Deke Woods
Deke 2
General Hospital
First appearance 1995
Last appearance October 11, 2011
(archive footage)
Cause/reason Appeared in Sonny's flashbacks
Created by Claire Labine
Introduced by Wendy Riche
Gender Male
Died 1983
(Revised to 1987)[1]
Cause of death Shot in the head and heart by Joe Scully
Occupation Police officer

Officer Timothy Deacon "Deke" Woods was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He was married to Sonny Corinthos' mother Adela and, although he was only shown in flashbacks being played by an unknown actor, he is one of the most influential characters in Sonny's life.


Deke Woods married Adela Corinthos when her son Sonny was about seven years old. Three weeks into the marriage, he started beating both Adela and Sonny. To outsiders, he appeared to be a nice guy and was a well-respected police officer. Behind closed doors, however, he continuously beat and verbally and emotionally abused both Adela and Sonny. He often locked Sonny in a closet, causing him to become claustrophobic.

Sonny now distrusts police officers, since Deke, a so-called "good guy," was two-faced, a cop on the outside, and a raging wife and child beater on the inside. Sonny was sixteen when Deke beat him for the last time, Sonny fought back and almost killed Deke, but Adela stopped him and told him to leave. But, without Sonny there to take the beatings, Adela became the focus of Deke's violent rages.

Deke met Marcus Taggert when Marcus was a child. Marcus was a troubled kid and Deke was someone he could look up to. Deke was good to Marcus, and made him want to become a cop just like him. Marcus did become a cop, and Deke's partner as a rookie.

Then, one day Deke beat Adela so badly that he put her in a hospital, but being an unscrupulous coward, he pinned the blame on Sonny and told Marcus to go after him. So Sonny told Joe Scully the local mobster who took him in after he left home what happened, Joe told him to be out in the public the next night. Deke was in an alley in Bensonhurst investigating an anonymous tip from an informant about a string of burglaries. Scully put a gun to his head and took Deke's gun from the holster. Deke identified himself as a cop. Scully pressed the gun to the back of Deke's skull. Scully finally spoke, "I know who you are, and I know what you are." Joe then attached the silencer to his own gun. He stepped closer to Deke. "You're a pig, and I don't just mean a cop. You're a coward passing for a man." Deke was now nervous. Vince knocked Deke to his knees and Scully shot Deke in the forehead. Scully then fired one more shot into Deke's chest. The next day, Deke's body was found in an alley, shot in the head and the heart. Marcus blamed Sonny for killing his mentor and partner, and vowed to get revenge.

Deke's abuse toward Adela eventually led her to an early death. His abuse towards Sonny and Adela continues to cause Sonny great grief. Deke was a great influence in making Sonny the man he is today, claustrophobic, manic, verbally abusive, and distrustful of cops.


  1. In March 1995, Sonny told Luke that he went to visit his mother on her birthday two years after he left home and found her badly beaten. The following day, Deke was found dead in an alley with one bullet in his head and another in his heart. Sonny has always been said to have left home at sixteen, but at the time of this conversation, Sonny's original birth year was 1965, making Deke's death occur in 1983. With the recent retcon of his birth year to 1969 however, Deke's current death year would be 1987.
  2. Sonny said that he was about seven years old when Deke and Adela got married. Before the retcon of Sonny's birth year 1969, that would have made them married in 1972 (1976 post-retcon). Deke's death occurred two years after Sonny left home in 1983 (1987 post-retcon).
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