David Walters
William Allen Young as David Walters
General Hospital
Portrayed by Bennet Guillory (2013-14)
William Allen Young
Current status Recurring
Duration 2013-present
First appearance Fall 2013
Ethnicity African American
Gender Male
Occupation Judge
Residence Port Charles, New York
Bennet Guillory as David Walters

Judge David Walters is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

He has been played by William Allen Young since 2014, and was previously played by Bennet Guillory.


David Walters was the judge that presided over the custody of Georgie Spinelli. Walters ultimately decided that neither the Falconeri's, or the baby's biological mother, Maxie Jones was fit to raise Georgie. Walters gave custody to the baby's biological father, Damian Spinelli.

A few months later, Maxie received a notice to show up in court. Maxie threw the note away, but later changed her mind. Detective Nathan West offered to perjure himself on Maxie's behalf, but Peter Harrell, Jr., known then as Levi Dunkleman, knew and told Judge Walters. Maxie once again lost the chance to see her daughter.

A few more months later, Judge Walters was on a date with Monica Quartermaine, and saw Maxie and Nathan together. Walters told Maxie that if she wanted to have any chance of seeing her daughter, she had to stay away from Nathan; Maxie reluctantly agreed.

Whan Nathan was shot, Maxie snuck into the hospital to see him. Walters was visiting Monica at the time and spotted Maxie coming out of Nathan's room. At Maxie's hearing, she lied and said she wasn't seeing Nathan. Walters called her out and ruled Maxie as still unfit to see her daughter.

Desperate, Nathan asked for help from his mother and General Hospital's Chief of Staff, Liesl Obrecht. Obrecht threatened to fire Monica if she didn't get Walters to change his mind. With Monica's help, Walters reversed his decision and Maxie was finally allowed to see her daughter.

In early 2015, Walters was tasked to determine if Avery Jerome-Corinthos will get to live with her father, Sonny Corinthos or her older brother, Michael Quartermaine. In the end, he gave Avery to Michael.

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