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Det. Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer are fictional characters and a popular formerly married supercouple on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Dante was originated by actor Dominic Zamprogna on June 22, 2009. After nine years, Zamprogna decided to leave the show, making his last appearance on June 28, 2018.[3][4] In 2014, Zamprogna was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Zamprogna later returned for one episode on November 12, 2018 as part of the special Sonny-centric episode.[5] In 2019, Zamprogna returned for a 10-episode arc from March 15 to March 29.[6]

In 2020, Zamprogna returned to GH full-time, making his first appearance on August 3.[7]

Lulu was portrayed by actress Julie Marie Berman from October 2005 to March 2013. Berman was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2007 and brought home two Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2009 and 2010 and one for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2013.

Actress Emme Rylan, formerly known for her roles on Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding (2006-09) and The Young and the Restless as Abby Newman (2010-13), has portrayed her since April 11, 2013.

Zamprogna and Berman portrayed "Lante" from 2009-13

The couple's official song is "You Came Around" by Bob Harty and Jayson Belt, but it was performed by Annie Bethancourt and played for the couple when they exchanged "I love you's" for the first time. When the couple made love for the first time in May 2010, the song "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele, was played for them, but "You Came Around" remains the couple's official song. Their song was played on June 28, 2018, when Dante left for his mission, the song hadn't been played since 2010.

Dante is the son of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and his old flame, Olivia Falconeri. He is a member of the Corinthos family and the Falconeri family.

Lulu is the daughter of most iconic supercouple in the soap genre, Luke and Laura Spencer. She is a member of the Spencer family.

Engagement ring

From the time they meet in July 2009 until their first date in December 2009, Lulu denied her feelings for Dante, while he kept pursuing her. During the duration of their relationship, Lulu broke up with him three times (twice as lovers Jan 18 2011, Aug 31, 2011 and one broken engagement Dec 5, 2011), so essentially they were on and off for two years.

Cheesy pick up lines are thing with them, meaning he spouts horrible ones to her and she laughs. It's one of the things they joke about to this day but it's also one of the things that she loves about him. Sex also became a running gag with them because every time they tried to "do it" something or someone always interrupted them, until May 5, 2010 that is.

The couple got married on December 23, 2011 (Christmas Eve on the show) in Bensonhurst with Olivia as their only guest and witness. At the end of the ceremony, a bunch of Falconeri's showed up and celebrated with the couple. They share a son named, Rocco, who was born via surrogate in September of 2013.

We have a son!!

Lulu has also left Dante twice during their marriage, once in 2013 after they were in a nasty custody battle with Spinelli and Maxie, which resulted in them losing the baby because Lulu lied and Dante didn't cover for her (at the time that's the reason Lulu believed was why they lost custody), but they eventually reconciled. Then again in 2015, due to him sleeping with her cousin, Valerie, the two legally separated. After filing for separation, Lulu had second thoughts but found out that he had slept with Valerie again, essentially ending their marriage for good. After a talk with his mother, Dante starts to have second thoughts about ending his marriage while Lulu and Johnny plot to get "rid" of Valerie. After finding out what Johnny and Lulu tried to do to Valerie, Dante stated that he was going to see a lawyer to file for divorce, even though Lulu was the one he wanted all along.

Dante and Lulu with their son, Rocco

On February 1, 2016, after trying to work out their marriage, they decide that divorce is best and they both signed the papers. On February 14, Nathan and Maxie lock Dante and Lulu in a room to work out their issues and some progress is made. On March 4, after receiving their finalized divorce papers, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. In the middle of 2016, Dante and Lulu decide to buy a house and with Sonny's help (unknowingly) they do buy one. In August 2016, Dante and Lulu found out that their last remaining embryo was no longer viable. On November 7, Dante proposed to Lulu and she said yes. He also used the same engagement ring.

Dante and Lulu with Charlotte and Rocco

They were remarried in the living room of their new home on November 23, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day on the show). Laura, Olivia, Rocco, Maxie, Nathan and Kevin attended the ceremony.

The couple have been to four Nurses' Ball's together (2014 and 2015 as a married couple, 2016 as a dating couple and 2017 as a married couple).

Dante and Lulu’s farewell kiss

In December 2016, Dante and Lulu meet Lulu's daughter, Charlotte, with Valentin Cassadine.

On June 28, 2018, Dante left on a mission for the WSB to hunt down the man who tried to kill Lulu two years prior, Raj.

On March 22, 2019, Dante returned home and reunited with Lulu but he didn't seem like the same man he was before he left. After being home for a few days he realized he needed to get some help since he was suffering from severe PTSD and he feared he'd been brainwashed so on March 29 he left Port Charles again to get help and so that he can protect Lulu and the kids from himself.

On July 16, Lulu learned from Maxie that Dante shot Peter so she realized that he wasn't coming home anytime soon and she was even more distraught that he sent divorce papers to her although she remembered that Dante told her not to wait for her and to go on living her life and be happy.


Dante and Lulu meet at the jukebox (2009)

Lulu Spencer meets Dominic Pirelli in July 2009 at Jake's bar. Dominic flirts with Lulu and they end playing a game of pool. Lulu, at first, becomes annoyed with "Dominic's" cockiness, but soon softens and feels sorry for him after her brothers, Lucky and Ethan beat him up for talking to Lulu. Wanting to make sure that he is okay, Lulu accompanies Dominic to General Hospital where he is treated by nurse Epiphany Johnson. After the incident at Jake's, Lulu and Dominic meet up again at Kelly's diner where Lulu is temporarily filling in as a waitress.

Dante and Lulu talk about how she glued her hand to her hair (2009)

Dominic soon vents to Lulu about walking in on his mother and her boyfriend, who happens to be Dominic's age. They later have another run at the hospital after Lulu accidentally glued her hand to her head and Dominic teased her about the incident. One night when Lulu and Dominic are both on her father's boat, The Haunted Star, Ethan becomes fed up with Dominic's attitude and decides to get him out of Lulu's life for once and all. He tries to scam Dominic in order to get him to leave town, but Lulu stops him before he can. Grateful for her help, Lulu and Dominic share their first kiss on August 26. He would later asked her to accompany him to the carnival, but she declines because she already had a date. Nevertheless Dominic continued to pursue Lulu.

Dante and Lulu at the carnival (2009)

Dominic later confesses to Lulu that his boss' wife, Claudia Zacchara, had been trying to seduce him. He also opens up about Lt. Vince Poletti, his childhood hero and father figure and he tells Lulu that Lt. Poletti was killed by a mobster. Lulu picks up on the fact that Dominic talked about the mob as if he despised it, which made her suspicious at the fact that he worked in Sonny's organization. The same night, Lulu is drugged and wonders down to the pier. There, she overhears Dominic talking with Lt. Ronnie Dimestico. She hears Ronnie call him "Officer Falconeri." Luckily, Dominic realizes that she's actually drugged and takes her home to sleep off the side effects and in the morning, she does not seem to remember the conversation.

Looking for Carly with Spinelli (2009)

A few weeks later at Claudia's birthday party, Sonny Corinthos reveals that Claudia was responsible for a botched hit on Sonny that resulted in his son, Michael's shooting. Desperate to get away, Claudia pulls a gun and takes Lulu’s pregnant cousin, Carly, hostage. Lulu teams up with Dominic and her old flame Johnny Zacchara to find the two women. While they are searching the old abandoned Zacchara property, Lulu falls through the decaying floorboards and into the freezing water below and becomes stuck. Johnny runs to get help while Dominic jumps into the water with Lulu to keep her warm.

Dante and Lulu eat together (2009)

While in the water, Dominic finally admits to Lulu that he is truly, Dante Falconeri, the son of Olivia Falconeri and an undercover cop. With the truth out in the open, Dante asks her out on a date just before she passes out. Soon after Johnny arrives with the paramedics and Lulu promises to keep Dante's secret as long as he changes his mind about sending Sonny to prison. Lulu tries to deny her feelings for Dante. After Lulu is confronted by her best friend, Maxie Jones about her feelings for Dante, she finally decides to give into her feelings and give a relationship with Dante a chance. On December 29, Lulu and Dante go out on their first date. They go to the opera and Lulu is brought to tears by the tragic love story. Afterwards they almost make love, but are interrupted by the limo driver. After the first date, Lulu and Dante continue seeing each other.

Dante and Lulu rock out (2009)

In the first week of 2010, Lulu is kidnapped by the psychopath artist Franco. Deranged and seeking the attention of mobster, Jason Morgan, Franco kidnaps Lulu and Jason's girlfriend Sam McCall as bait for Jason. Jason gets Franco to tell him where he is holding Sam and Lulu and he then passes the information about Lulu onto Dante. Dante races to save Lulu, who is strapped to a bomb. He gets to her just in time as the building they are in explodes and they make it out of the building with few seconds to spare. After recovering from this experience, they are confronted by Johnny, who claims that he knows Dante is an undercover cop. Johnny reminds Lulu of the people she will hurt by keeping Dante's secret. In order to spare Lulu any pain or discourse with her family, Dante breaks up with her and tells her that he will be going back home to Bensonhurst after he puts Sonny behind bars. Lulu refuses to accept this and the two eventually reconcile. Lulu is later shocked to discover that her brother Nikolas Cassadine had been sleeping with her other brother Lucky's fiancée Elizabeth Webber for months. This prompts her to question to realness of her relationship with Dante, who assures her that their love is real.

Dante and Lulu kiss before all hell breaks loose (2010)

On January 29, Carly's daughter Josslyn Jacks is christened. Carly asks Lulu to be Josslyn's godmother and Lulu happily accepts. The same day while Lulu is at the christening, Dante decides to finally confront Sonny. Sonny in turn confronts Dante with the news that he knows he is an undercover cop and he shoots Dante in the chest at point blank range. Seconds later Sonny is shocked when Olivia comes into the room screaming "You just shot your own son!". Olivia applies pressure to the wound while Sonny, who's still in shock, calls an ambulance. After not hearing from Dante in hours, Lulu becomes worried and goes to Sonny's house to find him. Instead she finds Dante's badge and cell phone near a pool of blood. Fearing the worst, she confronts Jason about Dante’s whereabouts. After discovering the truth, she rushed to GH and blasted Sonny for his actions before rushing to Dante's bedside. As Dante is going into surgery, Lulu confesses her love for him. As Dante recovers from the gunshot wound, Lulu remains by his side.

Dante and Lulu in court (2010)

It is later discovered that Dante's younger sister, Kristina Corinthos-Davis was being abused by her boyfriend Keifer Bauer. Kristina at first ID's Lulu's brother Ethan as the attacker in an attempt to protect Keifer from Sonny. Ethan is hauled into the station and put in lock-up. While in lock-up, Ethan is attacked by one of Sonny's men and Lulu's father Luke Spencer becomes furious and blames Dante for putting Ethan in lockup. Luke tells Lulu that she may have to choose between Dante and her family, but Lulu remains by Dante's side. Also during this time Sonny is put on trial for Claudia's murder and Dante brings his brother Michael back to town and forces him to testify against Sonny, unaware that they had hidden Michael away on the island because he was the one truly responsible for Claudia's death. Dante is shocked when while on the stand, Michael admits to killing Claudia and is sentenced to 5 years in Pentonville Prison. All of the Corinthos family turns against Dante and blames him for Michael's imprisonment. Nevertheless, Lulu remains by his side and supports him. With everyone against them, Dante and Lulu grow closer and make love for the first time on May 5, 2010. On May 25, Lulu tells Dante that she had an abortion when she was a teenager and she was afraid to tell Dante because of his feelings on abortion but he told her that it just made him love her even more.

Trouble in paradise (2010)

In August 2010, Dante's old friend from Bensonhurst, Brook Lynn Ashton arrives in town at the summoning of Carly who wants Brook Lynn to break up Dante and Lulu as revenge, since she blamed Dante for Michael's imprisonment. Lulu and Brook Lynn's history came into play and Lulu is suspicious at Brook Lynn's arrival. Carly continues to scheme and orders Brook Lynn to sleep with Dante and to get it on tape and in return, Carly would finance her singing career. In August, Brook Lynn drugs Dante and starts to get intimate with him but Lulu finds them. At first she is upset but soon catches onto Brook Lynn's schemes and forgives Dante.

Dante and Lulu asleep in a cabin in Ireland

In September, 2010, Lulu's brother, Lucky heads to Ireland on an undercover assignment for Interpol and the couple try to assist him. In October, Sonny's old flame, Brenda Barrett returns to Port Charles and it is discovered that Dante and Brenda had a past. At first Dante remains tight lipped about their history and only reveals to Lulu that he was Brenda's bodyguard back in 2007 but that he never knew her personally. It is later discovered that Dante helped Brenda cover up the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Aleksander Janacek. Lulu becomes jealous of Brenda and Dante's past feelings for Brenda. When all of the secrets about Dante and Brenda's past comes to light, Lulu breaks up with Dante because of his lies.

Dante and Lulu find out Jake "died" (2011)

The situation worsens on Sonny and Brenda's wedding day, when Carly accuses Brenda and Dante of having a secret child together. Dante admits to Lulu that he was there for Brenda when she found out the she was pregnant with Aleksander's child. Wanting to help Brenda protect the child from Aleksander, he claimed that he was the father and then signed over all of his parental rights to Brenda. After working through their issues, Lulu and Dante eventually reconcile. When Brenda's son, Alec Scott is kidnapped by his grandmother, Suzanne Stanwyck, Dante goes with Sonny and Carly to San Antonio to rescue the boy and return him to Brenda.

Dante saves Lulu from Javier (2011)

Lulu is devastated when her nephew Jake Spencer is killed after being hit by a car, that was later revealed to be driven by her father Luke. Luke is devastated and flees town after many unsuccessful attempts to get Jake's biological father Jason to kill him. When Lucky is unable to get Luke to come back to town, Lulu takes it upon herself and traces Luke down to a bordello in Florida. Lulu begins working as a waitress at the bordello in order to wait for information on Luke's whereabouts to come in. Dante follows Lulu to Florida and shows up at the bordello as a client. When he gets Lulu alone, he tries to convince her to return home. When the owner of the bordello, Javier learns that Dante is a cop and involved with Lulu, he tries to rape Lulu, but Dante stops him and they leave the bordello after Dante forces Javier to tell them the information about Luke that they wanted to know.

Dante tries to ask Lulu to marry him (again) in the hospital (2011)

Javier tells them that Luke had been meeting with Helena Cassadine so the two go off to Greece. In order to get information, Dante pretends that he wants a job as a bodyguard. Helena quickly catches onto their scheme and confronts them. The confrontation is stopped by Lulu's brother Nikolas who later convinces Lulu to give up on the search for Luke and return home to Port Charles, which she did. Back in Port Charles, Dante becomes aware that Lucky has taken on a new case that involves drugs. This case was particularly dangerous for Lucky because of his past addiction to pain pills. At the request of Lucky's ex Elizabeth, Dante keeps the case from Lulu. When Lulu's birthday rolls around in August, Dante is ready to take their relationship to the next step and he asks Lulu to move in with him. He even gives Lulu a key to his apartment but she is hesitant. Lulu overhears Dante and Lucky talking about the drug case and is furious that Dante knew about the case and kept it from her.

Lulu (Berman) and Dante marry (2011)

She breaks up with Dante for lying to her again. While working at Crimson Lulu was looking at herself in wedding dresses after she assisted Sam in picking out her wedding dress for her upcoming wedding to Jason. Dante sees her holding up a dress in a mirror and prompts him to think about marriage even though they were still apart. Despite not being on the best of terms, Dante decides to propose to Lulu. He tells his mom and together they set up a romantic rooftop dinner on top of the Metro Court for Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu asks Ethan to help her run away for a little while. However, Ethan tells Dante that Lulu has plans to leave, and Dante finds her at the Haunted Star and asks her to come with him. He takes Lulu to the rooftop and begins to propose, however Lulu talks over him and tells him that she can't trust him anymore. She is hesitant and needs time to think things over.

Reacting to the Falconeri family being at their wedding (2011)

Later when Lulu is sure of her answer, she decides to set up another romantic dinner to tell Dante that she will marry him. Unfortunately, Dante never made it to the dinner because he was shot in the back while in the line of duty at one of Sonny's warehouses. Lulu is by his side while he is in the hospital and as he recovers, she tells him that she accepts his marriage proposal. After Dante is released from the hospital, Lulu begins worrying about his line of work and how life would be as a cop's wife with a husband who has such a dangerous job. Her worries cause her to develop a drinking problem. She becomes so worried about him that she even breaks off the engagement but later changes her mind and proposes to him and he says yes. Lulu and Dante go on a trip to Brooklyn and on December 23 (Christmas Eve on the show), they were married in a small ceremony in Bensonhurst by Dante's cousin Tommy. Only Olivia was present at the ceremony, but at the end of the ceremony, the rest of Falconeri family, Dante's family came in to celebrate Lulu and Dante's union.

Dante and Lulu celebrating Lulu's (not) pregnancy (2012)

Dante and Lulu seem relatively happy as husband and wife in Port Charles. However, after quitting Crimson, abandoning the Haunted Star and vowing to no longer devote herself to healing the Spencers, Lulu suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. She can't find a job or a hobby that she's interested in, and begins drinking wine more frequently. Olivia and Maxie both notice this and warn Lulu about it, but Lulu dismisses them. After a reconciliation with Luke, Lulu seems to have gotten her drinking under control and finally gets a job maintaining the evidence locker at the police station. Dante's relationship with his father Sonny also starts to mend after Sonny pushes Dante out of the way and takes a bullet for him. It was this act that showed Dante that his father truly loved him. At her new job, Lulu becomes involved in a case involving a mysterious attacker of dancers from Vaughn's, the local strip club owned by Johnny. When evidence in the case is erased from Dante's computer before Lulu can process them, she shares her suspicions with Dante that his new partner Delores Padilla is responsible for tampering with the evidence that might link her husband Eddie Cabrera to the attacks.

Dante and Lulu kissing right before an explosion (2012)

Photos of the attacked dancers are soon found in Eddie and Dolores' home, and Eddie is arrested. However, after witnessing Delores and Eddie together at the station, she begins to think that Eddie might be innocent and shifts her attention towards the true attacker, Dante's longtime police friend Ronnie Dimestico. Her instincts prove right when she finds that Ronnie has no alibi for the night of every single one of the attacks. She also correctly surmises that Ronnie deleted the photos from Dante's phone and planted evidence to implicate Eddie. Unsure of how to proceed with this information, Lulu seeks council from Luke. Her father advises her to go directly to Dante. Before she can do so, however, Ronnie (who now knows Lulu is on to him) kidnaps her. A frantic Dante catches up with Luke and confronts Ronnie, but Ronnie is able to frame Dante for corruption and for the attacks on the strippers.

Dante and Lulu kissing in the shower (2012)

Dante manages to convince Delores to get him out of lock-up and he goes after Lulu and a pregnant Sam Morgan, who had both been taken by Ronnie. Dante teams up with John McBain and together the two are able to stop Ronnie and rescue the women. After the event, Lulu admitted to Luke that the whole situation made her feel alive and really tap into her adventure Spencer genes. As a result of this, she was thinking of making a career change. Johnny decides to abandon Vaughn's and begin a legitimate nightclub known. He enlists Lulu to help him by offering to by The Haunted Star. Much to the initial chagrin of her husband Dante, Lulu accepts Johnny's offer and becomes co-owner of The Haunted Star. Lulu eventually convinces Dante that she can continue to work with him at the station by day and help Johnny run the club by night. The Haunted Star's opening night is a success but Dante isn't able to make it. At the end of the night, Lulu, who has been helping Maxie look after a drug addicted, Patrick Drake, finds a hallucinating Patrick on the deck of the Haunted Star. Patrick, who was hallucinating images of a supposedly dead wife, Robin Scorpio-Drake, hallucinated that Lulu was Robin and kissed her.

Dante texts Lulu to come help him (2012)

Lulu's father, Luke was kidnapped and held captive by a delusional Heather Webber. He was later shot in the crossfire between Heather and Luke's roommate, police chief Anna Devane. While away from Luke for a brief time, Heather also drugged Dante's mother, Olivia with LSD placing her in the hospital. Dante and Lulu went to visit her and still somewhat under the effects of the LSD, Olivia begins to hallucinate that Lulu was heavily pregnant, even though she was not. Afterwards, the two go home and have a serious talk about their marriage and come to the conclusion that everything is fine. Although Olivia hallucinated Lulu heavily pregnant, while at the hospital Lulu became ill to the point of vomiting. Maxie saw Lulu vomit and wondered if she might really be pregnant. She urged Lulu to take a pregnancy test and the results comes back positive. Dante finds the test but assumes that it is Maxie's. He is shocked when he finds out that Lulu, not Maxie, is pregnant. He tells her how happy he is and makes sure that she doesn't have any reservations, which she doesn't.

Dante and Lulu with Maxie (2012)

The next morning when the couple wakes up they discuss the baby and decide to keep it between them until they know more. After they talk, Lulu makes an OB appointment for later that day. At the appointment the doctor tells Lulu that she is not pregnant. The couple are disappointed but the false alarm only made them realize how much they wanted a family together and they decide to try for a baby right away but they have problems conceiving. They eventually find out that Lulu can't carry a baby to term. They decide try the adoption route, but Lulu lies on the application and the adoption agent tells them they have been blacklisted in the national database. Dante and Lulu interview potential surrogate mothers, but they can't find the right one. Maxie later agrees to be the surrogate and is impregnated with Dante and Lulu's baby. During the Christmas episode, Maxie calls Spinelli to entertain her while on bed rest. Spinelli says he needs to leave, but Maxie has cramps. Spinelli and Maxie go to the hospital where Maxie finds out she's pregnant. Dante, Lulu and Olivia show up soon after and are excited to find out that Maxie is pregnant.

Dante and Lulu (Rylan) after she was kidnapped (2013)

A few weeks later, Maxie miscarries the baby. Maxie and Spinelli have sex and Maxie becomes pregnant again with Spinelli's baby. Maxie decides not to tell Dante and Lulu and pass her child with Spinelli off as Dante and Lulu's child. Lulu tries to get Maxie to tell her what is going on, but Dante and several other obstacles have pressured her to stop worrying or derailed her attempts at finding out. Now Dr. Britt Westbourne has Maxie blackmailed into doing her evil bidding to keep Maxie's secret. In late March, Lulu is kidnapped. Dante, Luke, Laura and the police search for her. Nikolas returned to Port Charles and went to Dante and Lulu's to warn them when he is shot and falls into a coma. Luke and Laura find out that Helena Cassadine took the Haunted Star and Luke, Laura and Dante go to where the ship was. Luke and Laura got on the ship first where they found Helena with her guards.

Flashback: Meeting at the jukebox (2013

Luke and Laura tell her that Lulu was kidnapped and Nikolas was shot. Helena was in shock that her grandson had been shot and she told them she had nothing to do with the shooting. Dante got on the ship and saves Luke and Laura. Dante said if Helena does not tell him where Lulu was he was going to kill her. Dante said that someone was downstairs to one of the rooms. Luke and Laura went into the room and found Luke's son Ethan. Ethan told them that he was living at Lucky's house in Ireland, because Lucky moved to Africa. He tells them Helena wanted Lucky but he wasn't there, so they took him instead. Luke, Laura and Ethan try to escape but Helena finds them and recaptures them. Helena tells Laura that if she wanted to save Lulu, she would have to kill Luke. Laura refused, so Laura handed Luke and the gun and he kills Helena guards before shooting and killing Helena. More guards were coming, so Ethan left Luke and Laura to take on the guards.

Dante and Lulu, unknowingly spend time with their son, Rocco (2013)

Luke and Laura woke up on Cassadine Island and were shocked to see Stavros Cassadine. Stavros told them that he has Lulu and that she was on Ice. Dante found a way to get on the island. Dante found Lulu now being played by Emme Rylan. She was frozen in an ice chamber. Dante hit an alarm and Stavros ran downstairs. Luke and Laura ran after him while Dante brought Lulu out of the chamber and laid her down on the table. Luke, Laura and Dante think that Lulu was dead, so enraged Laura pushed Stavros into the Ice Chamber and locked him in. He was frozen to death. Lulu woke up but didn't remember Dante or her parents. A couple months later, Lulu started having flashbacks of her time with Stavros. Dante took Lulu back to their apartment and she tells Dante that she and Stavros got married on the Haunted Star. Stavros told Lulu to sleep with him but she refused, so Stavros had Nikolas shot. After Lulu told Dante that she remembered, they reconnected and made love. Dante and Lulu still believe that Maxie is carrying their child.

Dante and Lulu with Rocco (2014)

On August 21, Maxie gives birth Dante and Lulu's "daughter". The Falconeri's take offense to Maxie claiming that the baby is hers and Spinelli's and attempting to breastfeed the baby. They name the baby girl, Connie Falconeri, and eventually chooses Spixie as the godparents. Brad Cooper, one of the people that know the truth, comes to the church and starts to reveal the truth. Dante starts believe him but Lulu doesn't. After Olivia takes baby Connie away for a bit and Nikolas is called away, Dante starts to interrogate Spixie, as Lulu starts puts the pieces together, Maxie admits that what Brad said was the truth. Dante and Lulu are saddened by this, but they don't hold back in expressing how mad they are at Maxie. Lante and Spixie both decide that they want baby Connie and fight for custody. Spinelli is awarded custody of Connie. Lulu blames Dante for the loss because he didn't back her up when she lied on the stand about attempting to kidnap Connie. This causes strain in the relationship. Lulu gets advice from Carly, while Dante gets advice from Sonny. Dante and Lulu eventually reconcile and decide that they want to try for another baby.

Lulu tells everyone that Rocco is her son (2014)

They head to the GH lab to check on their two remaining embryos and learn from lab tech, Ellie Trout that both embryos are missing. They are devastated at the news but determined to get to the bottom of what happened and find their embryos. Ellie suggest that they talk to Dr. Westbourne who was Maxie's attending physician during the surrogacy. They try to contract Britt but cannot reach her so instead they take their concerns to lab manager, Brad Cooper who assures them that he will get to the bottom of things. It was later revealed through a conversation between Britt and her mother, Liesl Obrecht that the two of them stole Lulu and Dante's two remaining embryos and used them to impregnate Britt. Brad, who had also been in on the secret, met Britt at Wyndemere to warn her that Lulu and Dante just found out that their embryos are missing, and it won't be much longer until they figure out that Ben is their son and Britt has him.

Reuniting with Rocco (2014)

On Christmas Day, Lulu invites Nikolas to spend the holidays with her and Dante, and he brings Britt and Ben with him to the Falconeri's loft. Dante meets his son for the first time and Dante and Lulu are able to bond with Ben, while still unaware that he is their biological child. Dante and Lulu spend Christmas with Britt, Nik and baby Ben. Dante and Lulu decide that they want to start the process of in vitro again. At the hosptial before they start the process, Dante and Lulu spend time with their son. On NYE, Britt does an ultrasound on Lulu and she tells the couple that Lulu's eggs are no longer viable. Lulu and Dante are devastated and because of everything that has happened and her blaming Dante for losing the baby, she ends up leaving him and doesn't know when she will be back.

Dante and Lulu with Rocco (2014)

Lulu moves in with her cousin Carly and talks to her dad about her separation from Dante. Dante goes back to work, and begins to bury himself in police work to keep from thinking about his marital problems. At the PCPD, he meets his new partner, Det. Nathan West. Eventually, Dante and Lulu decide to work things out. They also learn that Ben is Dante's son. While at Britt and Nikolas' engagement party, Elizabeth Webber shows Lulu a letter that Britt wrote revealing that Ben is Lulu's son, not hers. Lulu confronts Britt at her and Nikolas' engagement party, and Britt finally admits the truth about Ben's full parentage. Later on, Obrecht holds a dagger on Dante and Lulu and kidnaps Ben. She then holds him and Elizabeth hostage at the Webber house. Dante rescues Ben and finally reunites him with his mother, Lulu. When Dante and Lulu bring their son home they rename him Rocco. The next morning, Dante and Lulu wake up with Rocco in bed with them and then discuss what Obrecht said about having their embryo.

Dante and Lulu kissing after finding out Lulu might be able to carry their child (2014)

Later that day, they go see Obrecht and find out that she wants the charges against her and her daughter to be dropped and full immunity in exchange for their embryo. Dante tries to convince Scott to drop the charges while Lulu tries to do the same with Nikolas and Elizabeth. After all parties are on board, Dante and Lulu tell Obrecht that she is going to get her deal and she sends them to Kelly's to get their embryo from Victor. On May 15, Anna tells Dante and Lulu that the embryo they got from Victor was in fact theirs. After she leaves Dante and Lulu discuss their options for having another child and Lulu suggests that she carry their chid. She goes on to explain that the doctor never said that it was impossible for her to carry a child just unlikely. When Dante gets called away they decide to table the discussion but Lulu makes an appointment anyways. On May 27, Dante meets Lulu and Rocco at Kelly's where she tells him that she set up a fertility appointment and they decide to go together. On June 11, Dante and Lulu go to their fertility appointment where they find out that Lulu may have been misdiagnosed. She may have a septate uterus, which can be corrected with a simple procedure, instead of a bicornuate uterus. After the appointment they decide to think on it for awhile. The next day after talking to Olivia, Lulu tells Dante that if he is on board so is she.

Lulu and Maxie being held hostage at gunpoint while Dante and Nathan watch helplessly (2014)

On July 1, Dr. Chu performed a procedure on Lulu to determine if she had a septate or bicornuate uterus. After the procedure, she shared with Lulu, Dante and Olivia, that it was just as they had hoped. Lulu had a septate uterus and Dr. Chu was able to repair it. Dr. Chu then tells them that after she heals, Lulu will be able to have a successful pregnancy and carry the embryo to term, much to the elation of Dante, Lulu and Olivia. The next day, Dante and Lulu go to the Floating Rib with the Olivia and Rocco and discuss when they are going to have another child. A few days later, Dante and Lulu decide to start the process of having another baby right away. Later on, Dante and Lulu attend Maxie's wedding, where Lulu is the matron of honor. Dante leaves Lulu to go look around and he finds Nathan tied up. While untying Nathan, he finds out that Levi is a con man. When, Dante and Nathan go to confront Levi, he pulls a gun on Maxie, while his accomplice, Jeffery Scribner pulls a gun on Lulu. Dante tries to reason with the men and also has to put down his gun so nothing happens Lulu. Later on, Levi and his accomplice kidnap Lulu (along with Maxie). Dante frantically looks for Lulu but when divers find Maxie's veil in the water he fears that he may be too late. Meanwhile, Lulu is alive and well and causing havoc for Levi and Scribner. Later on, Dante talks to Sonny and finds out that Coleman may be involved while Lulu causes even more problems for Levi and Scribner.

Dante and Lulu are surprised to see Stavros/hearing his plan for Lulu (2014)

The next morning, Dante is seen playing in bed with Rocco and telling him that his mommy will come home while Lulu is tied to a chair. Later on, Dante gets a pep talk from Elizabeth and then heads into work. Meanwhile, Lulu is getting on Levi nerves again so much so that he forgets his phone so Maxie kicks it to Lulu and they are able to contact Dante and Nathan. When he answers she asks how Rocco is and Dante says he's fine. The call is able to be traced even after Levi ends the call but not before Lulu tells Dante that she loves him. Later on, Dante and Nathan assemble a task force and arrive at the house just as Levi is about to leave with the girls. Dante and Nathan try to negotiate with Levi, who is using Lulu as a human shield. Dante is able to get him to promise to let Maxie go when he gets what he wants but Levi says that Lulu is coming with him regardless because there are other plan in store for her. Lulu is able to elbow Levi and Dante shots him in the shoulder. Then Dante and Lulu reunite but their reunion is cut short when gas starts to fill the room and everyone passes out.

Dante, Lulu, Stavros and the Stavros/Lulu embryo (2014)

Dante and Lulu are later seen chained to a poles a few feet away each other. Dante wakes up and gets Lulu's attention and they both try to figure out where they are and how they got there. Lulu starts freaking out about being away from Rocco but Dante reassures her that Anna will find them. They start discussing "Luke's" behavior and Dante is about to reveal what he has been investigating when they get a surprise visitor, who turns out to be Stavros. Stavros starts ranting about stuff and he also handcuffs Lulu's other arm to the pole. Later on, Dante and Lulu find out that Stavros knew that by putting her in the cryogenic chamber she could've ended up infertile so he took one of her eggs and fertilized it with his sperm and plans on implanting her with it so they can have a child.

Dante and Lulu talk about Stavros (2014)

Dante and Lulu do everything to stall Stavros from implanting her with the embryo. They tell him that she can't carry a baby to term but Stavros says he knows that Lulu got a procedure to correct that. They throw insults at Stavros and then he says that Lulu will have his child. Stavros is about to take Lulu to get started on the implantation but Dante brings up everything Maxie had to go through to be implanted with their embryo and all of the hormone shots she had to have for weeks because of this Stavros has to delay his plan but he makes it clear that they are just stalling the enviable and that Lulu will have his child. After Stavros leaves, Dante and Lulu discuss the possibly that he might be lying and pray that he is but she says that it doesn't matter because he's going to take her away from Dante. He promises her that he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that Stavros never hurts her again.

Stavros separates Dante and Lulu (2014)

Lulu is then seen trying to get out her cuffs but Dante tells her that to stop because she is just going to hurt herself. He tells her to calm down but she says that she can't. They talk about the fact that Stavros is the reason why she can't produce anymore eggs and how he defiled her. Dante reassures her that she won't be implanted with Stavros' embryo. They talk about maybe having discouraged him. Dante tells Lulu that he is not going to let it happen and she says that she loves that he is trying to protect but doesn't see how he can. Dante tries to get out his cuff but Lulu begs him not too because he is just going to hurt himself. Later on, Stavros comes back and tells them that Lulu is going to get the hormone shot, and he threatens to shoot Dante in the head if Lulu doesn't get it. She agrees, much to Dante's protests, and then when the shot is done Stavros says that she's is coming with him.

The fight (2014)

Lulu is later dragged off kicking and screaming with Dante promising to come get her. Anna hears Dante screaming for Lulu while Stavros and Dr. Young take Lulu to a different room. Lulu starts to feel woozy and she finds out that the hormone shot had a powerful tranquilizer it in and she tries to fight it but passes out. Anna shoots Dante's cuff off and he leaves to find her. Lulu is seen passed out on a table about to be put under general anesthesia when she bites Stavros. Lulu gets up and starts calling for Dante, he hears her and busts in the room. Stavros puts a scalpel to Lulu neck and threatens to slit her throat. Dante puts his gun down and kicks it over to Stavros which distracts him. This gives Lulu the chance to elbow him and get free but not without her getting cut with the scalpel. Dante starts fighting with Stavros while Lulu fights with Dr. Young. Stavros gets the upper hand and threatens to shoot Dante but Lulu throws herself in front of him saying that if Stavros wants to kill Dante he will have to kill her first. Lulu says she believes Stavros won't kill her because he wants her to carry his child but Stavros says that with surrogacy anyone can carry the baby so he decides to shoot anyways. Luckily, Dante is able to push Lulu out of the way. He and Stavros start fighting again and it is revealed that Dante shot and killed Stavros. They also wonder why an alarm is going off.

Lante, Naxie and Anna shoot at the door

Dante is tending to the cut on Lulu's neck when Nathan and Maxie walk in and tell them that the building is going to blow up and that they need to get out now. They head out and run into Anna and Obrecht and they make a plan to get out. Obrecht tells them that the front door doesn't use the same security pad as the inside doors and they decide that is their best bet. When they to the door Maxie discovers that it's locked so Dante suggests that together they shoot at the door. They all agree and then Anna hesitantly gives Lulu a gun but she tells Anna that she's got this and Dante looks on, proud. They all line up and together on three they shoot at the door. Dante and Nathan kick the door open and Dante and Lulu run, hand in hand, out of the clinic. A couple of minutes after they are safe outside the clinic it blows up so Dante, Lulu and the others take cover behind a car with Dante shielding Lulu.

Dante and Lulu cuddle (2014)

Later on, Dante and Lulu are reunited with family members ~ Nikolas, Olivia and Rocco. They explain to Nikolas that Stavros was apart of this but that he's dead now. Nikolas has something to tell them but they ask him to wait because they just need some time to come down from this last disaster. After Nikolas and Olivia leave, Lulu takes a shower and then gets into bed with Dante and Rocco. Dante says that he just wants to do what they were doing before Maxie's wedding but Lulu says that she doesn't want to because of what Stavros did to her. She just wants to enjoy it just being the three of them so they agree to wait to have another child. The next morning Dante and Lulu discuss how happy they are to be home and then they make love.

Getting to the bottom of "Luke"

Afterwards, Dante takes a shower while Lulu calls her mom but she is interrupted by Tracy, who is so happy to see her. Tracy asks if she has talked to Luke. Lulu and Tracy continue to talk about Luke when Dante walks in but he hides and listens in. Lulu asks Tracy where Luke is and she says that she has no idea. Tracy explains that she hasn't seen him since their honeymoon. When she says that she doesn't know Luke anymore, Dante comes in and says that he thinks he might know whats going on with Luke. When Lulu asks Dante what's going on he says he shouldn't have brought it up but Lulu says that he was trying to tell her something while they were at the clinic, that Anna was having him investigate her father. He explains that Anna thinks that Luke could be the head of the Jerome crime family. Dante and Lulu find out from Tracy that it could be true because at Nikolas and Britt's engagement party she found Luke in the stables with Julian Jerome. They continue to talk about Luke and his behavior and they also try to contact him. Later on, Patrick and Sam show up. They share their suspicion that Luke caused Patrick's accident with Dante, Lulu and Tracy.

Staying together

Dante tells Lulu that Tracy is getting ready to go to Amsterdam to meet with Luke and that Sam and Patrick are going to be there as well. Dante suggests that they be there as well but Lulu decides it's best for her to stay with Rocco and Dante agrees that he needs to stay home too. A thrilled Lulu hugs Dante and they watch their little boy sleep. Later on, Dante gives Nathan advice about Maxie while Lulu is gives Maxie advice about Nathan. Dante goes home and he and Lulu talk about Nathan and Maxie and how they are rooting for them but hope that Maxie doesn't break Nathan's heart. The next day, Lulu is seen at Volonino's Gym for a kickboxing class when she runs into Maxie, who tells Lulu about her disaster date with Nathan. Meanwhile, Dante is at the PCPD talking to Nathan about the date.

Dante and Lulu at the Nurses' Ball 2015

Dante and Lulu with Sonny and Carly at the Nurses' Ball 2016

In 2015, Dante and Lulu are relatively happy until Lulu's long lost cousin, Valerie comes to town and starts hitting on Dante. Lulu lies to Dante in order to save her brothers and goes off with Dillon Quartermaine and as a result Dante believes that Lulu is cheating on him and he cheats on her with Valerie. He then confronts Lulu and she tells him the truth, he also decides not to tell her about what happened with Valerie and they make up. After finding that Dante cheated on her, things go down hill and ends in the two of them signing divorce papers. They have since gotten back together, moved back in together and bought a house. In August 2016, Dante and Lulu found out that their last remaining embryo was no longer viable.

Dante and Lulu (Rylan) remarry

Dante proposed to Lulu in early November and they were remarried on November 23 (Thanksgiving on show). In December 2016, Dante and Lulu meet Lulu's daughter, Charlotte, with Valentin Cassadine.

In December 2016, Dante and Lulu meet Lulu's daughter, Charlotte.

Dante and Lulu's reaction to Nina's statement at Charlotte's custody hearing

In March 2017, Valentin (and Nina) with their lawyer Nora Buchanan and Lulu (and Dante) with their lawyer Diane Miller started a custody battle with both wanting sole custody and joint custody not being on the table. The battle ended with Valentin getting sole custody and Lulu supervised visitations rights (one hour a week) to ensure a smooth transition for Charlotte to accepting Lulu as her mother, for it was believed through the evaluation of Charlotte done by Dr. Andre Maddox that Charlotte will be severely traumatized if she was taken from her father and put in an environment that she felt uncomfortable in. It was also mentioned that in 6 months custody will be revisited.

Dante and Lulu hug Charlotte and Rocco

In June 2017, Dante and Lulu were granted temporary custody of Charlotte, since Valentin was going to prison. However, on July 11, Valentin was released by the WSB, and returned to Port Charles and made it clear that he plans to get custody back but for now he has temporary visitation (revealed on July 18).

On August 25, Lulu surprised Dante by being in a baseball jersey and having the kids out the house so they can spend some much needed quality time together. Before they can get to their romantic evening, Valentin brings Charlotte home. In October, it was revealed that Valentin and Lulu now have shared custody.

In June 2018, Dante left Port Charles to join the WSB in their hunt of finding the man who tried to kill Lulu two years ago, Raj.

In March 2019, Dante returned home and reunited with Lulu and she was happy to see him but he didn't seem like the same man he was before he left. Lulu discovered that there were scars on his back and it was clear that Dante was suffering from a severe case of PTSD so he had to leave again so that he wouldn't hurt Lulu or anyone else he cared about and that broke Lulu's heart.

On July 19, Lulu received divorce papers from Dante who was being treated and deprogrammed and Lulu was heartbroken all over again although she remembered that Dante told her not to wait for him before he left. He didn't want to hold her back anymore since it was not fair to her and the kids.

Classic quotes

Dante and Lulu meet:
Dante: "Man, I love karaoke"
Lulu: "Ooh. Heh heh. That's surprising."
Dante: "Do you like surprises?"
Lulu: "[Laughs]"

Dante flirts with Lulu:
Dante: "So, Lulu, you, uh, come here often?"
Lulu: "Oh ho ho! You did not just say, "Do you come here often?"

Dante: "Look, Sonny and I are pretty much on opposite sides of everything there is. But we do agree on one thing."
Lulu: "What?"
Dante: "That you are something special."

Dante (to Lulu): "Okay. That was the four alarm blaze burning in my heart for you."

First 'I love you's'
Dante: "Hey, look, will you stop it? I love you."
Lulu: "I love you, too."

Dante (to Lulu): "Hi, beautiful."

Dante (to Lulu): "Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a file in your cleavage, would you?"

Lulu: "Dante... [Laughs]"
Dante: "We have a son."
Lulu: "We have a son."
Dante: "He's ours. He's yours and mine."

Dante (to Lulu): "...I love you and you are precious to me."

Photos and videos


Dante proposed to Lulu on the Metro Court terrace on September 21-22, after they had broken up but Lulu couldn't answer. Lulu had planned to say yes a few days later but Dante was shot. While in the hospital, Dante proposed to her again and she accepts (on October 5, 2011). Lulu ended up breaking off their engagement on December 5, due to his job but she proposes to him at the PCPD on December 16, and the two officially became engaged.


09-21-2011 Dante Proposes To Lulu.wmv


Dante & Lulu 09-22-11 *The Proposal*


Dante and Lulu 10-5-2011 (Lulu accepts Dante's proposal)


Dante and Lulu 12-16-2011


Dante proposed to Lulu in their new house on November 7, 2016.


Lulu Spencer 11-07-16

Dante and Lulu were married by Tommy Falconeri in Bensonhurst on December 23, 2011 (Christmas Eve on the show). Dante and Lulu were remarried by Dr. Kevin Collins in the living room of their new house on November 23, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day on the show).


Dante and Lulu 12-23-2011 (Dante and Lulu's Wedding)-0

Dante and Lulu's wedding, 12/23/11


Kevin & Laura Lulu Maxie 11-23-16 (Part 3)

Dante and Lulu's second wedding, 11/23/16


GH 02-23-16 Lulu & Dante Montage

Skip to :37 for the start of the montgage


Dante Falconeri 06-28-18 (2 2) Dominic Zamprogna's last episode-0

Skip to 4:19 for the start of the montgage

One photo gallery has pictures of Julie Marie Berman as Lulu and the other has pictures of Emme Rylan as Lulu. The second Emme gallery consists of pictures from Dante and Lulu's second marriage.

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