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Davis House
Davis House Cassadines 3.jpg
Valentin Cassadine and the Davis Girls at the Davis House (2021)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type House
Notable people Alexis Davis (former; owner)
Shawn Butler
T.J. Ashford
Molly Lansing-Davis
(current residents)
Address 2183 Belleforest Drive
Port Charles, New York

The Davis House is a local house in Port Charles, New York.


It is the current residence of Shawn Butler, T.J. Ashford, and Molly Lansing-Davis.

It was built for her in 2015 by Julian Jerome after mobster Mickey Diamond blew up her former home.

Former residence of Julian, Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Leo Falconeri, Sam McCall, and Danny Morgan.

In the summer of 2021, Molly and T.J., and T.J.'s dad Shawn moved here while Alexis was in prison.