Nikolas arrives, Dr. Portia Robinson approaches them to explain that Lulu has a serious brain injury. The skull has to be moved off her brain. She's already in surgery.

After some time passed by, everyone learned that Lulu fell into a coma and she might not be able to wake up.

On December 1, Dante learned from Laura that Lulu was going to be moved to a Long-term care facility and he was initially against the idea since he felt like she was giving up on Lulu. However, he later apologized to Laura and agreed with her decision, so everyone said goodbye to Lulu before she was taken to the Long-term care facility.

On December 7, Dante was at the Metro Court bar and Valentin joined him there. He wanted to talk to Dante about Charlotte and Rocco since they are half-siblings and he was hoping to put his differences with Dante aside for their sake. Dante was reluctant to trust Valentin but when Valentin clicked his pen, he noticed that Dante froze and entered a trance-like state and asked him if he was alright. Dante eventually agreed to put his differences with Valentin aside for Charlotte and Rocco's sake and after Dante left, Valentin noticed that something was wrong with Dante.

On December 21, as Carly paces in the Corinthos compound, Dante shows up and senses something is wrong. He drops off gifts and she explains she hasn't been able to reach Sonny. She asks how he's readjusting with Rocco and tells him he's doing the right thing. He's been looking through paperwork and realized that Sonny made sure he and Lulu got their house. He wanted to thank him and assures her that his father will be back for Christmas. Dante apologizes for not being around when Donna was born. Carly brings him upstairs to introduce them.

On January 5, 2021, Dante arrives at the hospital for a meeting with Kevin at the bioresearch lab. He runs into Liz, who tells Dante how sorry she is about Lulu's condition. Liz points him towards the room he's looking for, and there he finds Dr. Liesl Obrecht, still in her blond wig. She reveals she is the one who texted him because they have a lot of work to do. Liesl praises his good work so far with Dr. Kirk which exonerated her. She regretfully informs him that Dr. Kirk was found dead, and she will be his new handler. Dante refuses to work with her until he gets confirmation from the WSB. Liesl clicks her pen, putting Dante into a trance, and convinces Dante that they will complete the mission to bring down Peter together. Dante fills her in on Maxie and Peter's upcoming wedding, and Maxie being pregnant. Liesl is stunned.

On January 8, Dante learned that Sonny was going to be legally presumed dead because he fell into a river when a bridge collapsed in New Jersey back in December and the authorities never found his body. At the Metro Court, Sam McCall and Dante began to talk and Sam noticed that since he was keeping an eye on Peter, she requested that he passes any evidence he finds on Peter her way. They then began talking about Sonny and their memories about him.

They later went to Sonny's house and they, along with a few others who loved Sonny, gathered together and were remembering him together.

On January 27, Dante walks in on Peter at The Invader office. He warns him they are going ahead with a big story that could put him and the staff at risk. Peter shows him the story and tells him he's about to earn his salary. The story involved the return of Franco Baldwin's tumor and whether or not Franco would become dangerous once again.

Dante meets with Obrecht in the garage to discuss the situation with Franco and Peter. She clicks a pen and tells him that he must protect Franco at all costs.

Dante made his way to the hospital where he saw Alexis Davis trying to stab Franco with a syringe full of Lidocaine and he quickly ran up to stop her but he was accidentally injected with the Lidocaine instead. Dante grabbed his head in pain and collapsed before Portia and some other doctors quickly rushed him into the emergency room and tried to get the Lidocaine out of his system. They were able to do so and Dante was able to recover.

Sam later went to visit Dante and apologized to him for what Alexis did. They talked about Alexis and her problems and Dante did not hold this incident against her. Alexis came by and apologized to both Sam and Dante for what she did and Dante forgave her. After she left, Dante told Sam not to give up on Alexis, so Sam went to join Alexis and to take her to an AA meeting.

Meanwhile, Obrecht went into Dante's room and congratulated him on protecting Franco before clicking her pen and told him that they must stop Peter from marrying Maxie.

Maxie later came by to check on Dante and they later got to talking about Peter. Dante said that he still kind of had a problem with Peter since he was Nathan's half-brother and seemed to think that maybe Maxie was with Peter for that reason. After Peter came by to check on Dante before Maxie left with him, he came back by and fired Dante from his position as Head of Security for The Invader.

On February 15, Dante got prepared and he went to Sonny's funeral.

On March 1, Dante went to see Peter at the Metro Court and offered him a "friendly" warning in Lulu's place - if Peter made Maxie regret their wedding day, then Peter would answer to Dante. Dante brought up the fact that Peter showed up with a mission when he first got to Port Charles and he revealed that he had a mission of his own, but as he clenched his fists, Valentin came by and Dante left.

Later on, Dante went down to the parking garage to talk to Laura over the phone since she was visiting Lulu and Laura let him speak to Lulu. He later heard someone making noise from inside a closet and he managed to pry the door open. He was surprised to see Peter in there all tied up and gagged before he helped to free him. Dante asked Peter who did this to him and Peter said he didn't know.

Dante and Peter made their way into the Metro Court where Peter's double wedding with Maxie, Anna and Finn was taking place. With both grooms and both brides finally in the room, the wedding could finally begin. As Lucy Coe was officiating the double wedding, Liesl showed up and objected. She revealed to everyone that Peter is not Anna's son like everyone thought - Peter is actually the son of Dr. Alex Devane. Peter was devastated and Finn became furious with Anna since she knew since Halloween 2020 and lied to him about it. When that did not stop Maxie from wanting to marry Peter, Valentin finally exposed his crimes he committed to cover up his true involvement in Drew Cain's abduction in July 2012. That revelation caused Maxie to have Braxton Hicks contractions so she was taken to the hospital while Peter was being kept away from her.

Sam and Dante got to talking about everything that happened and she revealed that she did not want Peter to pay with his life because that wouldn't do any good for Drew or Jason. Franco came down and was looking for Peter because he remembered something from Drew's past - that Peter was responsible for Drew's abduction in July 2012. Franco took off after telling Sam to tell Jason that he's still himself.

On March 15, Dante and Olivia went to see Maxie at her apartment and kept her company as she was boxing up Peter's belongings and donating them. Maxie now knows what Peter has done and she broke up with him because of it. When Sam arrived, she and Dante talked for a minute or two about Peter before he and Olivia left.

Dante and Olivia went to Kelly's where they saw Ned and Alexis having coffee together. Olivia became furious but Dante tried to calm her down and then pulled Alexis aside to talk to her. Dante told her that he's not holding what she did to him against her but he is going to be honest in his testimony about what she did.

On March 17, Dante and Sam were talking at Kelly's and Sam revealed that Alexis was going to change her plea to guilty. Dante felt like the jury would go easier on Alexis if she pled guilty and showed remorse but Sam didn't think that her pleading guilty was a good idea. Dante later got a call from Obrecht who wanted him to meet her at Nathan's grave and he agreed to go so he told Sam he had to leave and took off.

Dante met with Obrecht at Nathan's grave and she told him that they must finally take action. Obrecht clicked her pen which put Dante in his trance and activated his programming before she gave him Maxie's phone to use so he can text Peter and lure him down to the cemetery. She also gave him a black gun and ordered him to use it to kill Peter before telling him that he will say he is acting on orders from Dr. Kirk and told him not to feel bad about Peter's death. After finishing up on giving him instructions, she clicked her pen again and took off before Dante followed her instructions.

Dante is forced to complete the mission

Peter came down to the cemetery expecting to meet with Maxie but Dante revealed to him that Maxie didn't text him, he did. When Peter asked why, Dante aimed his gun at Peter and said he has to complete the mission. Peter became scared and tried to talk Dante down before saying that he's never done anything to Dante. Dante said that Peter is a threat to Maxie and the baby but Peter said he would never hurt either one of them and said that Dante would be hurting them. Dante said that they would be better off without him and Peter told Dante that he's confused and is having a PTSD episode. When Dante said "I have to complete the mission" again, Peter asked what mission and who gave him this mission. Peter tried backing away as Dante walked up closer to him with his gun and Peter fell down. Sam found Dante holding Peter at gunpoint and tried to talk him down. Dante said that he had to complete the mission and Sam asked Dante if someone ordered him to kill Peter. Dante said this was justice for Maxie and Drew but Sam said that justice would be Peter getting arrested, standing trial and going to prison for life and told him not to throw away his life for Peter. Sam tried to appeal to him by getting him to think about the people who love him and to think about Rocco. When Dante had a flashback to a happy memory of him and Rocco, he started shaking and managed to lower his gun with Sam's help. After Sam ordered Peter to get out of there, she asked Dante what he was thinking. Dante was confused and admitted that he wasn't thinking before he added that he was outside of himself when he almost killed Peter. Dante teared up and told Sam that the WSB told him he was better and he realized that he needed help. Sam gently took his hands and promised to get him some help, so she took him to GH so he could get in to see Kevin for a psych evaluation.

On March 26, it was revealed that Kevin was (presumably) able to remove the triggers that activated Dante's programming so Dante could finally be free. However, Dante said he would have to attend more therapy sessions to make sure that he's no longer programmed to do anyone's bidding against his will. It was also revealed that the reason why Dante was brainwashed even further instead of receiving the treatment he needed for his severe PTSD and initial brainwashing at the hands of Raj was because a faction of the WSB had went rogue and had enlisted Dr. Kirk to reprogram Dante so that they could eliminate Peter, but no one knows that Liesl was the one who was controlling him after Dr. Kirk's death.

On March 31, Dante testified in court on Alexis' behalf after she pled guilty to the crimes she was previously arrested for and hoped that the judge would show her mercy. The judge threw out the attempted murder charge but sentenced Alexis to 3 years in Pentonville for aggravated assault on Dante.

On April 15, when Dante went to see Michael at the Quartermaine warehouse, Michael began to wonder if Dante was thinking of rejoining the PCPD.

After getting cleaned up, Dante is officially reinstated at the PCPD

On May 6, Dante unofficially rejoined the PCPD for one case. The job was to find Jason Morgan and Dr. Britt Westbourne since he became a fugitive after escaping from the hospital with her help. Sam wanted to help so she made a deal with Dante - they would work together and share what new information that they find. Dante called Damian Spinelli while using Sam's phone and wanted him to come down to the station. When Spinelli got there, Dante tried to get information on Jason's whereabouts and when Spinelli was hesitant to cooperate, Dante grabbed Spinelli by the shirt. Sam came in and told Spinelli not to say a word, so Dante let go of Spinelli and said that they would both regret this before leaving. Sam tried to get Spinelli to tell her where Jason was and begged him to trust her since he was reluctant to tell her the truth.

Sam went to a safe-house where Jason and Britt were at and Dante followed her with the cops. Sam was stunned that Dante followed her and he told her that he tested her and she failed. Eventually, Dante took Sam into the station and held her in the interrogation room for questioning. After D.A. Robert Scorpio questioned Sam, Dante came back and released Sam, who apologized and was hoping that this didn't ruin their friendship.

On May 12, after getting a shower, a haircut and a shave, Dante was officially reinstated as a detective for the PCPD. Jordan happily welcomed Dante back and gave him his badge back. They then talked about the current case of Jason and Britt before Dante tracked them down to a convenience store. Sam followed Dante and wanted him to let her help but Dante refused and said he didn't trust her anymore, at least when it came to this case. After Dante got some more information, he was stunned to see that Sam had deflated two of his tires.

On May 20, Dante brought one of the patched tires to Sam's apartment to tell her that she owed him for slashing his tires. Sam played dumb and denied slashing his tires but he gave her a bill and said she's lucky he's only having her pay for the damages. Dante eventually told Sam that Jason's in Canada and he even admitted that he didn't think Jason was guilty of killing Franco Baldwin but he still escaped from police custody. Dante thanked Sam again for stopping him from killing Peter and said she's the only reason he's back on the force at all. Sam said that she thinks he would have done the same for her and Dante agreed and said he would have. When Dante said he's willing to call it quits if she stayed out of his way and paid for the tires, she said she'll obviously pay for the tires and asked if he'd take a check. Dante said sure and if it bounces, he knows where to find her. Sam wrote him a check and asked if they were some there but Dante gently said that it's not just a matter of money and said that next time she goes rogue then there might not be a cop who's smart, handsome and charming as he is which Sam rolled her eyes at that statement. Dante warned her that there might be consequences as he smiled and went to leave. Sam wanted him to take his tire but Dante jokingly said that it's her's and she bought it. Sam wanted him to take it so he did and said "See you never, Sam" before she said he was such a wise guy and pushed him out. Dante knocked on her door again and Sam opened it to find the check ripped up in front of the door.

On May 27, after playing a corporate baseball game on opposite teams, Sam and Dante playfully trash-talked each other. They shared a close moment when Dante gave Sam some tips on how to play baseball but he later jokingly told her to forget everything he taught her.

On June 7, Dante questioned Maxie at GH after she gave birth to her baby and then claimed that she was stolen. Sam tried to defend Maxie and dragged Dante out of the room. She said she would question Maxie herself.

On June 15, Sam and Dante both ended up investigating the Country House where Marie Hopkins held Maxie hostage. Austin Gatlin-Holt, a local doctor who helped Maxie deliver her baby, came in and said that he owns the house. Dante asked about a video camera in the house and Austin says he didn't know about it.

On the 4th of July (shown from July 6-7), Sam overheard Michael say that Jason and Carly are getting married. She got drunk with Elizabeth Webber at the pier and burned some of her old items from her relationship with Jason (dominos, tequila, and a black leather jacket). Dante was called down to the fire with Hamilton Finn and Sam pulled Dante into the harbor. Later, he took her back to Charlie's Pub to buy her a coffee and to watch the fireworks. When Dante consoled Sam by telling her that he would have chosen her if he was Jason, they kissed before she apologized and said she couldn't do this before she ran off.

On July 12, Sam was with her mother, Alexis at the hospital since Alexis was getting her wrist looked at when she fell on it in Pentonville. Dante came by and he'd heard about what happened to Alexis in Pentonville before getting her statement. When Austin came in to see Alexis, Dante and Sam were surprised to see him on staff and were both a bit suspicious of him. After Austin offered to get another doctor to check out Alexis' wrist, he left and Alexis wanted to know what that was about. Sam and Dante filled Alexis in on Austin and on Maxie's daughter's (supposed) abduction. After Dr. Portia Robinson came to check on Alexis, Sam and Dante stepped outside the room. Sam offered to get Dante some coffee and wanted him to text her what he wanted and as she went to leave, Dante awkwardly said that it would be great if they could talk about their kiss, which made Sam awkwardly stop and walk back up to Dante before she said "Almost a clean getaway." Dante said that he was horrible at clean getaways before they both decided that they should forget about the kiss and they both claimed that they were on the same page, even though they both started to like each other deep down.

On July 16, Dante took Rocco to the new Metro Court Pool and he hung out with Chase, who had recently been released from the hospital. Dante began to talk to Chase about his kiss with Sam without mentioning Sam's name.

On August 10, Sam called Dante and told him about Hayden Barnes' mother, Naomi Dreyfus had been murdered. Once Dante and some other officers got to her motel room, they investigated and eventually learned that she had overdosed on a drug.

On August 13, Dante and Sam began a support group for each other after they learned that Naomi's overdose was no accident. They later went to the Metro Court Pool and had a few drinks together. Dante wondered if this was a date and Sam said that it was good work. After sharing a kiss, Dante asked if she could stay for another drink and Sam said she thinks that she could be convinced to stay for another round. After Dante left to get them another round, Sam got a call from an unknown number. When she answered, she was stunned to hear that it was Drew Cain, alive and well.

When Dante came back with the drinks, he noticed that something was up and asked Sam if she was okay. Sam said that she just got a call from a man claiming to be Drew. Sam told Dante that the man was calling her name, he said he needed help, there was a bunch of commotion and the line went dead. As Dante had some tech guys try to trace the origin of the call, Sam and Dante went over several different possibilities and after they initially wondered if it was Peter claiming to be Drew. Sam said that it felt so real and she felt like she was actually talking to Drew. After Dante learned that I.T. couldn't trace the call, Sam then considered the possibility that Drew didn't die in that plane crash in 2019 and that he was still alive.

On August 23, Dante was at the pool with his mother and his half-brother, Leo Falconeri. When Sam came by, she said hi to Leo but he was more focused on putting his goggles on before he said he was thirsty, so Olivia gave him something to drink. A few minutes after Sam went to talk to Anna and Valentin about Drew, Dante came to join their conversation.

Crimes Committed

  • Shoplifted with Tommy Fazio [1996; revealed on Jun 15, 2022]
  • Fought with Aleksander Janáček and covered up his death [2007; revealed in a flashback in 2010]
  • Due to being deep undercover in Anthony Zacchara's and then Sonny Corinthos's organization, he was involved in many "unscrupulous" activities [Dec 2007-Jan 29, 2010; Dante was revealed to be a cop on Aug 7, 2009; as Dominic]
  • Grabbed Morgan Corinthos in the woods, held him at gunpoint and threatened to take him hostage [Jun 22-23, 2009; as Dominic]
  • Held Carly Jacks and her other son, Michael at gunpoint in the woods [Jun 23, 2009; as Dominic]
  • Hijacked a Zacchara drug shipment; arrested but was never charged [Aug 11, 2009; as Dominic]
  • Assaulted Kiefer Bauer in defense of Morgan (He shoved him up against a wall on the docks) [Aug 13, 2009; as Dominic]
  • Punched Johnny Zacchara [Aug 20, 2009; as Dominic]
  • Perjury; lied on the stand when he told the police that he shot himself when in fact it was Sonny who shot him [Feb 5, 2010]
  • Assaulted and threatened Ronnie Dimestico [Mar 29-30, 2010]
  • Punched his father, Sonny Corinthos [Apr 6, 2010]
  • Obstruction of justice [Apr 12, 2010; arrested and released]
  • Covered for Michael [Aug 2010]
  • Took Jason Morgan's transfer papers [Aug 5, 2010]
  • Aimed his gun at Jerry Jacks while remaining hidden behind some boxes and tried to get a clean shot at him [Dec 14, 2010]
  • Shot at Jerry, who had shot a morgue attendant and took off in a van with Aleksander's body in it [Dec 14, 2010]
  • Covered for Michael again [Apr 2011]
  • Tackled Lisa Niles while she was trying to escape and rendered her unconscious [Jun 2011]
  • Beat up and held Javier at gunpoint in defense of Lulu [Jul 18, 2011]
  • Covered for Michael a third time [Jan 2012]
  • Assaulted Ronnie by pinning him against a wall [Apr 30, 2012]
  • Threatened to kill Ronnie if he hurt Lulu [Apr 30, 2012]
  • Escaped from custody with help from Delores Padilla [May 3, 2012]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the PCPD [May 3-7, 2012]
  • Held Shawn Butler at gunpoint [Mar 25-26, 2013]
  • Brutally assaulted a gunman who was working for Stavros Cassadine in an attempt to get answers about Lulu's disappearance [Mar 26, 2013; Stavros' gunman killed himself with a cyanide pill before he could give any answers]
  • Shot a gun out of Helena Cassadine's hand right before she was about to kill his mother-in-law, Laura [Apr 1, 2013]
  • Held Helena at gunpoint [Apr 1, 2013]
  • Punched Milo Giambetti [May 1, 2013]

  • Shot Franco in the shoulder while he was trying to escape police custody [Feb 4, 2014]
  • Assaulted Coleman Ratcliffe [Aug 25, 2014]
  • Shot Peter Harrell, Jr. in the shoulder in defense of his wife, Lulu [Sep 2, 2014]
  • Hit William Eichner over the head, rendering him unconscious [Sep 15, 2014]
  • Got into a fist fight with Stavros [Sep 16, 2014]
  • Shot and killed Stavros Cassadine in defense of himself and Lulu [Sep 16, 2014]
  • Shoved Johnny Zacchara [Jan 16, 2015]
  • Fought with Johnny Zacchara [Jan 19, 2015]
  • Broke into the old Spencer family house on Elm Street [Jan 27, 2015]
  • Held his father-in-law, Luke Spencer at gunpoint and handcuffed him to a stair rail [Jan 28, 2015]
  • Threatened to kill Luke Spencer if he went anywhere near Lulu and Rocco [Feb 25, 2015]
  • Threatened to kill Dillon Quartermaine (Dante said that if he saw Dillon, he would break his neck) [Jul 2, 2015]
  • Adultery; slept with Valerie Spencer while married to Lulu [Jul 6, 2015]
  • Punched Julian Jerome [Sep 11, 2015]
  • Knew that Olivia faked Leo's death but didn't say anything [Jun-Oct 2015]
  • Adultery; had an affair with Valerie while married to Lulu [Nov-Dec 2015]
  • Helped cover up the fact that Lulu had a part in Valerie almost dying in a fire [Jan 2016]
  • Assaulted Valentin Cassadine [Jul 25, 2016]
  • Assaulted Valentin (grabbed him by the collar and pinned him to a wall) [Dec 12, 2016]
  • Threatened to kill Peter August [May 25, 2018]
  • Due to being undercover for the WSB in Raj Patel's organization, was involved in brutal "unscrupulous" activities to prove himself to Raj [Jun 28, 2018-Mar 20, 2019; Dante was haunted by what he saw and did and is suffering from severe PTSD due to also being tortured]
  • Shot his father, Sonny in the arm under Raj's orders [Mar 18, 2019; Dante was pretending to work for Raj]
  • Knocked out one of Raj's men in order to help Sonny escape [Mar 20, 2019]
  • Shot and killed Raj in self-defense following a shootout with him and his men [Mar 20, 2019]
  • Attempted to pull a knife on Jason Morgan [Mar 28, 2019]
  • Shot Peter in the shoulder [Jul 15, 2019]

  • Assaulted Dr. Warren Kirk [Aug 28, 2020]
  • Stalked Peter August while under Dr. Kirk's control [revealed Oct 15, 2020]
  • Tackled Franco Baldwin to the ground in defense of Peter [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Used Maxie Jones's phone to contact Peter by pretending to be her over text while under Liesl Obrecht's control [Mar 18, 2021]
  • Held Peter at gunpoint and almost killed him while under Liesl's control [Mar 19, 2021; Sam McCall talked him down]
  • Grabbed Damian Spinelli by the shirt when Spinelli refused to tell him where Jason Morgan was [May 6, 2021]
  • Shot and killed Brock, one of Cyrus Renault's wounded men, who tried to grab his gun [May 28, 2021]
  • Held Victor Cassadine at gunpoint [Oct 18-19, 2021]
  • Threatened to shoot Victor if he tried anything [Oct 19, 2021]
  • Engaged in a shootout against corrupt W.S.B. Agent Krieger and another one of Victor's men [Feb 22, 2022]
  • Shot and killed Victor's other man in self-defense [Feb 22, 2022]
  • Held Agent Krieger at gunpoint after Krieger was shot in the stomach by Drew Cain [Feb 22, 2022]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Had bad asthma as a child, but grew out of it [prior to his 2009 arrival; revealed Oct 3, 2011]
    • Broke his wrist during a Little League game [prior to his 2009 arrival; revealed Nov 22, 2011]
    • Suffered a concussion at age ten [prior to his 2009 arrival; revealed Feb 1, 2010]
    • Suffered a broken arm in high school [prior to his 2009 arrival; revealed Feb 1, 2010]
    • Had been knocked unconscious six times[50] [prior to his 2009 arrival; revealed Jan 6, 2011]
    • Cut his foot on broken glass [prior to his 2009 arrival]
    • Had his wallet stolen by Tess Buchanan [prior to his 2009 arrival]: revealed in What If...]
    • Choked by Aleksander Janáček [2007; revealed in a flashback in 2010]
    • Shot in the abdomen by Jason Morgan during an ambush in the woods [Jun 22, 2009; revealed Jun 23, 2009; as Dominic]
    • Bitten by Morgan Corinthos [Jun 23, 2009; as Dominic]
    • Almost smothered to death with a pillow by Claudia Zacchara [Jun 24, 2009; as Dominic]
    • Beat up by Lucky Spencer and Ethan Lovett because he was talking to their sister, Lulu [Jul 31-Aug 3, 2009; as Dominic]
    • Hospitalized for internal injuries after being hit by a car while trying to save his brother, Morgan [Sep 9, 2009; as Dominic]
    • Knocked out by Tommy Sodo to preserve his cover [Oct 2009; as Dominic]
    • Stayed in the freezing water with Lulu Spencer, until she was rescued because her foot got stuck [Nov 3-4, 2009; as Dominic]
    • Ran into a warehouse to save Lulu Spencer from a bomb; the bomb did explode, but they both got out safely [Jan 11, 2010; as Dominic]
    • Shot in the chest at point blank range by his father, Sonny Corinthos and required surgery to remove a bullet lodged near his spine (Dante was an undercover at the time and neither him nor Sonny knew about their connection as father and son) [Jan 29-Feb 1, 2010; as Dominic]
    • His heart stopped during surgery [Feb 2, 2010]
    • Held at gunpoint by Carly Corinthos [May 10-11, 2010]
    • Allergic to goldenrod [revealed Jun 4, 2010]
    • Assaulted and threatened by Jason Morgan [Jul 22, 2010]
    • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Jason [Jul 26, 2010]
    • Drugged by Brook Lynn Ashton who then tried to have sex with him [Aug 17, 2010]
    • Hit over the head with a vase and rendered unconscious by Brenda Barrett [Oct 2010]
    • Choked by Anton Banovic [Nov 1, 2010]
    • Held at gunpoint again by Carly [Feb 2-3, 2011]
    • Beat up and rendered unconscious by Javier's thugs at a brothel in Jacksonville, Florida [Jul 15, 2011]
    • Hit over the head and rendered unconscious by Lucky Spencer [Aug 2, 2011]
    • Rendered unconscious after his father, Sonny punched him [Aug 11, 2011]
    • Shot in the back at Sonny's coffee warehouse by Anthony Zacchara and required surgery to remove a bullet from his lungs (the doctors had to remove the lower lobe of his left lung) [Sep 23, 2011]
    • His blood type is A- [revealed Sep 28, 2011]
    • Collapsed in an alley [Nov 23, 2011]

  • Almost got shot by Ronnie Dimestico, but his father, Sonny Corinthos took the bullet instead [Feb 21, 2012; revealed on May 7, 2012]
  • Framed by Ronnie for the attacks on the dancers at Vaughn's and was made to look like a dirty cop (held in police custody, but Delores Padilla released him) [Apr 30-May 7, 2012]
  • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Ronnie [May 7, 2012]
  • Experienced a fever after ingesting the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the Port Charles water supply [Sep 2012]
  • Had a sperm count [Oct 2012]
  • Gave a sperm sample that was used to fertilize 3 of his wife's eggs [Dec 2012; their last embryo was deemed inviable Aug 24, 2016]
  • Clobbered over the head and rendered unconscious by Stavros Cassadine [Mar 21, 2013; revealed Apr 12, 2013]
  • Kidnapped by Helena Cassadine's goons [Apr 2013]
  • Thrown overboard by Helena's goons [Apr 2013]
  • Broke a glass in his hand [Apr 2013]
  • Has Latex-fruit syndrome and uses hydrocortisone cream; he passed it down to his son, Rocco [revealed Feb 3, 2014]
  • Threatened with a dagger by Liesl Obrecht [Mar 2014]
  • Saved Sam Morgan from being hit by a car; he pulled her out of the way before Rafe could hit her [Jul 3, 2014]
  • Rendered unconscious after breathing gaseous fumes [Sep 2, 2014]
  • Kidnapped and hostage (along with Lulu) by Victor Cassadine and his henchmen [Sep 8-17, 2014]
  • Handcuffed to a metal pole [Sep 8-15, 2014]
  • Threatened by Stavros Cassadine (Stavros said he would shoot Dante in the head if Lulu didn't get the hormone shots) [Sep 12, 2014]
  • Had his cuff shot off by Anna Devane [Sep 15, 2014]
  • Almost got shot by Stavros after he got the upper hand during a fight [Sep 16, 2014]
  • Was trapped in a building that was about to blow up, but got out before it did [Sep 16-17, 2014]

  • Punched in the stomach by Johnny Zacchara [Jan 19, 2015]
  • Pushed down the stairs into the basement of the old Spencer family house by Luke Spencer and rendered unconscious (suffered a laceration to his head as a result) [Jan 28-29, 2015]
  • Assaulted with a crow bar by Luke and rendered unconscious again (suffered at least two more lacerations to his head as a result) [Jan 29, 2015]
  • Trapped in the basement of the old Spencer family house with a bomb that was about to go off and a corpse [Jan 29, 2015]
  • Took the brunt of an explosion and was rendered unconscious for a third time [revealed Feb 3, 2015]
  • Collapsed when he tried to get out of bed in the ER [Feb 4, 2015]
  • Threatened by Luke [Feb 25, 2015]
  • Slapped by Lulu [Nov 2, 2015]
  • Unlawful imprisonment; locked in a hotel suite (along with Lulu) by Nathan West, Maxie Jones and his mother, Olivia Falconeri [Feb 14, 2016; shown on Feb 12, 2016]
  • Jumped into freezing water to save Lulu [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 24, 2016]
  • Attacked with a pen (impaled in the shoulder) by Carlos Rivera in a prison transfer vehicle [May 6, 2016; revealed May 9, 2016]
  • Rendered unconscious in a car accident [May 6-9, 2016]
  • Trapped under the transfer vehicle (Drew Cain (then known as "Jason Morgan") got him out) [revealed May 9, 2016]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint in a room of people on Cassadine Island by Valentin Cassadine (aka Theo Hart) [Jul 15-26, 2016]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Valentin [Jul 26, 2016]
  • Was exposed to malaria [revealed Aug 9, 2016][51]
  • Assaulted by Sonny [Oct 11, 2016]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint during Drew Cain and Sam McCall's party at the Metro Court [Oct 26-27, 2017]
  • Almost got shot and thrown to the ground by one of the gunmen [Oct 27, 2017]
  • Had been held prisoner and tortured by Raj Patel for months in order be used as an asset for his business [revealed Mar 18-20, 2019; torture revealed Mar 25, 2019]
  • Almost got shot by Raj [Mar 20, 2019]
  • Suffered from PTSD (was brainwashed) as a result of being held prisoner and captive by Raj for months [Mar 25, 2019-Mar 26, 2021]

  • Held in a WSB Facility in Geneva, Switzerland [revealed Aug 3-Sep 28, 2020]
  • Reconditioned by Dr. Warren Kirk into completing a mission to eliminate Peter August for a rogue faction of the WSB under orders of Dr. Liesl Obrecht [revealed Sep 28, 2020-Mar 26, 2021; Liesl took over as Dante's handler from Dec 11, 2020-Mar 26, 2021 after Dr. Kirk's death on Dec 11, 2020]
  • Nearly caught in an explosion at The Floating Rib [Nov 20-23, 2020; caused by Julian Jerome under Cyrus Renault's orders to kill Jason Morgan]
  • Accidentally stabbed with a loaded syringe full of lidocaine by Alexis Davis, who was aiming for Franco Baldwin [Jan 28, 2021; hospitalized]
  • Collapsed while trying to leave the hospital [Feb 4, 2021]
  • Programmed by Liesl into trying to kill Peter [Mar 18-19, 2021; Sam McCall talked him down]
  • Pushed by Austin Gatlin-Holt (to prevent him from falling into a mine shaft) [Jun 18, 2021]
  • Punched in the face by Sam while she was drunk [Jul 7, 2021]
  • Pulled into the harbor with Sam [Jul 7, 2021]
  • Knocked unconscious with a punch by Kendall [Feb 4, 2022; hospitalized]
  • Shot at by corrupt W.S.B. Agent Krieger and another one of Victor Cassadine's men [Feb 22, 2022]

  • Family tree


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    1. Sonny left home when he was 16, before Dante was born
    2. Dante's birthday was acknowledged onscreen on May 6, 2020. However, due to the many episode preemptions, his actual birthday would've aired originally on April 23, 2020. The May 13, 2020 episode shows that Olivia sent Dante an email saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" on April 15, 2020.
    3. Seen on August 24, 2016 ... ...
    5. She came on to him twice but he turned her down both times.
    6. She kissed him twice; once on Aug 11 and once on Aug 17-18 after she drugged him.
    7. It was a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage soon after conception ...
    8. Mentioned on September 19, 2008. Maiden name mentioned on April 13, 2010.
    9. Mentioned January 4, 2012.
    10. Olivia mentioned that this Theresa is the light of the family ...
    11. Olivia's mom's sister, who didn't think Olivia would make it as a mother at 15. ...
    12. On November 22, Olivia mentioned her Nona Theresa's cioppino.
    13. On March 26, 2019, Olivia mentioned her Nona Lucia's manicotti.
    14. She has been mentioned to be the horrible sister-in-law, that should be avoided at all costs.
    15. Stated by Lulu on March 29, 2018 ... ...
    16. On October 27, 2015, Olivia asked them to be his Godparents ... ...
    17. On January 25, 2018, Nathan wanted him to the Godfather before he was killed ...
    18. On March 26, 2019, Maxie asked both Dante and Lulu and they said yes ...
    19. Dante's full name is stated on October 3, 2008 and again in July 2009.
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    50. According to Lulu on Jan 6, 2011...
    51. Everyone on the island with Jason and Sam were exposed.

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