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Dante Falconeri and Sam McCall are fictional characters and a popular couple on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.


In 2009, Dominic Zamprogna joined the cast of GH in the mysterious role of "Dominic Pirelli" on June 22, 2009. On July 8, 2009, "Dominic" was revealed to be Dante Falconeri. In 2018, Zamprogna decided to exit the series - his last airdate was on June 28, 2018, but he later returned for one episode on November 12, 2018. In 2019, Zamprogna returned again for a short arc, which ran from March 15 to March 29, 2019. In 2020, Zamprogna returned on contract and his first airdate was on August 3, 2020.

The role of Sam McCall was originated by Kelly Monaco on October 1, 2003. In 2020, the role was temporarily recast with actress Lindsay Hartley, who portrayed Sam from August 4 to August 13, 2020. Monaco returned as Sam on August 18, 2020. In 2022, the role was temporarily recast with Hartley again, who appeared as Sam from February 3 to February 7, 2022. Monaco returned as Sam on February 8, 2022.


Dante Falconeri is the son of Olivia Quartermaine and mob boss Sonny Corinthos.

He has a son named Rocco with his ex-wife, Lulu Spencer, whom he married twice.

Sam McCall is the daughter of former attorney Alexis Davis and the late former mob boss Julian Jerome.

She has a son named Danny with her ex-husband, Jason Morgan and she has a daughter named Scout with her ex-husband, Drew Cain.


Married couple “Dante and Sam Falconeri” in Sonny’s What If dream episode (2018)

On November 12, 2018, Sam and Dante were seen together as a couple in Sonny’s “What If” episode. He dreamed what it would be like if he never killed Margaux Dawson’s father as a teenager. In his dream, he was a cop married to Olivia Falconeri and his son Dante had become a criminal and married Sam.

In January 2021, Dante and Sam start to grow close after she breaks up with Jason Morgan and his ex-wife Lulu Spencer falls into a coma.

On January 28, Alexis Davis was at the hospital and she was drunk. When she grabbed a syringe full of lidocaine and tried to attack Franco Baldwin with it in order to protect her daughter, Sam, Dante got in the way and she accidentally injected him with the lidocaine instead. As Dante lost consciousness and the doctors acted quickly to get the lidocaine out of his system, Sam turned Alexis over to the cops and Commissioner Jordan Ashford arrested her. Dante later recovered and Alexis was released on bail.

Dante and Sam make a toast (2021)

On March 19, Sam found Dante holding Peter August at gunpoint and tried to talk him down. Dante said that he had to complete the mission and Sam asked Dante if someone ordered him to kill Peter. Dante said this was justice for Maxie Jones and Drew Cain but Sam said that justice would be Peter getting arrested, standing trial and going to prison for life and told him not to throw away his life for Peter. Sam tried to appeal to him by getting him to think about the people who love him and to think about Rocco. When Dante had a flashback to a happy memory of him and Rocco, he started shaking and managed to lower his gun with Sam's help. After Sam ordered Peter to get out of there, she asked Dante what he was thinking. Dante was confused and admitted that he wasn't thinking before he added that he was outside of himself when he almost killed Peter. Dante teared up and told Sam that the WSB told him he was better and he realized that he needed help. Sam gently took his hands and promised to get him some help, so she took him to GH so he could get in to see Kevin Collins for a psych evaluation.

On March 26, it was revealed that Kevin was (presumably) able to remove the triggers that activated Dante's programming so Dante could finally be free. However, Dante said he would have to attend more therapy sessions to make sure that he's no longer programmed to do anyone's bidding against his will. It was also revealed that the reason why Dante was brainwashed even further instead of receiving the treatment he needed for his severe PTSD and initial brainwashing at the hands of Raj was because a faction of the WSB had went rogue and had enlisted Dr. Warren Kirk to reprogram Dante so that they could eliminate Peter, but no one knows that Liesl Obrecht was the one who was controlling him after Dr. Kirk's death.

On March 31, Dante testified on Alexis' behalf at her arraignment and pleaded for mercy on Alexis,' behalf. After Alexis pled guilty, Judge Naomi Carson sentenced her to three years in Pentonville Penitentiary.

On May 6, Dante unofficially rejoined the PCPD for one case. The job was to find Jason Morgan and Dr. Britt Westbourne since he became a fugitive after escaping from the hospital with her help. Sam wanted to help so she made a deal with Dante - they would work together and share what new information that they find. Dante called Damian Spinelli while using Sam's phone and wanted him to come down to the station. When Spinelli got there, Dante tried to get information on Jason's whereabouts and when Spinelli was hesitant to cooperate, Dante grabbed Spinelli by the shirt. Sam came in and told Spinelli not to say a word, so Dante let go of Spinelli and said that they would both regret this before leaving. Sam tried to get Spinelli to tell her where Jason was and begged him to trust her since he was reluctant to tell her the truth.

Sam went to a safe-house where Jason and Britt were at and Dante followed her with the cops. Sam was stunned that Dante followed her and he told her that he tested her and she failed. Eventually, Dante took Sam into the station and held her in the interrogation room for questioning. After D.A. Robert Scorpio questioned Sam, Dante came back and released Sam, who apologized and was hoping that this didn't ruin their friendship.

On May 12, after getting a shower, a haircut and a shave, Dante was officially reinstated as a detective for the PCPD. Jordan happily welcomed Dante back and gave him his badge back. They then talked about the current case of Jason and Britt before Dante tracked them down to a convenience store. Sam followed Dante and wanted him to let her help but Dante refused and said he didn't trust her anymore, at least when it came to this case. After Dante got some more information, he was stunned to see that Sam had deflated two of his tires.

On May 20, Dante brings one of the patched tires to Sam’s apartment to tell her she owes him for slashing his tires. Sam plays dumb and denies slashing his tires but he gives her a bill and says she's lucky he's only having her pay for the damages. Dante eventually tells Sam that Jason's in Canada and he even admits that he doesn't think Jason is guilty of killing Franco but he still escaped from police custody. Dante thanked Sam again for stopping him from killing Peter and said she's the only reason he's back on the force at all. Sam said that she thinks he would have done the same for her and Dante agreed and said he would have. When Dante said he's willing to call it quits if she stayed out of his way and paid for the tires, she said she'll obviously pay for the tires and asked if he'd take a check. Dante said sure and if it bounces, he knows where to find her. Sam wrote him a check and asked if they were some there but Dante gently said that it's not just a matter of money and said that next time she goes rogue then there might not be a cop who's smart, handsome and charming as he is which Sam rolled her eyes at that statement. Dante warned her that there might be consequences as he smiled and went to leave. Sam wanted him to take his tire but Dante jokingly said that it's her's and she bought it. Sam wanted him to take it so he did and said "See you never, Sam" before she said he was such a wise guy and pushed him out. Dante knocked on her door again and Sam opened it to find the check ripped up in front of the door.

On May 27, after playing a corporate baseball game on opposite teams, Sam and Dante playfully trash-talked each other. They shared a close moment when Dante gave Sam some tips on how to play baseball but he later jokingly told her to forget everything he taught her.

On June 7, Dante questioned Maxie Jones at GH after she gave birth to her baby and then claimed that her baby was stolen. Sam tried to defend Maxie and dragged Dante out of the room. She told Dante that she would question Maxie herself.

On June 15, Sam and Dante both ended up investigating the Country House where "Fake Chloe" held Maxie hostage. Austin Gatlin-Holt, a local doctor who helped Maxie deliver her baby, came in and said that he owns the house. Dante asked about a video camera in the house and Austin said he doesn’t know about it.

On the 4th of July (shown from July 6-7), Sam overheard Michael Corinthos say that Jason and Carly are getting married. She got drunk with Elizabeth Webber at the pier and burned some of her old items from her relationship with Jason (dominos, tequila, and a black leather jacket). Dante was called down to the fire with Hamilton Finn and Sam pulled Dante into the harbor. Later he took her back to Charlie's Pub to buy her a coffee and watch the fireworks. When Dante consoled Sam by telling her he would have chosen her if he was Jason, they kissed before she said she was sorry and she couldn't do this before running away.

On July 12, Sam was with her mother, Alexis at the hospital since Alexis was getting her wrist looked at when she fell on it in Pentonville. Dante came by and he'd heard about what happened to Alexis in Pentonville before getting her statement. When Austin came in to see Alexis, Dante and Sam were surprised to see him on staff and were both a bit suspicious of him. After Austin offered to get another doctor to check out Alexis' wrist, he left and Alexis wanted to know what that was about. Sam and Dante filled Alexis in on Austin and on Maxie's daughter's (supposed) abduction. After Dr. Portia Robinson came to check on Alexis, Sam and Dante stepped outside the room. Sam offered to get Dante some coffee and wanted him to text her what he wanted and as she went to leave, Dante awkwardly said that it would be great if they could talk about their kiss, which made Sam awkwardly stop and walk back up to Dante before she said "Almost a clean getaway." Dante said that he was horrible at clean getaways before they both decided that they should forget about the kiss and they both claimed that they were on the same page, even though they both started to like each other deep down.