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Dante Falconeri and Valerie Spencer are fictional characters and former lovers from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


Valerie and Lulu

On March 27, 2015, Dante and Lulu arrive at Valerie's and find her unconscious on the floor. When she comes-to she meets her cousin-in-law, Dante. She then tells them that Luke did this to her and that he was in the closet when Lulu and Tracy were there. Valerie also reveals that Pat is very much alive, but she has Multiple Sclerosis and is in a convalescent home. She then tells them that she had to tell Luke where her mother is or he would have killed her. Valerie is worried about her mother so she tries to get up to leave but is too weak. Dante and Lulu try to calm her down and get more information. Then Valerie passes out in Dante's arms. While Lulu searches for Oak Hill, Valerie regains consciousness only to pass out again. When she wakes up she finds out that Lulu went to Oak Hill.

Valerie and her mom, Pat

When Valerie finds out that her mother went after Luke with Bobbie and Tracy, she's not very happy. Valerie finds her mother in Port Charles but their reunion is cut short when Pat suddenly dies of heart failure, which devastates Valerie. Valerie is so upset that she tried kill Luke, who she blamed for her mother's death, with a scalpel but is stopped Dante and Lulu. She and Dante start to become closer and she cries on his shoulder a lot about losing her mother because they were both raised by single mothers and he gets it. She also starts developing a crush on him.

Valerie and Dante have sex~~the first time

Months later, Valerie and Dante end up sleeping together when Dante thinks that Lulu is having an affair with Dillon but it turns out that Lulu was out rescuing her brothers. Once Dante found this out he swore Valerie to secrecy saying he wants to work things out with Lulu. Soon after Valerie starts dating Dillon. Eventually, Valerie admits to Nathan that she does have feelings for Dante. The truth about the one night stand came out on November 2, 2015 when Dillon played footage that his intern Andy Plummer accidentally filmed. Later in the month they sleep together again after Valerie attempts to seduce Dante after finding him alone in the loft.

Valerie and Dante have sex~~the second time

She finds a distraught Dante grieving over separation papers and takes advantage of the situation. Valerie agrees to enter a secret dating situation with Dante after Dante establishes that the best he can give her now are clandestine hook-ups. After Christmas, Valerie asks Dante for a secret hookup when Dante tells her he's busy, informing Valerie that over the Christmas holidays he and Lulu didn't fight so much and implying that there may be a chance for Lante to reconcile. Valerie ends her secret relationship with Dante, which produces a palpable look of relief on Dante' face.